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Cooke: 2015 Radio Show Report

| October 1, 2015

“Radio is in a position to grow profoundly in years to come.”
NAB/RAB Radio show coverage by consultant Holland Cooke


By Holland Cooke
Radio Consultant

cookewriterATLANTA — That statement, from Entercom’s David Field, underlines this year’s Radio Show theme, “Bold Ideas: Turn it UP.”  Field was among oh-so-quotable CEOs at Wednesday’s opening session…

“Pillsbury’s Financing the Future of Radio”

That’s Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP, the Washington law firm.  But make no mistake, this session packed a well-catered ballroom with dough boys.

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Thursday, October 1, 2015

| October 1, 2015

cookenab15Cooke: 2015 Radio Show Report.  Radio consultant Holland Cooke reports from the 2015 NAB Radio Show in Atlanta today with a focus on the business of the business.  In this report, hear from notables including Wells Fargo senior analyst Davis Hebert, Connoisseur Media’s Jeffrey Warshaw, Entercom’s David Field, Beasley’s Caroline Beasley, Cumulus/Westwood One’s Pierre Bouvard, and CBS News correspondent Lara Logan.  Read some of the takeaways from the “Financing the Future of Radio” presentation, the radio company CEO panel and Bouvard’s presentation on the return on investment for advertisers using radio by clicking here.

ppmunitRound Two of 24 PPM Market Ratings Released. Rather than distributing ratings information for 12-PPM markets apiece over a four-day period as it generally does, Nielsen Audio doubled up its September 2015 schedule. It released 23 markets Tuesday (9/29) and 24 markets yesterday (9/30). View all the 6+ numbers from subscribing stations here. At the same time, RadioInfo enthusiastically unveils an augmented modification of our already powerful ratings coverage as managing editor Mike Kinosian expands his “Top Ten Takeaways” to encompass all markets every month. In this “Twelve Takeaways” overview, we focus on noteworthy happenings in Seattle, Phoenix, Minneapolis, San Diego, Tampa (data from Tampa is still being evaluated and has yet to be released), Nassau-Suffolk (Long Island), Denver, Baltimore, St. Louis, Portland, Charlotte, and Pittsburgh.  The September 2015 survey period covered August 13 – September 9.


1) Seattle – With (6+) shares flying all over the “Emerald City,” this is one of the most jumbled top ten rankers we have witnessed KJR-FMin recent memory. Appropriately enough, we start with iHeartMedia classic hits-oldies KJR-FM “95.7 The Jet.” Following a full-share increase in June; a gain of six-tenths in July; and two-tenths in August “The Jet” tacks on another eight-tenths in September (3.9 – 4.9 – 5.5 – 5.7 – 6.5, 6+) to ascend from third to first. Nudged from theKIRO-FM top spot is CBS Radio classic rocker KZOK – which after being locked on 6.1 (6+) in July and August – drops one-half share (to 5.6), as it falls to fourth. In addition to “The Jet,” Bonneville talker KIRO-FM picks up eight-tenths (5.4 – 6.2, 6+) to climb from sixth to third. Although the market’s country share only shows a net loss of one-tenth, it is the result of CBS Radio’s KMPS improving by nine-tenths (3.6 – 4.5, 6+) and Entercom‘s KKWF “100.7 The Wolf” sputtering by one full-share (5.1 – 4.1). “The Wolf,” off by seven-tenths in August, slides from seventh to eighth, while KMPS leapfrogs it (#12 to #6). Following seven months at #1 (including a July tie with KZOK), Hubbard CHR KQMV “MOViN 92.5 – All The Hits” (5.8 – 6.3, +.5, 6+) now ranks second in back-to-back sweeps. Stumbling from fifth to seventh though is its adult contemporary cluster-mate KRWM “Warm 106.9,”which falters by -1.1 to 4.4 – its lowest 6+-share since November 2012 (also 4.4). Two stations that could easily use a “Kiss” handle head in opposite directions: iHeartMedia CHR KBKS “Kiss-FM” adds one-half share (3.4 – 3.9, 6+), while Entercom’s KISW “99 The Rock” declines by twice that (5.7 – 4.7, -1.0, 6+). It is the first time that “The Rock” (third to fifth) has been below a five-share (6+) since December (4.9). Up or flat for the third straight month (3.2 – 3.2 – 3.4 – 3.9, 6+), “Kiss-FM” breaks into the top ten (#14 to #10). Owing to a +.2 (to 3.1), Crista Ministries’ KCMS-FM “Spirit 105.3” halts five successive downward or flat trends that produced a cumulative -1.7 (4.7 – 4.3 – 4.2 – 3.5 – 3.5 – 3.0, 6+); the contemporary Christian outlet inches up from #17 to #16. Having registered three straight modest increases (3.1 – 3.3 – 3.6 – 3.7, 6+), Entercom rhythmic hot AC KHTP “Hot 103.7” (#11 to #14) drops four-tenths to 3.3.

