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Doobie's Picks of the Week • 2/18/15

Doobie’s Picks of the Week • 2/18/15

| February 18, 2015

Duane Doobie Jr.’s Picks of the Week. RadioInfo’s hard-working co-music editor, Duane Doobie Jr., backed by a growing team of information-contributing researchers and golden-eared trench broadcasters, including this week: on-air personalities Bayley Brown and Matt James from WKLC-FM, St. Albans, West Virginia “Rock 105”; internet sensation the Iceman; Bill Phipps the golden-eared afternoon personality at WSIG, Mt. Jackson, Virginia “Real Country 96.9,” and Jered Petrey, GM, and the music committee from the award-winning, student-run high school radio station at Pendleton Heights High School in Pendleton, Indiana, provides programmers with musical suggestions worthy of the attention of pro-active radio formats. You’ll be turned on to some of the exciting artists and music buzzing out there just over the horizon from the worlds of pop, rock, country and EDM.  This week’s selection posted today (2/18) includes such names as: Madonna, Laura Doggett, Fifth Harmony, Kid Ink, Echosmith, Janet Devlin, Jessie Ware, The Weeknd, Juliana Hatfield Three, Scott Weiland and the Wildabouts, Florence + The Machine, Radio Birds, The Vaccines, Parmalee, The Vespers, Kenny Chesney, Grace Potter, Tim McGraw, Catherine Dunn, Gretchen Peters, Eric Church, Chris Ising, Bethany Mota, Mike Tompkins, Hot Chip, Jungle, Fleur & Manu, Skrillex, Solo 5, and Boy Better Know, among others.  To check out this valuable information, please click “Read More.”

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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

| August 26, 2014

nashicon logo“Nash Icon Is to Country What Hot AC Is to CHR.” That was among the nuggets gleaned from an approximately 45-minute conference call conducted yesterday (Monday, 8/25) by Cumulus Media executive vice president and co-chief operating officer John Dickey, who gave an overview of the company’s new country offering and an overall status report of the format. Opining that today’s mainstream country is really “top 40 country,” he declares most mainstream country stations play very little gold product.  “It is extremely current-driven – there is no ‘hot AC’ in country.”  An oldies faction exists in thedickeyjohn format, but as Dickey explains, that’s classic country.  “Every week in country radio, we wake up to a potentially new #1 hit record.  As that music works its way up and down country radio stations, there is no repository for that music to exist in markets.”  It is his contention that most country facilities have libraries with no more than 150 songs in active rotation, which is “very reminiscent” of CHR.  “Most top 40 stations are under 100 [gold titles], and those are very tight libraries,” Dickey remarks.  In the next year or two, he anticipates that more non-country stations will question why they should be the third or fourth station in a format when they, “can be a broad-based coalition format very much like ‘Jack-FM’ did when it came on the scene.”  While likening Nash Icon to adult hits “Jack-FM,” Dickey “firmly” believes Nash Icon possesses “a lot more staying power, better fundamentals, and much less gimmickry.  A Nash Icon station can carve out huge audiences all to itself.” Dickey concedes this will take time to prove; Cumulus has already converted 15 of its stations into the Nash Icon format.  “Many people will take notice and see this as a viable format,” he predicts.  Starting “almost immediately,” Cumulus’ Westwood One will offer Nash Icon to affiliates, with Dickey pointing out the format will be up-and-running in the fourth quarter. “It is time for country to have a hot AC version of the country format.”

Country Artists React Favorably to Nash Icon. In fact, Cumulus Media executive vice president and co-chief operating officer John Dickey maintains country artists have “phenomenally welcomed” the company’s Nash Icon approach to the country format and the Nashville community has done “back-flips over it.”  Nash Icon is already brooksgarth“resonating big-time,” he states, and it “will only snowball.”  Artists are “grateful” that there is “interest again in what they do,” Dickey comments.  “They are not only appreciative but anxious to see this platform play out.  They are interacting with large, loyal audiences they have built up over the years.  They know this demand is out there.”  Many country artists have been “frustrated” with where the country format is today and Dickey contends, “It is difficult for them to participate,” but Nash Icon allows them “to have a place alongside the newer, younger guns” so they may “showcase what they have done in a contemporary way.”  Stressing that Nash Icon is not about nostalgia, retrospective, or what he calls “ESPN‘s version of ‘Where Are They Now,?’  Dickey explains, “These artists are alive, well, and they look great.”  Some or most are approaching age 50.  “They are in peak shape and at the peak of their careers creatively; they still have a lot left in the tank,” he emphasizes.  Achieving radio airplay has been a “dead-end street” for them so he imagines that they are “sitting on” a lot of music,chesneykenny since there is no motivation for them.  “Not too long ago, even Garth [Brooks] went through that about radio airplay.”  The difference of where Nash Icon is today and where Cumulus could be six months to a year from now with it is, in Dickey’s opinion, several solid ratings stories.  Representative artists of the Cumulus format, which has launched on 15 of the company’s properties, include the Dixie Chicks, Faith Hill, Judds, Kenny Chesney, Martina McBride, Reba McEntire, Tim McGraw, Shania Twain, Mary carpentermarychapinChapin Carpenter, and Lorrie Morgan.  “If you were to add up all the artists in a 25-year span [mid-1980s to the early-2000s] who have sold more than one million tickets and have had six to ten #1 hits, you would be amazed at how deep the list goes,” Dickey comments.  As a result, he does not expect Nash Icon will be at a loss for music, artists, or depth.  “This is a very contemporary format in its own right,” notes Dickey, who envisions it as being competitive among 25 – 34s and that it will “find a sweet spot” among 30 – 50s.  “It will be a very efficient format for advertisers and I expect it will have a similar male/female balance as country has today – perhaps a little more female.”  He looks for it to attract comparable cume to that of mainstream country.  “Just as hot AC is, we are a current-driven format.  Right now, we are about 25% current-driven and depending where the music comes in, over time, we might be as much as 40% current-driven.” When “exciting” country music comes out, Dickey states that Nash Icon will play it.  He made the comments yesterday (Monday, 8/25) in an industry conference call.

