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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

| August 6, 2014

cumulus logoCumulus Media Q2 Net Revenue Up 2%.  That figure is pro forma – the actual net revenue is up 21.4% but that number is so high because it’s affected by the acquisition of Westwood One and the Townsquare transaction.  Breaking down the radio side of things for Cumulus Media, the numbers tell the story of a challenging second quarter.  The company reports “broadcast advertising revenue decreased by $4.0 million, primarily due to a $9.4 million decrease in network spot revenue, a $9.8 million decrease in local spot revenue and a decrease of $2.6 million in national spot revenue.  These decreases were partially offset by a $2.9 million increase in revenue from the addition of two radio stations being operated under a local marketing agreement in the Chicago market and the benefit from $14.9 million of reduced producer revenue shares at Westwood One.”

ppmunitRound Two of July 2014 PPM Data Released. The second of four rounds of Nielsen Audio‘s July 2014 PPM ratings has been released for the 12 markets including: Washington, Boston, Detroit, Miami, Seattle, Phoenix, Minneapolis, San Diego, Tampa, Denver, Baltimore, and St. Louis.  The July survey period covered June 19 – July 16. Complete numbers can be found here, but RadioInfo managing editor Mike Kinosian provides his “Takeaways.”


  • Boston – When someone is asked to rattle off a list of country music hotbeds, “Beantown” will probably not jump to mind. Some might be surprised to know, however, that in the fall of 1995 – when Arbitron issued quarterly ratings reports rather than present day’s monthly trends – Boston actually had two top 20 country stations: wklb logoEvergreen Media‘s WKLB at 105.7 (2.7, #13) and Greater Media’s WBCS at 96.9 (1.9, #19). Fast-forward to last July (2013) and August when WKLB (now owned by Greater Media and at 102.5) reached #1 6+ in the Hub. Such an accomplishment certainly did not go unnoticed by Clear Channel executives since, roughly one week prior to the start of the July 2014 monthly (6/13), the company transitioned dance WEDX to WBWL “Boston’swbwl logo New Hit Country – The Bull.” Results indicate “The Bull” more than doubles WEDX’s June numbers (1.2 – 2.6, +1.4) with “Boston’s New Hit Country” advancing from #20 to #16. Conversely, WKLB “Today’s New Hit Country” is off by one full-share (7.0 – 6.0), dipping from second to fourth. It will be interesting to see the format tussle there, as well as what happens with the virtually identical station slogans. In a different genre, Greater Media’s WROR “Boston’s Greatest Hits” posts a one-share gain to 6.3, as it rockets from sixth to the runner-up slot formerly held by sibling WKLB. Up by three-tenths to 8.2, Clear Channel CHR WXKS-FM “Kiss-FM” occupies the top spot for the seventh straight ratings period. The fourth successive gain for WZLX is a +.4 (4.6 – 4.8 – 5.1 – 5.8 – 6.2), enabling the CBS Radio classic rocker to inch up from #4 to #3. Its news-talk hybrid sibling WBZ-AM though declines by eight tenths (5.9 – 5.1), sliding from third to sixth. In Boston’s always intriguing sports radio battle, Entercom-owned Boston Red Sox flagship WEEI-FM has back-to-back downward trends (3.4 – 3.3 – 3.0), but is steady at #12. Meanwhile, WBZ-FM “The Sports Hub” (key station for the Bruins, Celtics, and New England Patriots) is also down for the second straight time (5.1 – 2.9 – 2.6), tumbling from #14 to #16; 2.6 matches the lowest (6+) showing for “The Sports Hub” in three years (2.6 in July 2011).
  • Miami – Filed under the “Some Things Never Change” department, Cox Media Group urban AC WHQT “Hot whqt logo105″ is #1 for the 38th straight time, (7.9 – 8.2, +.3). By notching a one-half share gain to 2.9 (#19 in June to #16), Clear Channel urban contemporary WMIB “The Beat” halts a streak of four downward trends (3.1 – 3.0 – 2.7 – 2.6 – 2.4). SBS tropical WXDJ falters by seven-tenths (4.4 – 3.7) to slide from sixth to eighth. Tropical WXDJ “El Zol 106.7″ is down seven tenths (4.4 – 3.7), and falls from sixth to eighth. Six Spanish talk outlets – all on AM and combining for 8.4 shares (6+) – appear in print. Univision‘s WAQI (3.5, -.4, #11) leads the field, followed by WURN (1.6, +.6, #20); WWFE (flat at 1.6, #20); WSUA (flat at 1.2, #22); WQBA (.4, +.1, #25); and WRHC (flat at .1, #28).
  • Seattle – A one-half share gain by CHR KQMV “Movin’ 92.5″ (5.9 – 6.4), combined with a six-tenths decline by KRWM “Warm” (6.3 – 5.7) eventuates in the Hubbard cluster-mates swapping places at #1 and #2, respectively. kqmv logoIt is actually déjà vu for those two, since “Warm” and KQMV traded #1 and #2 positions in June. “Warm” is not the lone Seattle outlet to fall by six-tenths month-to-month. Others include Bonneville talker KIRO-FM (4.0 – 3.4, #8 to #10); public KUOW with the identical 4.0 – 3.4, #8 to #10 move; and Bonneville all-sports KIRO-AM (3.7 – 3.1, #11 to #16). Owing to a -1.1 (5.2 – 4.1), CBS Radio‘s KZOK fell from fourth to seventh in June. It was the classic rocker’s third consecutive downward trend (5.6 – 5.3 – 5.2 – 4.1), but KZOK rebounds with a one-share gain to 5.1 and sits at #3.  Dating back to the “Holiday” 2013 report, Entercom rocker KISW (#4 in June to #7 in July) had put together a string of four straight up trends(4.4 – 4.6 – 5.0 – 5.2 – 5.6), but it is now down for the third time in a row (5.6 – 5.5 – 4.5 – 4.2).
  • Phoenix – Hot AC grabs the headline, as Clear Channel‘s KMXP “Mix” falters by eight-tenths to 5.0 (#3 to #4), while KMVA “Hot 103.9″ follows up June’s +.6 to 4.0 (#13 to #7) with another +.6 to 4.6 (#5). Thus, the 1.8-share kool-fm logo(6+) advantage “Mix” held in June over “Hot” is down to just four-tenths. Meanwhile, CBS Radio classic hits-oldies KOOL “The Valley’s Greatest Hits” (+.2) is not only up or flat for the seventh straight ratings period (3.7 – 4.4 – 4.6 – 5.1 – 5.1 – 5.2 – 5.7 – 5.9), it overtakes Clear Channel country KNIX (6.2 – 5.6, -.6) at #1 (6+). A Clear Channel property had been #1 in Phoenix for eight straight sweeps; June was the first-ever time ever KNIX was in the top spot. After taking a three-tenths May – June dip to 3.2, Clear Channel talker KFYI rebounds with a +1.1 to 4.3 and is back in the top ten (#12 to #7). Its adult contemporary sibling KESZ though falters by seven-tenths (6.0 – 5.3), sliding from second to third.
  • Minneapolis – There is noteworthy movement involving the Twin Cities’ two major country players. In June, Clear Channel’s KEEY “K-102″ had a nine-tenths spike to 7.8, as it zoomed from fifth to second, but it ktcz logorelinquishes that (and a bit more) as it returns to fifth (7.8 – 6.7, -1.1). On the other hand, with a +.6 (6.0 – 6.6, #7 to #6), CBS Radio‘s KMNB “Buz’n@102.9″ whittles the 1.8-share (6+) lead “K-102″ had in June to a mere one-tenth. KTCZ “Cities 97″ makes it back-to-back strong +.8 monthlies (4.6 – 5.4 – 6.2). The Clear Channel property has improved from #12 (May), to #9 (June), to #8 (July). Also gaining eight-tenths is Minnesota Public KCMP (3.1 – 3.9), as it progresses from #12 to #11. Eight-tenths though is bad news for CBS Radio adult hits KZJK “Jack-FM” (7.2 – 6.4, -.8, #6 to #7) and Cumulus rocker KXXR “93-X” (5.8 – 5.0, -.8, #8 to #9). Although off by one-half share (8.9 – 8.4), Clear Channel CHR KDWB “The Twin Cities’ #1 Hit Music Station” is #1 for the second straight time; it was in the top spot January through April.
  • San Diego – At this time last month, the top-four rankers were separated by four-tenths, compared to eight-tenths khts logonow. Improving by six-tenths (5.1 – 5.7), Clear Channel CHR KHTS “Channel 93.3″ (#2 in June) supplants CBS Radio adult contemporary KYXY (5.2 – 5.0, -.2, #1 to #3) at #1. June was the first time since “Holiday” 2011 that KYXY was the market’s (6+) pacesetter. Fellow AC – Lincoln Financial Media‘s KIFM (5.0 – 5.2) – leapfrogs KYXY as it progresses from fourth to second. KIFM sibling, alternative KBZT “FM 94/9,” notches a six-tenths gain to 3.8 and it sails from #15 to #10. Off by one-half share each are adult alternative KPRI (2.3 – 1.8, #21) and regional Mexican XHTY (1.9 – 1.4, #23).
  • Tampa – On the heels of registering an impressive +1.2 to 10.6, Cox Media Group adult contemporary WDUV adds another eight-tenths, taking it to 11.4. In addition to being #1 for the 20th straight survey period, WDUV has wduv logoits most potent 6+-number since “Holiday” 2013 (14.1). Clear Channel‘s WXTB “98 Rock” improves by six-tenths (4.4 – 5.0), zooming from tenth to sixth. It is an off-month for CHR in the market: Clear Channel’s WFLZ “The Hit Music Channel” (6.9 – 6.5, -.4) slides from second to third and Cox Media Group’s WPOI “Hot 101.5″ (5.8 – 5.0, -.8) drops from fourth to sixth. Dating back to January, WFLZ had a string of five straight positive trends which yielded a cumulative increase of two (6+) shares (4.9 – 5.0 – 6.1 – 6.2 – 6.3 – 6.9).
  • DenverLincoln Financial Media country KYGO-FM is steady at 6.2 and is #1 for the third successive survey kygo logoperiod. With a seven-tenths spike to 3.9 (6+), Clear Channel rocker KBPI “Rocks the Rockies” (#18 in June to #12) puts an end to four consecutive down or flat monthlies (4.2 – 4.0 – 3.5 – 3.5 – 3.2). Adult alternative cluster-mate KBCO “World Class Rock” curtails back-to-back (May and June) stays at 4.6 by ringing up a +.6 to 5.2 (#7 to #5). After a +.7 to 4.6, which put it in a three-way tie at #7, Wilks classic hits-oldies KXKL “Kool 105″ regresses by nine tenths to 3.7 and is now in a three-way tie at #13.
  • Baltimore – In the May and June reports, Radio One urban AC WWIN-FM “Magic 95.9″ and Clear Channel‘s WPOC “Baltimore’s Country Station” placed first and second, respectively (6+). With a whopping +1.1 in July wpocthough, WPOC (7.3 – 8.4) overtakes “Magic 95.9″ (8.1 – 7.8, -.3), which slides to second. The -.3 concludes five consecutive positive trends for “Magic.” In that span, it gained 2.5 shares (5.6 – 6.3 – 6.8 – 6.9 – 7.9 – 8.1, 6+). Clear Channel adult hits WQSR registers a seven-tenths increase (3.5 – 4.2) to inch up from tenth to eighth. It is extremely noteworthy though that at least seven stations that appeared in print in June are missing in July. The common thread is they are all CBS Radio-owned outlets: hot AC WWMX (#4 in June, 6.1); adult contemporary WLIF (#5, 4.9); sports WJZ-FM (#10, 3.5); rhythmic CHR WPGC-FM (#15, 1.8); news WNEW (#17, 1.2); tropical WLZL (#20, .8); and sports WJZ-AM (.2).
  • St. Louis – Despite a three-tenths dip, heritage CBS Radio talker – and Cardinals flagship – KMOX (7.6 – 7.3) makes it four straight months at #1. After three successive down trends, Radio One urban contemporary WHHL kmox“Hot 104.1″ is up for the second successive month, this time by eight-tenths (4.4 – 5.2) to progress from #11 to #7. After a May- June gain of six-tenths to 4.0, public KWMU tacks on another seven-tenths to 4.7 (#13 to #11). Both of the market’s country stations are off: Hubbard‘s WIL-FM “Get Your Country On” declines one-half share (7.5 – 7.0) but remains at #2, while Clear Channel‘s KSD “The Bull,” which was 5.1 – 6.0 – 6.5 (April – May – June, 6+), regresses by seven-tenths to 5.8 (#3 to #5). Falling by eight-tenths is KEZK (4.9 – 4.1, #8 to #13). Over and above being the CBS Radio adult contemporary station’s third straight downward trend (6.1 – 5.4 – 4.9 – 4.1), it is the lowest-ever 6+-stat under PPM methodology for “Fresh 102.5.”