2) Phoenix – Even though iHeartMedia adult contemporary KESZ is down (slightly) a third straight time for a combined -.4 KOOL(6.9 – 6.8 – 6.7 – 6.5, 6+), it remains #1 for the eleventh successive ratings period. Progressing by six-tenths each are CBS Radio cluster-mates KOOL “The Valley’s Greatest Hits 94.5 KOOL FM” (5.3 – 5.9, 6+) and KZON “Live 101.5 The Valley’s Hit Music Leader” (2.8 – 32.4, 6+); classic hits-oldies KOOL moves from fourth toKZON second, while “Live 101.5” advances from #14 to #10. Conversely though, Entravision Spanish adult hits and regional Mexican siblings KVVA “Jose” (1.8 – 1.2, #29, 6+) and KLNZ (2.4 – 1.9, #22, 6+) are off by six-tenths and one-half share, respectively. After a one-half share spike in July to 2.4 (its best 6+-stat since last October’s 2.9), “Jose” regressed by six-tenths in August. Prior to July’s 2.4, “Jose” had been in the 1.5 – 1.9 range the previous nine sweeps.

3) Minneapolis – Off by one full-share in August, Hubbard hot AC KSTP-FM “KS-95” regains all of it to vault from fourth to first. KSTP-FMThe combination of that one-share gain by “KS-95” and a one-share decline by iHeartMedia classic hits-oldies KQQL sends “KOOL 108 Minnesota’s Greatest Hits” (up nine-tenths in August) from first to second; KSTP-FM had been down or flat the past three sweeps (8.5  – 8.5 – 8.4 – 7.4, 6+). Fellow hot AC, iHeartMedia’s KTCZ “Cities 97,” which dropped seven-tenths in August, dips by another three-tenths (6.0 – 5.3 – 5.0, 6+),KFXN skidding from seventh to ninth. After a four-tenths gain in August, iHeartMedia’s KFXN “K-Fan Sports Radio 100.3” follows up with a +.6 (4.2 – 4.6 – 5.2, 6+) to jump from tenth to eighth. Making improvements of one-half share each are CBS Radio heritage talker WCCO (#12 to #10) and Cumulus Media’s WGVX (.1 – .6, #20, 6+). The latter flipped from sports “The Ticket” in mid-August to classic hip-hop as “The Vibe.” While this marks the third straight increase for WCCO (3.8 – 4.1 – 4.2 – 4.7, 6+), Cumulus rocker KXXR “93-X” (#9 to #12) falters for the third consecutive sweep yielding a cumulative loss of one full-share (5.1 – 4.9 – 4.7 – 4.1, 6+). Ranked fifth for the third consecutive month, CBS Radio’s KMNB “Buz’N Country@102.9” is up or flat for the fourth straight sweep, (4.7 – 5.3 – 6.3 – 6.5 – 6.5, 6+). This happens after four successive negative trends (5.6 – 5.3 – 5.0 – 4.9 – 4.7, 6+). In a bit of a statistical oddity, iHeartMedia CHR KDWB improves by two-tenths, yet moves from second to third, whereas in August, it dropped four-tenths but inched up from third to second. Nonetheless, the +.2 brings to a halt seven consecutive negative trends for a combined -2.5 (10.1 – 9.9 – 9.7 – 9.0 – 8.7 – 8.5 – 8.0 – 7.6, 6+). Another such streak comes to an end as well, as CBS Radio adult hits KZJK (steady at #11) has a one-tenth uptick to 4.5; “Jack-FM” had been off in each of the past four sweeps (5.7 – 5.5 – 5.3 – 4.8 – 4.4, 6+).