Dickey Delivers Country History Lesson. The country format has experienced an amazing journey the last 25 – 30 years.  Cumulus Media executive vice president and co-chief operating officer John Dickey emphasizes that this is “an historic time” for the format.  Until the mid- 1980s, he recounts that – in most markets – country was not well-received by the advertising community.  “Very little was understood about the power of the audience,” notes Dickey who conducted an industry conference call yesterday (Monday, 8/25) to discuss his company’s Nash Icon format.  “Stereotypes of the format were alive and well.  Most people tried to position the format as ‘America’s favorite music.’  As the music started to transform, the business of country started to come full circle.”  Calling country one of the “most explosive formats in our business,” Dickey says it reaches approximately 100 million people in the United States.  “I am not making up or throwing out numbers,” he insists.  “If you take unduplicated cume of all country stations in the United States across 200+ [rated] markets, you get close to 85 – 90 million country listeners on that merit alone.  Country is probably the largest format in terms of appeal and market share.”  One of the strongest messages Dickey gave yesterday was that country is the last format of its size that has not fragmented.  “Rock has fragmented in so many different directions that it has created a state of emergency in that format – rock is in a tough spot,” he cautions.  For some reason, country has “resisted the urge to fragment.”  Extremely current-intensive, country is among the “last great multi-generational formats that is programmed as top 40.”  As far as broadcast radio is concerned, Dickey states that, “Artists who helped propel foundationally the business of where it is today have – by and large – lost their place in the format’s relevancy.” Cumulus, he says, is taking “a very active role” in the business of country.  It was not a question with Dickey of if country would fragment, it was a matter of when it would do so and he proclaims, “That time has come.”  The entire idea around Nash Icon, he emphasizes, is “to create a parallel universe” in the country format.  “It is not a [flanker], but another platform for those artists [who] were extremely prolific in the mid-1980s to the early-2000s.  That music is testing exceptionally well.”  Those particular country singers are Facebook fans and Twitter followers yet Dickey explains, “They are not represented in the format today.”  Dickey recalls that years ago with “hot country” or “thunder country” stations were “trying to make differences based on being more aggressive attitudinally than mainstream country.”  Nash Icon, he says, is based on the “appeal and attraction of artists and the low-burn of their music.”  When those factors “conspire and come together, you have the makings of a format that has legs.  It can be built on a solid foundation and can stand side-by-side with mainstream country.”  Dickey does not believe Nash Icon will cannibalize country’s total share, but instead will grow it.  “Two well-programmed country stations going head-to-head grow the country share in a market – they do not take it away,” he maintains.  “We have seen it in Detroit with our station and CBS Radio; it is the same thing in Minneapolis with CBS Radio and Clear Channel.”  Specifically, Cumulus’ WDRQ “Nash FM – Detroit’s New Country Music Leader,” ranks #17 July 2014 (2.5), while CBS Radio’s WYCD “Detroit’s #1 for New Country” finishes #4 (6.0).  CBS Radio Minneapolis’ KMNB “Buz’n Country” finishes #6 July 2014 (6.6), while Clear Channel Minneapolis-owned KEEY “K-102 – Today’s Country” is #5 (6.7).  “Nash Icon, the hot AC version of country, will only help accelerate the process,” Dickey forecasts.  The radio industry is often chastised for not taking chances and he admits that, to some extent, there is no incentive to do that.  “It is a tough environment out there; everyone is trying to be as rational as possible.  They want to minimize risk.  We are confident that over time, there will be a successful fragmenting and growing of the wonderful [country] format.  It is going to be very exciting for the business of country to have these superstar artists back in the game.”

houstonlanceHouston to Boston from Baltimore. Early next month, 18-month WPOC, Baltimore program director Lance Houston will transfer from the country outlet to Boston in a similar capacity at Clear Channel‘s co-owned WBWL “The Bull – Boston’s New Hit Country.”  Clear Channel Boston vice president of programming for media and entertainment Dylan Sprague enthuses that WBWL “has found its visionary – Lance is that perfect combination of a great programming strategist, incredible musicologist, and successful on-air talent.  His vision, creativity, positive attitude, and energy make him the perfect choice to lead our new station.”  Houston – who will also do 10:00 am – 2:00 pm on-air duty at “The Bull” – comments, “I am excited and ready to lead the team in Boston into a battle.  America’s greatest city deserves a young, hip country station.”  For six years, Houston was assistant program director and afternoon drive personality at Atlanta’s WUBL “The Bull.”  His past programming assignments have been for WYGC, Gainesville and WBAM, Montgomery Alabama; he began his country career in 1995 in Tuscaloosa, Alabama at WTXT.  Dance-formatted WEDX “Evolution” transitioned to country WBWL “The Bull” a little more than two months ago (6/13).