5 secondsDuane Doobie’s Picks of the Week.  RadioInfo’s hard-working music editor/director, Duane Doobie, backed by a growing team of information contributing researchers and golden-eared trench broadcasters, provides programmers with musical suggestions worthy of the attention of pro-active radio formats.  You’ll be turned on to some of the exciting artists and music buzzing out there just over the horizon from the worlds of pop, rock, country and EDM.  This week’s selection posted today (8/6) includes such names as: 5 Seconds of Summer, Troye Sivan, Shawn Mendes, Ella Henderson, Kasabian, Fence, Macklemore, Ryan Lewis, Banks, Fearless Vampire Killers, The Bots, Tyler Farr, Jon Langston, Ben Rush, Southern Experience Band, Danika Portz, Stevie Wonder, C2C, Sam Smith, Prince Fox, Charlene Soraia,and Panic City,among others.  To check out this valuable information, please click here.

pembletonelizabethPembleton Names Allentown VP/MM at Cumulus Media.  Moving up from her director of sales post for country WCTO and adult contemporary WLEV in Allentown to vice president and market manager for Cumulus Media’s Allentown-Bethlehem-Easton station group is Elizabeth Pembleton.  Cumulus SVP Gary Pizzati says, “This was a natural move elevating Liz to the VP/market manager level within Cumulus.  The performance in the market speaks for itself.  Liz has done amazing work assembling an award-winning team of broadcast professionals within Cumulus of Allentown.  We look forward to many years working with Liz in her new role.”  Pembleton comments, “I’m both honored and excited to continue in this new role with Cumulus Media, and specifically my Allentown team.  I literally have lived and breathed these formats for more than a decade.  Thirty years after selling my first radio spot, I still love the medium and am passionate about the expanding digital platforms that provide free access to our audiences…anywhere!  Most of all, I am incredibly fortunate to have the best team in radio, mentors in Gary Pizzati, SVP and Ron Giovanniello, RVP as well as the support from an exceptional senior leadership team at Cumulus.”

soniaknataliaNatalia Named PD at Entercom’s ‘Z104’ in Norfolk.  Longtime WNVZ, Norfolk “Z104” staffer Natalia Soniak is promoted from her acting PD role at the Entercom rhythmic CHR outlet to program director.  She had been acting PD since Mike Klein left the station, assuming that role after serving as APD and midday personality.  She continued to host the midday program.  Entercom Norfolk VP and market manager Bennett Zier states, “Natalia is a ‘Z104’ expert who lives the lifestyle and has a wonderful perspective on our target audience and brand.”

charles-cowanSales Staffers Appointed at Emmis NYC.  Two changes to the sales department at Emmis New York as the company announces Gwynet Charles-Cowan is named sales manager of events & major sponsorships.  Charles-Cowan has been with the Emmis cluster for the past 10 years serving in capacities including AE, local sales manager and director of Incite.  During this time she’s been credited with launching outreach programs for the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, targeting key health initiatives such as HIV testing, teen mental health awareness, smoking cessation and more.  She’s also been instrumental in major sponsorships for Hot 97’s Summer Jam.  Emmis New York director of sales Doug James comments, “Gwynet has demonstrated that she is a rainmaker, who understands the power and value that our events, such as Hot 97′s Summer Jam and WBLS & WLIB’s Circle of Sisters, bring to our sponsors.  We believe she is the perfect person to drive this business for Emmis New York.”  Charles-Cowan says, “Producing major events is becoming a huge part of the radio business, and I am excited and honored for the opportunity to lead this special department at Emmis New York.  WQHT-FM is the home of the iconic HOT 97 Summer Jam festival, with nearly 60,000 fans coming together to celebrate hip hop each year.  Now, with the addition of sister stations WBLS’ and WLIB’s Circle of Sisters, a staple family pastime of NYC osgoodchrisfor 10 years, attended by over 50,000 loyal consumers, Emmis is a dominant purveyor of events and customer engagement.”  Also, the company announces Chris Osgood is named the new local sales manager for WQHT “Hot 97 FM.”  The 26-year radio pro operates his own concert production company and marketing consultation firm.  He’s worked at such major market stations as KRBE and KLOL in Houston and WSB-AM and WZGC in Atlanta.  He says, “I am honored to be joining the dynamic management team at Emmis New York, and to work with Doug James and Deon Levingston.  Emmis is undoubtedly the premier radio company to work for in our industry, and ‘Hot 97’ is an international brand and one of the most legendary radio stations around the country.  I look forward to contributing to the storied history of this iconic property and developing the best sales staff in New York City.  Growing up in the New York tri-state area and having my career come full circle is a dream come true.  I can’t wait to get started.”

mookie‘Mookie’ Assumes Music Director Role at KPRI, San Diego.  Joining the Compass Media triple A outlet KPRI, San Diego is Marc “Mookie” Kaczor who is named music director and air personality.  Kaczor comes to San Diego from Laguna Radio’s KXRN, Laguna Beach “KX 93.5” where he was music director and PM drive host.  KPRI program director Matt Stone says, “I am thrilled to be bringing such a talented, true music fan to the staff at KPRI.  Mookie is truly passionate about the music and he will be a stellar addition to our lineup both on-air and in the programming department.”  Kaczor comments, “Joining the KPRI family is an incredible opportunity to work in the market that I love.  They’re passionate radio people.  I want to help KPRI blaze trails within the triple A format.  I want to give San Diego something real.  Now it’s time to get to work!”

danielschase2Correction.  Yesterday (8/5), RadioInfo published the wrong picture of new WQNY, Ithaca “Q Country 103.7” afternoon host Chase Daniels.  Instead we published a photo of WNTR, Indianapolis “107.9 The Mix” morning host Chase Daniels.  RadioInfo regrets the error.  The Chase you see here is the one joining Saga Communications’ WQNY.

Friday, July 25, 2014

| July 25, 2014

sarahtymichelleSarah, Ty & Mel Show in for Mornings at WRQX, Washington.  The makeover at Cumulus Media’s CHR WRQX, Washington “All the Hits 107.3” continues with today’s announcement that, beginning July 30, Sarah Fraser, Ty Bentli and Melanie Glazener will start hosting “The Sarah, Ty, and Mel Show.”  The station says show “features the young and lively voices of Fraser, Bentli, and Glazener, who promise an interactive, informative, and inspirational show that will connect with the DMV’s listeners through real stories and phone calls.  The show will have a robust presence across social media, and will offer special podcasts to its listeners.”  Fraser was co-host of “The Kane Show” at crosstown CHR WIHT for six years.  Bentli also worked in Washington at country WMZQ and in Baltimore at country WPOC.  Glazener alsowrqx logo previously worked on “The Kane Show.”  Cumulus EVP of programming Mike McVay comments, “We consider ourselves fortunate to be able to assemble a team like Sarah, Ty and Mel for mornings.  There is a high level of competition in DC.  I believe in Gillette.  He believes in the team.  That makes me a big believer in this show.”  Meanwhile, program director Gillette adds, “Sarah, Ty and Mel are all in the demo — and are fully plugged into the lifestyle of fellow Millennials. These are down-to-earth people who will talk about their lives with listeners and share their experiences in a completely authentic way.  The show will be fun and edgy, but totally relatable. No fake prank calls or canned humor here.  We’re getting real with our listeners and believe the show will be a breath of fresh air and unlike anything that’s on the air.”

beasley logo longBeasley Q2 Revenue Down 3.6%.  This morning’s release of Beasley Broadcasting Group’s 2014 Q2 financials conforms to many experts’ conclusions about the second quarter of the year: Ad spending in radio was down across the country.  BBGI reports the net revenue figure of $25.9 million for the 2nd quarter of 2014 (compared to $26.9 million during the same period in 2013) “primarily reflects lower advertising revenue at the company’s Philadelphia, Wilmington and Greenville-New Bern-Jacksonville market clusters.  The decline in net revenue was partially offset by $0.7 million in other revenue, resulting from an agreement with an electronics company and its affiliate concerning the use of our and their respective logos.”  Chairman and CEO George Beasley comments, “Second quarter beasleygeorgerevenue levels reflect slower advertising spending across most markets where we operate which led to declines in seven of our eleven markets and lower station operating income.  Overall, we outperformed in our five market clusters that report to Miller Kaplan.  In these markets, which accounted for approximately 78% of total second quarter revenue, Beasley station cluster revenue declined 5.2%, compared with the total revenue for all reporting radio stations in these markets which were down 6.0% for the quarter.  Our year-over-year revenue decline is partially attributable to difficult comparisons with 2013 second quarter results when we generated double-digit revenue gains in markets including Philadelphia and Las Vegas.  However, our initiatives to expand our digital offerings are delivering results as we recorded an approximate 24% rise in digital revenue during the quarter.  Notwithstanding the challenges faced in the second quarter, our market positions remain healthy based on our organization-wide focus on strong core programming and targeted localism. This focus is vital to the company’s ratings strength and long-term success.”

townsquare logoTownsquare Media IPO Raises $91 Million.  It’s hard to judge the IPO of a radio and digital media company that’s so young in corporate terms, but the sale of 8.3 million shares of class A stock made the company a little more than $91 million – short of the $125 million the company was hoping to raise.  Some analysts are noting that the IPO price was not in the low teens dollar figure the company had hoped for and even the $11 share price was a bit too high as the sale didn’t take off until the price dropped to $10.74.  Still, the offering results in a cash infusion for Townsquare Media.  Only time will tell if Townsquare’s plan to build revenue with small and medium market radio stations augmented by its stable of digital publications will pay off for investors and the company.

wqhtEmmis Names Jay Dixon WQHT, New York PD.  After serving as interim program director at Emmis Communications’ hip hop WQHT, New York “Hot 97” since Ebro Darden relinquished the post to focus on his morning show duties, the company officially names Jay Dixon program director.  Dixon was with Emmis previously, serving as program director for urban AC WRKS “98.7 Kiss FM” prior to the company leasing that signal to ESPN as WEPN-FM.  He also worked for Cox Media Group as that company’s national urban format coordinator.  WQHT GM Deon Levingston states, “Jay’s extensive knowledge of radiodixonjay broadcasting and ratings, as well as his familiarity with the Emmis brand, makes him the perfect fit for WQHT.  Over the past few months, Dixon has initiated innovative and creative ideas to the ‘HOT 97’ platform, further demonstrating his capabilities of leading and continuing to expand the global presence ‘HOT 97’ has in hip hop and music.  We are thrilled to welcome him back to the Emmis family.”  Dixon comments, “I am excited to be back with Emmis and to continue my work with WQHT.  I’d like to thank Rick Cummings, Jimmy Steele, Deon Levingston, Ebro Darden and the entire Emmis community for this opportunity.  Look out of big things ahead for WQHT, hip hop, and New York.”

russellchrisRussell to Program WMXO, Olean, New York.  Joining Pembrook Pines-owned CHR WMXO “Mix 101.5” as program director is Chris Russell.  The company announces the 15-year radio industry pro most recently served with Colonial Media & Entertainment in Olean and, before that, was a programmer for Cromwell Radio Group in Effingham, Illinois.  Russell says of his new gig, “I can’t tell you how excited I am at the opportunities our hot AC format provides us here in the market, and what a fantastic group of radio folks I get to hang out with every day!  And we have some BIG surprises in store for our great listeners and clients!”

arickaj‘K105’ Fort Wayne Names Aricka J Midday Personality.  Moving from South Bend where she’s been with Artistic Media Partners-owned CHR WNDV “U93” to Federated Media’s country WQHK “K105” in Fort Wayne is Aricka McCauley a.k.a. Aricka J.  She takes over the slot vacated by Heather Cruise when she moved to Los Angeles.  Program director Dave Michaels says, “The long nationwide search is over, and an exceptional, talented individual will soon be entertaining the ‘K105’ listeners.  Aricka will be a great addition to the ‘K105’ lineup!”  McCauley says, “I am very sorry to be leaving South Bend and U93 so soon, they treated me very well.  However I am very excited to start a new journey with Federated Media and a longtime heritage station like ‘K105’ and I’m looking forward to the smiling faces of Fort Wayne.”