4) San Diego – One of the market’s hot AC outlets is up month-to-month; another down; while the other is flat. Having dropped KFMB-FMthree-tenths in August, Midwest Television‘s KFMB-FM picks up one-half share to 2.8, taking “Jack-FM” from #20 – #18 (6+). “Jack” was locked on 2.7 (6+) in March, April, and May – then on 2.6 in June and July. In fact, the hot AC has been in the two-share range theXHRM past 18 ratings periods. After suffering a mighty -1.7 in August sending it from first all the way to sixth, iHeartMedia hot AC KMYI “Star 94.1” levels off (6.1 – 4.4 – 4.4, 6+) to remain at #6. Meanwhile, CBS Radio adult contemporary-turned hot AC KYXY, which faltered by one-half share in August, drops two-tenths in September (4.5 – 4.0 – 3.8, 6+), sliding from ninth to tenth. Just three-tenths (6+) separates San Diego’s top three facilities, with urban-rhythmic oldies XHRM “Magic 92.5 The Beat of San Diego” (5.3 – 5.4, +.1) progressing from second to first. Ousted from the top – and swapping places with “Magic” – is iHeartMedia CHR KHTS “Channel 93-3” (5.5 – 5.2, -.3). Steady in third-place, Entercom-owned KSON-FM “San Diego’s #1 for New Country” puts together back-to-back gains totaling a combined +.7 (4.4 – 4.8 – 5.1, 6+).

5) Tampa – The lone “Takeaway” here is that Nielsen Audio is still evaluating Tampa Bay ratings data. There is no September 2015 information to share at this time.

6) Long Island – On the heels of a hearty +1.7 in August, CBS Radio New York City classic hits-oldies WCBS-FM notches its WCBS-FMsixth straight up monthly (3.8 – 4.0 – 4.1 – 4.2 – 4.5 – 6.2 – 6.5, 6+) as it marches from second to first. Trading places with WCBS-AM is Connoisseur Media hot AC WALK-FM, which follows up August’s +1.1 with a -.3 (5.2 – 6.3 – 6.0, 6+). After back-to-back declines (2.2 – 1.9 – 1.7, 6+), Cumulus Media country WNSH “Nash-FM” improves by one-half share and returns to 2.2 (#18). With a gainWOR Logo of two-tenths, iHeartMedia New York City talker WOR extends its streak of up or flat sweeps in Long Island to nine (1.0 – 1.2 – 1.3 – 1.3 – 2.2 – 2.4 – 2.5 – 2.5 – 3.2 – 3.4, 6+); the New York Mets flagship is steady at #12. Co-owned rhythmic CHR WKTU though is off by eight-tenths (3.4 – 2.6, 6+) as it drifts from #10 to #15. Declining by six-tenths and one-half share, respectively, are  CBS Radio hot AC and sports siblings WWFS “Fresh Music – Better Variety” (#17 to #21) and WFAN “The Fan” (4.4 – 3.9, fifth to eighth). “Fresh” ends three straight up or flat trends (1.8 – 1.8 – 2.2 – 2.7, 6+). At #21, it is tied with a fellow hot AC, Cumulus Media’s WPLJ (1.7 – 2.1, +.4, 6+).

