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Monday, July 11, 2016

| July 11, 2016

radiooneMultilogosUrban Media Corporation Radio One to Use Platforms to ‘Promote Peace’ and ‘Demand Justice.’  In a statement from Radio One, Inc., the company says it is “deeply saddened and troubled by the recent events in our country.  There is no doubt, this is a critical moment in our history.  From Baton Rouge, LA and Minneapolis, MN to Dallas, TX, the outcry of Black people is reverberating throughout this country.  Our prayers and condolences are with the bereaved families of Alton Sterling, Philando Castile, Dallas officers Lorne Ahrens, Michael Krol, Michael Smith, Brent Thompson and Patrick Zamarripa. We pray for your peace and comfort.  Though the chain of events this week is unprecedented, the sound of frustration and outrage are all too familiar.  Black lives matter because ALL lives matter.  Martin Luther King said, ‘The ultimate weakness of violence is that it is a descending spiral, begetting the very thing it seeks to destroy.’  The killing must stop.  It doesn’t serve anyone.  Certainly there is a better solution.  We are not anti-police.  We are anti-police misconduct, abuse and excessive force.  We must protect the civil rights and lives of Black Americans and we must protect law enforcement officers who serve our communities.  Both of these goals can co-exist and equally be served. Unfortunately, when these ideals aren’t aligned nor remembered, we are forced to live with the greatest loss of all – life.  Acknowledging the significance of this moment, all this week, we have leveraged our multi-media platforms of local radio, TV One, Interactive One and Reach Media to encourage our community to lift their voices and be heard; promote peace in the street; and demand justice, accountability and reform in our police and justice systems.  From exclusive coverage on TV One’s ‘News One Now with Roland Martin‘ to stopping the music and opening the phone lines for listener expression on our 56 urban radio stations and syndicated shows such as the ‘Tom Joyner Morning Show,’ ‘Rickey Smiley Morning Show,’ ‘Russ Parr Morning Show’ and ‘DL Hughley Show,’ we’ve served our community.  We’ve produced numerous public service announcements and created empowering and informative content that spanned our national digital platforms such as NewsOne.com and HelloBeautiful.com to the millions of people we touch through our social media network. And we won’t stop here.  We will do more to educate and mobilize our community.  As a communications company, we are obligated to tell the stories others won’t and to amplify the voices of our hurting community. We won’t be silent.”

coxmediagroupCox Media Atlanta Holds Roundtable Simulcast on News/Talk WSB-AM/WSBB-FM and Urban Contemporary WALR.  On Friday evening (7/8), Cox Media Group’s Atlanta news/talk WSB-AM/WSBB-FM and urban contemporary WALR “Kiss 104.1” hosted a live roundtable discussion that was simulcast on both stations about the shooting of two black males by police and killing of five police officers in Dallas after a peaceful protest there.  The roundtable was hosted by WSB personality Mark Arum and panelists included radio hosts: Monica Pearson, John Pearson, Condace Pressley, Jennifer Keitt, and Herman Cain.

ppmunitRound Four of June PPM Data Released. The ratings data from Nielsen Audio’s June 2016 PPM survey has been released for the fourth of four groups of 12 markets including: Austin, Milwaukee, Indianapolis, Providence, Raleigh, Norfolk, Nashville, Greensboro, West Palm Beach, Jacksonville, Memphis, and Hartford. Nielsen Audio’s June 2016 survey period covered May 19 – June 15.  You can see all the 6+ numbers from subscribing stations here.  Meanwhile,  RadioInfo managing editor Mike Kinosian (Kinosian@RadioInfo.com) provides his “Takeaways” from all 12 of these PPM markets.


1) Austin – A combined +2.1 over the course of four straight gains (2.9 – 3.2 – 4.6 – 4.7 – 5.0, 6+), Emmis regional Mexican KLZT KLZT“107.1 La Z” cruises from a tie at #7 to a deadlock at #3, having its best 6+-share since December 2013 (5.0 as well). Also improving for the fourth successive sweep is Entercom hot AC KAMX “Mix 94.7,” which cracks the top ten (#12 to #9). The last three up-trends by “Mix” are by one-tenth each (3.6 – 4.1 – 4.2 – 4.3 – 4.4, 6+). Having picked up four-tenths in April to curtail four straight down or flatKAMX movements that yielded a -1.7 (3.9 – 3.9 – 3.6 – 2.8 – 2.2, 6+), Univision Radio regional Mexican KLQB “Que Buena 104.3” added one-half share in May and now one-tenth in June (2.2 – 2.6 – 3.1 – 3.2, 6+), but dips from #13 to #14. Shaking off three successive downward trends that produced a combined -1.3 (9.4 – 9.1 – 8.6 – 8.1, 6+), Emmis adult hits KBPA “Bob” is up four-tenths to 8.5 (6+) and is #1 for the sixth consecutive time. Up or flat the past three sweeps for a net gain of eight-tenths (3.6 – 3.8 – 3.8 – 4.4, 6+), talk sibling KLBJ-AM drops six-tenths to 3.8, sliding from #11 to #12. While co-owned triple A KGSR “93.3 Radio Austin” is without an increase for the fifth consecutive time (3.1 – 3.1 – 2.6 – 2.5 – 2.3 – 2.3, 6+), it is only down a total of eight-tenths and actually improves from #17 to #15. Faltering by one-half share is Genuine Austin Radio-owned KOKE, which is flat at #15 (6+). “Austin’s Country Alternative” had been up in each of the past three sweeps for a combined +1.1 (1.7 – 2.6 – 2.7 – 2.8, 6+). Declining by one-half share as well are Emmis alternative KROX “101-X” (4.6 – 4.1, ninth to tenth, 6+); iHeartMedia rhythmic CHR KPEZ “102.3 The Beat” (4.5 – 4.0, #10 to #11, 6+); Entercom’s KKMJ-HD3 (2.5 – 2.0, #16 to #17, 6+); and Univision Radio’s KLJA “Mas Variedad 107.7” (2.3 – 1.8, #17 to #18, 6+).

2) Milwaukee – The rollercoaster ride continues for iHeartMedia‘s WKKV, which added eight-tenths in April; WKKVforfeited all of it plus one-tenth in May (-.9); and now improves by a lofty +1.3 (4.8 – 5.6 – 4.7 – 6.0, 6+). “V-100.7 Jams” re-enters the top ten, rocketing from #11 to #4 and 6.0 is its best 6+-showing since last August (6.1). It has been a whirlwind of a different sort and over a longer timeframe for Milwaukee Radio Alliance-owned WLDB,WLDB 80s to today which transitioned from adult contemporary to hot AC and recently shifted back to AC. Registering a one-half share increase (3.3 – 3.8, 6+), “B93.3 The 80s to Today” is steady at #12. Entering the June sweep, WHAD was down roughly 50% since January as a result of four straight decreases (2.1 – 1.9 – 1.8 – 1.3 – 1.0, 6+), but the Wisconsin Public Radio facility adds three-tenths and improves from #20 to #17. Alternating up and down trends since December for a collective +1.6 (8.8 – 14.4 – 8.7 – 10.0 – 9.7 – 10.8 – 10.2 – 10.4, 6+), iHeartMedia classic hits-oldies WRIT “95.7 Big FM – Milwaukee’s Greatest Hits” occupies the market’s top spot for the 14th straight sweep. Recent 6+-fluctuations for WRIT include +1.7 (October); -.7 (November); flat (December); +5.6 (“Holiday” 2015); -5.7 (January); +1.3 (February); -.3 (March); +1.1 (April); -.6 (May) and now +.2 (June). Prior to October’s -1.7, WRIT put together seven successive positive trends (6.2 – 7.0 – 7.8 – 9.5 – 10.1 – 10.2 – 10.5 – 11.2, 6+), improving by exactly five full-shares since February. As a result of its fourth straight decline (6.7 – 6.0 – 5.7 – 5.5 – 4.6, 6+), talk cluster-mate WISN erodes by a cumulative loss of over two full-shares and spirals from sixth to tenth. After chalking up a gain of one-half share in May, Saga Communications’ urban AC WJMR “Jammin’ 98.3 Today’s R&B and Old School” forfeits all of it and an additional one-tenth (4.5 – 5.0 – 4.6, -.6, 6+) to depart the top ten (#8 to #11). Off six-tenths in March, “Jammin'” was +.7 in April. Due to a -.3 (to 5.3, fifth to sixth, 6+), Milwaukee Radio Alliance alternative outlet WLUM “102.1 Sounds Different” concludes five consecutive progressive trends that yielded a +1.6 (4.0 – 4.1 – 4.2 – 4.5 – 4.7 – 5.6, 6+)                        

3) Indianapolis – Owing to May’s -.6, WHHH “Hot 96.3” had its string of positive trends – which netted a combined full-share – WHHLend at four (4.2 – 4.3 – 4.7 – 4.8 – 5.2, 6+). Wasting no time in bouncing back though, the Radio One rhythmic CHR leaps from ninth to sixth by hanging out a robust +1.3 to 5.9, its strongest 6+-share since April 2014 (6.6). Within 5.1 – 5.9 range (6+) the past seven surveyWFBQ periods, iHeartMedia-owned WFBQ “Q-95 Indy’s Classic Rock” trots out a +.7 (5.5 – 6.2, 6+) to advance from seventh to fifth. It is the best 6+showing for “Q-95” since last August (7.1). Three-tenths of a share separates the market’s top two finishers, Entercom CHR WZPL (+1.1, second to first, 6+) and Cumulus Media‘s WJJK “Classic Hits 104.5” (7.1 – 7.6, +.5, first to second, 6+). This is the third successive improvement for WZPL (6.4 – 6.7 – 6.8 – 7.9, 6+), which was most recently at #1 in January. Following four successive gains for a cumulative +2.4 since the “Holiday” report (5.4 – 5.8 – 6.2 – 6.8 – 7.8, 6+), “Classic Hits 104.5” regressed by seven-tenths in May; it was #1 the past three sweeps. Prior to April, the last time WJJK reached the seven-share level (6+) was October 2014 (7.5). Meanwhile, WZPL’s CHR competitor – Radio One’s WNOW “100.9 Radio Now” – posts a gain of six-tenths (2.8 – 3.4, 6+) to inch up from #13 to #12. Wild fluctuations have become common lately for iHeartMedia-owned WOLT, which recorded a +.9 in February; a whopping +1.7 in April; and a -.8 in May. The most significant shift though occurs in June as “Alt 103.3 Indy’s Alternative” flounders by -1.8 (6.2 – 4.4, 6+) to freefall from sixth to tenth. The 7.0 that “Alt 103.3” recorded in April was the highest 6+-share in the station’s PPM-history. Before being off by two-tenths in March, “Alt 103.3” gained a combined +1.6 in four up or flat trends (3.9 – 4.6 – 4.6 – 4.6 – 5.5, 6+). Following a +.6 in May, Emmis-owned WLHK “Country 97.1 Hank” sputters by one full-share (6.3 – 5.3, 6+) and slips from fifth to seventh. “Hank” was stymied on 5.7 (6+) in March and April and has its lowest 6+-share since “Holiday” 2013 (5.3, as well).

4) Providence – Locked on 5.2 (6+) in April and May, iHeartMedia hot AC WSNE “Coast 93.3” busts out a gain of WSNEeight-tenths to 6.0 (6+), progressing from seventh to fifth. Improving by seven-tenths (8.3 – 9.0, 6+), Cumulus Media mainstream CHR WPRO-FM “Today’s Hit Music” inches up from third to second. Four-tenths ahead of WPRO-FM is adult contemporary cluster-mate WWLI “Lite Rock 105,” which is #1 for the eighth successive ratings period andWPRO-FM has been in double-digits (6+) each time. “Lite Rock 105,” however, regresses by nine-tenths; is down for the third straight ratings period (12.1 – 10.6 – 10.3 – 9.4, 6+); and 9.4 is its lowest 6+-share since November’s 8.7. A loss of seven-tenths (5.4 – 4.7, 6+) drops talk sibling WPRO-AM from sixth to seventh. This is the weakest 6+-share for WPRO-AM since last September’s 4.6.

5) Raleigh – Without an increase in the last four sweeps for a combined -1.1 (4.2 – 3.9 – 3.4 – 3.4 – 3.1, 6+), iHeartMedia’s WNCBWNCB “B-93.9 New Country” rebounds with a gain of seven-tenths to 3.8, zooming into the top ten (#15 to #10). Steady in sixth-place is format rival, Curtis Media Group‘s WQDR “Today’s Best Country” (6.0 – 5.8, -.2, 6+). Improving by six-tenths each are WQDR’s CHR cluster-mate WPLW “Pulse FM” (4.3 – 4.9, ninth to eighth, 6+)WPLW and University of North CarolinaChapel Hill‘s WUNC, which bounces back from a -1.1 in May (7.3 – 6.2 – 6.8, fifth to fourth, 6+). Adding four-tenths to 5.0 (6+), WTKK (eighth to seventh) curtails three straight downward trends in which the iHeartMedia FM talker had a cumulative -1.2 (5.8 – 5.3 – 4.8 – 4.6, 6+). A potent +1.5 in May by Radio One‘s WFXC “Foxy” propelled the urban AC from fourth to first. Despite a -.2 in June (6.4 – 7.9 – 7.7, 6+), “Foxy” remains at #1. Prior to May, the last time “Foxy” crossed the seven-share level (6+) was November and October with a 7.1 each time. After improving by six-tenths in May, Curtis Media Group adult hits WBBB surrenders seven-tenths (3.7 – 4.3 – 3.6, 6+) and exits the top ten (#9 to #12). A one-tenth gain in April halted nine straight down or flat trends for “Radio 96.1,” which had a net loss of -3.5 and roughly 50% of its 6+-share (7.1 – 6.1 – 5.5 – 5.2 – 5.2 – 4.5 – 4.3 – 4.3 – 4.1 – 3.6, 6+). Although steady at #16, Radio Training Network contemporary Christian WRTP “His Radio” is off by one-tenth (to 2.1, 6+), thus halting four straight gains (.9 – 1.0 – 1.2 – 1.3 – 2.2, 6+). The six most recent fluctuations for Capitol Broadcasting sports outlet WCMC “The Fan” – down for the third straight sweep – are +1.1 (“Holiday” 2015 – January 2016); -1.0 (January – February); +1.1 (February – March); -.5 (March – April); -.7 (April – May); and -.2 (May – June, 3.7 – 3.5, #12 to #15, 6+).