mckaydanaMore RadioInfo Career Moves.  The new evening personality at CBS RADIO’s hot AC WIAD, Washington “94.7 Fresh FM” is Dana McKay.  She was most recently with the company at hot AC WHFS, Tampa “Play 98.7.”…..Zach Ledbetter exits the evening show at Cookeville Communications-owned country outlet WGSQ, Cookeville, Tennessee “Country Giant 94.7.”…..Joanna Huff is promoted to permanent morning show producer and co-host at Reising Radio Partners’ country WYGB, Franklin, Indiana “Korn Country 100.3”

harrisonherald2RadioInfo Publisher Michael Harrison Sounds Off on Boston Herald Radio Interview.  The Boston Herald newspaper launched an online talk radio station – “Herald Radio” – on August 1, 2013.  In commemoration of the forthcoming one-year anniversary, the station interviewed RadioInfo/TALKERS publisher Michael Harrison (pictured here on Herald Radio) about his take on the state of radio in general.  Although the 25-minute conversation focused primarily on Harrison’s opinions about talk radio, he also made a number of comments about his take on the challenges facing terrestrial music radio in the advancing digital era.  In addition to whimsically sharing recollections of his personal early-career as a rock radio DJ and PD at such legendary signals as WLIR, Long Island; WNEW-FM, New York; KPRI, San Diego; and KMET, Los Angeles, Harrison states that he is concerned about music radio’s ability to stand up against 21st century competition because it has “abandoned its franchise of personality.”  Harrison continues, “And you really can’t compete in today’s multimedia music audio market if you don’t have personality, because then you’re just a Pandora.” To read media reporter Jessica Heslam’s coverage of the visit and to hear the entire interview, please click here.

hangar19KUBQ, La Grande, Oregon Adds ‘Hangar 19’ Metal Show.  The classic metal show “Hangar 19,” distributed by Envision Networks and hosted by Cutter, is added to the weekend program lineup at Pacific Empire Radio Corporation’s KUBQ, La Grande, Oregon.  The program is described by Envision as a show that “relives the glory days of classic metal and features music from the artists and groups who built this explosive genre including Megadeth, Iron Maiden, Pantera, Metallica, Anthrax, Judas Priest, Korn, Slayer and Marilyn Manson.”  KUBQ program director Cliff Turner says, “’98.7 The Rock of Eastern Oregon’ is ready to rock hard with Hangar 19.  Cutter has managed to weld together a solid blend of metal from the legends and promising bands of today!”

Friday, July 11, 2014

| July 11, 2014

johnsonkenCumulus Rounds Out Programming Staff at ‘Radio 103.9’ in New York.  The new urban adult format Cumulus Media recently debuted in the New York market on WNBM “Radio 103.9” names its PD.  The company announces Ken Johnson will serve as program director.  Other new staffers include: assistant program director/music director Raphael George; creative services director Ghost; and web and social wfas-fm new logocontent director Aliya Faust.  Cumulus states Johnson’s CV includes his work as the company’s VP of urban programming, director of urban programming for ABC Radio Networks, director of urban programming for Clear Channel in Philadelphia, as well as experience in markets such as Boston, Washington, Atlanta, Dallas, Philadelphia, and Wilmington, North Carolina.  George previously served as assistant program director at Radio One’s WPHI, Philadelphia.  Ghost most recently served as multi-format imaging director for Pat Garrett Creative Services.  Faust comes to WNBM from her promotions/digital assistant role at Radio One Philadelphia’s WWPZ “Praise 103.9,” WPHI “Hot 107.9” and WRNB “Old School 100.3.”

elliottseanSean Elliott, Jonathan Monk and Dianna Kelly Join Cumulus Des Moines.  More news from Cumulus Media as the company brings Sean Elliott aboard to serve as operations manager and program director at classic rock KGGO.  Award-winning broadcaster Jonathan Monk takes on the program directormonkjonathan responsibilities at country KJJY where he’ll also host the afternoon drive show, and Dianna Kelly is the new news director at news/talk KWQW “98.3 The Torch.”  Elliott comments, “I am very appreciative of this amazing opportunity to join the talented team at Cumulus Des Moines as operations manager.  Thanks to John Dickey, Mike McVay, Aaron Roberts and Troy Hanson for believing in me to guide our market leading stations into the future. I am especially excited to program the classic rocker I grew up listening to – ‘95 KGGO.’”  Monk says, “I’m simply thrilled to be working with the incredibly talented programming and sales team at Cumulus.  It’s an honor to join a group of media professionals that truly care about the communities and clients they serve.”

palmieridougMore RadioInfo Career Moves.  At Clear Channel’s heritage rock outlet WHJY, Providence, Doug Palmieri moves up from his director of production/imaging post to the program director position.  Palmieri served for six years with the station as APD and evening host before leaving for work in Boston.  He returned to WHJY in 2013…..The popular morning team of Bill Bevins and Shelley Perkins will return to the air in Richmond at SummitMedia’s adult contemporary WHTI “Easy 100.9 FM” later this summer.  The duo has been off the air in the market since last December after working together for 13 years…..Kenny Hobbs is out as creative services director at Clear Channel’s Dayton cluster in what appears to be a budget-related move.

Round Three of June PPM Data Released.  The third of four rounds of June 2014 PPM data has been released by Nielsen Audio for the 12 markets including: Portland, Charlotte, Pittsburgh, Sacramento, San Antonio, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Salt Lake City, Las Vegas, Kansas City, Orlando, and Columbus.  See complete market numbers here. In addition, RadioInfo managing editor Mike Kinosian provides his “Ten Takeaways.”  The June survey period covered May 22 – June 18.

Mike Kinosian’s Ten Takeaways header

  • PortlandClear Channel‘s KLTH “Oldies 106.7″ enjoys back-to-back increases of nine-tenths (5.5 – 6.4 – 7.3) helping it to overtake co-owned adult contemporary KKCW “K-103″ at #1; “K-103″ (6.8 – 6.6, -.2) drops to #3. klth logoCountry rivals go in different directions in June, with Entercom‘s KWJJ “The Wolf” building from a +.6 (April – May) to a +.7 as it inches up from sixth to fifth (6+). Meanwhile, however, Alpha Media‘s KUPL “The Bull” – which registered a 6.4 in February, March, and April – followed by a 6.3 in May, suffers a -1.1 to 5.2, dropping it from third to sixth. Entercom classic rocker KGON advances by eight-tenths (4.1 – 4.9), as it jumps from #10 to #8. There is some softness in the spoken-word arena. For example, Alpha Media talker KXL-FM drops one-half share (3.4 – 2.9, #14 to #16) and Clear Channel foe KEX declines by eight-tenths (2.9, – 2.1, #17 to #19). Furthermore, two sports outlets that gained one-half share each in May are in negative territory: Entercom’s KFXX “The Fan” is -.5 (2.0 – 1.5, #17 to #21) and Clear Channel’s KPOJ “Rip City Radio 620″ is -.7 (1.3 – .6, #18 to #24).
  • Charlotte – Seven-tenths proves to be lucky for a trio of stations all in a row, beginning with CBS Radio‘s WSOC “Country’s Hottest Hits” (6.8 – 7.5, +.7, steady at #2); Clear Channel classic rocker WRFX “The Fox” (6.2 – 6.9, wsoc logo+.7, #4 to #3); and Clear Channel’s country WKKT “The Kat” (5.9 – 6.6, +.7, #5 to #4). It is unlucky though for Radio One-owned WPZS “Charlotte’s Inspiration Station,” which was off by a startling -1.3 (6+, 5.8 – 4.5, March – April); bounced back with a +.9 to progress from #10 to #7 in May; and now regresses by seven-tenths to 4.7 (#9). Although down by three-tenths (8.0 – 7.7), CBS Radio urban contemporary WPEG “Power 98″ remains #1 for the third consecutive month.
  • Pittsburgh – On the strength of a full-share improvement to 8.0, Clear Channel rocker WDVE (#3 in May) puts wdvean end to sibling classic hits-oldies WWSW’s seven-month stay at #1; “3WS” (8.0 – 7.6, -.4) slips to #2. The last time WDVE occupied the top spot was this past November when it registered an 8.9 (6+). After four straight months in the 6.5 – 6.9 range, CBS Radio-owned WDSY “Pittsburgh’s Country Y-108″ advances by seven-tenths to 7.6 (#2). Notwithstanding that it falters by a robust -1.2 (4.0 – 2.8), Clear Channel alternative WXDX manages to remain at #10; 2.8 is the lowest 6+-share for “The X” since last September (also 2.8).
  • San Antonio – Country is the headline here. Specifically, Cox Media Group-owned KCYY “Today’s Country” (#3 to #2) is up or flat for the fifth straight time (6.1 – 6.2 – 6.2 – 6.3 – 6.4 – 7.0), with May – June’s +.6 easily the kcyy logomost significant of the bunch. In March, Clear Channel‘s KAJA “KJ-97″ suffered a -2.1 (7.6 – 5.5, 6+), dropping the country facility out of the top spot it occupied in January and February all the way to sixth. “KJ-97″ rebounded with a one-half share gain (5.5 – 6.0) in April; more than doubled that improvement in May (+1.2, 6.0 – 7.2) to advance from fourth to second; but regresses by nine-tenths (6.3, #4). Inching up from #4 to #3 is Univision rhythmic CHR KBBT “The Beat,” which adds seven-tenths (6.2 – 6.9). Cox Media Group classic hits-oldies KONO-FM emerged on top in May by way of a strong +1.1 (6.3 – 7.4) and “KONO 101.1″ remains at #1 with a modest one-tenth gain (to 7.5).
  • Cincinnati – There does not seem to be anything to stop WUBE “B-105.1.” The Hubbard country facility follows up an impressive +.9 to 9.1 in May (6+) with an even more noteworthy +1.2 to 10.3, marking the first-ever time “B-105.1″ has reached double-digits (6+) in its PPM history. Moreover, this is its sixth successive up trend (6.5 – 7.1 -wube logo 7.8 – 8.1 – 8.2 – 9.1 – 10.3) since the “Holiday” 2013 sweep and it delivers a cumulative +3.8. For the fourth straight time, WUBE is second behind Clear Channel heritage talker/Reds’ flagship WLW (11.8 – 11.6, -.2), which occupies the lead position for the sixth successive monthly. Cumulus Media classic rocker WOFX “The Fox” actually has a greater (6+) month-to-month improvement than WUBE by advancing +1.3 (5.0 – 6.3, #4) and enters six-share territory (6+) for the first time. Of all stations in the 12 PPM markets released on Thursday, the greatest (6+) month-to-month decline (-1.6) is felt by Hubbard hot AC WKRQ (7.5 – 5.9), although “Q-102″ is still in the top five (#3 to #5).
  • Salt Lake City – After a -.7 to 4.4 and a #10 finish in May, Broadway Media CHR KUDD storms back with a full-share increase (5.4), enabling “Mix 107.9″ to zoom to #7. Prior to May’s 4.4, “Mix” had 12 straight (6+) kuddshowings in the five-share range. Results though for alternative cluster-mate KXRK “X-96″ are not quite as cheery: It spikes by -1.3 (5.7 – 4.4), sliding from fifth to ninth. May’s fourth-place finisher – Clear Channel CHR KZHT (6.3 – 6.7, +.4) – displaces Bonneville adult contemporary KSFI “FM 100.3″ (7.3 – 6.5, -.8, #2) from the lead position. The last time KZHT was #1 was last September. With the exception of this past April when its talk sibling KSL ranked first, “FM 100.3″ was on top (6+) in every survey period since last September.
  • Las Vegas – Even though it posts a hearty +.6 to 7.0, CBS Radio hot AC KMXB “Mix” sees its four-month run at #1 come to an end. “Mix” slips to #2, trading places with Clear Channel AC KSNE “Sunny 106.5,” which returns ksneto the top of the leader board for the first time since January. After being off by eight-tenths in May (3.2 – 2.4), Lotus-owned KOMP “The Rock Station” rebounds with a full-share improvement (3.4) and vaults from #17 to a three-way tie at #10. Contemporary Christian KSOS – which was a cumulative +2.0 March – May (3.9 – 5.6 – 5.9), drops nine-tenths (5.9 – 5.0), as it slips from third to sixth. Beasley urban-rhythmic oldies KOAS “Old School” falls by eight-tenths (5.2 – 4.4, #6 to #8).
  • Kansas City – Not only does KFKF “Country 94.1″ post its fourth straight negative trend for a cumulative -2.5 (9.0 – 8.8 – 7.5 – 7.3 – 6.5, 6+), the Wilks Broadcasting-owned facility has its consecutive #1 streak snapped atkfkf 14. It trades places with Cumulus classic rocker KCFX “The Fox” (#2 in May) which is actually down two-tenths from a month ago (6.9 – 6.7); “The Fox” leads KFKF by just two-tenths. Showing a three-tenths increase to 5.9 is Entercom country outlet WDAF-FM “The Wolf” (#5 to #4), while “Country 94.1″ sibling KBEQ “Q-104, #1 For New Country” gains two-tenths to 5.4 (#7 to #6). Progressing by seven-tenths are Entercom hot AC KZPT “The Point” (4.1 – 4.8, #9 to #8) and co-owned sports/Royals flagship KCSP (2.9 – 3.6, #17 to #13). After it had advanced by six-tenths in May (3.5 – 4.1, 6+), noncommercial contemporary Christian KJNW “Life 88.5″ registers a nine-tenths decrease to 3.2, faltering from a three-way tie at #9 in May to #15.
  • Orlando – Despite dropping six-tenths to 7.3, contemporary Christian WPOZ “Z-88.3″ is #1 for the fourth successive monthly – however – it is sharing the lead with Cox Media Group urban AC “Star 94.5″ (6.8 – 7.3, wmmo logo+.5). Following three straight downward trends (6.2 – 5.8 – 5.2 – 5.0), CMG rock AC WMMO rings up a +.6 to 5.6 and jumps from #8 to a three-way tie at #5. Also in that Cox cluster, country WWKA “K-92.3″ endures a -1.1 (7.0 – 5.9), sliding from second to third, while sibling talker WDBO-FM regresses by six-tenths to 3.4 (#12 to #13). The 5.9 (6+) is the lowest for “K-92.3″ since the “Holiday” report (also 5.9), while 3.4 represents the weakest 6+-stat for WDBO-FM since March 2013′s 3.0.
  • Columbus – It was a brief (May only) stay at #1 for Clear Channel country WCOL-FM, which drops nine-tenths (11.0 – 10.1) and exchanges places with CHR sibling WNCI (10.7 – 11.0). WNCI has been #1 in 12 of the last 14 wnci logosurveys and the heritage CHR has posted double-digits (6+) 16 straight times. Registering a full-share increase to 6.4, Radio One urban contemporary WCKX “Power 107.5″ applies the brakes to a string of four straight downward trends (6.6 – 6.2 – 5.6 – 5.5 – 5.4, 6+) and inches up from fourth in May to third. Since March, Clear Channel classic hits-oldies WODC has taken a combined hit of -1.2. It recoups that and a little more though with a 4.2 – 5.6 progression (+1.4), jumping from #7 to a three-way tie at #4.