7) Denver – A strong +.7 by iHeartMedia talker KOA (#16 to #12) puts an end to four straight flat and (slightly) downtrends KOA(3.5 – 3.4 – 3.4 – 3.3 – 3.2, 6+). As Entercom hot AC KALC “Alice 105.9” (steady at #5) slips by four-tenths (5.4 – 5.0, 6+), format rival – Wilks Broadcasting‘s KIMN “Mix 100.3 All the Hits” – improves by six-tenths (3.5 – 4.1, 6+). “Mix” jumps from #15 to #10, where it is tied with Educational Media Foundation contemporary Christian KLDV “K-Love” (3.6 – 4.1, +.5, 6+); “K-Love” was #13 in August. After three successiveKIMN monthlies atop Denver’s ratings hill, Entercom classic rocker KQMT “The Mountain” falters by nine-tenths (6.5 – 5.6, 6+) and slides to fourth. Taking its place at #1 – moving up from #3 – is iHeartMedia’s KBCO “World Class Rock” (5.7 – 6.1, +.4, 6+). Several market outlets with similar call letters are down by one-half share. Specifically, Wilks Broadcasting classic hits-oldies KXKL “Kool 105” drops to 3.9 (#7 to #12), while Entravison regional Mexican KXPK “La Tricolor 96.5” falls to 3.6 (#10 to #14). Similarly, Entravision Spanish adult hits KJMN slips to 3.1 (#13 to #16), while Max Radio rhythmic hot AC KJHM “Jammin’ 101.5” regresses to 1.9 (#19 to #20). Off by -1.0, Entercom’s KYGO-HD2 has its 6+-share torn roughly in half (2.1 – 1.1, #24, 6+).

8) Baltimore – Down slightly in back-to-back (June-July) sweeps, CBS Radio adult contemporary WLIF “Today’s 101.9” WLIFrebounded nicely with a +.8 in August. Amazingly, it doubles that (6.6 – 6.3 – 6.1 – 6.9 – 8.5, 6+) to storm from third to first. It is the best 6+-showing for “Today’s 101.9” since “Holiday” 2014 (14.6). Displaced from the top is iHeartMedia-owned WPOC “Baltimore’s Country Station” (8.7 – 8.0, -.7, 6+), which is now tied at #2 with Radio One urban contemporary WERQ “92-Q.” In a world of crazy eights, WPOC occupied the penthouse the past eight sweeps, while this marksWWIN-FM the eighth successive time that “92-Q” (8.1 – 8.0, -.1, 6+) is in the runner-up slot. Steady at #4, WERQ urban AC sibling WWIN-FM “Magic 95.9,” which improved by +1.1 in August, tacks on another seven-tenths (5.2 – 6.3 – 7.0, 6+). After sputtering by nine-tenths in July and another half-share in August, iHeartMedia adult hits WQSR “Jack-FM” bounces back with a +.7 (4.2 – 4.8 – 3.9 – 3.4 – 4.1, 6+) to re-enter the top ten (#11 to #9). The rollercoaster ride continues for Shamrock classic rocker WZBA. After June’s +1.1, “The Bay” added another nine-tenths in July; forfeited -1.1 in August; and now decreases by another nine-tenths (4.1 – 5.2 – 6.1 – 5.0 – 4.1, 6+) to tie “Jack” at #9. Prior to the June sweep, “The Bay” had been in the 4.0 – 4.9 range the previous 15 sweeps. Although steady at #7, this is the fifth straight sweep that CBS Radio‘s WJZ-FM “The Fan” registers a downward trend (6.2 – 6.0- 5.8 – 5.2 – 4.5 – 4.3, 6+). With a signal from Washington, DC – American University-owned WAMU doubles its 6+-share (.8 – 1.6), progressing to #15.