6) Norfolk – Climbing from #17 to #15, Max Broadcast Group gospel WGH-AM “Star 1310” posts an increase of six-tenths to 1.9, WGH-AMits finest 6+-share since last August, when it reached 2.3. Tied with “Star 1310” is Hampton University jazz outlet WHOV (1.9, +.2, #16 to #15, 6+), which pulls the plug on six straight down or flat moves (2.5 – 2.3 – 2.0 – 1.8 – 1.8 – 1.7 – 1.7, 6+). Up six-tenths in May, WVKLWHOV ended three straight down or flat trends (12.1 – 12.1 – 11.7 – 11.6, 6+). The Entercom urban AC is off by two-tenths in June (12.2 – 12.0, 6+) but is #1 for the 49th consecutive ratings period. The last time “Smooth R&B From Yesterday & Today” was not in double-digits (6+) was when it registered a 9.8 in January 2014. Seven consecutive down or flat trends by hot AC sibling WPTE yielded a net loss of one full-share (3.7 – 3.7 – 3.7 – 3.5 – 3.3 – 2.9 – 2.9 – 2.7, 6+). “The Point” registers a +.1 to 2.8 (6+) but in an ironic twist slips from #10, where it had been the past five sweeps, to #11. Significant ratings variations continue for WOWI “Jamz 103,” which gained seven-tenths in April; dropped seven-tenths in May; and is now off by -1.3 (7.6 – 8.3 – 7.6 – 6.3, 6+). It is the first time “Jamz 103” has been below a seven-share (6+) since April 2014 (6.8), but the iHeartMedia urban contemporary facility remains in the runner-up slot for the sixth straight time. Similarly, Entercom adult contemporary WWDE progressed by +.8 in March; sputtered by twice that amount in April (-1.6); rebounded with a +.7 in May; but drops by -.8 in June (6.1 – 6.9 – 5.3 – 6.0 – 5.2, 6+); “2WD” slides from fourth to fifth. Following five successive sweeps without a decrease (.5 – .7 – .7 – .7 – 1.5 – 1.8, 6+), Saga Communications’ WJOI “Great Songs, Great Memories” falters by three-tenths to 1.5 (#15 to #17, 6+).

7) Nashville – It is a “mixed” bag in the Midwest Communications cluster as adult hits WCJK trots out a full-WCJKshare improvement to 6.7 (6+), applying the brakes to six down or flat trends. Off by a cumulative -1.9 since December (7.6 – 7.1 – 7.1 – 6.8 – 6.3 – 6.0 – 5.7, 6+), “Jack FM” leaps from sixth to a third-place tie with iHeartMedia urban contemporary WUBT “The Beat” (7.2 – 6.7, -.5, 6+). Meanwhile, WCJK “Jack FM” sibling WJXA “Mix 92.9” suffers its sixth straight downward trend (15.6 – 10.7 –WKDF 10.2 – 9.7 – 9.6 – 9.1 – 8.3, 6+) for a net loss of -7.3 since the “Holiday” 2015 report. While this marks the fourth time since November – and fifth occurrence since last August – that “Mix” has not been in double-digits (6+), the adult contemporary outlet is nonetheless #1 for the 52nd consecutive ratings period. The 1.4-share advantage it held in May over iHeartMedia CHR WRVW “The River” is down to eight-tenths; however, “The River” drops two-tenths to 7.5 (6+), halting three straight sweeps without a decrease (6.7 – 7.5 – 7.5 – 7.7, 6+) and is in second-place for the seventh time in the last eight monthlies. Bouncing back from May’s one full-share decline, Cumulus Media‘s WWTN “Super Talk 97” regains half of it (5.1 – 4.1 – 4.6, 6+) and returns to the top ten (#11 to #8). With a -.1 in April, WWTN had its string of successive up-trends (for a combined +1.9) end at three (3.3 – 3.6 – 4.6 – 5.2, 6+). After being down or flat the last four sweeps for a cumulative -.5 (3.4 – 3.4 – 3.1 – 2.9 – 2.9, 6+), country sibling WKDF “Nash-FM 103.3” answers with a full-share increase to 3.9 (its best 6+-share since December’s 4.1) but remains at #13. Elsewhere in the country format, “Nash FM” cluster-mate WSM-FM “95.5 Nash Icon” (+.9 in May) adds one-tenth to register its strongest-ever 6+-PPM stat (5.9) yet ironically must fall from fifth to sixth. Following back-to-back gains of one-tenth each (4.4 – 4.5 – 4.6, 6+,), iHeartMedia‘s WSIX “The Big 98 #1 For New Country” sputters by six-tenths to 4.0 (6+) and slips from ninth to a three-way tie at #10. The rollercoaster effect continues for WGFX “104.5 The Zone,” which had three straight downward trends for a combined -2.2 (7.2 – 5.6 – 5.2 – 5.0, 6+) before a +.7 in May, but now erodes by a hefty -1.2 (5.7 – 4.5, 6+). The Cumulus Media sports outlet drifts from sixth to ninth with its lowest 6+-share since last August (4.2). It is a tough month as well for cross-town competitor, Cromwell‘s WPRT “ESPN Nashville The Game,” which flounders by six-tenths (1.4 – .8, 6+), dropping out of the top 20 (#18 to #21).

8) Greensboro – The third straight improvement by WSMW “Simon” is a whopping +1.5 propelling the Entercom adult hits WSMWoutlet from third to first (8.1 – 8.6 – 9.2 – 10.7, 6+). “Simon” has achieved double-digits twice before (10.5 and 10.1), but 10.7 is the best-ever 6+-stat in its PPM-history. Displaced from the top spot and dropping to second is co-owned urban AC WQMG, which falters by seven-tenths after May’s full-share gain (9.7 – 10.7 – 10.0, 6+). “The Best R&B and Old School” concludes its successive streak of being upWFDD or flat at six. In that stretch, WQMG notched a cumulative increase of three full-shares (7.7 – 7.7 – 8.2 – 9.1 – 9.3 – 9.7 – 10.7, 6+); 10.7 was its strongest 6+-showing since November 2014 (10.7). Elsewhere in the Entercom cluster, rhythmic CHR WJMH “102 Jamz” regresses by a combined -1.2 in May and June (9.8 – 9.6 – 8.6, 6+), following three straight up-trends (8.3 – 8.6 – 9.4 – 9.8, 6+) and slides from second to third. Steady at #10, Wake Forest University-owned WFDD picks up one tenth to 2.7 (6+), as it curtails three straight down or flat moves (3.0 – 3.0 – 2.7 – 2.6, 6+). Although off for the third consecutive ratings period (4.7 – 4.5 – 4.2 – 3.5, 6+), iHeartMedia FM talker WPTI remains at #9. Frozen on 6.6 (6+) in February and March before being locked on 6.7 (6+) in April and May, sibling WTQR “Q-104.1 New Country” drops three-tenths to 6.4 but is unchanged at #5. Its rival, Entercom’s WPAW “The Wolf” (4.5 – 4.8, +.3, 6+) advances from seventh to sixth. Despite not having an increase for the fourth straight time (2.6 – 2.6 – 2.4 – 2.3 – 2.3, 6+), Curtis Media Group regional Mexican WYMY “La Ley 101” continues at #11.

9) West Palm Beach – Many other adult contemporary outlets are struggling in this particular sweep, but June 2016 proves to be WEATa good ratings period for the format here. For instance, powered by an eight-tenths gain, Alpha Media‘s WEAT “Sunny 107.9” moves up from third to second, while iHeartMedia-owned WOLL “Today’s KOOL 105.5” – down three-tenths in each of the last two monthlies – posts a +.5 (6.1 – 5.8 – 5.5 – 6.0, 6+) to advance fromWOLL fourth to third.  Meanwhile, JVC Media soft AC WSVU “South Florida’s 95.9 The Palm” (#14 to #13) checks in with a +.6 to 1.6, doubling April’s .8 (6+). After four successive decreases yielding a cumulative -2.2 (9.5 – 9.3 – 8.2 – 8.1 – 7.3, 6+), Alpha Media hot AC WRMF gains three-tenths to 7.6 (6+) and holds down the top spot for the 23rd consecutive time. Notching a full-share increase in April and then adding four-tenths in May, co-owned WIRK “Country 103.1” runs into a brick wall with a rousing -1.9 (5.2 – 6.2 – 6.6 – 4.7, 6+), falling from second to fourth. It is the lowest 6+-share for “Country 103.1 since December’s 4.6. Locked on 4.3 (6+) in April and May, following a March-to-April +.9, Educational Media Foundation contemporary Christian WAYF “WAY-FM Uplifting-Upbeat-Real” falters by six-tenths (3.4 – 4.3 – 4.3 – 3.7, 6+), dropping from seventh to eighth. At #8 the past four sweeps, iHeartMedia CHR WLDI “WiLD 95.5” (flat at 3.9 (6+), bumps up to #7. Three successive gains by classic rock sibling WKGR produced a cumulative +1.7 (3.3 – 3.8 – 4.1 – 5.0, 6+), but “98.7 The Gater” is off three-tenths to 4.7 (6+). Even so, WKGR actually manages to improve from fifth to a fourth-place tie (with WIRK “Country 103.1”). Prior to May, the last time “Gater” crossed the five-share threshold was September 2014 with a 5.3.

10) Jacksonville – Within the 4.4 – 4.9 range (6+) the past six ratings periods, iHeartMedia adult hits WWJK “Jack-FM” WWJKexplodes with a +1.2 to 5.7 (6+), climbing from ninth to eighth. Improving by one-half share in March and then piling on seven-tenths in April, co-owned CHR WKSL “Kiss FM” surrendered a -1.5 in May – but rebounds in June with a +.9 (4.3 – 4.8 – 5.5 – 4.0 – 4.9, 6+) 6+) asWKSL it re-enters the top ten (#11 to #10). Off the past two sweeps by a combined one-half share, Cox Media Group urban contemporary WJGL-HD2 recovers it all (3.1 – 2.8 – 2.6 – 3.1, +.5, 6+) to inch up from #14 to #13. While it is #1 for the eighth straight time, Renda Broadcasting adult contemporary WEJZ “Lite 96.1 – Today’s Variety” (up eight-tenths in May) sputters by a lofty -1.3 (9.9 – 10.7 – 9.4, 6+) and records its lowest 6+-share since December’s 9.2. Prior to dropping to #2 in November, “Lite” had been on top the previous 17 sweeps. After back-to-back appearances in the runner-up slot, Cox Media Group CHR WAPE “Jacksonville’s #1 Hot Music Station” regresses by eight-tenths (8.6 – 7.9, 6+) and falls to fourth. In 4.1 – 4.6 (6+) range the past five ratings periods, public WJCT declines by one-half share to 3.8, skidding from #10 to #12, (6+). After back-to-back sweeps in which it added one-half share increases, iHeartMedia urban-rhythmic oldies WSOL “V-101.5” forfeits four-tenths to slide from a fifth-place tie back to sixth (5.3 – 5.8 – 6.3 – 5.9, 6+).

11) Memphis – Top-five music stations on the AM band in PPM-markets are rare commodities. One though exists in this WDIATennessee metro as iHeartMedia‘s WDIA “1070 The Heart & Soul of Memphis” improves for the fourth straight time for a combined +1.6 (4.4 – 4.6 – 4.8 – 5.2 – 6.0, 6+) and rises from seventh to fifth; 6.0 is its strongest 6+-share since September’s 6.6. Registering one-half share gains each and staying at eighth and tenth, respectively, areWEGR cluster-mate WEGR “Rock 103” (2.9 – 3.4, 6+) and Cumulus Media-owned WGKX “Kix 106 Today’s Best Country” (4.2 – 4.7, 6+). This represents the most potent 6+-share for “Rock 103” since February 2014 (4.0); “Kix 106” is now within 4.1 – 4.7 range for the seventh straight time. Having notched three successive increases for a whopping +4.2 (8.3 – 10.2 – 11.2 – 12.5, 6+) – and – its strongest 6+-share since December 2012’s 13.5, iHeartMedia urban AC KJMS “V-101” falters by nine-tenths to 11.6 (6+) but is #1 for the fourth straight time. Prior to a -1.4 in “Holiday” 2015, “V-101” had not had a decline in the previous four sweeps (8.9 – 9.2 – 9.3 – 9.3 – 10.0, 6+). After being in 8.3 – 8.9 range (6+) the past seven consecutive sweeps, urban contemporary sibling WHRK also drops nine-tenths and is a cumulative -1.4 in May and June (8.8 – 8.3 – 7.4, 6+); “K-97.1” – which finished first in February – drifts from second to fourth. Replicating May’s -.6 (6.2 – 5.6 – 5.0, 6+), Entercom hot AC WMC-FM “FM 100 Today’s Best Mix” slides from fifth to seventh. Following six successive ratings periods at #6, “FM 100” advanced to #5 to April. Co-owned sports outlet WMC-AM is at .1 for the eighth straight sweep and remains at #18.         