fullmetaljackieRadioInfo Affiliate Roundup.  The Saturday evening Envision Networks-syndicated heavy metal show “Full Metal Jackie Radio,” featuring host Jackie Kajzer, is added to the lineup at Townsquare Media’s KRNA-FM, Cedar Rapids…..Cumulus Media adds “America’s Morning Show” with host Blair Garner to four new NASH-branded stations: KSJO, San Jose/San Francisco; KBBM, Columbia, Missouri; WSJR, Wilkes-Barre; and WJCL, Savannah…..The weekly DOR Productions-syndicated show “Dennis Mitchell’s Breakfast With The Beatles” adds new affiliates classic hits KKPR-FM, Kearney/Grand Island, Nebraska; classic rock KNDK-FM, Langdon, North Dakota; and classic rock KAUJ-FM, Grafton, North Dakota.

bobsheriRVBob & Sheri Go RV Crazy; Take Show on the Road.  Nationally syndicated and WLNK, Charlotte-based AC morning show personalities Bob & Sheri celebrated the great American road trip as they took their program on the road for the “RV Crazy Tour” that started on July 3 and wraps up today in New Mexico.  It started with Sheri Lynch traveling across the country in an RV with her family and making stops along the way at multiple affiliate radio station locations.  Bob Lacey broadcast from the studio until Thursday, July 10 when he joined Sheri on location in Grand Junction, Colorado to do the show with Sheri live from KMXY.  Today they wrapped the tour broadcasting from the RV in Albuquerque and will then make an appearance in Roswell, NM at “The Alien Zone.”  Pictured here are Bob Lacey (third from right) and Sheri Lynch (fifth from right) along with Lynch’s family and the show’s crew.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

| July 8, 2014

wdrc-FMConnoisseur’s Connecticut Closing.  Given that Connoisseur Media is headquartered in the Constitution State (Westport, Connecticut), corporate executives will not have far to travel to check on their newest properties.  There is a flurry of activity as the company officially closes on five Hartford stations it acquires from Buckley.  Connoisseur Southern Connecticut general manager Kristin Okesson takes on oversight of the Hartford group replacing VP/GM Eric Fahnoe; Connoisseur Southernconnoisseur media logo Connecticut operations manager Keith Dakin adds regional programming duties for Hartford talker WDRC-AM; and Connoisseur Southern Connecticut assistant PD Kevin Begley becomes program director of Bridgeport adult contemporary WEZN “Star 99.9″ and classic rocker WFOX “95.9 The Fox.”  Stu Gorlick – who was Buckley Hartford’s director of sales – adds New Haven rocker WPLR and urban AC WYBC.  Elsewhere, Connoisseur Southern Connecticut general sales manager Andy Alcosser is upped to director of sales for WEZN and WFOX, while CSC music director Allan Lamberti becomes assistant PD for WDRC-AM, WDRC-FM, and WPLR. In addition, Lamberti will do afternoon drive on WDRC-FM, with Ed D’Oliveira inheriting Lamberti’s WFOX midday slot.  Okesson notes, “We are extremely excited about acquiring such a legendary station as WDRC.  We are anxious to make it even bigger and better by adding some of our key talented players into the mix.”  The Hartford stations involved in the Connoisseur transaction with Buckley are talkers WDRC-AM, WSNG, WMMW, and WWCO (all using “The Talk of Connecticut” slogan); and classic hits WDRC-FM.  Out at WDRC-FM with the change are program director and air personality Grahame Winters and jocks Mike Stevens, Rockin’ Ron Sedaille, and Floyd Wright.

wkys logoRadio One Shuffles Talent, Adds Shorty Da Prince at WKYS, Washington.  There’s a talent shuffle at Radio One urban contemporary WKYS, Washington, DC as the station bringsshortydaprince Shorty Da Prince aboard to host the evening show.  As a result, EZ Street now follows the Russ Parr morning show from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm and Ange Ang moves to the afternoon drive slot from 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm.  Deja Perez remains host of “Kiss After Dark” from 12:00 midnight to 2:00 am.  Shorty Da Prince comes to DC from Radio One in Cleveland.  He is also the former host of BET’s “106 & Park.”  WKYS program director Neke Howse comments, “This a very exciting time for WKYS.  Everyone brings their own uniqueness and energy.  I’m sure the DMV will love them as much as I do.”

stubbskeithMore RadioInfo Career Moves.  Taking over for former CHR WBBO, Ocean Acres, New Jersey and AC WWZY, Long Branch, New Jersey “Fun 107.1” PD Matt Kelso is Mike Ryan, who makes a return to the Press Communications-owned stations.  In the past, Ryan was APD/MD and evening host at WBBO.  Ryan was most recently serving as producer for WKTU, New York’s Cubby & Cindy morning show…..At Broadway Media’s country KEGA, Salt Lake City, “The Eagle,” Keith Stubbs rejoins the station he left in May of 2013 to partner with Jon Watkins for the Jon & Keith show.  Stubbs replaces Amanda Jones who exited to devote her attention to motherhood.  The station also promotes Chantel Lauren to the on-air producer position for the program…..Doug the Slug (Sluggo) is back on the air in Los Angeles as a personality on the 80s alternative-formatted KROQ-HD2 where he holds down the 3:00 pm to 9:00 pm show.  Doug exited KROQ-FM two years ago.

historyofrocknroll logoAward-Winning Radio Show Producer Gary Theroux Seeks Syndication Deal.  On the heels of nabbing a Best Online Radio Program award from the 2014 New York Festivals International Radio Program Awards, producer and host Gary Theroux is shopping the “The History of Rock ‘n’ Roll” for a syndication deal.  Theroux reports that the daily 2 ½ minute feature is currently heard only on the internet three times a day, Monday through Friday over rewoundradio.com and supernovaradio.co.  He also wrote and co-produced the epic, 52-hour Billboard award-winning “History of Rock ‘n’ Roll,” and is seeking a partner to market both the shortform daily feature version and a new, two-hour weekly ongoing series incarnation of “The History” to broadcast radio stations.  He says each fast-paced episode of the daily feature interweaves excerpts from three sequential classic hits by an artist with revealing interview clips.  “It’s fascinating fun.  Once you learn the true facts behind the songs and stars you thought you knew, they become all that much more special — because now you know the sometimes silly, sometimes sad, often incredible and always unforgettable inside stories.”  Each weekly episode of the two-hour version will explore a different facet of pop music history, allowing time to play the key hits in full amid the fun facts and star commentary.

bohannonbeatlescakeLet Them Eat Cake.  With all the Beatlemania half-century anniversary stuff going on this year, this blast from the past – courtesy of Westwood One talk star Jim Bohannon – will certainly take you back.  It was January 1, 1965, and KICK, Springfield, Missouri disc jockeys Michael Wolfgang (l) and Jim Bohannon (the nerd on the right), both 20,  decided to send the Beatles an 8’ by 3’ cake with their pictures in the icing, to commemorate release of the “Beatles 65″ album.  Bohannon tells RadioInfo, “We traded out the box, the cake, and Campbell’s Express shipping company for publicity, which made the national wires.  We even carried the darned thing through the streets of Springfield with police escort to a local retailer’s show window, where it was displayed for a week.  Standing between us is Springfield singer Della Rae, promoted at the time as the next Brenda Lee.  The Sporty 1340 wasn’t a bad little station then, including Les Garland and newsman Charles McCord.  That’s a fair staff for $1.87 an hour.”

webbcarterHangin’ with Austin Webb.  That’s KFKF, Kansas City morning host and program director Dale Carter (right) with Streamsound Records country recording artist Austin Webb (left) hanging out together before Webb’s appearance headlining the station’s “Red, White and Blue Springs 4th of July” extravaganza held on the campus of Blue Springs High School at Peve Stadium in Blue Springs, Missouri.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

| June 19, 2014

martinezangieAngie Martinez Signs with ‘Power 105’ After Exiting ‘Hot 97’  In addition to moving from Emmis’ hip hop WQHT, New York “Hot 97” where she’s been heard for some 20 years to crosstown competitor WWPR “Power 105,” Angie Martinez will be heard on Clear Channel’s WMIB, Miami “103.5 The Beat.”  A day after Martinez announced she was leaving the Emmis station, Clear Channel says she’s joining its hip hop stations to host afternoon drive.  As a result of the move, DJ Prostyle moves from PM drive to middays.  Clear Channel SVP of programming major markets Thea Mitchem says, “Angie is the Queen of New York City radio — she is an incredible talent who continues to blaze trails and we are excited to have her join the team at ‘Power 105.1’ and ‘The Beat’ in Miami.  Angie has a long, successful history and we look forward to expanding her distinctive style and compelling content to more of our listeners.”

klingpjCumulus Inks WKQX, Chicago’s PJ Kling to Multi-Year Deal.  Programmer PJ Kling has the backing of his Cumulus Media bosses as the company gives him a new, multi-year contract.  The WKQX, Chicago program director has been with that station since 2012 after having been interim PD at WLUP-FM,wkqx logo new Chicago.  Troy Hanson, Cumulus corporate programming/rock formats, states, “It became evident quite quickly upon acquiring WKQX earlier this year that PJ was a tremendous asset for Cumulus as we continue to build our content creation arsenal.  We look forward to tapping into his wealth of knowledge and acumen in digital and interactive strategies for Alternative for years to come.”  Kling comments, “After a great conversation with Troy and Mike McVay, they showed me the direction Cumulus was headed in, and I’m so thrilled to be a part of it.  This is an amazing city full of great people, many of whom work in this building.  I’m so glad I get to continue to call Chicago home!”

eddieandjoboAre Eddie & Jobo Returning to the Air in Chicago?  The story from Chicago media writer Robert Feder is that Ed Volkman and Joe Colborn – better known as “Eddie & Jobo,” are days away from joining Cumulus Media’s classic hits WLS-FM, Chicago for morning drive.  The duo has been off the air in the Windy City since exiting CBS RADIO’s classic hits WJMK “K-Hits 104.3” in December of 2012.  Previously they worked at that company’s CHR WBBM-FM “B96.”  Feder reports that Volkman is ready to go but Colborn is weighing whether he wants to return to the early morning grind.  Read Feder’s story here.