9) St. Louis – The three St. Louis outlets advancing by a hefty nine-tenths each possess some form of “joy,” “fun,” and “easy” in KLJYtheir calls. Applying the brakes to six straight negative trends (6.8 – 6.6 – 6.3 – 6.1 – 5.5 – 5.2 – 4.9, 6+), Gateway Creative Broadcasting contemporary Christian KLJY “Joy-FM” (5.8, +.9) climbs from eighth to fifth. One-tenth behind – and registering a similar +.9 – is Radio One‘s WFUN “Old School 95.5” (4.8 – 5.7, #6, 6+). Frozen at 3.8 in June and July (6+), CBS Radio adult contemporary KEZK improved by one-half share in August and nearly doubles that gain inKEZK September (4.3 – 5.2, 6+) to zoom from #13 to #9. It is the strongest 6+-performance for KEZK since “Holiday” 2014 (8.5). Improving by six-tenths, Hubbard’s WXOS “101 Sports” (1.7 – 2.3, 6+) has its best 6+-share since January’s 3.2 and inches up from #19 to #18. There is another wild fluctuation for KLOU. The iHeartMedia classic hits-oldies outlet was +2.2 in June; -1.6 in July; -.7 in August; and is now off by one full-share in September. Despite the combined -3.3 (11.2 – 9.6 – 8.9 – 7.9, 6+), KLOU finishes first for the fourth straight ratings period. In each of those #1 finishes, the runner-up is CBS Radio talker/St. Louis Cardinals flagship KMOX (7.5, +.1), which curtails three straight downward trends (9.2 – 8.8 – 7.9 – 7.4, 6+). It is a rough sweep for CHR as iHeartMedia’s KSLZ “Z-107.7” sputters by -1.4 (5.7 – 4.3, #6 to #12, 6+), while Emmis-owned KNOU “Now 96.3” drops one-half share (2.9 – 2.4, #14 to #17, 6+). In four successive downward trends, Radio One urban contemporary WHHL (#12 to #13) is off by a combined -1.6 (5.4 – 4.9 – 4.6 – 4.5 – 3.8, 6+). Owing to a -.2 (to 6.1), Hubbard adult hits WARH “The Arch” (third to fourth) has its string of upticks – which resulted in a combined +2.5 – end at three (3.8 – 4.3 – 5.7 – 6.3, 6+).

10) Portland – Powered by a +1.7, iHeartMedia classic rock KFBW “The Brew” erupts from 3.8 to 5.5 (6+), rocketing from #14 KFBWall the way to #5. Adult contemporary sibling KKCW “K-103” (9.2 – 9.5, +.3) sets the pace for the 15th consecutive survey. Up or flat for the fourth straight sweep (1.6 – 1.9 – 2.0 – 2.0 – 2.9, 6+), Salem Media Group regional Mexican KRYP “El Rey” climbs from #18 to #16. No sooner does KKRZKKCW halt its streak of four down or flat trends (7.1 – 6.3 – 5.6 – 5.6 – 5.4, 6+) with a robust gain of nine-tenths than the iHeartMedia CHR returns the entire nine-tenths; “Z-100” falls from fourth to sixth. Steady at #7, Alpha Media country KUPL “The Bull” (4.8, -.1, 6+) snaps its string of positive trends at six (3.5 – 3.8 – 4.0 – 4.5 – 4.7 – 4.8 – 4.9, 6+); in that span, “The Bull” was a cumulative +1.4. In the runner-up slot for the sixth straight time is its format foe – Entercom country KWJJ “The Wolf” (8.2 – 8.3, +.1). Off by four-tenths in August, KWJJ adult hits cluster-mate KYCH “Charlie” doubles the decline (5.4 – 5.0 – 4.2, 6+), slipping from sixth to tenth. Still in that Entercom group, classic rocker KGON (#12 to #14) has lost two full-shares by being down or flat the past seven sweeps (5.6 – 5.5 – 4.8 – 4.8 – 4.7 – 4.1 – 4.0 – 3.6, 6+).