12) Hartford – Stuck on 7.9 (6+) in April and May, iHeartMedia‘s WWYZ “Country 92-5” erupts with a +1.1 to 9.0 WWYZ(6+), progressing from third to second. It is the best 6+-performance for “Country 92-5” in exactly one year, matching the 9.0 it recorded in June 2015. Flashing gains of six-tenths each are Connoisseur Media-owned WDRC-FM “102.9 The Whale Hartford’s Classic Rock” (5.4 – 6.0, eighth to seventh, 6+) and University of Massachusetts’WDRC-FM WFCR (#11 to #10), which is up for the third straight time (.3 – .6 – .7 – 1.3, 6+) and has its highest 6+share since February 2015 (1.5). Following four successive times without an increase for a net loss of -1.1 (7.1 – 6.8 – 6.8 – 6.8 – 6.0, 6+), iHeartMedia CHR WKSS “Kiss 95.7” recoups one-half share (to 6.5, seventh to sixth, 6+). Setting the pace for the 21st time in the last 22 sweeps – including the past 13 – CBS Radio adult contemporary WRCH “Lite 100.5” is, however, off by one full-share (11.3 – 10.3, 6+). Owing to a +.3 in April, “Lite 100.5” halted a three-month slide that resulted in a combined decline of nearly seven shares (17.8 – 12.1 – 11.9 – 11.0, 6+). Without a decrease in the last three sweeps accounting for a combined +1.2 in that span (6.2 – 6.4 – 7.4 – 7.4, 6+), co-owned hot AC WTIC-FM flounders by eight-tenths to 6.6 but remains in fifth-place. Over the course of three successive downward trends (7.9 – 7.1 – 6.7 – 6.0, 6+) iHeartMedia classic hits-oldies WHCN “105.9 The River” (sixth to seventh) is a combined -1.9. Off four straight times dating back to February, CBS Radio rhythmic CHR WZMX “Hot 93.7” (unchanged at #4, 6+) has a net loss of -2.4 (10.1 – 9.4 – 8.6 – 7.8 – 7.7, 6+); February’s 10.1 was its best-ever 6+-share in the PPM-era.

kcyeKris Daniels Steps Away from KCYE, Las Vegas PD Role to Focus on AM Show Duties.  Programmer and air personality Kris Daniels and management at Beasley Las Vegas are announcing the country KCYE program director and morning drive personality is giving up her PD gig with the station to focus on the “Kris & Mad Dog” morning show.  Vice president ofdanielskris programming Justin Chase says, “Kris came to us very recently and expressed her wish to put her efforts full-time into the ‘Kris & Mad Dog’ morning show and we enthusiastically agreed.  We’re happy Kris will also hold the positions of APD and music director in addition to her morning show duties.  We’re her biggest fans!”  So… Beasley has launched a candidate search for a new PD, that could handle KCYE and could also possibly handle hot AC KVGS.  Check it out here.

More RadioInfo Career Moves.  The Premiere Networks-syndicated “The Breakfast Club” is being added to the program schedule at Sierra H Broadcasting’s hip hop KNRJ, Cordes Lakes, Arizona “101.1 The BEAT.”…..WAHR, Huntsville “Star 99.1” morning host Steve Shannon is exiting the Southern Stone Communications adult contemporary outlet for a new opportunity to be announced soon…..Entravision appoints Sheryl Personett to SVP of integrated marketing solutions for the Denver operations.  Personett will be responsible for selling Entravision’s media and marketing solutions across the company’s television, radio, and digital properties in the Denver market….. Kevin Watkins is named to the Mid-West Family Broadcasting Springfield, Missouri marketing team.  General sales manager Brian Tyndall says, “Kevin comes to Mid-West Family with nearly 20 years of marketing and business management experience and we’re excited to have him add his talents to our team of marketing professionals.”

nrhofNRHOF 2016 Inductees Announced.  The National Radio Hall of Fame announces the results of the voting for the class of 2016.  There were 24 nominations in six categories.  The first four categories below were decided by a panel of 400 industry professionals.  The last two categories — Music Format On-Air Personality and Spoken Word On-Air Personality — were voted on by the public.  The 2016 inductees are: Eric & Kathy (Eric Ferguson and Kathy Hart), WTMX, Chicago — Active Local/Regional, 10+ years; Jeff & Jer (Jeff Detrow and Jerry Cesak), KYKY, San Diego — Longstanding Local/Regional, 20+ years; Steve Harvey, Premiere Networks — Active Network/Syndication, 10+ years; Delilah, Premiere Networks — Longstanding Network/Syndication, 20+ years; Bob Kingsley, Westwood One — Music Format On-Air Personality; and Michael Savage, Westwood One — Spoken Word On-Air Personality.  Additionally, the National Radio Hall of Fame nominating committee voted to induct four individuals for their contribution to the industry.  They are: George G. Beasley, Chairman/CEO/Founder of Beasley Broadcast Group, Inc; Kidd Kraddick, the late syndicated air personality; Tony Roberts, former sportscaster and play-by-play announcer for Notre Dame Football; and Neil Rogers, the late South Florida air personality.  NRHOF chairman Kraig Kitchin says, “This year’s class of inductees represents the diversity that makes radio so personal, entertaining and impactful.  We all very much appreciate everyone who participated in this process as we welcome the very best in our business into the National Radio Hall of Fame.”  The induction ceremony takes place at the Museum of Broadcast Communications in downtown Chicago on November 17.

NASHnext logoCumulus Launches NASH Next 2016; Winning Act Gets BMLG Record Deal. Last year, the winner of the very first NASH Next competition was Texas-based trio Breaking Southwest.  This year, Cumulus and Big Machine Label Group are cooperating to present NASH Next 2016 in which a new country act will get a record deal with BMLG.  The competition starts at the local level with Cumulus country stations in some 60 markets conducting local searches, with additional national participation made possible by Cumulus’ digital properties and syndicated country shows.  Cumulus says, “While television boasts several talent competitions, no other contest  — on any platform — has ever offered its winners a similar opportunity for coveted radio play, which is the most effective medium to cultivate an artist and propel a major music career.”  Reba McEntire is lending her voice to the competition in the 60 markets.  Emerging artists will first be judged by Cumulus listeners and local music industry professionals in their communities. Finalists, and the 2016 winner, will be selected by a panel of country luminaries, including BMLG founder Scott Borchetta, Kix Brooks, half of Brooks & Dunn, and Jay DeMarcus of Rascal Flatts, plus a Cumulus listener.   The contest takes place over a four-month period.

Friday, July 1, 2016

| July 1, 2016

Detroit's BounceHip-Hop & R&B “Bounces” to Detroit. The mystery regarding what would succeed sports on Greater Media Detroit’s WMGC has been answered: It’s “105.1 The Bounce – Detroit’s Throwback Hip Hop and R&B.” Representative artists will span from 2Pac and Ice Cube to Drake and Rihanna. Vice president and market manager Steve Chessare states, “Greater Media is thrilled to unveil this fun and unique new format in the Motor City. We look forward to providing a fun, fresh new sound featuring some of the best throwback hip hop and R&B sounds over the past for our listeners to enjoy.” Greater Media senior vice president of program development Buzz Knight adds, “We are thrilled that our great Detroit cluster is adding a new brand for our audience and our customers.” Detroit’s “Bounce” was introduced today (Friday, 7/1) at 12:00 noon and is playing 10,000 songs in a row; its on-air line-up will be announced soon. News of an impending WMGC format transition was made earlier this week. In the past six Nielsen Audio PPM ratings sweeps, the sports station failed to rise above a one-share (6+). Its .9 in May places it at #23, while CBS Radio‘s WXYT-FM “The Ticket” not only notches a 7.3 (6+), it reigns at #1.

lee, lindaWYCD’s Lee Records Milestone. When WYCD afternoon drive talent Linda Lee celebrated her 20th year on the CBS Radio outlet yesterday (Thursday, 6/30), she became the longest-running consecutive female country air personality in Detroit history. Senior vice president and market manager of CBS Radio Detroit Debbie Kenyon notes, “Linda’s longstanding career with WYCD is a testament to her talent and ability.  She truly is one of the greatestWYCD air personalities in the business.” Operations manager/program director Tim Roberts remarks, “For 20 great years, Detroit country music fans have laughed, cried, loved, and jammed to great music in their lives with Linda always by their side. She has been the champion of the community through her devotion to charities and fans in general and an awesome asset for the entire country music industry.” Detroit native Lee adds, “This is my home and I raised my own family here. I will forever be grateful to CBS Radio for this opportunity to do what I love and live my dream for over two decades here in my hometown. I was a loyal WYCD listener prior to starting my on-air career in country radio. My time here has been a blessing beyond measure. I am humbled – and beyond grateful – for all the love and support I have always been given from my WYCD family and our loyal listeners.” Lee began her career at WYCD as a member of the morning show, later teaming for 16 years with Chuck Edwards on the “Edwards & Lee” afternoon drive show. When Edwards moved to mornings late last year, Lee and Rob Stone were paired for the (3:00 pm – 7:00 pm) “Rob & Linda” show. Part of an April three-way logjam at #10, WYCD piles on one full-share in Nielsen Audio‘s May PPM sweep to April’s six-tenths gain (3.7 – 4.3 – 5.3, 6+) and rockets to a fifth-place tie; 5.3 is the best 6+-stat for “99.5 Detroit’s Country” in nearly a year (5.3, July 2015). With a 7.3 (6+), WYCD sports sibling WXYT-FM “The Ticket” is the market pacesetter; Cumulus Media‘s WDRQ “Detroit’s Hottest Country Hits” is at #18 (2.5, 6+).

vasquez, mikeKFMB-FM Names Vasquez APD. In addition to assistant program director duties at KFMB-FM “100.7 KFM-BFM,” Mike Vasquez will be the 7:00 pm – 12:00 midnight on-air talent of the San Diego rocker. Program director Garett Michaels remarks, “With Mike’s deep knowledge of the San Diego market, his strong record of ratings success, and his unbridled passion for rock and roll, he is theKFMB-FM February 2016 outstanding choice to join ‘KFM-BFM’ as our assistant program director. I am stoked to have him as a collaborator and teammate.” Vasquez comments, “I am so pumped to be joining the ‘KFM-BFM’ team. There is a winner’s mentality here and everybody brings [his or her] ‘A’-game on a daily basis. I thrive in this type of environment and look forward to contributing to our team’s success.” For the past 16 years, Vasquez has worked at cross-town smooth jazz-turned-adult contemporary KXSN “Sunny” (formerly KIFM). He began his radio career in the mid-1980s at Fresno’s KEZL. KFMB-FM has been in the 3.4 – 3.8 range the past five Nielsen Audio ratings sweeps (3.4 – 3.8 – 3.5 – 3.7 – 3.5, 6+) and ranks #12 in May; “Sunny” is on top with a 6.6 (6+).

Ke-Buena-98.7-CharlotteiHeartMedia Charlotte, Martz Media Team for “Ke Buena.” For the past two years, iHeartMedia Charlotte has been airing a sports format on translator W254AZ (98.7), but as a result of a multi-year agreement with Martz Media, it transitions that programming to Latin contemporary as “Ke Buena 98.7 FM.” According to the president of iHeartMedia’s Carolina region Dave Carwile, “We are very excited to have iHeartMedia-Charlottethe opportunity to help support and broaden the entertainment spectrum for the Hispanic/Latino community in the Charlotte area.” Martz Media president Roger Martinez comments, “We are thoroughly excited to provide our Charlotte Hispanic community a diversified taste in Hispanic radio programming. Charlotte has grown substantially these past several years, including its Hispanic/Latino population. From huge community events to the overwhelming positive audience response, we have seen such great activity coming from Charlotte. We are excited to be part of the community and provide a fresh music and community engagement perspective to the Hispanic and Latino population in the Charlotte area.” Led by iHeartMedia classic rock and country siblings WRFX “The Fox” (7.2, +1.1 from April, #1, 6+) and WKKT “Cat Country” (7.1, +1.1, #2, 6+), an even 20 stations are listed in Nielsen Audio‘s May 2016 PPM report, with none possessing an Hispanic/Latino-geared format label; W254AZ did not appear in print.

joyner, tomJoyner Set to Return to Orlando’s “Star.” One week from Monday (7/11), the REACH Media-distributed “Tom Joyner Morning Show” (6:00 am – 10:00 am) will reappear in Orlando on Cox Media Group urban AC WCFB “Star 94.5.” WCFB program director Michael Saunders remarks, “The people demanded Star radiowe bring Tom back to their favorite Central Florida radio station and we did – we are thrilled. Tom Joyner and ‘Star 94.5’ are synonymous and we plan to keep it that way for many years to come.” Explaining that he cannot kept a secret, Joyner notes, “When I heard we were coming back on the air in one of my favorite markets, it took everything I had to not to spill it. I gained 20 pounds holding that big news inside. Now I can finally celebrate along with the wonderful audience we have missed so much. Every morning we promise to entertain, inform, and empower.” Down a combined -1.4 in consecutive monthlies (6.2 – 5.0 – 4.8, 6+), “Star 94.5” rebounds with a +.6 to 5.4 (6+) and remains at #7 (Nielsen Audio May 2016 PPM, 6+); on top is iHeartMedia adult contemporary WMGF “Magic 107.7” with a 9.6 (6+).