More RadioInfo Career Moves.  At active rocker WXTB, Tampa, “98 Rock,” afternoon personality Jesse Kage exits the Clear Channel station where he’s been on air for the past seven years…..Announcing via Facebook that he’s headed for an undisclosed morning radio gig, Sam Nugget is leaving Journal Broadcast Group’s CHR KHTT, Tulsa “106.9 K-Hits.”  Nugget has been the evening personality at the station since moving there from WJFX, Fort Wayne “Hot 107.9.”…..At Cumulus Media’s Syracuse station group, “The Morning Mess” with Marty and Shannon replaces “The Robinson Show” (which exited on 6/13) at active rock WAQX “95X.”  Marty and Shannon have worked both as a pair and individually at several Syracuse outlets in the past including at Clear Channel’s CHR WWHT “Hot 107.9.”

piolineddieCalifornia Judge Orders Eddie ‘Piolin’ Sotelo to Pay Legal Fees of Former Staffers.  The legal case surrounding Eddie ‘Piolin’ Sotelo’s exit from Univision (he’s now heard on SiriusXM) gets another twist as a Los Angeles judge orders him to pay some $100,000 in legal fees to the six former fellow staffers he accused of engaging in extortion and false claims of sexual harassment.  Sotelo sued the six but that case was thrown out in March of this year.

cookehollandNJBA Convention Report.  Media consultant Holland Cooke reports from Atlantic City where the New Jersey Broadcasters Association just wrapped its annual convention.  Among the topics covered: The Great Debate – Internet Pure-Plays versus AM/FM Broadcasters; the still-high consumption of audio content in a multi-media universe; and selling audio content in the current era.  Cooke reports that while Connoisseur chief Jeff Warshaw admits that “radio hasn’t been its own best friend lately,” many radio people believe that digital audio services are hot not necessarily because they are good, but because they exist on the “shiny new object” that is the smartphone or tablet, thereby making them de facto “cool.”  Read more of Holland Cooke’s NJBA report here.

edisonshareofearEdison Research: Broadcast Radio Grabs 52% of Audio Listening.  According to a new study of 2,096 Americans ages 13+ that the company calls the “Share of Ear” measurement, Americans spend more than four hours per day listening to audio from all sources and AM/FM broadcast audio (heard on all of its platforms) has a 52% audience share of listening.  The study asked the panel about its audio listening habits including radio, internet delivered radio, pure-play digital services, and consumers’ own music collections.  The study is based on a 24-hour listening diary recorded last month.  Edison Research president Larry Rosin comments, “Edison’s ‘Share of Ear’ study is a response to the many requests from all corners of the audio industry and investment community for ‘total share of everything’ figures that did not previously exist.  Edison reported last September that America is in a ‘golden age of audio consumption.’  Seeing that Americans spend roughly a fourth of their waking day listening to some sort of audio confirms it.”

alphamedia logoAlpha Media’s Portland Stations to Use Clip Interactive Technology.  Calling it a first for the Portland, Oregon market, Alpha Media announces it signs on with Clip Interactive to have the company’s technology allow listeners to be “interactive” with its six stations that include: talk KUFO-AM “Freedom 970,” CHR KBFF “Live 95.5,” country KUPL “98.7 The Bull,” sports talk KXTG-AM “750 The Game,” news/talk KXL “FM News 101” and triple A KINK.  The station says that new apps loaded with the Clip technology have been pushed out and that with “Clip Interac-tive’s technology, these apps now enable our listeners to access a live feed of what’s playing, listen to the stations streams and browse the content aired in the past hour.  Users can also interact with what they hear by rating music, entering contests, accessing special offers and more.”  Alpha SVP and market manager Milt McConnell adds, “Clip Interactive has been an important partner of Alpha Broadcasting and we are excited to implement their new technology, which greatly benefits our listeners, advertisers and other partner companies.  These apps will enable us to further engage our listener base while quantifying the effectiveness of our advertisers’ campaigns.”

Friday, May 30, 2014

| May 30, 2014

kwav logoBuckley Waving Goodbye to Monterey AC. Another heritage adult contemporary outlet is about to have a new owner.  This time, it is in market #86, Monterey-Salinas-Santa Cruz, where Mapleton Communications is acquiring KWAV “K-Wave 96.9 FM” from Buckley Communications.  Here yesterday, we reported on a multi-station transaction, which included Midwest Communications picking up three highly successful South Central adult contemporary properties: WJXA, Nashville; WJXB, Knoxville; and WIKY, Evansville, Indiana. Regarding the KWAV deal, Buckley president/chief executive officer Joe Bilotta comments, “For over 30 years, we have owned this wonderful facility.  Our ability to compete in the highly consolidated Monterey market with a free standing FM was a significant reason to entertain and eventually sell KWAV to Mapleton Communications.  With this acquisition, Mapleton will be even more of an impact player in Monterey.  They are very excited to have the Buckley station as part of their growing company.  Mapleton president/chief executive officer Jim Shea states that he has “always admired” KWAV.  “They have been great competitors and I am truly thrilled for the opportunity to work with them.”  Adult contemporary KWAV will join a Mapleton Monterey-Salinas-Santa Cruz cluster consisting of fellow AC KBOQ “B-103.9,” CHR KCDU “Today’s Hit Music,” classic rock KHIP “The Hippo,” and adult hits KKHK “Bob-FM.” Buckley’s radio holdings will consist of one Monterey-Salinas-Santa Cruz station, KIDD “ESPN 630,” as well as three stations in Bakersfield; two in Hartford; two in Merced; and one in Fresno. Financial terms of the KWAV deal – subject to FCC approval – were not announced.

kboq logoMapleton to Sell ‘B103.9’ in Monterey to Mount Wilson.  In order to comply with FCC ownership regulations to allow the purchase of KWAV, Mapleton Communications is selling adult contemporary KBOQ, Monterey “B103.9” to Saul Levine’s Mount Wilson FM Broadcasters.  No price was announced.

nash fmKRST, Albuquerque Takes ‘NASH FM’ Brand; ‘America’s Morning Show’ Added.  The latest Cumulus Media country station to assume the “NASH FM” brand is KRST, Albuquerque – now known as “NASH FM 92.3.”  The other big change at the station is the replacement of “The Get Up Gang” morning show featuring Simon, Rachel and Scott, with the Nashville-based “America’s Morning Show” with Blair Garner, Terri Clark and Chuck Wicks.  The station already carries the company’s “NASH Nights Live” with Shawn Parr and Elaina Smith and “Kickin’ It with Kix” with Kix Brooks and Suzanne Alexander.  Cumulus EVP and co-COO John Dickey states, “We are pleased to introduce NASH FM 92.3 KRST to New Mexico as the NASH brand continues to expand throughout the country.  The NASH brand will complement the already robust country-driven content that 92.3 listeners have come to love.”  KRST PD Kris Abrams adds, “Integrating the multi-media star power of NASH into a heritage station like KRST just makes sense.  Pairing Blair Garner and his AMS team, Kix Brooks, and Shawn Parr with 20 year Albuquerque personality Juan Velasco made it natural to put a little more Nashville in our name.”

kxxn logoWichita Falls Gets Urban AC Outlet at ‘K96 Jamz’ Debuts Under LMA.  A new urban format hits the air in Wichita Falls as former Carter-Sherman Broadcast Group EVP Denise Sherman leads KXXN, Iowa Park, Texas as “K96 JAMZ…Your True R&B Experience” under an LMA with Falls Media LLC.  Sherman is managing partner of Intrepid Radio Networks LLC and the station will air Intrepid’s Grown Folk JAMZTM format that has been in the research and development mode for the past few years, airing on GrownFolkJAMZ.com, Live365, and the Grown Folk JAMZTM Super App.  The format is described by Intrepid as “R&B fromshermandenise today and back in the day with some Old School genres sprinkled in targeting the 25-54 age group.”  Sherman adds, “’K96 JAMZ’ is the only R&B radio station in the Falls.  We are pleased to super-serve this un-served demographic.  Intrepid is currently looking for additional LMA or syndication opportunities to launch our business model where there is an R&B format void and the expense of starting or continuing to staff a traditional R&B radio station is not financially feasible.”  Todd Reynolds serves as the network’s program director.  He comments, “Today’s R&B radio listener is multi-dimensional.  Grown Folk JAMZTM provides a unique experience for the R&B listener.  We simply change the channel for ya!”  The lineup is: “T-O Double Todd Reynolds JAMZ Morning Show”; “Don Sherman’s Midday Grown Folk PARTAY!”; “Afternoon Hot Spot w/The Entertainer John Blaze”; “Prime Time w/DJ Richy” in evenings; and “Joyful Sounds w/Gospel Sista Carla Eckels” on Sunday mornings.

trapperjohnCumulus Ups Trapper John to APD at KSCS.  Adding assistant program director to his duties at country KSCS, Dallas “New Country 96.3” is John Morris a.k.a. Trapper John.  At the Cumulus Media station, Morris will continue to work on air with the Hawkeye and Dorsey morning show.  He’s been with KSCS for almost six years.  His past experience includes time at KKND, New Orleans; WGKX, Memphis; and WFMS, Indianapolis.  Cumulus Media Dallas/Fort Worth operations manager J.R. Schumann says, “Trapper’s experience and passion make him a tremendous asset to this radio station.  He will also continue as part of the Hawkeye and Dorsey morning show.  I’m looking forward to seeing Trapper grow, not only as part of this great radio station, but with Cumulus as a whole!”  Morris comments, “Thanks to J.R. Schumann and Dan Bennett for the opportunity to be more involved in the legendary KSCS.  It’s gonna be fun to help Cumulus expand its Sasquatch-like country footprint in DFW.”

fabinijjFabini Named PD at WXKE, Fort Wayne.  In the Fort Wayne market, Adams Radio announces that JJ Fabini is named program director for classic rock WXKE “Rock 104.”  Fabini is also to be responsible for programming standards WGL-AM.  Fabini has served as operations manager for WXKE since 2006.  Adams is acquiring WXKE, WGL-AM as well as hip hop WHNT from Summit Media.  Adams Radio Group president and CEO Ron Stone states, “You don’t find talent like JJ often these days.  Our industry has done an amazing job of eliminating tenure — and it’s a shame.  I am thrilled to have a guy that has 25 years of history in the same building, in the same format, working with us to continue building a legendary station.”  Fabini comments, “I am extremely excited to be a part of the new Adams Radio Group in Fort Wayne and part of what I believe will be the most exciting time for radio in Fort Wayne’s history.”

danielsdougDaniels Exits KNEV, Reno.  Program director and morning show personality Doug Daniels announces his departure from Cumulus Media’s adult contemporary KNEV, Reno “Magic 95.5.”  Daniels says, “I want to thank Mike McVay for giving me a seat back on the radio bus two years ago and to Emily Boldon for helping me take my game to the next level.  I am so proud of the work my team was able to do in such short order, making ‘Magic 95.5’ a great sounding, bright AC station.  I am available immediately as a PD, ops manager, air personality, imaging or combination thereof.”  Reach out to Doug as dougshares@aol.com and 775-412-7417.