11) Charlotte – This time last month, iHeartMedia‘s WKKT “The Kat” clawed out a one-half share increase to climb to #1. In WKKTthe largest (6+) August – September gain we have seen thus far, “The Kat” improves by a massive +2.5 (6.8 – 7.3 – 9.8, 6+) and repeats at the top. The format’s 6+-share in the market expands even further as Beasley Media Group‘s WSOC “Country’s Greatest Hits” dials up a +1.2 (to 8.2) and places second, just as it did in August. TheWSOC +1.2 by WSOC comes after a -1.1 in July and a -.8 in August. Significant month-to-month shifts are nearly common for these two foes: Back in June, WSOC was +1.5, while “The Kat” was -.9. Meanwhile, WSOC urban AC sibling WBAV “V-101.9” improves by six-tenths (4.9 – 5.5, 6+) to jump from eighth to fifth. The rollercoaster ride, however, continues for co-owned WKQC “K-104.7.” The adult contemporary outlet hung out a +1.4 in June; declined by six-tenths in July; displayed a +.7 in August; but drops all of August’s +.7 (and one-tenth more) to slip from fifth to seventh. Also in that Beasley Media Group cluster, while steady at #4, urban contemporary WPEG “Power 98” has its third straight dip (7.6 – 6.9 – 6.5 – 5.8, 6+) for a combined -1.8. In addition to “Power 98,” iHeartMedia adult hits WLKO “The Lake” (#6 to #8) recedes by -.7 (5.6 – 4.9, 6+). In August, “The Lake” bounced back from July’s -1.1 with a +.4, ending three straight downward trends (6.8 – 6.7 – 6.3 – 5.2, 6+). Co-owned CHR WHQC “Channel 96.1” declines for the fourth straight time (6.3 – 5.3 – 4.8 – 4.0 – 3.8, 6+), yielding a cumulative -2.5, yet actually inches up from #11 to #10. It is two-tenths ahead of format rival -Beasley’s WNKS “Kiss 95.1,” whose (6+) trend since March is 5.3 – 4.2 – 4.4 – 5.0 – 5.5 – 4.1 – 3.6. In July, Radio One gospel WPZS dialed up a +1.2 to end eight straight monthlies of down or flat trends. “Praise – Charlotte’s Inspiration Station,” however, regresses with back-to-back declines of one-half share each (3.9 – 3.4 – 2.9, 6+); it ranks #12 for the third straight sweep.

12) Pittsburgh – It is a terrific “Steel City” ratings period for stations whose call letters are KDKA. For openers, sports KDKA-KDKA-FMFM “The Fan” follows up July’s +.7 and August’s +.8 with an astonishing +1.9 (6.0 – 6.7 – 7.5 – 8.5, 6+), as the Pittsburgh Pirates flagship climbs from fourth to third. Its CBS Radio talk sibling KDKA-AM (sixth to fourth) gains oneKDKA-AM full-share and improves for the third sweep (5.3 – 6.0 – 6.1 – 6.1, 6+); 7.1 matches KDKA-AM’s March stat. Steady at #7, cluster-mate WDSY “Y-108 Pittsburgh’s New Hit Country” (4.9, +.3, 6+) is in the 4.0 – 4.9 range for the eleventh straight sweep. Meanwhile, this marks the sixth successive time that iHeartMedia rocker WDVE (8.6 – 9.1, +.5, 6+) ranks second. Not only is CHR sibling WKST off for the third consecutive monthly, “Kiss” sputters by one full-share (8.3 – 8.0 – 7.9 – 6.9, 6+) to segue from third to fifth. In back-to-back sweeps, Steel City Media adult hits WRRK “Bob” (fifth to sixth) regresses by six-tenths (7.9 – 7.3 – 6.7, 6+). Also registering a -.6 is co-owned hot AC WLTJ (3.1 – 2.5, 6+), which had been in the 3.0 – 3.7 range the past nine ratings periods. Notwithstanding that it drops by seven tenths (10.8 – 10.1, 6+), iHeartMedia classic hits-oldies WWSW “3WS” is on top for the sixth straight time; “3WS” recorded a +.8 in August, but was down in the three preceding sweeps (11.2 – 10.7 – 10.3 – 10.0, 6+).