foghat-under-the-influence-cover-lo-resLegendary Album Rockers Foghat Celebrate 40 Years with New Album. Actually the group never went away.  RadioInfo music and pop culture editor Duane Doobie Jr. is excited about their latest.  Under The Influence (Foghat Records) by legendary rockers Foghat dropped last week and if you haven’t heard it (and you are a rock station of just about any category) you and your listeners are missing out. Doobie says, “It’s a big bite of bluesy boogie that rivals any of their previous releases.” Though, if you have a hankering for the familiar, the group has revised and re-released their classic hit, “Slow Ride” as one of its many standout tracks.  “We wanted to do it because it was the 40th anniversary, and it’s kind of a nod and a tribute to Rod Price and to Dave Peverett” drummer Roger Earl, an original member still in Foghat’s lineup, tells RadioInfo. The title track, “Under the Influence” is the obvious track to add for most rock radio stations. Though, “Knock it Off,” “Ghost,” “Hot Mama” and “Heart Gone Cold” are excellent tracks for more specialized airplay. In an era in which even “tribute” bands to the great rockers of the golden era draw hundreds, even thousands, to their concerts, a venerable hard-working group like Foghat – that still has ties to its original incarnation – is a living breathing treasure that deserves respect and attention from those who see rock as an era and not just this week’s passing blip on the radar screen. Drawing from their collective musical influences, the band not only brought in some special guests from their past who helped launch and inspire the Foghat story, but also invited some new friends into the mix to continue the journey of this never idle band.  They started recording at their Florida studio, Boogie Motel South in 2013. In addition to Foghat members Roger Earl, Craig MacGregor, Charlie Huhn and Bryan Bassett,  two additional figures helped shape the sessions – Buddy Guy alumni, Scott Holt, who lent a hand in the writing, and added fantastic guitar and vocals to several tracks, and Grammy-winning producer/songwriter, Tom Hambridge.  With their resident genius, guitarist Bryan Bassett at the helm, the project was going slow since Bryan was doing triple duty, playing, writing and recording the tracks, while in the midst of a Foghat tour. So Tom Hambridge came aboard. According to Roger Earl, “I met Tom when presenting three awards to Buddy Guy and Tom, his producer, at the Memphis Blues Awards.  Tom said that he was a fan, and would love to produce a Foghat record. Putting that in the back of my mind, this was the perfect opportunity. Tom came down to Boogie Motel South to meet the band and we clicked and started writing together immediately. Working with him was inspirational!”  Foghat will tour in support of this new album including a gala record release party at B.B. Kings in New York City on September 21st.  For more information or to arrange an interview with Roger Earl, email Chip Ruggieri at chip@chipsterpr.com. To listen to the new version of “Slow Ride,” please click here.

WQHTNY’s Hot Summer Extends Through Labor Day. Beginning this (July 4) weekend and lasting throughout the summer, Emmis New York rhythmic CHR WQHT “Hot 97” will feature “Hot Summer Mix” weekends. Director of programming Pio Ferro explains, “We created the ‘Hot Summer Mix’ weekend concept last year. Our listeners absolutely loved it, so we wanted to give [them] what they want by bringing it back this summer.” The initial “Hot Summer Mix” weekend of the year starts today (Friday, 7/1) at 12:00 noon and will continue until after 12:00 midnight Tuesday (7/5). In an extremely tight rhythmic CHR market battle, “Hot 97” (3.6, #11, Nielsen Audio May 2016, 6+) holds a one-tenth lead over cross-town iHeartMedia-owned WKTU (3.5, #12, 6+).

oreilly, terryPittsburgh Community Broadcasting Taps O’Reilly President/CEO. The appointment of Terry O’Reilly as president/chief executive officer follows the recent consolidation of talk WESA and triple A WYEP into a single public media entity. Pittsburgh Community Broadcasting Corporation boardWESA president PrintHarris Jones comments, “We are excited that Terry will lead the team we have built. His experience and expertise will help accelerate our efforts to deliver high-quality global, national and local music, news, information and cultural programming that is engaging, relevant and inspiring. His diverse background also serves us well as we extend our strong broadcast brands across digital media and other emerging platforms.” O’Reilly states, “It is an honor to join WYEP and WESA, the two leading public radio stations in my hometown of Pittsburgh. The media industry is at a critical inflection point and public radio is well-positioned to thrive by focusing on what it does best – allowing each of us the opportunity to hear, listen, learn, and participate. Pittsburgh’s public radio stations remain remarkably strong, with growing audiences, in this changing media environment.” For the past seven years, O’Reilly – who begins his new duties in just over four weeks (8/1) – was senior vice president and chief content officer for Twin Cities PBS. Prior to that, he spent approximately 30 years in the commercial television industry. Over the last six Nielsen Audio PPM ratings periods, WESA (1.9, #12, 6+) has registered a 1.9 four times and a 2.0 the other two; WYEP (#13, 6+) notches a 1.3 for the third time in the last six sweeps. The market’s 6+ market leader is iHeartMedia classic hits-oldies outlet WWSW (10.2, 6+).

WWWMToledo’s WWWM Re-labels To “Q-105.5.” The slogan shift by WWWM, Toledo from “Channel 105.5” to “Q-105.5” is not associated with a format change, as the Cumulus Media property remains hot AC – but it does adopt new calls – WQQO. Regional vice president and Cumulus Media Toledo market manager Andy Stuart reveals, “Our market research showed that people really like the letters of the alphabet. More specifically, they love the letter ‘Q.’ It is simply a matter of giving listeners what they want with this new brand. The station is perfectly positioned and we are very pleased with the growth [the former WWWM] is showing.” On-air personnel at the facility remain the same with Denny Schaffer in morning drive; Tim Graves mid-days; Johny D in PM drive; and Adam Bomb handling nights. Among persons 12+ in Nielsen Audio‘s winter 2016 sweep, WWWM ranks #8 (3.5); country sibling WKKO “K-100” sets the pace with a 9.5 (12+). The (12+) spring, summer, fall (2015) trends for WWWM (now WQQO) were 2.6 – 3.4 – 3.4.

WSOUBlack Crown Initiate Visits WSOU. Earlier this week, progressive metal band Black Crown Initiate dropped in on WSOU, the student-run radio station of Seton Hall University, for an on-air interview with music director Mike Colantuoni. Group members Andy Thomas and Jesse Beahler commented on the writing process; the meaning of their latest album (“Selves We Cannot Forgive”); their upcoming tour; and pros/cons of streaming services. Colantuoni states that, “Having Black Crown Initiate at WSOU was an incredible experience. I greatly value having newer, promising bands in our studios. WSOU is known for being tastemakers in the metal community and I embrace that opportunity to provide our listeners an insider’s perspective to the music.” WSOU’s signal reaches all five New York City boroughs, as well as much of northern and central New Jersey. Andy Thomas (left) and Jesse Beahler (right) of Reading, Pennsylvania’s Black Crown Initiate with WSOU music director Mike Colantuoni (center).

Thursday, March 3, 2016

| March 3, 2016

Norm Winer to Resign from WXRT, Chicago.  After a career at legendary Chicago rock outlet WXRT that spanned 37 years, programmer Norm Winer is resigning from the station, effective Friday.  Winer made the announcement in a memo to staffers.  It’s a momentous announcement from Winer because of his lengthy career with the heritage rocker and his reputation within the industry, but news of his decision is not entirely surprising.  In January, CBS RADIO announced that Winer would become director of music initiatives and special programming for the station and the program director post would not bewxrt logo filled.  Instead, day-to-day programming duties would be absorbed by WXRT music director Kelly Ransford and operations director Mitch Rosen.  In Winer’s memo to the staff, he wrote, in part, “For many, many years, we have stood together, defying conventional ‘wisdom’ governing the way we execute our collective responsibilities.  Against all odds, our positive impact has been indisputable.  Few in our industry have chosen to relate to their audience with the style, humanity and lofty ideals to which we have aspired.  I am grateful that our employers, first Dan Lee at Diamond Broadcasting, then Westinghouse, Infinity, and, of course, CBS, appreciated and supported our efforts and acknowledged our successes. The inspirational leadership that they provided us has made this all possible, and has enabled us to have so much fun in the process!”  CBS RADIO has made no official statement about Winer’s resignation.

More RadioInfo Career Moves.  In a corporate-level move at Saga Communications, the board ofladawarren directors promotes Warren Lada to chief operating officer from his previous executive vice president position.  In a statement, Saga CEO Ed Christian says, “Warren has been with Saga for over two decades in various capacities, starting as a market manager and now currently as executive vice president.  We have worked side by side in growing Saga into a well-respected company in the broadcast industry.  His promotion to COO is long overdue.”…..In San Diego, Sammy Jo Golesh moves from Local Media San Diego’s rhythmic AC XHRM “Magic 92.5” to become morning show producer for crosstown Broadcasting Company of the Americas-operated classic hits XHPRS “105.7 MAX FM.”…..Nine-year WKHK, Richmond “K95” PD Buddy Van Arsdale exits the Summit Media Richmond cluster.  He’d been programming not only country WKHK but sister classic hits WJSR “Star 100.9” as well.

nielsen logoNielsen: Urban Radio Listening Increases.  According to data from Nielsen Audio’s Fall 2015 nationwide audience analysis, urban radio saw an all-day increase in listenership (Adults 25-54) of 1.1% compared to Spring 2015 data.  When looking at the M-F 6-10am daypart for Adults 25-54, urban listen rose 7.6% from Spring to Fall.  Some numbers from Reach Media-syndicated urban morning shows include the Rickey Smiley show with a 14% AQH increase with Adults 18-49; the Tom Joyner Morning Show increased Adults 25-54 AQH 10%; and the DL Hughley afternoon show grew its Adults 25-54 AQH by 9%.

RadioInfo Tidbits.  February was a good month for Envision Networks.  The content and service providerenvisionnetworks new announces it set a record for affiliation station adds with 131 during the month.  Envision president and CEO Danno Wolkoff comments, “Without a doubt, Envision Networks has the very best affiliate sales and marketing teams in the business.  Our ability to get to the decision makers at radio station groups and present solutions for their programming, sales, production and promotion needs has helped spur Envision’s unprecedented growth these past 6 months.”…..“The Kidd Kraddick Show” is on an affiliate station road trip.  The “Rasberry Road Trip” began from the show’s home base in Dallas, stopping in five cities, including cast member Kellie Rasberry’s hometown of Florence, South Carolina, to visit their fans.  The cast is hosting a meet-and-greet with listeners at Red Bone Alley at the Florence Mall today (3/3) and will broadcast live nationally from the studio of Community Broadcasters-owned hot AC outlet WSIM “Star 93.7” on Friday…..iHeartMedia CHR WHQC, Charlotte “Channel 96.1” has narrowed the field of contestants in its “Red Ventures Soundstage STAR!” contest to eight.  They will perform tomorrow (3/4) at the station’s studios to win the first prize of $1,000 courtesy of Engel Institute Dental Center.  They’ll be lazerbroadcasting logojudged by major record label representatives who will determine the winner…..Spanish-language broadcaster Lazer Broadcasting Corporation – owner of more than 20 stations – has been selected Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals’ “2015 Hispanic Radio Station of the Year.”  Radio personalities Salvador Prieto and Jessica Calvario, co-hosts of the morning show, “El Show del Prieto,” accepted the award at a recent ceremony in Orlando.  Representatives from the charity’s 170 member hospitals gathered with corporate and media partners to honor those who raise critical funds and awareness for children’s hospitals across North America.  Lazer Broadcasting Corporation has donated more than $4.3 million since its participation six years ago.

rabRAB: Radio’s Off-Air and Digital Segments Extending Medium’s ‘Umatched Reach.’  Using data from Miller Kaplan Arase comparing 2015 revenue data to the same from 2014, the Radio Advertising Bureau states that “radio boasts the broadest mass reach among all media while simultaneously affording narrow targeting capabilities through numerous program formats and networks.”  Ending 2015 basically flat at -1% from an industry-wide revenue standpoint, the radio sector enjoyed growth in off-air revenue of 11% ($2.04 billion) and a rise in digital revenue of 5% ($1.02 billion).  Spot revenue was down 3% from 2014 to 2015.  RAB president and CEO Erica Farber comments, “More and more advertisers are extending the unmatched reach of broadcast radio by taking advantage of radio’s off-air and digital options.  By using radio stations’ digital and off-air platforms, advertisers are extending the scope and reach of their messaging – and because more and more consumers are enjoying experiential events or spending time on devices, off-air opportunities can build on the strength of broadcast radio and provide the ability to reach them effectively and efficiently.”