adamslisaAdams Returns to Seattle to Program “Click.” Boise, Idaho KAWO “Wow Country,” hot AC KCIX “Mix 106,” and adult contemporary KXLT “Lite-FM” operations manager and program director Lisa Adams relocates to Seattle to program Hubbard hot AC KLCK “Click 98.9.” Hubbard Radio Seattle market manager Marc Kaye comments, “We are thrilled to have Lisa back in our hallways.  The time she spent here [2005 – 2006] was highly successful.  Her spirit and work ethic permeated the building.  We know with her programming skills and thorough knowledge of the market, she is the right person to take ‘Click 98.9′ to the next level.”  Adams remarks, “I am so incredibly excited and blessed to be able to return to a city I love and work with such a talented team.  Here’s to an amazing and successful journey with a wonderful company.”  Prior to her OM/PD duties at Townsquare Media Boise, Adams worked for CBS Radio Portland, and in Seattle for Entercom, Infinity, and Sandusky Radio (which was acquired by Hubbard).

mallorytamikaCumulus Names Mallory Community Affairs Director at ‘Radio 103.9’ in New York.  Nationally renowned civil rights activist Tamika D. Mallory has been appointed community affairs director for Cumulus Media’s WNRB, New York “Radio 103.9.”  The company reports that by working with the station’s local management and on-air hosts, as well as nationally syndicated programs including “The Tom Joyner Morning Show” and the D.L. Hughley show, “Mallory will help deepen Radio 103.9’s relationship with local listeners and continue to connect the station with the community the station serves through a series of citywide community-service-oriented programs and events.”  In addition to this post, Mallory will continue operating her strategic planning firm Mallory Consulting.  Cumulus New York VP and market manager Kim Bryant comments, “I am proud to be working with somebody like Tamika Mallory who is so respected and involved with the community.  I look forward to her positive influence on our station, community and Cumulus as a whole.”

julianomikeJuliano Named DOS at Greater Media Detroit.  Jumping from Entercom’s Boston cluster to the Detroit operations of Greater Media, Mike Juliano is named director of sales for the company’s Motor City properties that include rock WRIF, classic rock WCSX and sports talk WMGC “Detroit Sports 105.1.”  Greater Media Detroit market manager Steve Chessare states, “We are absolutely thrilled to have Mike join the Greater Media Detroit family.  His vast experience, combined with his leadership skills and passion for our industry, made him the perfect choice to take our sales team to the next level.”  Juliano comments, “In our business there are very few companies like Greater Media and very few leaders like chairman & CEO Peter Smyth and market manager Steve Chessare.  From the top on down, the leadership in this company is as solid as it gets.  I am looking forward to working with the Greater Media Detroit team to put the assets that we possess to work providing results-oriented solutions for our clients.”

lopezmarioClear Channel Re-Ups with Mario Lopez.  The new deal includes the continuation of the “On with Mario Lopez” program syndicated by Premiere Networks (on which Lopez’s wife Courtney serves as co-host).  But the new deal – terms not disclosed, of course – also will mean an expansion of the iHeartRadio Countdown weekend program designed for hot AC stations.  The company says that beginning next month, Lopez and Courtney will welcome a different A-list artist or celebrity each week to count down the top 20 hot AC songs on iHeartRadio’s Ultimate chart, which incorporates iHeartRadio airplay, top weekly song/artists from user-generated iHeartRadio Custom stations, weekly listener “thumbs-up,” social and sales data.  Lopez will also continue to work with Clear Channel on a variety of multimedia projects and events, including the 2014 iHeartRadio Music Festival.

alt983 logoNew Alternative Format Appears on Nashville Translator and HD Channel.  The newest alternative-formatted station to hit the air from Clear Channel Media + Entertainment is in Nashville and can be heard on the HD2 channel of classic rock WNRQ and on translator W252CM at 98.3.  Dubbed “ALT 983,” the station will feature artists including: The Black Keys, Kings of Leon, Jack White, Coldplay, Pearl Jam, Green Day, Imagine Dragons and The Lumineers.  The signal will also be the FM home for Vanderbilt University football.  CCM+E Nashville OM Michael Bryan says, “The Music City has been missing this very important genre of music, much of which is made right here.  We’re excited to offer Nashville a new home for everything alternative.”

More RadioInfo Career Moves.  At Clear Channel’s Memphis cluster, Eric Jewell is named the new director of sales.  Jewell comes to Memphis from his most recent gig at Entercom’s Gainesville, Florida cluster…..Dan Dunlap exits the afternoon drive slot at Renda’s adult contemporary WSHH, Pittsburgh “Wish 99.7 FM” after a 30-year career with the station.  As a result, morning personality and PD Ron Antill moves to afternoons while director of marketing and promotions and AM news anchor Chris Shovlin partners with Cris Winter for the “Cris & Chris in the Morning” program…..Tony Tecate exits FM Idaho-owned hip hop KWYD, Boise “WiLD 101.1” where he was music director/APD and morning drive host.

bombadamtretterRyan Tedder Visits ‘Nights Live.’  The OneRepublic frontman stopped in to the Westwood One studios to join host Adam Bomb (right) on his nationally syndicated show “Nights Live with Adam Bomb.”  WW1 reports Ryan Tedder (left), played music, shared great stories, and entertained the audience all night long.

Doobie's Picks of the Week  •  8/20/14

Doobie’s Picks of the Week • 8/20/14

| August 20, 2014

Duane Doobie’s Picks of the Week.  RadioInfo’s hard-working music editor/director, Duane Doobie, backed by a growing team of information contributing researchers and golden-eared trench broadcasters, provides programmers with musical suggestions worthy of the attention of pro-active radio formats.  You’ll be turned on to some of the exciting artists and music buzzing out there just over the horizon from the worlds of pop, rock, country and EDM.  This week’s selection posted today (8/20) includes such names as: Mandy Rain, Anna Graceman, Barbra Streisand, Billy Joel, Ella Henderson, Sinead O’ Conner, George Ezra, Sunny Sweeney, Kenny Chesney, Shovels & Rope, Cary Ann Hearst, Michael Trent, Redlight, Years and Years, and Birdy among others.  To check out this valuable information, please click “Read More.”