robinsonfrankieiHeartMedia’s WGCI, Chicago Hires Former ‘Power 92’ Jocks.  The acquisition of two market hip hop radio personalities by iHeartMedia for its WGCI, Chicago is official.  As reported by Chicagokaponetone media writer Robert Feder, Frankie Robinson and Tone Kapone have officially joined WGCI after sitting out a six-month non-compete.  Midday personality Robinson and PM drive host Kapone worked the same dayparts for Crawford Broadcasting’s WPWX “Power 92” until May when they exited.  At the same time, iHeartMedia had cut ties with Loni Swain and U.B. Rodriguez in the same dayparts and night jock DJ MoonDawg and weekender Rob Nice had been working the shifts since then.  Read Feder’s account of the moves here.

freygregCumulus Announces Country Programmer Moves; Frey Upped to Corporate PD.  These moves involve country stations in the Indianapolis and Atlanta markets.  First, WKHX, Atlanta “Kickslindyscott 101.5” program director Greg Frey is promoted to the corporate offices where he is named corporate program director working with the company’s country stations and its “growing country product line.”  Taking over for him at WKHX is Scott Lindy, who moves east from his PD role at the company’s WFMS, Indianapolis.  He’ll also take on a corporate programming position.  Joining the company and taking over the programming helm at WFMS is Stephen Giuttari, whose most recent gig was with Townsquare Media as country format leader based at WGNA, Albany.

More RadioInfo Career Moves.  Valley radio pro Carey Edwards joins Riviera Broadcasting’s adult contemporary KOAI, Phoenix “The Oasis” to host the 7:00 am to 1:00 pm daypart.  During his career Edwards has served with Valley outlets classic hits KOOL, CHR KZZP and country KMLE…..CHR WHYI, Miami “Y100” announces Drew Heyman takes over the late night air shift from Roxy Romeo, who recently moved to iHeartMedia’s KPLV, Las Vegas…..At Bahakel Communications-owned active rock station KILO, Colorado Springs, Shawn Rock is named music director and midday personality at the station, taking over for the recently departed Mr. Mehoff.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

| September 17, 2015

kantar media logoKantar Media: Total U.S. Ad Spend Down 3.9%; Radio Up 5%.  The comparison of the total U.S. ad spend – the 3.9% figure – is both from the first quarter of 2015 to the second and the January to June figures from 2014 to 2015.  The positive news for radio is in local ad sales.  Kantar Media reports that from the first quarter of 2015 to the second, local radio ad spend was up 10.6%.  For the same category, the Jan-June 2014 versus 2015 figure was also up, by 7.9%.  the not-so-good news is that Kantar reports the network radio ad category was down 8.4% and 5.4%, respectively.  National spot radio was up a little bit from Q1 to Q2 this year – 1.2% — but comparing the first six months of 2014 to the same period this year, the category is down 1.6%.  See the whole Kantar Media report here.