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| December 17, 2015

crb logoNew CRB-Set Streaming Rates a Compromise.  The job of the Copyright Royalty Board is to hear arguments from all sides and then set rates in a manner that seems fair to all.  That usually means a compromise and yesterday’s revelation of the new rates for the next five years seems to be just that.  Musicians would have liked higher rates but broadcasters caught a break and pure plays will pay a bit more.  Here’s what the CRB set: free ad-supported streams (such as Pandora) see their rates go up from .14 cents per 100 plays to .17 cents per 100 plays.  But the rate for paid streams is lowered from .25 cents to .22 cents.  Radio broadcasters that also provide streams (think iHeartRadio) are seeing their rates drop from .25 cents to the same .17 the pure plays pay.  Note that this last rate is not the same as what radio stations pay for making their air signal available online.  That’s a separate rate and the CRB did not rule on that yesterday.  SoundExchange – the agency that distributes royalties to copyright holders (record companies, artists and musicians) – testified to the CRB it wanted a rate of .25.    It released the following statement in response to the new rates: “It’s only fair that artists and record labels receive a market price when their music is used.  We believe the rates set by the CRB do not reflect a market price for music and will erode the value of music in our economy.  We will review the decision closely and consider all of our options.”

RadioInfo Career Moves.  There is a series of programming moves taking place at Radio One-owned stationsjoynersteve in the DC and Baltimore markets effective in January.  The Tom Joyner Morning Show will leave urban contemporary WMMJ, Washington “Majic 102.3” and be heard on sister news/talk WOL-AM parrruss(Carl Nelson moves from mornings to afternoons on WOL-AM).  The Russ Parr Morning Show will take over the AM slot on WMMJ, moving from urban contemporary WKYS, Washington.  Moving into mornings on WKYS will be “The FAM with Lil Mo and DJ QuickSilva” from its current afternoon daypart on hip hop WERQ, Baltimore…..Minnesota air personality Paladin moves from his afternoon daypart on Tri-County Broadcasting’s rock WHMH “Rockin’ 101” to the company’s sister rock outlet “The Goat” heard on WXYG-AM, translator W297BO at 107.3 FM and WHMH-HD2 for the morning drive show.

levenjimCommunity Broadcasters Buys Four More in South Carolina.  The addition of four more signals in South Carolina comes three months after Community Broadcasters LLC bought 12 stations from Miller Communications in the Palmetto State.  This time, the seller is Glorymittmanbruce Communications and the stations are: gospel outlets WLJI, Summerton; WSPX, Bowman; and WPDT, Coward; plus news/talk WTQS, Cameron.  Community Broadcasters principal Jim Leven states, “We established Community Broadcasters in 2006 with the vision to become the voice for the community, focusing on local news, sports and area events – not just syndicated programming.  Our stations are considered great places to work and support their local communities in every way.  We intend to continue this tradition and extend that culture to our new stations in South Carolina.”  Community Broadcasters – headed by Leven and Bruce Mittman – operates 16 stations in Upstate New York in addition to its South Carolina acquisitions.

wnshOldDominion15Old Dominion Visits ‘NASH FM 94.7’ in New York.  Country act Old Dominion paid a visit to WNSH, New York “NASH FM 94.7” yesterday afternoon prior to its sold-out appearance at Maxwell’s Tavern in Hoboken, New Jersey.  The band chatted with afternoon drive personality Jesse Addy about its plans to tour next summer with Kenny Chesney on his “Spread the Love Tour,” along with Sam Hunt and Miranda Lambert.  They performed their single “Break Up with Him” and debuted the new song, “Snapback.”  Addy (third from right) is pictured here with the band members.

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| December 2, 2015

schulzrobinDuane Doobie Jr.’s Music Picks of the Week.  RadioInfo’s hard-working co-music editor, Duane Doobie Jr., backed by a growing team of information-contributing researchers and golden-eared, trench broadcasters, including this week: on-air personality Bayley Brown from KHUM, Humboldt County; John Elias, board chairman and presenter at the Albury-Wodonga community station, 2REM 107.3 in New South Wales, Australia; Corey Barnes, golden-eared music director at CFRM, , Little Current, Ontario, Canada “The Island”; Bill Phipps the golden-eared afternoon personality at WSIG, Mt. Jackson, Virginia “Real Country 96.9”; Lauren Haslett of The Galleon, University of Portsmouth’s (UK) official fortnightly newspaper; and Internet sensation The Iceman; Jered Petrey, GM, and the music committee from the award-winning, student-run high school radio station at Pendleton Heights High School in Pendleton, Indiana; provides programmers with musical suggestions worthy of the attention of pro-active radio formats.  You’ll be turned on to some of the exciting artists and music buzzing out there just over the horizon from the worlds of pop, rock, country and EDM.  This week’s selection posted today (11/25) includes such names as: PSY, Red Velvet, Adam Sandler, James Bay, Robin Schulz, Shawn Mendes, Camila Cabello, Manika, Tory and Tia, David Bowie, Stitched Up Heart, Amy Lee, Coldplay, Aurora, Old Dominion, Carrie Underwood, Sam Hunt, Houston Bernard Band, Foxtrott, Travelers, Fox Stevenson among others. To check out this valuable information, please click here.

kinosianmikePPM Analysis: Rhythmic CHR.  RadioInfo managing editor Mike Kinosian presents his analysis of three hit radio-based formats based on ratings data from Nielsen Audio’s 2015 November PPM survey.  Today, he delves into the performances of rhythmic CHR-formatted stations.  This report will be followed by analyses of the CHR and rhythmic hot AC formats.  In the nation’s largest radio market, iHeartMedia’s WKTU “The Beat of New York” makes it three straight victories over Emmis-owned WQHT “Hot 97” (based on 6+ AQH share).  Just one-half share separates the two Big Apple rhythmic CHRs, which were tied at 4.0 in August.  For much more, including charts illustrating ratings fluctuations from last month to this, from November 2014 to November 2015, and market rank (Entercom’s WJMH, Greensboro, North Carolina is the only rhythmic CHR to claim #1, Persons 6+), click here.

joynertomReach Media Says U.K. Joyner Report ‘Inaccurate.’  Reacting to a piece published in the U.K.’s Daily Mail, in which an unnamed source reports Reach Media-syndicated morning personality Tom Joyner is being forced to retire, the syndication division says the report is “inaccurate.”  The story implied, among other things, that the ouster of Joyner was being timed with the final year of the Obama Administration and that Radio One CEO David Kantor was behind the move.  Here’s Reach Media’s statement: “Any stories that suggest major changes to the Tom Joyner Morning Show are inaccurate.  Tom Joyner is under contract with Reach Media until the end of 2017.   We expect that Reach will continue to syndicate Tom’s show beyond that date and for as long as he would like to be on the air.  There has always been refinements and updates to the show as well as market changes due to local conditions and there may be some in the future; but Tom Joyner and the Tom Joyner Morning show continue to be strong and is a daily ‘Party with a Purpose.’  Reach is committed to Tom Joyner for the long term, who remains committed to radio, his audience and the future.”  For reference, you can read the Daily Mail story here.

RadioInfo Career Moves.  A new general manager for Milwaukee Radio Alliance’s three Brew City stations is named with Steve Kosbau taking over for the retiring Bill Hurwitz.  Kosbau’s most recent position was with Greater Media as Detroit market manager.  Kosbau comments, “The Milwaukee Radio Alliance is a tremendous organization and WLUM, WLDB and WZTI are outstanding radio stations.  I’ve been blessed to have worked in amazing companies throughout my career and I’m thrilled to be a part of the team that will continue the MRA’s success going forward.”…..Worcester, Massachusetts AC WSRS is seeking a new morning personality with the departure of current co-host Greg Byrne, effective at the end of the year.  Byrne is leaving the iHeartMedia station, co-host Suzanne Lewis, and the radio business for a marketing position with Harvard Pilgrim Healthcare…..Hearst’s Baltimore duo rock WIYY “98 Rock” and news/talk WBAL-AM have a new production coordinator. Harvey Kojan joins the stations from his most recent position as brand manager with Galaxy Communications’ classic rock duo of WTKW, Syracuse-Utica and WTKV, Oswego, New York.

nashLadyNYC15Charles Kelley Visits ‘NASH FM 94.7’ in New York.  On tour promoting his upcoming solo record, Charles Kelley of Lady Antebellum (right) visited the studios of WNSH, New York “NASH FM 94.7” to chat with the station’s afternoon drive personality, Jesse Addy (left).   Kelley later performed at New York’s Gramercy Theatre where he headlined a show on his “The Driver Tour.”   In addition to talking about the differences between his work with Lady Antebellum and his solo stuff, Kelley performed his single, “The Driver,” for “NASH FM 94.7” listeners.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

| December 1, 2015

ppmunitRound Four of November PPMs Released. With the conclusion of the extended Thanksgiving weekend, Nielsen Audio releases the fourth and final round of November 2015 PPM ratings information for 12 markets including: Austin, Milwaukee, Indianapolis, Providence, Raleigh, Norfolk, Nashville, Greensboro, West Palm Beach, Jacksonville, Memphis, and Hartford. The November 2015 survey period covered October 8 – November 4.  You can see all the 6+ numbers from subscribing stations here.  Meanwhile, RadioInfo managing editor Mike Kinosian (Kinosian@RadioInfo.com) provides his “Takeaways” from these 12-PPM markets.


1) Austin – It is another significant fluctuation for Entercom adult contemporary KKMJ “Majic 95.5,” which faltered by one-KKMJhalf share in September; regained all of it in October; and now tacks on seven-tenths to 5.9, its strongest 6+-share since “Holiday” 2014 (8.9). Prior to September, “Majic 95.5” was up or flat the prior three sweeps (4.7 – 4.8 – 4.8 – 5.2, 6+) for a combined +.5. From a ranker standpoint, it has improved from an eighth-place tie (September) to a fourth-place tie (October) to aKBPA second-place tie (November). After declining by one full-share in September, Emmis adult hits KBPA roared back with a +.8 in October and now adds one-half-share (8.9 – 7.9 -8.7 – 9.2, 6+). Not only does “Bob” rank first for the eleventh successive time, it does so by crossing the nine-share threshold for the first time since August 2014 (9.4). In the market’s country battle, after October’s -.6, iHeartMedia’s KASE “Today’s Country” regresses by another four-tenths (6.0 – 5.4 – 5.0, 6+), falling from third to fifth. Up one tick (5.8 – 5.9, 6+), co-owned KVET is tied for second with Entercom AC KKMJ “Majic.” Following five straight showings in the 2.1 – 2.3 range, Genuine Austin Radio-owned KOKE declines by one-half share to 1.8, its lowest 6+-share since May (also 1.8). Steady at #19, “Austin’s Country Alternative” had been at #18 the previous six sweeps prior to October. Curtailing four successive monthlies without an increase (5.6 – 5.5 – 5.3 – 5.3 – 5.0, 6+), iHeartMedia rhythmic CHR KPEZ “The Beat” adds two-tenths (5.2) to inch up from sixth to fourth. Conversely, CHR cluster-mate KHFI “96-7 Kiss FM” is off for the fourth successive sweep (6.6 – 6.0 – 5.0 – 4.7 – 4.6, 6+), although “Kiss” remains at #8.

2) Milwaukee – Matching the 4.5 (6+) it registered in February, Entercom mainstream CHR WXSS “Kiss-FM” hangs out a +.9 to WXSSre-enter the top ten (#11 to #9). In the 3.2 – 3.4 range the past five surveys (3.4 – 3.3 – 3.3 – 3.4 – 3.2, 6+) Scripps’ WKTI “94.5 KTI Country” drops four-tenths to 2.8, but stays at #14. Meanwhile, its format competitor – iHeartMedia‘s WMIL – has been down or flat the past eight sweeps (10.7 – 10.7 – 10.5 – 9.5 – 8.4 – 6.8 – 6.7 – 6.7 – 6.2, 6+); however, “Milwaukee’s BestWTMJ Country” regains eight-tenths of the 4.5 shares it had lost to climb from fourth to third (7.0). Also improving by eight-tenths is Scripps’ talker WTMJ (6.6 – 7.4, 6+), which advances from third to second; it is the best 6+-share for WTMJ since June’s 8.0. At the same time, iHeartMedia’s similarly formatted WISN picks up one-half share (5.9 – 6.4, 6+) and moves from sixth to fifth. Tumbling from fourth to seventh, Saga‘s WHQG “The Hog – Everything That Rocks” sputters by nine-tenths (6.2 – 5.3, 6+). While iHeartMedia’s WRIT “95.7 Big FM Milwaukee’s Greatest Hits”(formerly “Oldies 95.7”) ranks first for the sixth straight sweep, it follows up October’s lofty -1.7 with a -.7 (9.5 – 8.8, 6+). Prior to the October loss, WRIT had cobbled together seven successive positive trends (6.2 – 7.0 – 7.8 – 9.5 – 10.1 – 10.2 – 10.5 – 11.2, 6+) with “Big” improving by exactly five full-shares since February.