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Monday, July 22, 2013

| July 22, 2013

spf logoCBS Radio Announces Live Las Vegas Event August 17.  CBS Radio is getting into the live event in Las Vegas game with its “SPF POWERED BY RADIO.COM” at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas with headliners Robin Thicke, Jason Derulo and Sammy Adams.  The concert event will take place live from the hotel’s Boulevard Pool and will be streamed on Radio.com and YouTube.  The company states, “CBS Radio stations nationwide will award hundreds of listeners complimentary access to the show, with many receiving a trip to Las Vegas with superior travel and accommodations at The Cosmopolitan, and exclusive access on-site at SPF. Tickets for the concert go on sale Friday, July 26 at 10:00 am PT.


wlit logoClear Channel to Pipe Paul ‘Cubby’ Bryant into ’93.9 MY FM’ Chicago.  Chicago media writer Robert Feder reports that Clear Channel Media and Entertainment is on the verge of filling the morning drive slot at WLIT – the former lite rock station recently rebranded as hot AC “93.9 MY FM” – with Paul “Cubby” Bryant from the company’s WKTU, New York.  Bryant’s show is also heard on the bryantcubbycompany’s WMIA, Miami.  Feder writes that this move comes despite the company’s promise to launch a local morning show.  He also notes, “Up to now, the only local personality hired by the station has been Brooke Hunter, who hosts middays. Afternoons remain vacant and evenings are hosted from Los Angeles by the syndicated Mario Lopez.”  Feder says Bryant’s Twitter profile IDs him as a personality at the Chicago station.  If this move becomes effective, it will be interesting to see how Bryant is received.  Chicago radio listeners are notoriously demanding that their radio talent be local and know the market.  They can be especially unwelcoming to personalities piped in from afar – especially from cities like New York and Los Angeles.  Feder writes that it has been rumored that longtime Chicago personalities Eddie Volkman and Joe “Jobo” Colborn – Eddie and Jobo – were soon to be announced as the new morning team.

allenkeithKeith Allen to Program WVBZ and WMKS, Greensboro, North Carolina.  Clear Channel Media and Entertainment moves PD Keith Allen from the company’s Birmingham cluster where he’s successfully programmed CHR WQEN and urban contemporary “104.1 The Beat” (W281AB) and rock “103.1 The Vulcan” (W276BQ) to its Greensboro, North Carolina operations where he’ll serve as PD at rock WVBZ “100.3 The Buzz” and CHR WMKS “105.7 NOW.”  CC Greensboro OM Rich McMillan says, “Keith has enjoyed great ratings successes in Birmingham. We’re excited to bring enthusiasm and winning experience to our outstanding cluster here in the Piedmont Triad.”  Allen comments, “I want to say thank you to Kim Pyle, Rich McMillan and Bruce Logan for the opportunity to join the Greensboro team.  I am very excited to be a part of ‘105.7 NOW’ and ‘100.3 The Buzz.’  I’m looking forward to working with the entire team.”

lavinmarkMore RadioInfo Career Moves.  Mark Lavin leaves the AM drive co-host and executive producer position at Clear Channel’s country WMZQ, Washington…..Programmer Tony Waitekus exits Midwest Communications’ Wausau, Wisconsin cluster where he was brand manager for CHR WIFC.  Sister country WDEZ programmer Derek Moran is stepping in to handle programming duties at WIFC…..Sherry St. John moves to the midday slot at Big River Broadcasting’s country WXFL, Florence, Alabama “Kix 96.”  She moves in after Josie Lane’s recently reported move to WDRM, Birmingham.


‘Free Beer & Hot Wings’ Gets Media Attention for ‘Homeless Vet’ Sting.  When rock WGRD, Grand Rapids-based, Compass Media Networks nationally syndicated morning show “Free Beer & Hot Wings” heard about panhandlers posing as homeless veterans to gain sympathy and earn more money, they sent Producer Joe to a corner in Grand Rapids where a panhandler named Rudy was doing just that.  In fact, Rudy had admitted to local TV station WZZM that he was not a veteran.  According to AllMichigan.com, and as you can see in the WGRD photo here, Producer Joe showed up where Rudy was panhandling sporting a cardboard sign reading “Liar,” causing Rudy to ride off on a mountain bike.  Producer Joe came back to the location the next day and “panhandled” to raise $1,085 for the Grand Rapids Home for Veterans.  WGRD matched the funds and $2,170 was donated to the home.

nationalradiotalentsystem logoRadio Talent Institute Begins Today.  The “intensive, 10-day event,” organized by Dan Vallie’s National Radio Talent System in cooperation with the Kentucky Broadcasters Association and Western Kentucky University kicks off the Radio Talent Institute at the school today.  The Institute begins with opening comments from WKU President Gary Ransdell; Dean David Lee of Potter College, WKU; and director of journalism and broadcasting, WKU, Dr. Loup Langton, along with Rick McCue from the Kentucky Broadcasters Association and WBKO TV.  Former broadcaster, now assistant professor at WKU, Dick Taylor will moderate the event.  Sixteen students from the region have been accepted into this year’s Institute. Those students will hear from 36 radio professionals, including Bud Walters, president/owner of the Cromwell Group, Nashville; Steve Newberry, president/CEO, Commonwealth Broadcasting, Glasgow; Christine Hillard, president/COO of Forever Communications, Bowling Green; with Ed Henson of Henson Media, Louisville, opening the institute with “Getting in, Becoming an Entrepreneur.”  Also instructing during the event are: Gabe Hobbs of Gabe Hobbs Media leading a session on “On Air, Developing Your Voice, Your Style…You”; Morning Mouth publisher Don Anthony who will deliver “How to Get a Good Job”; plus news/talk radio sessions by WHAS, Louisville talk host Mandy Connell and WKU public radio morning host, reporter and producer Joseph Corcoran.  This is the second Radio Talent Institute of the summer and Vallie states, “These students are starting their careers in radio, and we are developing the next generation of broadcasters.  The students come with enthusiasm and passion for the business, and it’s very impressive how industry professionals sacrifice their time to come to the campus to teach sessions and give back to the industry.”