More RadioInfo Career Moves.  Moving from the radio business to public service is program director Mike Hammond, who will exit Journal Broadcast Group’s country WCYQ, Knoxville “Q100.3” to serve as the Knox Country criminal court clerk beginning September 1…..Mike Herald is named director of programming for Centennial Broadcasting’s group of stations that includes: hot AC WINC-FM, Winchester, Virginia and its news/talk sister WINC-AM, country duo WXBN, Berryville and WZFC, Strasburg, Virginia “B105 Big Country.”

summerjam14 logoTribune’s WPIX-TV Partners with Emmis ‘Hot 97’ for ‘Summer Jam’ Programming.  The annual hip hop concert produced by Emmis hip hop outlet WQHT, New York “Hot 97” – taking place this year at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey on June 1, is getting some television attention from Tribune’s WPIX-TV.  The two companies announce that tomorrow (5/31), PIX11 will air “Road to HOT 97’s Summer Jam” – a 30-minute special hosted by PIX11’s Sukanya Krishnan and Kori Chambers that will look back at highlights from past Summer Jam concerts and provide teasers for Sunday’s concert.  The show will feature interviews with HOT 97’s Ebro Darden, executive producer of Summer Jam; Angie Martinez, Grammy-award nominated singer and HOT 97 afternoon drive personality; hip hop artist Troy Ave; and Mack Wilds, a Grammy-nominated recording artist and actor.  Then, on June 8, PIX11 will air “Best of HOT 97’s Summer Jam” – a 30-minute special hosted by PIX11’s Tamsen Fadal and Kori Chambers, who will be on stage at the event.  The show will feature performances and exclusive backstage interviews from the 2014 show. The concert performers will include: Nas, 50 Cent, Nicki Minaj featuring Young Money & Lil Wayne, The Roots & Friends, Wiz Khalifa, Troy Ave, Action Bronson, Kid Ink, Trey Songz, DJ Mustard, Ty Dolla $ign and more.

neighborhoodawards14Voting Opens Next Week for Steve Harvey’s 2014 Ford Neighborhood Awards.  This year’s program is the 12th annual awards program hosted by Premiere Networks syndicated morning host Steve Harvey designed to “recognize community leaders, businesses, education and churches across the nation” with a star-studded evening of entertainment in August.  After an outpouring of nominations from fan submissions, Harvey’s show kicks off voting on the top 48 finalists, beginning Monday, June 2 and ending Tuesday, June 17.  Also kicking off June 2, Harvey ushers in a new event for the weekend with the launch of the 2014 Neighborhood Awards Church Choir Competition presented by JCPenney.  The Neighborhood Awards winners will be announced by celebrity presenters on August 9 including David Mann, Holly Robinson Peete, LisaRaye, Shemar Moore, Stephen A. Smith, Yolanda Adams, Hill Harper and more in a glittering evening of laughs and community celebration with award-winning musical entertainment from Anthony Hamilton, Chrisette Michele, India.Arie, Johnny Gill, Ray Chew, and Tamela Mann.  The 2014 Neighborhood Awards Weekend takes place August 7 – 10 in Atlanta at the Georgia World Congress Center and Philips Arena.

michaelsnickNick Michaels Adds Two Clients.  Voiceover pro Nick Michaels’ voice will be heard both across the pond and in the desert Southwest as American Voice Corp announces a couple of new gigs for Nick Michaels Studio.  First, Michaels’ voice will be heard in program elements of “The Great American Songbook,” a program that features the best music from America’s greatest songwriters and singers and airs Sunday evenings from 8:00 pm to 12:00 midnight throughout the UK on Smooth Radio.  Also, Michaels has been chosen by Phoenix classic rock station KSLX, to provide specialized imaging.

kasemcaseyBill to Give Children Access to Ailing Parents Moves Forward.  It’s not named after radio legend Casey Kasem, but bill number AB 2034 certainly was the result of work between California Assemblyman Mike Gatto (D-Los Angeles) and Kasem’s daughter Kerri.  Broadcasters are aware of the problems Kasem’s children have faced trying to see their father who is struggling with a form of dementia called Lewy Body Disease.  Jean Kasem has refused to allow visits from Kasem’s children from his first marriage.  Bill AB 2032 passed the Assembly on a 70-0 vote.  The bill seeks to protect children from being denied access to a parent by a parent’s future spouse or child.  Assemblyman Gatto says, “Conflict among family members is the last thing our loved ones want to see as they approach their final hours.  I hope this bill will help decrease the heartache and stress of families already facing difficult circumstances…The law must do more to keep up with the changing norms of modern families.  AB 2034 brings the law into the 21st century and allows family members to focus on caring for their loved ones.”

hermandaveDave Herman Dies in Jail at Age 79.  Former WNEW-FM, New York personality and rock radio icon Dave Herman died on May 29 – apparently from an aneurysm – while in custody at the Essex County Jail in Newark, New Jersey.  Herman was awaiting transfer to federal custody to face the charge of attempting to transport a minor to engage in sexual activity.  Herman’s case was brought to light last fall after a sting operation busted him allegedly trying to set up a meeting with a seven-year-old girl from New Jersey and her mother, for the purpose of having sex with the child.  The arrest happened in St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands, where Herman had a home.  He could have faced anywhere from 10 years to life if convicted.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

| May 28, 2014

duanedoobie graphicLive Music as Community Involvement.  We constantly hear about the importance of “community involvement” in building a successful radio station that is well-rooted.  Community involvement is an invaluable component in our medium’s formula for success – regardless of format… music or spoken word.  In music radio, community involvement (in addition to public service initiatives) means being connected to everything having to do with live presentations of your station’s genre of music in your market — from local unknown struggling acts appearing at hole-in-the-wall clubs, public schools and area churches to the biggest superstars playing at your most prestigious venues… and everything in between.  Of course, effectivelymhcopsSD1973 pulling this off requires a cooperative effort between the station’s programming and sales departments.  Just keep in mind that, 1) almost everything happening (musically) in your market has the potential to be monetized; but, 2) that shouldn’t be a requirement to qualify it as being part of your musical street presence.  Ratings and goodwill equate to money, too.  In a new column posted today (5/28) RadioInfo’s Duane Doobie uses a local concert he attended over Memorial Day weekend in his hometown of Springfield, Massachusetts to illustrate this point.  In the piece, he shines the spotlight on local Clear Channel country music outlet WRNX (100.9 FM) KIX Country and their very cool involvement at a city musical event to raise money for veterans.  He also goes on to reveal the identity of the scary looking hippie pictured here who was trying to keep the police from shutting down a radio station-sponsored free concert in San Diego in 1973 because it had no security force in place to keep the 5,000-plus attendees from engaging in a pot riot.  To read the entire piece, please click here.

correspondentsDuane Doobie’s Picks of the Week.  RadioInfo’s hard-working music editor/director, Duane Doobie, backed by a growing team of information contributing researchers and golden-eared trench broadcasters, provides programmers with musical suggestions worthy of the attention of pro-active radio formats.  You’ll be turned on to some of the exciting artists and music buzzing out there just over the horizon from the worlds of pop, rock, country and EDM.  This week’s selection posted today (5/28) includes such names as: Nicki Minaj, Iggy Azalea, Clean Bandit, Magic!, Correspondents, M.I.A.,the Partysquad, Lizzo, Karmin, Nova Rockafeller, Robin Thicke, Justin Timberlake, Mark Ballas, Eden Brent, Asylum Street Spankers, Judas Priest, Soundgarden, Steve Fisk, Dirty Heads, The Wind + The Wave, D-PRYDE, Dada Life, Sebastian Bach, Blinders, Porter Robinson, Bipolar Sunshine, American Longspurs, Sunny Sweeney, Joe Lasher, Jr., Blane Howard and Austin Webb among others.  To check out this valuable information, please click here.

gravesspencerDelmarva Broadcasting Suspends WSTW, Wilmington’s Spencer Graves.  “Wakeup Crew” personality Spencer Graves is spending a few days off the air at Delmarva Broadcasting’s hot AC WSTW, Wilmington after being suspended for his handling of a local photo controversy.  Graves was made aware of a photo snafu from a local high school’s yearbook in which an action shot of a cross country runner revealed the boys genitals – apparently published accidently.  Graves and crew did a bit based on it, requesting “embarrassing high school moments” but Graves also posted the photo online and that’s where the trouble started.  Delawareonline reports Delmarva VP/GM Michael Reath says the yearbook photo was a legitimate story but that “Graves went too far.”  Graves apologized for his part in the matter and will return to the air on Thursday, May 29.

rikkiandbrandoWARH, St. Louis Adds Ricki for PM Drive.  Radio personality Ricki (Genevieve Frazelle) (left) joins Brando (right) for afternoon drive on Hubbard St. Louis Radio Group adult hits WARH “106.5 The Arch” beginning June 2.  The new show will be called “The Ricki & Brando Show.”  Frazelle comes to Hubbard St. Louis from her most recent gig at Mid-West Family Broadcasting’s hot AC WNNS, Springfield, Illinois where she co-hosted the morning drive show.  She comments, “I cannot wait to make the St. Louis area and Hubbard Radio my new home.  I am truly blessed to work with the talented team at ‘106.5 The Arch!’”  Program director Kevin Robinson adds, “This combo will add spice to the drive home in St. Louis.  Their unique personalities will create an interesting take on what’s happening locally in St. Louis and in pop culture!”

mullinsmoonMore RadioInfo Career Moves.  Hall of Fame country radio personality and programmer Moon Mullins announces he’s retiring from the business after a 52-year career.  He’ll wrap up his current gig at Townsquare Media’s WBKR, Owensboro, Kentucky on June 18 where he’s morning drive host and brand manager…..At Entercom’s country KWJJ, Portland “99.5 The Wolf,” Mike Chase and Amy Faust are back in the morning drive slot, replacing “Fitz in the Morning.”  Chase returns to Portland after a brief stint at Capitol Broadcasting’s AC WRAL, Raleigh…..Louie Diaz exits the program director role at Alpha Media’s CHR KBFF, Portland “Live 95.5.”…..Air personalities Dave Westrich, Julie Michaels, Johnny Kincaid, and Gavin Eddings appear to be on their way out as Townsquare Media‘s oldies WJLT, Evansville, Indiana prepares to flip to sports in the near future…..Faith Broadcasting announces broadcast pro Daniel Wolfe is the new vice president and general for WGAB-AM, Evansville, Indiana and WMTA-AM, Central City, Kentucky.

cantoncountryClear Channel Brings Country to Canton.  Flipping the programming on translator W295BW from adult contemporary to country, Clear Channel announces the debut of “99.7 Canton’s New Country.”  The station is airing the Premiere Networks-syndicated Bobby Bones morning show and for the rest of the month will air commercial free music.  CC regional programming manager Keith Kennedy says the station is the first Canton-focused country outlet to appear in the market in 15 years.

baisdenmichaelCumulus Sues Michael Baisden for $1 Million in Overpayments.  In a suit filed in United States District Court for the Northern District of Texas, Cumulus (suing as Radio Networks LLC) is trying to get back $1 million it claims it overpaid to its former syndicated personality Michael Baisden.  Saying it was due to an accounting error, Cumulus alleges Baisden received an up-front $1 million payment in 2011 as his contract amendment stipulated.  However, the complaint goes on to allege that an accounting error resulted in Baisden’s company receiving 15 payments of $66,666.67 – which totals about $1 million.  The complaint alleges Baisden knew about the overpayment and when approached to return it, his company refused.  Baisden and Cumulus did not reach agreement on a contract renewal and they parted in March of 2013.  Cumulus is seeking the $1 million plus interest and attorneys’ fees.

pettengillthefrayWPLJ, New York Kicks Off Summer.  At last weekend’s “Summer Kick-Off 2014,” held at Jenkinson’s Pavilion in Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey, Cumulus Media hot AC WPLJ entertained listeners as “The Todd Show” hosted The Fray, Kacey Musgraves, Hot Chelle Rae, and MAGIC!  Thousands of fans turned out for the show.  Pictured here is WPLJ morning drive personality Todd Pettengill (center with vest) surrounded by his morning show crew and members of The Fray.

Historic Memphis Station KWEM to Return.  At first, the return of KWEM, West Memphis, Arkansas will be online, but operator Mid-South Community College is promising to have it on the FM band at 93.3 by the end of the summer, according to the Associated PressChristina Huynh.  KWEM operated from 1947 to 1960 and is famous for allowing wannabe stars to pay $15 dollars for the chance to perform live on the station and enjoy the chance to be discovered.  Many stars did just that, including: B.B. King, Johnny Cash, Howlin’ Wolf, Sonny Boy Williamson, and Ike Turner.  KWEM’s original frequency was 990 AM – currently the location of talk outlet KWAM, Memphis.  Read the full story here.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

| May 22, 2014

wnow logo newCBS RADIO Re-Brands WNOW, New York ’92.3 AMP RADIO.’  Speculation that CBS RADIO has new plans for CHR WNOW-FM, New York turns out to be true as the company re-brands the station “92.3 AMP RADIO” as of 2:00 pm today (5/22).  CBS says it will launch “a new brand and programming focus that will result in the station playing more songs than ever before…”92.3 AMP RADIO” will be a destination for listeners to discover the best new music with a distinct local appeal and presentation.  “Featured artists will include: Pharrell Williams, Ariana Grande, and Calvin Harris, and breakout artists Iggy Azalea, Jhene Aiko and Tiesto, to name a few.  The station will initially be presented with limited commercial interruption.”  Newly installed program director Rick Thomas says, “We are excited to introduce a dynamic radio station with an aggressive approach to highlightingfredlundzann today’s hottest names in music while also exposing audiences to those artists just emerging on the scene.  As the number of music platforms continues to grow, study after study shows that consumers still look to radio as their leading source for hearing new music.  ‘AMP RADIO’ will be that perfect combination of songs from established and up and coming voices that mirrors the tastes of its local listeners.”  At the same time, WNOW personality Zann Fredlund announces she’s exiting the station.  Prior to joining WNOW-FM, Fredlund served with Beasley Broadcast Group’s hip hop WRDW, Philadelphia “Wired 96.5” on the Chio morning show.  Late night personality Eutopia and morning show associate producer Bryan Carstensen also exit.