3) Indianapolis – Flaunting the second-best October 2015 – November 2015 (6+) increase of any station in Nielsen Audio‘s WTLC48 PPM markets, a gigantic +2.9, Radio One-owned WTLC-FM “Indy’s R&B Leader” puts together its third successive positive trend (4.0 – 4.3 – 4.6 – 5.3 – 8.2, 6+) to rocket from sixth to second. Just for the record, Entercom Kansas City’s KCSP has the honors for the loftiest October 2015 – November 2015 (6+) by any PPM station – a staggering +4.8.WZPL “Indy’s R&B Leader” has more than doubled its 6+-share since July. Although steady at #8, co-owned rhythmic CHR WHHH “Hot 96.3” (+.6) also extends a positive streak to three (4.2 – 4.5 – 4.9 – 5.5, 6+). On top for the fourth straight month, WZPL “Indy’s Hit Music Station” continues its winning ways with a full-share increase as the Entercom CHR is up or flat for the fourth straight time (7.4 – 8.5 – 8.7 – 8.7 – 9.7, 6+). Public WFYI – which had been up or steady the past three sweeps (2.7 – 3.0 – 3.0 – 3.2, 6+) – regresses by nine-tenths to 2.3 to slip from #14 to #15. For the fourth straight time (this time by eight-tenths), Emmis adult contemporary WYXB is down or flat (8.3 – 7.9 – 7.3 – 7.3 – 6.5, 6+) as “Soft Rock B-105.7” dips from second to fourth. Off by six-tenths (4.5 – 3.9, 6+), iHeartMedia‘s WOLT falls from ninth to tenth; 3.9 is the lowest 6+-share for “Alt 103.3 Indy’s Alternative” since February (also 3.9). Following seven consecutive decreases for a cumulative -3.7 and an approximately 48% loss of 6+-share (7.7 – 7.2 – 6.1 – 5.6 – 5.1 – 4.4 – 4.3 – 4.0, 6+), WRWM “93.9 The Beat” dialed up a +.6 to 4.6 in September, but the Cumulus Media urban-rhythmic oldies falters in back-to-back sweeps (-1.1 in October and -.2 in November); “The Beat” is steady at #13.

4) Providence – Halting five straight negative trends in October with a +.3 (10.4 – 9.2 – 8.4 – 7.3 – 7.2 – 6.9 – 7.2, 6+), Cumulus WWLIMedia adult contemporary WWLI busts out a +1.5 to 8.7, its best 6+-share since May (9.2). “Lite Rock 105” is just two-tenths behind CHR sibling WPRO-FM “Today’s Hit Music,” which repeats at #1 and has its third straight improvement for a net gain of two full-shares (6.9 – 7.7 – 8.8 – 8.9, 6+). In advance of this particular run, “Today’s Hit Music” hadWPRO-FM seven straight down or flat trends that yielded a cumulative -3.5 (10.4 – 9.8 – 9.3 – 8.5 – 8.3 – 7.7 – 7.7 – 6.9, 6+). Following six successive progressive or flat monthlies for a combined +3.3 (4.7 – 4.8 – 5.9 – 6.5 – 7.2 – 8.0 – 8.0, 6+), iHeartMedia classic hits-oldies WWBB was -.3 in September; -.7 in October; and now “B-101” declines by one full-share (7.7 – 7.0 – 6.0, 6+) to slip from fifth to sixth. This is the station’s weakest 6+-showing since March (4.8). Rock cluster-mate WHJY (7.8 – 7.0, 6+) dips from second to fourth, while co-owned talker WHJJ has not had a negative trend in the past eight sweeps (.5 – .5 – .6 – .7 – .7 – .7 – .8 – 1.0 – 1.0, 6+). Frozen on 1.5 (6+) in August, September, and October, Boston public outlet WGBH drops six-tenths to .9 (#11 to #12).

5) Raleigh – In the 5.0 – 5.9 range the past nine sweeps, Radio One urban contemporary WQOK “K-97.5” posts an impressive WQOK+1.3 (5.6 – 6.9, 6+) to climb from seventh to fourth. The last time “K-97.5” reached six-share territory was this past January (6.0). Even though Capitol Broadcasting sports outlet WCMC makes it three straight up-trends (2.5 – 2.7 – 3.6 – 3.9, 6+) and has its best 6+-performance since March (4.2), “99.9 The Fan” actually dips from #11 to #12. Following four consecutive down or flat monthlies (4.7 – 4.0 – 4.0 – 3.6 – 3.5, 6+), Curtis MediaWPLW Group CHR WPLW “Pulse FM” breaks out a +.7 to 4.2 to inch up from a tie at #12 to #11. Despite being down by one-half share (8.5 – 8.0, 6+), Capitol Broadcasting adult contemporary WRAL      “Mix 101.5” repeats at #1. Unable to gain ground is Curtis Media Group-owned WQDR “Today’s Best Country,” which drops four-tenths (8.0 – 7.6, 6+) and remains at #2. In addition to being steady at #14, iHeartMedia-owned and similarly-formatted WNCB “New Country B-93.9” remains at 3.1. Steady at #15, Curtis Media Group regional Mexican WYMY “La Ley 101.1” registers a +.1 (to 2.7, 6+) and is in the 2.0 – 2.6 range for the twelfth straight time.

6) Norfolk – Owing to a six-tenths gain (6.2 – 6.8, 6+), Max Broadcast Group classic hits-oldies outlet WVBW “92.9 The WVBWWave” inches up from third to second. Displaced at #2 – and falling to #3 – is iHeartMedia urban contemporary WOWI “Jamz” (flat at 7.5, 6+), which had been in the runner-up slot the previous nine monthlies. Progressing by one-half share each are its CHR sibling WVHT “Hot 100.5” (3.0 – 3.5, 6+) and SagaWVHT classic rock WAFX “The Fox” (4.7 – 5.2, 6+). Ironically, “Hot” (#11 to 10) was -.6 in October, while “The Fox” (seventh to fifth) was +.6. “Hot” ends three straight downward trends in which it lost two full-shares (5.0 – 4.8 – 3.6 – 3.0, 6+). Urban contemporary WNSB “Hot 91.1” (#18 to #17) quintuples its 6+-share (.2 – 1.0, +.8, 6+) as the Norfolk State University-owned facility is back in double-digits for the first time since June when it reached 1.2. Locked on 5.3 (6+) in August and September, Saga rocker WNOR dialed up a +.8 in October, but relinquishes all of it (plus one-tenth) and is in fifth-place for the third straight time (5.3 – 6.1 – 5.2, -.9, 6+). In addition to being #1 for the 41st straight time, Entercom urban AC WVKL adds two-tenths to October’s +.6 (11.0 – 11.6 – 11.8, 6+). The last time “Smooth R&B From Yesterday & Today” was not in double-digits (6+) was January 2014, when it scored 9.8. Faltering though by one-half each are co-owned adult contemporary WWDE “2WD” (6.7 – 6.2, steady at #4, 6+) and iHeartMedia rhythmic hot AC WMOV “MOViN 107.7” (3.3 – 2.8, #10 to #11, 6+); “MOViN” was +.6 in October.

7) NashvilleEight-tenths is the latest theme for WJXA “Mix 92.9,” given that the Midwest Communications adult WJXAcontemporary declined by eight-tenths in October, only to improve by that margin in November (10.6 – 9.8 – 10.6, 6+). “Mix” had consecutive gains of six-tenths prior to October’s -.8 and is #1 for the 44th successive monthly. Stymied at 2.3 (6+) in August, September, and October, Joule Broadcasting CHR WNFN “i106 All The Hits” chalks up a one-half share increase to 2.8 to advance from #15 to #12. This is theWNFN 22nd straight time that ‘i106″ is in the two-share range (6+). Climbing from third to second, iHeartMedia‘s WNRQ “105.9 The Rock” posts a two-tenths gain and has its seventh successive monthly without a decrease for a combined +2.4 (5.8 – 6.3 – 7.1 – 7.2 – 7.5 – 7.5 – 8.0 – 8.2, 6+). Off the past three sweeps for a combined -2.2 (8.4 – 7.8 – 7.2 – 6.2, 6+), urban contemporary cluster-mate WUBT “The Beat” gains three-tenths to 6.5 and remains at #6. After having 3.9 shares (August and September, 6+) sandwiched between 3.7 shares (July and October), Educational Media Foundation contemporary Christian “K-LOVE” (#11 – #14) slumps by -1.2 (3.7 – 2.5, 6+). On the heels of a -.6 in October, Midwest Communications adult hits WCJK “Jack-FM” (fourth to fifth) drops another one-half share (8.3 – 7.7 – 7.2, 6+). This marks the fifth straight up or flat move for Cromwell Group‘s WPRT “ESPN Nashville” (.8 – .9 – .9 – 1.0 – 1.6 – 1.6, 6+), which inches up from #18 to #17. The combined (6+) share for the market’s three country facilities – iHeartMedia’s WSIX-FM “The Big 98,” Cumulus Media‘s WKDF “Nash FM,” and Cumulus’ WSM-FM “Nash Icon” – was 14.1 in July and August; 13.1 in September; 13.0 in October; and is 13.5 in November. In the same ranker order as September and October, “The Big 98” finishes eighth; “Nash FM” is ninth (4.2 – 4.3, +.1, 6+); and “Nash Icon” is tenth. After four straight dips (5.6 – 5.4 – 5.3 – 5.0 – 4.9, 6+), “The Big 98” is up one tick to 5.0, while “Nash Icon” – with a +.3 to 4.2 – ends four successive negative or flat trends (4.8 – 4.1 – 4.1 – 3.9 – 3.9, 6+).

8) Greensboro – It is a #1, #2, #3 finish for Entercom-owned stations, including WJMH “102 Jamz The Hip-Hop Station,” WJMHwhich registers a strong +1.1 (8.2 – 9.3) to progress from second to first. In the process, it evicts co-owned urban AC WQMG “The Best R&B and Old School” from the penthouse. “The Best R&B and Old School” (8.9 – 8.2, -.7, 6+) had been #1 the past seven sweeps, but falls to #2. Their country sibling, WPAW “The Wolf,” continues its wild ride. It was -.5 in June; +.3 in July; +.2 in August; -1.2 in September; -.5 in October; butWPAW roars back with a +1.3 in November. “The Wolf” climbs from seventh to sixth (5.9 – 6.2 – 6.4 – 5.2 – 4.7 – 6.0, 6+). In October, it trailed format rival – iHeartMedia‘s WTQR – by 2.8 shares, but the margin is sliced to one full-share, as “New Country Q-104” falls by one-half share (7.5 – 7.0, 6+), sliding from third to fourth. Another market station on a rollercoaster ride is “Q-104” CHR sibling WMKS “Kiss-FM,” which had a robust +1.0 in June; a -1.1 in July; +1.4 in August; -.7 in September; a -.5 in October; and now a -.8 in November (5.6 – 6.6 – 5.5 – 6.9 – 6.2 – 5.7 – 4.9, 6+). “Kiss” occupied the #9 slot for 22 successive sweeps before progressing to #8 in February; #7 in March; back in its familiar #9 spot in April; tied at #8 in May; sixth in June; eighth in July; fifth in August; seventh in September; sixth in October; and now seventh in November.

9) West Palm Beach – Although it is steady at #4, WAY Media contemporary Christian WAYF gains six-tenths (4.8 – 5.4, 6+) and WAYFis one-tenth behind Digity Media-owned WIRK “South Florida Country” (5.4 – 5.5, +.1, 6+), which is in third-place for the fifth successive time. Progressing by one-half share each – but flat at their October rankings – are iHeartMedia Spanish contemporary WRLX “Mia 92.1” (2.0 – 2.5, #10) and public WLRN (steady at #11, 6+); it is the third straight gain for WLRNWRLX (1.1 – 1.3 – 1.5 – 2.0, 6+). A +.6 in September put an end to three successive ratings periods in which iHeartMedia talker WZZR was down or flat (2.9 – 2.9 – 2.8 – 2.3, 6+). After holding down the #9 spot for 11 straight sweeps, “Real Radio 94.3” in October duplicated its six-tenths gain from September to climb to #8, but it sputters by eight-tenths and returns to #9 (2.3 – 2.9 – 3.5 – 2.7, 6+). Adult contemporary sibling WOLL “Today’s Kool 105.5” drops two-tenths (7.0 – 6.8, 6+), but stays in the runner-up spot for the fifth consecutive time. Albeit off by the seven-tenths it picked up in October (11.3 – 12.0 – 11.3, 6+), Digity Media hot AC WRMF holds down the top spot for the 15th successive ratings period; 12.0 is the highest 6+-share by any West Palm Beach station in the PPM-era. After it had notched a .1 (6+) in nine of the last ten ratings periods, including the previous eight, co-owned WBZT “1230 The Talk Station” disappears (.0).

10) Jacksonville – Two iHeartMedia stations record month-to-month improvements of +1.1 and, in the case of WQIK WQIK“Jacksonville’s Country,” it is enough to carry it to #1 (8.6 – 9.7, 6+). “Jacksonville’s Country” had been in the 8.6 – 8.8 range (6+) the past four survey periods. After rolling out a +1.3 in August, Renda Broadcasting adult contemporary WEJZ sputtered by seven-tenths in September; was off by one-half share in October; and now spirals by -1.5 (10.6 – 11.9 – 11.2 – 10.7 – 9.2, 6+). Consequently, “Lite 96.1 – Today’s Variety” relinquishes theWJBT #1 spot it had held the past 17 sweeps and fails to hit double-digits (6+) for the first time in the last 11 sweeps. Just over two months ago (9/24), “Lite” began facing a direct competitor, as Cox Media Group transitioned urban-rhythmic oldies WHJX “V-101.5 Throwback Hip-Hop and R&B” to WEZI “Easy 106.5.” Obviously, the two ACs have similar calls (WEJZ and WEZI). WEZI “Easy 106.5” eroded by -1.5 in October and now sputters by another -1.2 (4.2 – 2.7 – 1.5, 6+), as it falls from #13 in October to #15. The other iHeartMedia station in the market improving by +1.1 is urban contemporary WJBT “93.3 The Beat” (4.3 – 5.4, 6+), which has its best 6+-share since April’s 5.6 and moves from tenth to eighth. Also in that cluster, even though WSOL gains seven-tenths (4.4 – 5.1, 6+), “V-101.5” falls from ninth to tenth; nonetheless, it ends16 straight months that the urban-rhythmic oldies outlet was in the four-share range. Contemporary Christian WMUV “The Promise” (+.6, #15 to #14) is up or flat for the fifth straight time (1.5 – 1.5 – 1.7 – 1.9 – 1.9 – 2.5, 6+). Gaining one-half share each are Renda’s WGNE “Gator Country (seventh to sixth) and iHeartMedia adult hits WWJK “Jack-FM” (4.8 – 5.3, 6+). WGNE improved by four-tenths in August; dropped six-tenths in September; and regained one-half share in October (5.0 – 5.4 – 4.8 – 5.3 – 5.8, 6+). “Jack” was down seven-tenths in October but it actually backslides from eighth to ninth. Following four successive upticks (6.5 – 6.7 – 7.5 – 8.0 – 8.6, 6+), Cox Media Group talker WOKV (#2 to #3) regresses by one-half share to 8.1. Owing to a -.6, the string of consecutive positive trends for public WJCT (three-way tie at #10 in October to #12) ends at three (3.2 – 3.4 – 4.2 – 4.3, 6+).