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

| May 1, 2013

siriusxmSiriusXM Reports Positive Q1 with Revenue Up 12%; Company Involved in Digital Dashboard Technology Rollout.  That 12% percent increase over the same period a year ago is on revenue of $897 million.  New permanent CEO Jim Meyer had every reason to be bubbly during his first investor conference call as official chief executive officer of the satcaster.  He reports the company grew its subscriber base to a new record high on new subscriptions of 453,000 during the quarter.  From a financial perspective he stated, “We are proud to have achieved the highest suggested EBITDA margin in the history of the company in the first quarter.  We expect to achieve a 30% adjusted EBITDA margin this year, up from 27% last year and we continue to target 40% plus margins over time.  You will see us move over the next few years to become one of the highest margin businesses among major media companies in the United States. meyerjim Our ability to convert the bulk of that EBITDA in the free cash flow is also unmatched in the subscription media world.”  He said the company is riding the “tailwind in the new car market as it recovers.”  Meyer told investors the company is committed to having the best content, spoke about new channel additions as well as new talent joining the company and mentioned talk host Michael Smerconish.  Addressing the specific question about GM’s plans for its future “digital dashboard,” Meyer said he couldn’t talk about any one manufacturer’s plans but was able to state, “I believe GM is on a leadership strategy in terms of where I believe the auto industry will go in general.  And that is, I believe, over a mid and long period of time — you can define how many years that is — you will see automakers move to what I will call embedded connectivity that will be LTE-based that will give them lots of options for what they want to do for their customers and their vehicles.  I think it’s very important that Sirius XM participates in that rollout of technology as it occurs over the next three to seven years and that’s exactly what we’re all about when we referred to our connected-car strategy.  This is something that…I want to reiterate again today, that we’re moving and reprioritizing a lot of our technical resources and frankly now our commercial programming resources towards making that goal happen as we go out over time.”  Thanks to Seeking Alpha for the conference call transcript.  You can read the whole shebang here.

amplifyCBSradio logoCountry’s Lady Antebellum Partners with CBS Radio for New Album Promotion.  CBS Radio calls it “Amplify” – its promotional relationship with artists designed to give the latter the power of its radio reach and deliver artist exclusives to its listeners.  For this artist “hook-up,” Capitol Records Nashville’s Lady Antebellum will promote their new album “Golden,” across many CBS Radio country stations.  Local Chicago outlet “US 99.5” (WUSN-FM) is hosting a private event with the group at Chicago’s Jay Pritzker Pavilion in Millennium Park on May 31 with CBS Radio the exclusive radio outlet to win VIP tickets. ladyantebellum From May 4 through 7, Lady Antebellum will be heard on-air and online promoting their new album on CBS Radio’s country stations and giving listeners a behind the scenes glimpse of “Golden” through an exclusive online video available on station sites and at Radio.com.  Stations are also giving away a grand prize trip to Chicago, from May 6-10, which includes a digital download of “Golden,” a meet-and-greet with the band, and VIP access stageside during Lady A’s Chicago show.  Stations participating include: WUSN, Chicago; KILT-FM, Houston; WYCD, Detroit; KMPS, Seattle; KMLE, Phoenix; KMNB, Minneapolis; WQYK, Tampa; WSOC, Charlotte; WDSY, Pittsburgh; KFRG, Riverside; and KNCI, Sacramento.  CBS Radio’s Amplify program has recently worked with artists including Brad Paisley, Kenny Chesney, Blake Shelton, The Band Perry and Thompson Square, in addition to musicians from across the musical spectrum.

wheelertomTom Wheeler Gets Nod from Obama for FCC Chief.  On the political side of things, many Democrats wanted to see President Obama select a woman for the post being vacated by Julius Genachowski, but the president nominated a man with a telecommunications background who was very helpful in getting him elected.  Politico reports that managing director of Core Capital Partners, Tom Wheeler, (along with his wife) worked Iowa for six weeks straight during the president’s first campaign.  Although Wheeler will get some grief from those who are suspicious of his past tenure as a lobbyist with both the National Cable and Telecommunications Association and the CTIA (Cellular Telephone Industry Association), he has experience in the industry having founded numerous cable and communications services businesses.  National Association of Broadcasters president and CEO Gordon Smith states, “NAB welcomes the nomination of Tom Wheeler as chairman of the FCC. He has the experience and temperament to serve the agency with distinction, and we look forward to working with him.”

sabowalterFive Critical Steps for Radio to Achieve Success with Online Video.  Noted media consultant and RadioInfo columnist Walter Sabo outlines five crucial pointers that radio broadcasters should keep in mind when utilizing video in their digital initiatives.  In a column posted today (5/1) he suggests: 1) bad equipment is usually the best; 2) online video is NOT television (TV);  3) 80% of all videos are watched within 72 hours of posting; 4) most of the biggest stars of the internet (“webstars”) are self-cast; and 5) late evening is the best time to post.  To read the entirety of this timely and informative article, click here.