kimberlybeckEntercom Fires ‘Kimberly & Beck’ After ‘Nut Job’ Comment.  The morning drive duo of Kimberly Rae and Barry Beck have been fired from Entercom’s rock WBZA, Rochester “98.9 The Buzz” after Rae referred to persons undergoing sex change as someone who is “probably a nut job.”  The two were discussing new health care services for city employees that include gender reassignment surgery, psychological counseling and more.  Entercom Rochester VP/GM Sue Munn issued the following statement: “This morning Entercom fired Kimberly and Beck effective immediately.  Their hateful comments against the transgender community do not represent our station or our company.  We deeply apologize to the transgender community, the community of Rochester, and anyone else who was offended by their comments.  We are proud of our past work on behalf of the local LGBT community and we remain committed to that partnership.”  After being let go Rae Tweeted the following: “Freedom of Speech includes the freedom to offend others.  You aren’t granted a right to not be offended in this life #getoverit #ROC.”

adamsradiogroupCarter Joins Adams.  At Adams Radio Group’s new Fort Wayne cluster, Mark Allen Carter is named operations manager for the group and program director for country WBTU “U.S. 93.3.”  Other stations in the cluster include: CHR WJFX, hip hop WNHT, rock WXKE, and standards WGL-AM.  New Mexico-based Adams acquired the Fort Wayne stations earlier this year in deals with Summit Radio and Oasis RadioInside Indiana Business reports that Adams is trading WHPP-FM with Fort Wayne Catholic Radio for WLYV-AM and is also trading WGL-FM to Calvary Radio Network for translator W277AK.

strata logoSTRATA Study Shines Light on Suspicion Over Web Metrics.  Radio sales pros have long wondered if the love affair the advertising world has with all things digital is overblown, some of the conclusions of STRATA’s most recent study of advertising agencies may show there is truth there.  While the advertising industry is largely bullish on the ad business right now – the study finding that 62% of agencies polled say they see business increasing this quarter compared to the same time last year – they also are suspicious of web traffic analytics.  More than half the agencies polled – 56% — reported they do not trust web traffic numbers provided by the publishers with whom they advertise.  Further, when asked if they agreed with an earlier report indicating 36% of web traffic is fraudulent, 31% of the agencies surveyed feel the fraudulent number is actually higher.  STRATA president Joy Baer comments, “Ad agencies revealed an interesting dichotomy within the advertising industry; agencies are displaying high levels of confidence and are increasing their ad spend while they question the accuracy of reported Web traffic numbers and the inflated CPMs they may command.  Another interesting parallel was the optimism many agencies felt while they looked cautiously at rising ad costs as a major concern. The strength that our clients are reporting bodes well for the rest of the year.”

spotifySpotify Reports 10 Million Now Subscribe.  The digital music service reports that it’s hit the 10-million paying subscriber milestone – a number that is almost double its subscriber base 18 months ago.  As Ben Sisario writes in The New York Times, Spotify has about three free-subscribers to every one paying customer.  But the bigger issue for all digital services is how to make a profit – something none have done so far.  With the music industry looking to make up for slumping CD and download sales, it sees these digital music services as an obvious source of revenue, but the services want to pay even less to musicians and copyright holders than they currently do.  Since all of the digital music platforms are reporting substantial losses quarter after quarter, it’s not unreasonable to ask if they will ever have a chance to turn a profit.  Some analysts don’t see a lot of hope under current licensing agreements at the prices consumers are paying now (average is about $10 per month).  Read Sisario’s NYTimes piece here.

Thursday, May 1, 2013

| May 1, 2014

thomasrickRick Thomas Returns Home to Program CBS RADIO’s ’92.3 NOW’ in New York.  Moving east from CBS RADIO’s Los Angeles station group where he’s been serving as PD of classic hits KRTH “K-Earth 101” and urban contemporary KTWV “94.7 The Wave” for the past year is native New Yorker Rick Thomas.  He assumes the program director role at CHR WNOW-FM “92.3 NOW” effective immediately.  The company says Thomas’ replacement at the Los Angeles stations will be announced at a later date.  CBS RADIO EVP, operations and New York marketwnow logo manager Scott Herman states, “Rick is a truly talented program director who brings a unique perspective to ‘92.3 NOW.’  He has a multitude of great ideas and the boundless energy needed to compete at this level.  We are thrilled to have him at the helm of the station as it continues to break new artists and drive the music and pop culture conversation.”  A press statement notes Thomas has had past successes that include “turnarounds and top rankings at” KYLD, San Francisco; KSFM, Sacramento; and XHT, San Diego.  “Thomas is also credited with developing rhythmic oldies and rhythmic AC formats in various markets which led to unprecedented ratings at XHR, San Diego and at KUMU, Honolulu.”

richardsjimBay Area Combo Appoints Richards OM/PD.  It’s a move west for Merlin Media-owned classic rock WLUP “The Loop” and WKQX “The New Home for Alternative” Chicago operations manager Jim Richards who relocates to San Francisco to become operations manager/program director of Cumulus Media‘skfog logo KFOG “World Class Rock” and classic rock KSAN “107.7 The Bone.”  Corporate program director of rock Troy Hanson comments, “We are delighted to have a programmer of Jim’s caliber and pedigree lead our efforts in the Bay Area.  His product passion, digital thought process, and strong talent management acumen are second-to-none.  We look forward to Jim duplicating his precise success in Chicago into a big win for us in ksan logoSan Francisco.”  Richards states that in his brief time with Cumulus, “I have been really impressed with everyone involved.  Their support and appreciation have been amazing.  As excited as I am to get back to California, I must thank everyone in Chicago who made my job easy.  I am proud of what we accomplished together and am excited to get started in San Francisco.”  Richards’ past credits include programming Seattle’s KWJZ “Click 98.9″; vice president of content for Tribune Interactive; vice president of programming at Clear Channel San Diego; and various other programming jobs in Cincinnati, San Jose, Knoxville, and Grand Rapids.

mcgowanmikeTwo Personnel Moves at WEBE, Westport, Connecticut.  At adult contemporary WEBE, Westport, Connecticut (New Haven/Bridgeport market), Cumulus Media names a new program director and morning drive host.  First, Mike McGowan is upped to PD of the station.  He will continue to serve as afternoon drive host where the station says he’s been “successfully maintaining double-digit ratings and keeping station imaging fresh and relatable” for the past two years.  Operations manager Danny Lyons adds, “Mike’s talent, creativity and commitment to the WEBE brand will help ensure that we stay on top of the ratings heap for many years to come.  Mike is a total team player and has earned these stripes.”  At the same time, the station brings morning personality Jay Michaels aboard to take control of the AM drive show.  Michaels was most recently with Scott Shannon’s True Oldies Channel.  Prior to that, he was morning host at Cumulus’ WFAS, Westchester from 1993 through 2013.

bubbaBubba the Love Sponge Expands into Orlando; Adds Shannon Burke to Cast.  The Tampa-based Bubba the Love Sponge show announces it will be airing in the Orlando market beginning Monday (5/5) on Star Development Group-owned sports talk WRSO-AM/FM, “810 CBS Sports Orlando.”  The move into the market will mark the return of Shannon Burke – who recently joined the program – to the Orlando airwaves.  Burke previously served at Clear Channel’s WTKS-FM.  The Bubba show reports that Star Development Group owner and president Carl Como is coordinating the new morning show launch onwrso logo Monday along with his newly added FM translator launch that will augment Orlando metro coverage on the FM in addition to his 20k AM signal, which reaches a population area of 2.5 million people.  Como states, “I wanted a show that had real punch and would make an impact.  I know Orlando radio fans will love hearing Bubba return.”  This comes as the program krzq logocelebrates its recent debut in the Reno, Nevada market on Times-Shamrock’s rock KRZQ.  That company’s market manager, John Burkavage, says Bubba and his team produces “one of the best morning shows I have heard in 30 years.  Bubba will grow my station fast and that is why we added his show, it’s a show that will go viral very quickly.”  Bubba comments, “This is an incredible thing for me and my crew.  We are already blowing up the phones in Reno – such a great group of people to work with at KRZQ.  The show has never sounded better and we are now top three ranked in almost every market we are in.  I am thrilled…We are extremely excited about coming back to a place I consider home.  We have a huge fan base there and I have no doubt people will be thrilled to have us back in morning drive in Orlando.”

robertsjoshRoberts Upped to Country Brand Manager.  The new country brand manager at Great Plains Media is WIBL, Bloomington, Illinois “107.7 The Bull” PD and OM Josh Roberts.  Roberts, who serves as OM for the company’s Bloomington-Normal operations, will now oversee the country brands in the company’s Tennessee, Illinois, and Kansas markets.  The company says he’ll “oversee music design at WGSQ, Cookeville, Tennessee ‘94.7 The Country Giant’ as well as at KMXN, Lawrence-Topeka, Kansas ‘92.9 The Bull,’ working with group consultants Audience Development Group and working closely with the company’s country PDs in each market.”  Great Plains Media president and owner Jerry Zimmer says, “Josh has been instrumental to the development of our country stations for years.  He has earned this promotion with hard work and loyalty.  No one has more passion for our stations than Josh.”

More RadioInfo Career Moves.  At JVC Media’s Gainesville/Ocala, Florida operations, the company gives the program director duties at classic hits WYGC, High Springs, Florida “WOW-FM” to morning drive personality Wolf Bowers…..Also from JVC Media, Dyann Lesnever takes over middays on CHR WMFQ, Ocala “All the Hits Q92.”  She slides over from sister EDM/dance outlet WXJZ, Gainesville…..Chris Huff exits his PM drive and music director roles at Cumulus Media’s country KSCS, Dallas “New Country 96.3.”  Station OM JR Schumann takes over the duties in the interim.

wtmp logo newHybrid Urban Music and Talk to Air on WTMP, Tampa.  According to a story in the Tampa Tribune, WestCoastMedia is announcing it is buying WTMP and will flip the station back to the urban music and talk hybrid format that aired on the signal for 57 years prior to the Spanish and tropical formats that have aired for the past three years.  WestCoastMedia is buying the station from Davidson Media Group. Station manager Lawrence Hines tells the paper, “We’ve been gone for way too long.  This community needs its voice back, and AM 1150 WTMP is that voice.”  Programming will consist of primarily Reach Media-syndicated shows including Tom Joyner in AM drive, Rev. Al Sharpton and D.L. Hughley in afternoons, James Fortune in evenings, and station veteran Larry Steele hosting a midday show.  Music will consist of “old-school R&B, soul, funk and jazz.”

andersonmollAnderson, Giles to Host Gracie Awards Luncheon.  When the Gracie Awards are handed out in New York next month, iHeartradio‘s Moll Anderson (“The Moll Anderson Show”) and CBS News contributor Nancy Giles will host the 39th annual awards luncheon.  The Gracie Awards were established in 1975 and are presented by the Alliance for Women in Media Foundation. This occasion will honor accomplishments of women in media and entertainment at the local, public, online and student levels.  AWMF chair Kay Olin observes that the luncheon is “a wonderful chance to recognize the amazing accomplishments of women in so many forms of media.  Moll Anderson and Nancy Giles represent a diverse range of media and reflect the Gracies’ strong commitment to recognizing accomplishments of all markets of talent.”  Anderson comments, “It’s an honor to be included among so many amazing and accomplished women, those who have blazed new trails and shown the way for others in media and entertainment. According to Giles, “The Gracies are my favorite events of the year.  They are such a wonderful way to honor the unique work that women are doing in an array of media.”  National winners will be honored later this month (5/20) in Los Angeles (Beverly Hills).  The Gracies recognize exemplary programming created for women, by women and about women in all facets of electronic media, as well as individuals who have contributed to the industry.

wilv contestWILV, Chicago Begins Cash Giveaway Promotion Benefitting Listeners and Charities.  At Hubbard Radio adult hits WILV, Chicago, a promotion for the month of May begins called “May Money Match.”  The on-air and online contest gives listeners the chance to win $500 cash for themselves and $500 for their favorite non-profit charity.  Listeners register their name and the name of their charity on the station’s website and then listen during middays to hear their name.  If they call within 15 minutes, they – and their charity of choice – are winners.  WILV program director Marty Bender comments, “This is just flat out a better way to give away money.  In a world where we win some and lose some, we can at least offer up the chance to now win some and give some.  Simply pay yourself and have us pay it forward too.  WILV is proud to facilitate this opportunity for our listeners and those in need.”