11) Memphis – The combination of a +1.3 by iHeartMedia urban contemporary WHRK “K-97.1” (8.1 – 9.4, 6+) and a flat WHRKshowing by co-owned urban AC KJMS “V-101” (9.3, 6+) leads to the two siblings swapping places at #1 and #2. After suffering a -1.5 in August, “V-101” registered modest back-to-back gains (8.9 – 9.2 – 9.3, 6+) and was #1 for ten straight sweeps. Meanwhile, “K-97.1” had finished in the runner-up slot the past eight survey periods.WMC-FM Down or flat the past five monthlies for a cumulative -1.9 (6.4 – 5.9 – 5.2 – 5.0 – 5.0 – 4.5, 6+), Entercom hot AC WMC-FM “FM 100 Today’s Best Mix” storms back with a +1.1 (to 5.6) and jumps from eighth to sixth. Remaining at #3, co-owned adult contemporary WRVR “Continuous Soft Rock The River” is up or flat for the fourth straight month (5.7 – 6.0 – 6.9 – 7.2 – 7.2, 6+). A decline of seven-tenths (2.7, ninth to tenth) halts the consecutive positive string of cluster-mate WMFS “ESPN Sports Radio” at three (2.6 – 2.8 – 3.2 – 3.4, 6+). Off by one-half share each are iHeartMedia talker WREC (3.2 – 2.7, steady at #10) and Cumulus Media‘s WXMX “The Max – Maximum Rock” (2.6 – 2.1, #12 to #13). Three consecutive hefty increases by WDIA “1070 – The Heart & Soul of Memphis” for a combined +2.6 (5.2 – 6.1 – 6.8 – 7.8, 6+) were followed in September by a -1.2 and a -1.1 in October. The iHeartMedia urban-rhythmic oldies outlet regresses by another four-tenths (7.8 – 6.6 – 5.5 – 5.1, 6+), skidding from sixth to seventh.

12) Hartford – This represents the thirteenth time in the last 14 sweeps – including the past five – CBS Radio adult contemporary WRCHWRCH “Lite 100.5” is Hartford’s market leader (11.1 – 11.6, +.5, 6+); 11.6 is its best 6+-showing since “Holiday” 2014 (15.2). Inching up from fourth to third, hot AC sibling WTIC-FM is up or flat for the third successive ratings period (6.4      6.7  7.4 – 7.4, 6+). Stumbling from third to sixth, rhythmic CHR sibling WZMX “Hot 93.7” though sputters by -1.2 (7.7 – 6.5). Up by two-tenths to 7.0 (6+), iHeartMedia classic hits-oldies WHCN-FM “105.9 The River”WTIC-FM pulls the plug on three consecutive down or flat trends (7.8 – 7.8 – 7.0 – 6.8, 6+) to progress from fifth to fourth. After three successive negative moves for a combined -1.5 (9.0 – 7.8 – 7.7 – 7.5, 6+), cluster-mate WWYZ registered a +.6 in October, but “Country 92-5” returns all of it (8.1 – 7.5, 6+) and is #2 for the third straight time. Following successive down or flat trends for a combined -.8 (1.2 – .7 – .7 – .5 – .4, 6+), public (University of Massachusetts) WCFR displays a one-half share gain to .9 but remains at #11.

bubbaNielsen Amends Complaint Against Bubba the Love Sponge.  With new information added, Nielsen Audio amends its suit against morning radio personality Bubba the Love Sponge in U.S. District Court in Florida.  The amendment to the original suit that seeks $1 million dollars in damagesnielsen logo from Todd Clem, a.k.a. Bubba the Love Sponge, related to the ratings tampering case in the Tampa market, provides more information about influencing PPM panelists and alleges there was more than just one panelist Bubba was attempting to influence.  Bubba’s lawyers filed a motion to dismiss, arguing that Nielsen’s $1 million figure is part of an attempt to get the suit into the federal jurisdiction and that the company is unable to prove the damages it alleges.  Read the full story from the Tampa Bay Business Journal here.

huthlianaLiana Huth Named to New Corporate Post at Entercom.  The new title for Liana Huth is vice president of programming innovation for Entercom and Huth will be based in New York City, reporting to Entercom president of programming Pat Paxton.  The company says Huth comes with “vast experience in content development, creative partnerships, event marketing and more.”  She’s heldentercom senior roles in entertainment and media for Columbia Records, The Madison Square Garden Company, and AEG Live, among others.  Huth will be responsible for creating and developing content opportunities and strategic partnerships that will drive ratings and revenue across all of Entercom’s platforms.  Paxton states, “Liana is a creative trailblazer with a distinguished track record of content creation, innovative thinking and partnership building.  I could not be more excited to add this pivotal new role to the company and to bring in Liana to kick it off.  No one is more ready for this challenge.”

wil logoWIL, St. Louis Cuts Ties with Greg Mozingo; Seeks New Program Director.  St. Louis country outlet WIL parts company with programmer Greg Mozingo and is seeking a new PD.  Hubbard Radio St. Louis VP and market manager John Kijowski says, “The contemporary country environment is very competitive and we want to accelerate our growth with new ideas and a fresh perspective.  The decision to make personnel changes takes a great deal of thought and is never easy.  We appreciate Greg Mozingo’s contribution in building the 92.3 WIL brand.”  The station names APD and music director Danny Montana interim PD until a permanent replacement is found.  Hubbard says that for more information regarding the search for the future 92.3 WIL program director, please contact John Kijowski via the Hubbard St. Louis main phone number at 314-982-6000.

knoepkeshannonKnoepke to Replace Anselmo at CBS RADIO Minneapolis.  The Minneapolis cluster of CBS RADIO has a new SVP and market manager as Shannon Knoepke is hired to take over for the retiring Mick Anselmo.  Knoepke will be responsible for country KMNB, adult hits KZJK, and news/talkcbsradio WCCO-AM and is also serving as director of sales.  CBS RADIO COO Scott Herman says, “We couldn’t be more thrilled to welcome Shannon back to the CBS RADIO family.  With years of sales and leadership experience under her belt, she has a terrific reputation in the Twin Cities area.  Her commitment to the region and wealth of knowledge in the events and digital marketplace makes her uniquely qualified for the role.  We are excited she will be bringing this expertise to our award-winning cluster.”  Knoepke previously worked for CBS RADIO Minneapolis as an account executive with WCCO-AM from 2000-2001.

harrisonUpCloseFarOutsmallGifts, Gadgets, Gizmos and Hi-Tech Holiday Goodies.  Noted media consultant Holland Cooke joins host Michael Harrison as this week’s guest on the PodcastOne international hit for media freaks, “Up Close and Far Out,” posted today (12/1).  The two talk about the latest technological marvels that are the hot stocking stuffers this holiday season… and then some.  They delve into the world of drones, driverless cars, and gadgets within the expanding “Internet of Things” that keep tabs on their owners — such as toothbrushes thatcookeholland inform your dentist about the health of your teeth, baby clothes that inform parents about the well-being of their sleeping child and refrigerators that order replacements when you are running out of milk.  Harrison and Cooke cover a wide spectrum of items from low-tech 20th century devices such as the Slinky and yo-yos to the modern-day Apple Watch and the coming practice of embedding chips into the human body.  They discuss the implications of this new unfolding era on privacy and other significant aspects of sociology.  To hear the entire conversation please click here or click on the player boxes in the right-hand column of every page on Talkers.com and RadioInfo.com.

Friday, September 18, 2015

| September 18, 2015

kthi‘Hits 107.1’ in Boise Names ‘Murphy & Melissa’ Morning Hosts.  The E. W. Scripps-owned classic hits outlet – KTHI, Boise – brings together radio pros Kevin Murphy and Melissa Dawn for the “Murphy & Melissa” show.  Station VP/general manager Roy Williams says, “Murphy and Melissa have tremendous chemistry as a morning radio team.  They bring energy and great topics for conversation to our morning audiences.  They have a commitment to this community.”

wfas-fm new logo‘Radio 103.9’ New York Official Station of Harlem’s ‘African American Day.’  The 46th Annual African American Day Parade is being held in Harlem on Sunday (9/20) and Cumulus Media’s urban contemporary WNBM, New York “Radio 103.9” is serving as the official radio station and sponsor.  This year’s parade is “honoring the African American business community by showcasing and celebrating its accomplishments and positive contributions to the African American community and society at large.”  Urban radio legend Tom Joyner (heard on WNBM) is a Grand Marshal for the parade.

kqmv logoCool Job Opportunity.  “Do you want to work in a top market for a great team of proven winners?  Hubbard Radio Seattle’s “MOViN 92.5” is looking for someone with a winning attitude that can work well as part of a team.  You need to be likeable in the halls, on calls, appearances, and be ready to win!  Duties include working on the air as a co-host for the morning show, handling traffic reports during the morning show and attending station functions and promotional appearances as needed.  For more about this position and to apply, click here.  KQMV-FM is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

RadioInfo Tidbits.  Nationally syndicated urban legend Tom Joyner is bringing his program’s “Meet Ev’ryjoynertom Listener Tour” to Nashville where the crew will spend a happy hour with listeners of affiliate WQQK “92Q.”  Joyner – along with co-hosts Sybil Wilkes and J. Anthony Brown – at The Bridge inside the Renaissance Nashville Hotel on Monday (9/21) from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm.  The event is free and open to the public.  Joyner is encouraging listeners to “take selfies and hang out.”…..Syndicated country morning personality Bobby Bones – along with his comedy band The Raging Idiots – helped raise a record bonesbobby$320,000 for local mission Caritas of Austin via the latter’s 8th Annual Words of Hope Dinner held last week at the Moody Theater in Austin.  The Raging Idiots played a 90-minute set before a sold-out crowd of more than 1,400 attendees.  Bones also spoke about how he overcame hardships in his early life that included the death of his mother from a drug overdose.  He also shared fun stories about his life in radio, relationships and celebrity encounters…..Westwood One announces it has inked a multi-yearhenleyCassCountry extension with imaging service Short Bus Radio.  The service is used by some 400-plus stations across 12 formats.  Under the new agreement, Westwood One will manage advertising sales for all Short Bus production and imaging libraries…..SiriusXM’s “Town Hall” series continues with Eagles founder Don Henley.  The program will be moderated by fellow Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame inductee Bob Seger and features Henley answering questions from SiriusXM listeners about his career, including his new album Cass County, scheduled to be released on September 25.  The program will also feature Henley performing songs carsenfrom the record and other solo hits.  The performance features special guests Martina McBride and Jamey Johnson.…..Envision Networks names Carsen the new host of “The Live Ride.”  The weekly country show that gives listeners live performances from their favorite stars has been hosted by Marty McFly.  Now Carsen assumes the lead role.  “I’ve been riding along with Marty McFly for over three years now, and I couldn’t be more grateful for him allowing me to take the reins.  I’m thrilled to get to bring my love of concerts to country fans just like me week after week.”

bombadamOra15Rita Ora Drops in on Adam Bomb.  On the nationally syndicated Adam Bomb show, British singer, songwriter and actress Rita Ora (left) recently chatted about what it was like collaborating with artists like Chris Brown and Prince, and shared some fun facts about her newest single, “Body On Me.”  Ora visited the Atlanta studios of Westwood One while on tour.  The diversified star is also a designer of clothes and shoes for Adidas and spoke with Bomb (right) about what it was like going back to the sneaker shop where she once worked and seeing her own designs on display.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

| June 18, 2015

nashTVCumulus Media’s NASH Enters Partnership with Qello Concerts.  The NASH TV platform will be available globally via Qello Concerts after Cumulus Media agreed to a strategic partnership in the “worldwide leader in streaming long-form concert films on demand.”  Qello Concerts will feature NASH TV’s original content across its worldwideqello concerts OTT streaming platform, which includes web access, as well as access via smart TVs from Samsung and Sony; connected devices, including streaming players and consoles: Apple TV, Android TV, Roku, PlayStation, XBOX and Google Chromecast; and mobile devices including iOS, Android and Windows.  Cumulus EVP of content and programming John Dickey states, “Qello Concerts is a powerful platform to catapult our distribution into hundreds of millions of households across the globe through the connected TV market, bringing our popular lifestyle and entertainment programming to country music fans to enjoy anytime, anywhere.”

boethinheatherBoethin Named Manager of Cox Local Solutions in Tulsa.  The company says this new effort – under the brand Cox Local Solutions – is a “collaborative digital solutions alliance” between the Cox Communications sales division in Tulsa and Cox Media Inc.’s Tulsa TV and radio properties that’s designed to use the combined digital capabilities of all three Cox properties to “offer advanced digital solutions to local advertisers” under the new brand.  Digital sales manager Heather Boethin is named manager of Cox Local Solutions and will “oversee Tulsa’s digital sales and fulfilment efforts with the support of a team of digital marketing experts at Cox’s corporate headquarters in Atlanta.”  Cox Media Oklahoma VP Annette Heaton comments, “This is an exciting time for the Tulsa market.  The collaboration efforts between the three Cox properties have been impressive so far.  Ultimately Tulsa advertisers will be the beneficiaries of the digital solutions we have to offer.”

waymedia logoDusty Rhodes to Leave WAY FM.  After 22 years, senior vice president Dusty Rhodes is exiting WAY MediaBob Augsburg, founder of the Christian media company, says, “Dusty and I have worked together for well over two decades.  I brought him on to launch our West Palm Beach, Florida WAY-FM in 1993 and manage it, which today is our largest station.  He moved with me to Colorado Springs in 2001 to become our first chief operating officer.  Now as senior vice president, Dusty has led well and has done much to advance WAY Media’s mission and vision.  He has been gracious in offering to remain with the ministry until August to help with the transition.  I believe God has great things in store for Dusty.  It will be exciting to watch His plans unfold.”