wklb logoKenny Chesney Reaches Out to Greater Media’s WKLB, Boston to Start ‘Spread the Love Fund.’  When country artist Kenny Chesney decided he wanted to do something to help the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing, he reached out to Greater Media’s WKLB, Boston to work with him to promote the “Spread the Love Fund.”  Chesney made a sizeable donation to seed spreadthelove logothe fund which will work with Boston Medical Center (BMC) to help pay for not just prosthetics, but the fitting, ongoing care and physical therapy required.  Plus, all Chesney’s proceeds from the downloaded single sales of “Spread The Love,” his track co-written and recorded with The Wailers, go to the fund, which will benefit post-acute care for victims of traumatic injuries from the Boston Marathon bombings at BMC or other Boston hospitals. In addition, people are encouraged to donate what they can, knowing the money will help the injured regain as much mobility as possible.  WKLB program director Mike Brophy states, “We are extremely grateful to Kenny Chesney for spearheading a Boston-based fund that will meet real immediate and future needs: prosthetics and prosthetic therapy for victims. This will help make their long road to recovery a little shorter.  Boston Medical Center, the patients with prosthetic needs, and the City of Boston will quickly and directly benefit from the ‘Spread The Love Fund.’”

midwestcomm logoFargo Stations Sales Close: Fargo-Moorhead Radio Cluster to Midwest Communications; Triad Broadcasting Group to Larry Wilson’s L&L.  The sales of both of these Fargo market station groups were announced last year and were approved by the FCC months ago.  Now the transactions close with Wausau, Wisconsin-based Midwest Communications taking ownership of the former Fargo-Moorhead Radio cluster that includes: news/talk KFGO, sports KVOX, CHR WDAY “Y-94,” country KBVB “Bob FM,” talk KRWK “101.9 Talk FM,” and adult hits KMJO “Popster FM.”  Midwest Communications vice president of programming Jeff McCarthy tells the Forum of Fargo Moorhead he doesn’t anticipate any immediate programming changes.  Larry Wilson, whose Alpha Broadcasting operates stations in Portland, Oregon, also is a principal in L&L Broadcasting and his company is closing on Triad Broadcasting’s stations that include: oldies KQWB “True Oldies,” classic rock KPFX “The Fox,” hot AC KLTA, country KVOX “Froggy 99.9,” full service KBMW, and rock KQWB “Q98.”  Triad vice president and market manager Michael Brooks also tells the paper he does not anticipate any immediate changes.

walton&johnsonWalton & Johnson Take Over Mornings on KPRC, Houston.  Just four months after the Walton & Johnson [John Walton (left) and Steve Johnson (right)] morning show was dropped from Clear Channel’s classic rock KKRW, Houston “97.3 The Arrow,” the program is brought back to the Houston airwaves as the new morning program on the company’s news/talk KPRC.  The duo was replaced on “The Arrow” by longtime St. Louis radio personality J.C. Corcoran.  Clear Channel Houston director of AM programming Bryan Erickson says, “We are thrilled to have Walton & Johnson back on KPRC.  They have a proven track record of great ratings and we look forward to them continuing that success on KPRC.”  Walton & Johnson made KPRC their flagship beginning in 2007 but moved to “The Arrow” in 2009.  Off KPRC as a result of the move is Joe “Pags” Pagliarulo who is based at Clear Channel’s WOAI, San Antonio and is heard there and on other Clear Channel news/talk stations.

nab logoFour Executives Named to NAB Radio Board of Directors.  The National Association of Broadcasters announces the addition of several executives to its Radio Board of Directors.  NAB Radio Board chairman Don Benson has appointed the following to the board:  Margaret Perkins, president and CEO, First Natchez Radio Group, Natchez, Mississippi; Russell Perry, chairman, Perry Publishing and Broadcasting, Oklahoma City; Bob Pittman, CEO, Clear Channel New York; and Jeff Simpson, president and CEO, Bonneville International Corp., Salt Lake City.  Perry, Pittman and Simpson will fill designated seats on the board, while Perkins will represent Louisiana and Mississippi.  Also, Eddie Esserman, partner, Golden Isles Broadcasting LLC, St. Simons Island, Georgia, was recently elected to the NAB Radio Board representing Georgia and Alabama.

douglasjoannaColeman Insights Names Joanna Douglas Vice President.  After a 13-year career at Arbitron, Joanna Douglas becomes a vice president with media research firm Coleman Insights.  President and COO Warren Kurtzman says of Douglas, “I know that Joanna will extend the great tradition of former Arbitron employees succeeding at Coleman Insights that began with people like Pierre Bouvard, Frank Stanitski and Michael Pelaia more than 20 years ago.  Most importantly, our clients will benefit from her extensive experience in and passion for the radio industry.”  Douglas most recently was a director of sales and regional manager with Arbitron.  She began her tenure with that firm as a senior account manager and training specialist, then moved up to PPM implementation manager.  She says, “I’m so excited to be working with such an esteemed company.  I look forward to making a significant contribution and putting my background and skills to work for Coleman Insights’ clients.”

cclogoAaron Klauber Named Director of Marketing and Promotions for CC Detroit.  The Detroit cluster of Clear Channel stations announces Aaron Klauber moves up from the company’s Dayton operations to become director of marketing and promotions for the six-station cluster that includes: urban contemporary WMXD “Mix 92.3,” CHR WQKI “Channel 955,” hip hop WJLB, hot AC WNIC “Fresh 100.3,” classic rock WDTW “Detroit Rock City,” and sports talk WDFN.  The company says his responsibilities will include working “with the sales department to coordinate third-party opportunities to drive sales and monetization, as well as with Detroit’s program directors to create on-air and web promotions.”