Monday, April 28, 2014

| April 28, 2014


duanedoobie graphicDUANE DOOBIE: Something Old Is New Again.  Down in affluent, sunny, and mature Palm Beach County, Dick Robinson’s “Legends 100.3” music might not be your cup of tea for two, but we can all learn some lessons from his bold new radio station’s positioning and execution… especially if the goal is to take ownership of the music and create a unbreakable bond with a targetable and marketable local audience.  To read Doobie’s informative piece in its entirety, please click here.

avrillavigneDuane Doobie’s Picks of the Week.  RadioInfo’s hard-working music editor/director, Duane Doobie, backed by a growing team of information contributing researchers and golden-eared trench broadcasters, provides programmers with musical suggestions worthy of the attention of pro-active radio formats.  You’ll be turned on to some of the exciting artists and music buzzing out there just over the horizon from the worlds of pop, rock, country and EDM.  This week’s selection posted today (4/28) includes such names as: Avril Lavigne, Drake Bell, Rhett and Link, Kelis, Asher Roth, ZZ Ward, Down ‘N’ Outz, Def Leppard, Gone By Daylight, Courtney Love, Burning of Rome, Judas Priest, Falco Benz, Papa Skunk, Dimitri Vangelis & Wyman, Steve Angello, Morgan Page & Michael S, Johnny Orr Band, Dierks Bentley, Ben Rush, Blane Howard, Marshall Dane, Truckstop Honeymoon,and Marc Ford among others.  To check out this valuable information, please click here.

thomasbrianCumulus Media Brings Brian Thomas Aboard in Corporate PD Role.  Assuming the role of corporate program director at Cumulus Media and its country outlet WNSH, New York “NASH FM” is Brian Thomas, who joins from his most recent position as national vice president of classic hits programming for CBS RADIO and PD at country WQYK and classic hits WRBQ in Tampa.  The company cumulus logosays that in this position Thomas will focus on several formats, including classic hits.  Thomas returns to New York City where he previously programmed WCBS-FM, JACK-FM and WWFS.  Cumulus EVP and co-CEO John Dickey says, “Brian Thomas is an incredible programming talent and brings a successful track record in New York to ‘NASH FM’ New York.  His experience and credibility will be great assets to the creative and leadership capital that Cumulus is cultivating for the benefit of our audiences and customers.”  Thomas comments, “The opportunity to join the growth and innovation at Cumulus on the corporate programming team is really exciting, and I look forward to providing programming leadership and insights across a variety of formats.  It’s a thrill to work with Lew and John Dickey, Mike McVay and Kim Bryant to continue developing ‘NASH’ into a powerhouse national brand and building on the momentum and success at ‘NASH FM’ New York.”

powersblakeKLUV, Dallas Names Blake Powers Afternoon Personality.  Moving over from CBS RADIO’s hot AC KVIL, Dallas where he was evening host to classic hits KLUV for the afternoon drive shift is Blake Powers.  CBS RADIO Dallas director of music programming Ron Harrell says, “Blake brings fresh audience-engaging content to this heritage radio station.  He also understands the importance of using digital tools to create a deeper connection with our listeners and expand our reach.”  Prior to joining CBS RADIO, Powers host the afternoon drive shift on WestwoodOne’s 24/7 hot AC format.

mstyleradio logoClear Channel Announces Dates for 4th iHeartRadio Music Festival; Macy’s Again Sponsors ‘Rising Star’ Component.  The 4th annual iHeartRadio Music Festival and Village will return to Las Vegas’ MGM Grand on September 19 and 20 and, as it did the last two years, Macy’s will sponsor the Macy’s iHeartRadioRising Star competition.  Clear Channel and Macy’s will pick 25 up-and-coming artists who’ll compete to be chosen to perform at the festival.  Fans can hear the music of the 25 on iHeartRadio’s mstyleradio, and voting begins May 5 via iHeartRadio.  Last year a total of six million votes were cast during the contest and The Summer Set won the right to perform at the festival.  Clear Channel president of programming platforms Tom Poleman says, “Every year the iHeartRadio Music Festival features the biggest names in music together on one stage as well as historic collaborations you can’t see anywhere else — it has truly become the year’s unforgettable, can’t miss music experience.  Being able to bring such a diverse array of popular artists together, while having the opportunity to introduce listeners to new music and artists through programs like Macy’s iHeartRadio Rising Star, is what Clear Channel is all about.”

odonnellterryO’Donnell Set to Transfer to Clear Channel Springfield as OM/PD.  In two weeks (5/12), Clear Channel Poughkeepsie program director Terry O’Donnell will relocate to Springfield, where he will become operations manager and program director of the company’s cluster in that western Massachusetts market.  Regional programming manager Rob Anthony comments, “I am thrilled to have Terry joining the team in Springfield.  His knowledge of the formats and track record of making great radio speaks for itself.”  O’Donnell states, “I can’t thank my current team in Poughkeepsie enough.  I am looking forward to this new opportunity.”  O’Donnell will oversee news/talk WHYN-AM, hot AC WHYN-FM “Mix 93.1,” and WRNX “Pioneer Valley’s Country.”

wwskConnoisseur Long Island Rocker ’94.3 The Shark’ Debuts New Lineup.  At the Smithtown, New York-licensed WWSK “94.3 The Shark,” a new lineup is debuted as Long Island native and 20-year radio pro Drew Kenyon takes over the morning drive show.  Following in middays is Raven and hosting PM drive is PD Don Harrison with Rob Rush moving into the evening slot.  During his career, Kenyon has worked on Long Island at WLIR-FM, Hampton Bays and WRCN-FM, Riverhead.

romanothereseRomano Departing New York’s WAWZ. Two-year WAWZ “Star 99.1,” New York program/content manager Therese Romano will be leaving the Pillar of Fire contemporary Christian outlet.  According to general manager Scott Taylor, “Between the economy and Hurricane Sandy, the past couple of years have been tough for our area.  We are grateful for what Therese was able to accomplish these past 24 months to serve our listeners and build the ‘Star 99.1′ brand.  I am happy for her and know she will do well.”  Romano is resigning so she can accept an undisclosed job, but she will remain at WAWZ during the transition.  Romano was program director for AllWorship.com‘s three streaming audio formats and consulted for Rowright Consulting.  She previously programmed in Waterloo, Iowa at KNWS “Life 101.9,” and did mornings in Knoxville at WDLF “Life 88.3.”

campbellmichelleMore RadioInfo Career Moves.  Six-year Sun Broadcast Group honcho Steve Gallagher departs. Most recently, Gallagher was SBG’s executive vice president. He joined the company in February 2008 as vice president of programming. Gallagher’s prior credits include being director of operations for Citadel Communications Harrisburg (2005 – 2008); operations manager/program director of Nassau Broadcasting stations in Monmouth-Ocean, New Jersey (WOBM-AM, WOBM-FM and WADB) and in Allentown (WWYY “Lite 107″)…..At Univision’s hip hop KKRG, Albuquerque “Yo! 101.3 FM,” Eddie Go! a.k.a Eddie George starts as afternoon jock today (4/28).  He’s worked in the market for American General Media’s CHR KDLW “Z106.3” and hip hop KAGM “Power 106.7.”…..Michelle Campbell is named general manager at Neuhoff Communications’ Danville, Illinois cluster that includes hot AC WDNL “D102,” rock WRHK “94.9 K-Rock,” and news/talk WDAN as well as the local news site VermilionCountyFirst.com.  She moves up from her director of sales post with the company.

nielsen logoNielsen Presents Radio ROI Research to Group Heads in NYC.  The meeting at Clear Channel New York headquarters announced on Friday took place as planned with Nielsen and the Advertising Research Foundation (ARF) hosting an event featuring panel discussions and speakers titled “Nielsen Cracks the Code on Radio ROI.  As noted in RadioInfo on Friday, the event was to focus on Nielsen’s ROI measurement tool for radio.  Radio group heads attending the event were joined by key marketers and advertisers.  Clear Channel chairman and CEO Bob Pittman and CBS RADIO president and CEO Dan Mason welcomed advertiser, agency and industry attendees.  Nielsen EVP of global product leadership Steve Hasker presented the study’s findings.  Two panel discussions followed — the first, moderated by Michael Kassan, chairman and CEO of MediaLink, discussed the power of radio for marketers and how it should best be considered in the marketing mix.  Panelists from across the media landscape included: Gayle Fuguitt, president and CEO, The ARF; Matt MacDonald, BBDO; John Nitti, ZenithOptimedia; Ritu Trivedi, MediaVest and Mary Ellen Johnson Jalenek, American Express.  The second panel was moderated by Bob Pittman and featured the heads of major radio groups, including Lew Dickey, CEO, Cumulus Media; David Field, CEO, Entercom; and Dan Mason.  The group discussed Nielsen’s study and how they believe it will improve the perception of radio within the ad community.

edisonresearchEdison Research’s Infinite Dial Breaks Out Urban P1s.  Data from this year’s Infinite Dial 2014 study by Edison Research provides a look at how the format’s P1s consume the music and what some of their media habits are.  According to Edison Research, in this breakout, listeners to urban and urban contemporary music are the second youngest group – average age 30 – coming in just behind CHR, which shows an average age of 28.  Compared to the whole of the study’s respondents (all formats) ages 12-plus, urban P1s are very big users of social media.  Eighty-one percent have a social media profile compared to 61% for the average 12-plus respondent; and 33% use Twitter, compared to 16% for the average 12-plus respondent.  As far as listening to the format is concerned, urban P1s are big listen-at-work consumers: 51% report listening to urban or urban AC at work, second only to classic rock at 55%.  See more about the urban and urban AC audience here.

biakelseyadchartBIA/Kelsey Delivers U.S. Local Spend Estimate for 2013-2018.  Just what will local radio’s slice of the advertising pie look like in 2018?  According to BIA/Kelsey’s “U.S. Local Media Forecast,” radio advertising accounted for 11.1% of the total $133.2 billion spent in 2013 (direct mail, newspapers, and TV led the category).  The primary sources of revenue for local radio in 2013 were automobile dealers ($1.43 billion), wireless telecommunications ($650.8 million), and full-service restaurants ($647.8 million).  Based on changes in the overall local media marketplace, BIA/Kelsey estimates that the overall local media market will grow faster than previously thought through 2018.  By 2018 the total will be $158.6 billion, of which $16.7 billion – or 10.5% – will go to local radio.  Obviously, the big growth is expected to be in digital.  BIA/Kelsey predicts, “Digital media continues to increase its share of total local media revenues, growing from $31.7 billion (23 percent) in 2014 to $52.7 billion (33.2 percent) in 2018.”  Find out more about the forecast here.

risingthroughtheranksAugust Dates Set for Rising Through the Ranks Course.  The Radio Advertising Bureau (RAB), Broadcast Music, Inc. (BMI), and the Mentoring and Inspiring Women in Radio Group (MIW) are presenting the seventh annual “Rising Through the Ranks” seminar, August 27-28, at the BMI Nashville headquarters in Tennessee.  The organizations say that, as in years past, BMI will offer 20 scholarships for this year’s program.  These scholarships cover the cost of the professional development course, which is designed to foster and educate emerging female radio sellers and managers within broadcast radio.  This year’s course will focus primarily on women in the radio workplace and sales and management techniques; including problem solving, budget reviews, managing team personalities, and personal brand building.  Scholarship winners will also have the opportunity to hear from leading radio industry executives across various station groups and industry backgrounds. Confirmed speakers include: Lynn Anderson, CEO, Integrated Media Solutions Group; Lindsay Cerajewski, general sales manager, CBS Radio; Tincy Crouse, market manager, Cromwell Radio; Erica Farber, president and CEO, RAB; Katie Gambill, president and general manager, 5-Star Radio; Kim Guthrie, executive vice president, Cox Media Group; Brandeis C. Hall, vice president, professional development, RAB; Emily Hunt, local sales manager, KSL Broadcast Group; Laurie Kahn, president and CEO, Media Staffing Networks; Sue McNamara, senior vice president, sales, CBS Radio; Kay Olin; partner, Olin & Associates; and Dan Spears, vice president, licensing, BMI.  Kay Olin says, “’Rising Through the Ranks’ is the epitome of the Mentoring and Inspiring Women in Radio Group.  With the generous help from BMI and the RAB, this two-day training workshop allows us to continue to develop, and help foster female sales managers to senior positions in the radio industry.”

crs2015CRS 2015 to Take Place February 25-27.  Pencil it in on the ol’ calendar, Country Radio Broadcasters, Inc. announces the date for next year’s CRS 2015 – to be held Nashville Convention Center – will take place February 25-27.  CRS president Charlie Morgan says, “One of the first signs of spring is Country Radio Seminar in Nashville, and again in 2015, CRS will launch the year in country radio and music.  Again this year, our event will kick-off on Wednesday, February 25 and run through our New Faces Show on Friday night, February 27.”  Early bird registration for CRS 2015 will begin in mid-July.

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