More RadioInfo Career Moves.  Joining iHeartMedia’s country WAMZ, Louisville for mornings is Amy Nic, who partners up with current AM personality Chris Randolph.  He replaced Ron and Mel Fisher in April…..The “Randy & Alana” morning show exits Townsquare Media’s country KAWO, Boise “Wow 104.3.”  Randy Scott also served as assistant program director and Alana Lynn was the station’s music director.

kmjk logo‘Magic 107.3’ Kansas City and Tom Joyner Show to Celebrate 25th Anniversary of Negro Leagues Baseball Museum. Urban contemporary KMJK, Kansas City “Magic 107.3” will be joined by syndicated morning show star Tom Joyner and cast members J. Anthony Brown and Sybil Wilkes in hosting the 25th anniversary celebration of the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum at the Kansas City museum tonight (6/18) from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm.  KMJK program director Jerold Jackson says, “This event allows the ‘Magic 107.3’ listeners and everyone with an appreciation of baseball and the Negro Leagues an opportunity to come out and celebrate the last 25 years.  We are thrilled to have Tom Joyner host the celebration along with J. Anthony Brown and Sybil Wilkes, giving our listeners the chance to meet the national morning show team and celebrate this wonderful piece of Kansas City.”

heltonlonUnderwood15Carrie Underwood Co-Hosts ‘Country Countdown USA.’  New mom Carrie Underwood is pictured here (right) with “Country Countdown USA” host Lon Helton (left) as the two work on this weekend’s edition of the Westwood One-syndicated program.  WW1 says there will be a lot of talk about her new baby boy, Isaiah, as well as a look ahead at her next album.

Friday, September 19, 2014

| September 19, 2014

torreztt“Hot 97” Appoints Torrez Music Director. WCDX “iPower 92.1 – Interactive Hip-Hop & R&B” music director and afternoon drive talent TT Torrez will depart the Radio One Richmond urban contemporary outlet to become music director of Emmis New York rhythmic CHR WQHT “Hot 97.” WQHT program director Jay Dixon points out that, “TT has a long and consistent track record of making things happen.  After seeing the amazing things she has done in her career, and learning she was a fan of ‘Hot 97,’ I could not pass up the opportunity to work with her.  TT knows hip-hop.  We are thrilled to have her on-board, and cannot wait to see what she can bring to our legendary brand.”  Torrez thanks a number of Emmis executives “for believing in my talents and allowing me the opportunity to further grow my career with the Emmis family.  As a young girl growing up in New York, I always dreamed about the day I would be able to work for the station that I grew up on – my desire to get into radio was because of the influence ‘Hot 97’ had on me as kid.  This opportunity is an amazing blessing – dreams really do come true.”  In addition to Richmond, Torrez has worked in New York, Philadelphia, Charlotte, and Hartford as a correspondent, writer, and producer; she was a music programmer for Music Choice television.  She begins her new assignment at “Hot 97” in about two weeks (10/1).

johnsonpattiReach Media Adds Patti Johnson to NY Sales Staff.  This is a return to REACH Media Inc. for Patti Johnson who most recently served as local sales manager for iHeartMedia in Chicago.  Prior to that, Johnson served for almost three years as an account executive in the Chicago offices of REACH Media.  Her new gig begins Monday (9/22) as she works from the New York office of REACH as account manager, Eastern sales.  She also previously worked for Interep Radio Sales in Chicago and St Louis in various sales positions.

More RadioInfo Career Moves.  At the Townsquare Media Tyler-Longview, Texas cluster, “Big Stew” Sawyers is named operations manager and program director for country KNUE.  Sawyers takes over for the departed Scott Gaines…..Alpha Media names James Levy director of sales for its four-station Richmond, Virginia group…..Eric “Smelly” Smeltzer is the new producer for the KSAN, San Francisco “107.7 The Bone” morning drive show Lamont & Tonelli…..Lincoln Financial Media’s AC KIFM, San Diego adds Premiere NetworksDelilah as evening host.  PD Mike Vasquez says, “‘Easy 98.1’ has become a top station for at-work listening and now we want to allow our fans to connect with Delilah when they’re unwinding at night.”

crninternational logoCRN International Study Draws Eye-Opening Conclusions About Radio Ads.  The results of CRN International’s research poll of 525 consumers and the resultant white paper shines a spotlight on the traditional methods of advertising on radio, how consumers perceive those efforts and what might be done to make radio a more effective advertising vehicle.  When it comes to influencing a purchase decision, the study — conducted and released by the Connecticut-based, national ad agency that specializes in radio — indicates that 41% of survey respondents said that custom content – defined as useful or entertaining information provided by a sponsor – would be the messaging form most likely to increase their purchase decision.  Testimonials from everyday consumers like themselves came in second as a purchasing influencer at 20%, with traditional commercials finishing third at 18%.  A red flag for radio is that more than 80% of the respondents confirmed that they pay little attention to radio spot commercials.  Those ads, they said, have little chance of influencing a buying decision, according to the study.  Perhaps more alarming for radio operators is the results seemed to fly in the face of previous studies that most radio listeners stay tuned in through entire lengthy commercial stop sets.  In the CRN research, 67% of the consumers said they don’t make it past the second advertisement during a commercial break.  However, positive signs from the study include some of the following conclusions: Regarding endorsements from their favorite radio DJ personalities, 28% said that tactic would have a positive impact on their chances of considering or buying the sponsor’s product; Regarding endorsements from everyday people like themselves, 42% said that tactic would increase their chances of considering or buying the sponsor’s product; 23% of the respondents said meeting radio personalities at a live, local radio station appearance would be of interest to them; 52% said they would be interested in participating in a contest or sweepstakes heard on the radio; Almost 60% said they would be very or somewhat receptive to considering or buying the product of a contest or sweepstakes sponsor.  To see the CRN International white paper, click here.

joynershowTom Joyner Visits Dayton Affiliate WROU.  As part of his ongoing tour of affiliate stations across the country, Reach Media-syndicated urban morning host Tom Joyner is visiting Alpha Media’s Dayton rhythmic oldies “92.1 WROU” on Wednesday, September 24.  The station has sold Central State University the sponsorship of the appearance.  Also part of Joyner’s Dayton visit is a Tuesday invite-only reception at Taste Creative Cuisine for WROU listeners to meet Joyner, Sybil Wilkes and Jay Anthony Brown.  Tickets to the sponsored event will be free to listeners at specially designated Tom Joyner “ticket stops.”

Thursday, September 11, 2014

| September 11, 2014

cookeholland‘The Golden Age of Audio Consumption.’ Reporting from Indianapolis, media consultant Holland Cooke summarizes some of the sessions he’s attended at both the RAIN Summit and the 2014 Radio Show.radioshow14  Edison Research president Larry Rosin is quoted referring to the current era as the “golden age of audio consumption” noting that, according to his company’s research, Americans spend roughly a fourth of their day listening to some form of audio.  While this may be true, how this falls out for AM/FM radio is open to interpretation.  Is it an opportunity for AM/FM radio or just a sign that other forms – read: digital – are poised to overtake AM/FM’s dominance in the near future.  That is THE topic being discussed at the NAB/RAB-produced Radio Show this week.  Read Holland Cooke’s entire column here.

americasgreatesthitsScott Shannon Syndicated Classic Hits Show to Debut.  In a program development from CBS RADIO, WCBS-FM, New York morning personality and radio legend Scott Shannon will host a new weekend, syndicated classic hits show titled, “America’s Greatest Hits.”  The program will debut the weekend of October 18-19 on 10 of CBS RADIO’s classic hits O&Os across the country, including on WCBS-FM.  It will also be distributed nationally by United Stations Radio Networks.  The four-hour show will be highlighted by artist interviews, song countdowns, one-hit-wonders and commentary from Shannon himself, among other features.  CBS RADIO EVP of programming Chris Oliviero says, “Scott has established himself as one of the leading authorities on music from the 60s, 70s and 80s, and is among the best storytellers to ever grace the airwaves – it’s why he’s been so successful anchoring the lineup at WCBS-FM.  Today’s announcement takes what he does on a day-to-day basis and expands it to millions of listeners nationwide.”

kimberybeckbroweeseClear Channel Flips Classic Rock ’95.1 The Brew’ to ‘Radio 95.1’; Oldies WODX Becomes ‘107.3 The Bull.’  Two format flips and talent changes take place at Clear Channel’s Rochester cluster where classic rocker WQBW becomes “Radio 95.1” – a format the company is calling “an innovative rock and personality-based station.”  Coming to the station for afternoon drive there after being let go from their most recent role at Entercom’s crosstown rock WBZA “98.9 The Buzz” are Kimberly & Beck.  The two were fired from WBZA after commenting on a news story about the city’s health care plan paying for gender reassignment surgery in a way management felt was “hateful.”  In addition to their 2:00 pm to 7:00 pm shift at WQBQ, Kimberly & Beck will host a one-hour evening show on sister news/talk WHAM at 8:00 pm.  And, flipping from oldies to country is WODX which becomes “107.3 The Bull, Rochester’s New Hit Country.”  The station is playing 10,000 songs in a row commercial free and will feature Premiere NetworksBobby Bones show in morning drive later this fall. Pictured here with WQBW morning personality Brother Weese (center), are Kimberly (left) and Beck (right).

More RadioInfo Career Moves.  At the San Antonio Alpha Media cluster, Mark Landis exits his program director position for CHR KTFM and adult hits KJXK “Jack FM.”  Prior to Alpha Media’s purchase of the stations, Landis was Border Media Partners’ director of English programming…..At Journal Broadcast Group’s country WCYQ, Knoxville “Q100.3,” Kevin King is named program director for the station, taking over for Mike Hammond who recently exited the radio business.  King leaves ADX Communications‘ country WYCT, Pensacola “Cat Country 98.7” where he was operations manager to move to Knoxville…..Clear Channel brings Josh Klinger to Washington from the company’s Atlanta operations to serve as evening host at alternative WWDC “DC101.”…..Alpha Media names Rachel Davis promotions director for its Richmond cluster.  Davis moves south from her previous post at Albany Broadcasting where she was also promotions director.

dickeyjohnzacksangPartying with Westwood One.  The 2014 NAB/RAB Radio Show is the scene of a lot of industry parties, including the one last night presented by Westwood One.  Pictured here are Cumulus Media EVP, content and programming John Dickey (left) and Zach Sang, host of the WYD Media-produced and WW1-distributed “Zach Sang and the Gang” syndicated CHR program (right).  At the party, attendees were entertained by country acts Chase Rice and Montgomery Gentry, numerous WW1 personalities were on hand to mingle with guests and network partners.  The network gave away a pair of tickets to Super Bowl XLIX and a pair of tickets to the NCAA Final Four.

trainorechosmith‘PLANET 102.3’ Brings Meghan Trainor and Echosmith to Corpus Christi for ‘Back to School’ Concert.  CHR outlet KKPN, Corpus Christi is treating listeners to a free double-bill concert featuring Meghan Trainor and Echosmith on Wednesday, September 24.  The Convergent Broadcasting-owned station says, “This caliber of talent is almost unheard of in a market the size of Corpus Christi.  And to add to that, ‘PLANET 102.3’ is putting on the show absolutely FREE to our listeners!”  Trainor’s “All About the Bass” and Echosmith’s “Cool Kids” are in heavy rotation on CHR stations across the country.  The station is giving away free tickets to the concert at remote broadcasts throughout the market beginning next week.

joynerMcDsTom Joyner Sets Lunch Record at Jackson Affiliate.  The power of the Tom Joyner show was on display as the ReachMedia-syndicated personality broke a record at a McDonald’s drive-thru in Jackson, Mississippi serving more than 400 cars – shattering their previous record according to local McDonald’s owner MyJoy Inc – and serving up free lunch to his listeners from radio station WKXI, Jackson “Kixie 107 FM.”  Joyner (pictured here at the drive-thru window) and his crew are on a tour of his affiliate stations and are visiting four this week including KMEZ, New Orleans; KQXL, Baton Rouge; and KJMS, Memphis.  The show is visiting other affiliates every other week through November.

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