More RadioInfo Career Moves.  Clear Channel promotes Matt Derrick to operations manager for the company’s Norfolk, Virginia cluster.  He most recently served as regional programming manager for the Wilmington, Delaware and Salisbury-Ocean City, Maryland markets…..Katie DeMartile is the new music director and promotions director at Chet5 Broadcasting’s triple A WDST, Woodstock, New York.  She comes to the station from her APD post at Northeastern Broadcasting’s triple A WXRV, Andover, Massachusetts “92.5 The River.”…..Carmelita Palmer takes over the market manager position at Clear Channel’s Huntsville, Alabama operations.  She replaces Rick Brown who retired from the company after 14 years.

bachmanrandyRock Legend Randy Bachman to Speak at The Conclave.  Legendary rock and roll guitarist, songwriter, performer, and producer Randy Bachman will be featured in a BMI Showcase event Thursday, July 18 during Conclave 38.  Bachman has earned over 120 Gold and Platinum album/singles awards around the world for performing and producing.  His songwriting has garnered him the coveted #1 spot on radio playlists in over 20 countries and he has amassed over 40 million records sold.  His songs have been recorded by numerous other artists and placed in dozens of television, movie, and commercial soundtracks.  Randy Bachman continues to be in much demand as a songwriter, session player, and solo artist and can add radio host to his impressive resume fronting Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s two-hour show “Randy Bachman’s Vinyl Tap,” which is also carried throughout North America on SiriusXM Satellite Radio.

Friday, April 19, 2013

| April 19, 2013

iheartradioCountry Star Kenny Chesney to Work with CC’s iHeartRadio on Promotional and Marketing Partnership.  Country music’s Kenny Chesney is the latest musician to enter into a promotional and marketing partnership with Clear Channel Media and Entertainment’s iHeartRadio.  The Blue Chair Records/Columbia Nashville artist is preparing to release his new album “Life On A Rock” on April 30.  Clear Channel will host an exclusive iHeartRadio Album Release Party – featuring a never-been-done-before one-hour live conversation and listening session with Chesney in the iHeartRadio Theater in New York City on April 29 at 1 pm ET.  The conversation and album preview is part of Clear Channel’s multi-platform campaign, which will include an on-air and online Artistchesneykenny Integration Program, designed to introduce what the critics have called “Chesney’s most personal music” to fans and listeners nationwide.  Clear Channel syndicated personality Bobby Bones will host the April 29 event.  Following the album release party, Clear Channel will begin its immersive two-week Artist Integration Program, leveraging its powerful on-air and online platforms.  The program allows fans and listeners the opportunity to fully experience “Life On A Rock,” through exclusive content, audio clips, on-demand video from the release party, in addition to hearing the complete album on-demand via Clear Channel’s Country stations websites.  The company states, “This unique promotional campaign will increase audience engagement and awareness of Chesney’s newest album via custom created content and spots that will run across all Clear Channel Country radio stations and websites nationwide – including featured placement on iHeartRadio.com.  Listeners will also be able to click and listen to exclusive content through the platform’s various portals, which will allow fans to easily purchase ‘Life On A Rock’ via iTunes.”

kinosianmikeFinal March PPM Data Released.  Arbitron delivers the March 2013 data for the last group of 12 PPM markets that includes Austin, Greensboro, Hartford, Indianapolis, Jacksonville, Memphis, Milwaukee, Nashville, Norfolk, Providence, Raleigh, and West Palm Beach.  You can find charts for those markets – as well as the other 36 markets – hereRadioInfo managing editor and West Coast bureau chief Mike Kinosian compiles the “Ten Takeaways” from these final 12 markets.

  • Market #37 Austin — Country is the big story in Texas’ capital city: Despite being down one full share (6+) from February, KASE “Today’s Country” catches co-owned Clear Channel CHR KHFI (-1.2) at #1 – both are at 9.1. Meanwhile, KASE’s country sibling KVET-FM continues its winning ways with a staggering +2.8 (6+) to climb from #14 all the way to #4. Since the “Holiday” report, KVET-FM has more than tripled its 6+ share: 1.8 – 2.0 – 3.1 – 5.9.
  • Market #38 Milwaukee — After consecutive (6+) dips of 15.3 – 8.3 – 7.9, WRIT “Milwaukee’s Oldies Station” rebounds with a +1.1 to an even nine-share and remains at #2
  • Market #43 Raleigh — Capitol Broadcasting adult contemporary WRAL “Mix” gains one full share (#5) 
  • Market #44 Norfolk — Following an 8.8 – 5.2 – 4.1 skid (6+), Entercom adult contemporary WWDE improves by +1.0 and progresses from #8 to #5 
  • Market #45 Nashville — In the second consecutive gain of more than one full share, WJXA “Mix” widens its market lead to the point of having a more than two-to-one advantage of the #2 station. Mix’s (6+) January-February-March line reads: 11.9 -13.4 -14.6; this is the tenth successive month the South Central adult contemporary facility has been #1.  
  • Market #46 Greensboro — For the second straight month, Entercom stations rank 1-2-3-4, including adult hits WSMW “Simon” at #2 (8.8). Note the positive movement in its four most recent 6+ stats: 7.0 – 7.6 – 8.4 – 8.8.   
  • Market #48 West Palm Beach — For the twelfth successive report, hot AC WRMF is #1 and it remains in the top spot on the strength of a +1.3 to 9.4
  • Market #49 Jacksonville — Stalled at 4.0 (6+) in January and February, alternative WXXJ “X102-9″ gains seven-tenths to 4.7 (#7)  
  • Market #51 Memphis — Gospel WHAL “Halleluiah” is #1 for the second successive month and follows up its January – February +1.1 with a February – March +1.0, bringing it to 11.8   
  • Market #52 Hartford — With five successive progressive trends, WCCC-FM has gained 1.8 shares since November (2.4 – 2.6 – 2.8 – 3.3 – 3.4 – 4.2). Ironically though, “The Rock” remains at #9 – exactly where it was in November.

nabef logoNAB’s Education Foundation to Honor Stevie Wonder with Service to America Leadership Award.  Legendary singer-songwriter Stevie Wonder will receive the 2013 Service towonderstevie America Leadership Award from the NAB Education Foundation (NABEF) for “his important work as an activist, Messenger of Peace and his dedication to helping people with disabilities and children and families in need.”  Wonder, who is one of the most creative musical figures of the late 20th century, will receive the award at NABEF’s Celebration of Service to America Gala on June 3.  The Service to America Leadership Award recognizes individuals and organizations responsible for improving the lives of others through extraordinary public service.  Considered NABEF’s highest individual honor, the award will be presented during the Celebration of Service to America Gala held Monday, June 3 at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington D.C.  NABEF president Marcellus Alexander states, “Stevie Wonder has touched millions of lives worldwide through his musical genius and through his tireless contributions as a humanitarian.  It is for his extraordinary efforts on behalf of those in need that we proudly honor him with this prestigious award.”

kolindavidPremiere Networks Partners with Dave Kolin for Comedy Content.  Premiere Networks announces a partnership with comedy production pro David “Dr. Dave” Kolin that will involve a variety of content including services for radio talent, stations, digital outlets, video projects and more.  Additional details will be announced in the near future.  Premiere EVP of music programming Jennifer Leimgruber states, “Dr. Dave is a fantastically creative person with a demonstrated record of success in a variety of media.  We were delighted when the opportunity to work with him presented itself.”  Dr. Dave states, “It is a dream come true and the opportunity of a lifetime to be able to apply my talents and skills with people who share the same vision for entertaining consumers in this multimedia world.  I look forward to revealing Dr. Dave 2.0.”

williamsrobGreater Media Ups Boston Market Manager Rob Williams to VP.  Greater Media gives Boston market manager Rob Williams a promotion to vice president and market manager.  Williams, who arrived at the Boston cluster that includes hip hop WBQT “Hot 96.9,” country WKLB, adult contemporary WMJX, “Magic 106.7,” alternative WBOS, “Radio 92.9,” and classic hits WROR in January of 2012, returned to managing station operation after serving as CEO of Digital Brand Connections LLC, a company he co-founded.  Greater Media chairman and CEO Peter Smyth states, “Rob has done an outstanding job since he joined Greater Media Boston in taking the cluster to the next level.  He is a brilliant strategist and respected leader.  We are very proud to have him in our family.”

cornbread250Country WIL (92.3), St. Louis Morning Personality Cornbread is Bringing Back His Popular Garage Sale Event.  Yes, it’s BACK!  92.3 WIL, St. Louis’ “Cornbread’s World’s Largest Garage Sale” is coming to Fairmount Park Racetrack in Collinsville, Illinois on Sunday, April 28, 2013. 92.3 WIL morning show host Cornbread is inviting listeners to join him at his popular garage sale event from 8:00 am until 2:00 pm, rain or shine.  More than 300 individuals will be exhibiting and selling their treasure trove of items at the ultimate “trinkets & trash” bash. WIL PD Greg Mozingo tells RadioInfo he expects more than 5,000 people to attend this semi-annual event. The gates open to the public at 8:00 am and admission is $5.00 per person. Children ages 12 and under are free of charge.  WIL listeners can get a head start on all of the other attendees by getting in up to one hour early.  Attendees wishing to shop early can pay $10.00 between 7:00 am and 7:30 am.  Doors will remain locked for general admission guests until 8:00 am.

wrayleeLee Wray Upped to Assistant GM at Cookeville Communications.  After serving nine years as local and national sales manager at the Cookeville, Tennessee station group in addition to the last several as morning personality at its CHR outlet 98.5 KISS-FM, Cookeville, Lee Wray has been appointed assistant GM of Cookeville Communications, LLC.   He will continue his on-air role with “Freak Show in the Morning.”  Cookeville owns five local media properties: 94.7 WGSQ (“The Country Giant”), WKSW (“98.5 KISS –FM”), WHUB (“NewsTalk 1400 The Hub”), WPTN/W291CA (“Fox Sports Radio 106.1 The Eagle”) and community information television Channel 7.

raytomIP in Our Broadcast World:  Don’t Fear the Internet.  Noted consultant and RadioInfo technical editor Tom Ray points out that the subjects of IP and IP codecs are increasingly becoming a major concern among broadcasters — a conversation that quickly escalated when Verizon quietly started telling customers in the northeast that ISDN was soon to be history. In the latest in his enlightening series on the subject (must-reading for programmers and management charged with taking a more hands-on approach to the tech end of things in this new economic environment), Ray responds to a question he heard raised at the recent NAB Show in Las Vegas: “Would you trust your high dollar sports remote to an IP connection over the public internet?”  Apparently, CBS television has answered that question in the company’s recent coverage of college basketball’s Final Four.  Ray explains how and takes us deeper into understanding the growing importance of IP and IP codecs in the radio broadcasting world.  Basically it comes down to embracing the internet, not fearing it – and learning everything you can about IP and IP codecs.  To read Tom Ray’s column, click here.