nortonlarryBuffalo Radio Legend Larry Norton to Retire in December.  WGRF, Buffalo “97 Rock” morning personality Larry Norton will retire from his position as morning drive host at the Cumulus Media-owned station on December 4 after 30 years on the job.  Norton has spent more than 40 years in Buffalo radio.   Norton joined WGRF – then dubbed “Q-FM” in 1984 as midday personality.  He gained international notoriety for starting a non-stop, 20-hour, on-air marathon of music by The Police to convince the band to play a show in Buffalo.  The plan worked and he even emceed the show.  Cumulus Buffalo VP/market manager Steve Bearance says, “It has been a great honor and privilege to work with a true professional and iconic radio legend over the past few years and I wish Larry all the happiness that comes with retirement.  He will always be a part of ‘97 Rock’ and it is truly great to see that all of Western New York will be able to enjoy his last 80 days live on air.”  Norton says of his retirement, “97 Rock has been, and will always be, an amazing and inseparable part of me.  But now, together with my wonderful wife Barbara who has supported me for 36 years as of this month, it is time to elevate our life from our many blessed successes, to a life of more significance. As of December, we will be devoting more of our time to works of charity, for God and for our church. I can’t thank the people of Buffalo enough for their support for me and the charities of Western New York that together we have helped over the last 40 years.”

santosmiggyMiggy Santos to Program Alpha Media’s ‘Energy 95.3’ in Bakersfield.  Just days after announcing his resignation from Kemp Broadcasting’s hip hop KVEG, Las Vegas “HOT 97.5,” Miggy Santos is named program director and afternoon drive personality at Alpha Media’s CHR KLLY, kllyBakersfield “Energy 95.3.”  Santos says of his new gig, “I am super excited to join the Alpha Media team at ‘Energy 95.3’ in Bakersfield!  Snacks & Mary G, DJ Jess and Joseph Gomez are a dream team and I have no doubt we will do great things for the community in Bakersfield.  I would like to thank market manager Mary Lou Gunn, OM Rene Roberts and VP/programming Phil Becker for giving me this opportunity.”

phattsDJdadyDJ Dady Phatts Named PM Drive Host at ‘Beatz 96.3’ in West Palm Beach.  Tomorrow DJ Dady Phatts, a.k.a. Reginald Benoit, takes over the afternoon drive slot at Palm Beach Broadcasting’s hip hop “Beatz 96.3” (W242CI, Jupiter, Florida).   The company launched the hip hop outlet on the translator in June, “filling the hole created” by sister station WMBX’s 2013 transition to urban AC.  Phatts comments, “I feel blessed to do afternoons in the city that I was born and raised in!  I am ready to get to work and take care of the community.”

williamsdjWilliams New GSM at Entercom’s Denver Standards and Oldies Outlets.  The two music-formatted AM stations at Entercom’s Denver cluster have a new general sales manager/creative operations.  DJ Williams takes on the role at standards KEZW “Studio 1430” and oldies KRWZ “Cruisin’ Oldies 950.”  Williams was most recently director of creative solutions and senior account manager at Max Media’s crosstown rhythmic oldies KJHM “Jammin’ 101.5” and classic hip hop and R&B KFCO “FLO 107.1.”

kimberlybeck captionWAIO, Rochester’s Kimberly & Beck Sued by Former Local Businessman.  Afternoon duo Kimberly Ray and Barry Beck are being sued for defamation by former local businessman Michael Amalfi Sr.  The suit alleges that the two accused him of selling marijuana at the family market he once owned.  Amalfi’s son, Michael Amalfi Jr., pleaded guilty earlier this year to charges related to his arrest for being involved in a marijuana-peddling ring.  The suit alleges that while Ray and Beck were discussing Amalfi Jr.’s case, they made statements that could be interpreted to mean Amalfi Sr. was involved in the drug sales as well.  Amalfi Sr. no longer owns the local meat market and he currently lives in Florida.

globalmediaservices logoNew Production Service ‘Radio Spot Shoppe’ to Launch on September 28.  The new three-part production service is being offered by Global Media Services and includes script writing, commercial production and imaging from “one professional source.”  Global Media Services is partnering with AdLarge Media for barter national ad sales representation.  Global founder Tony Garcia states, “Producing good creative quickly has always been a challenge for radio.  That is especially true as bottom line pressure increases and the head count decreases.garciatony  Radio Spot Shoppe gives stations the ability to outsource services rather than relying on the same voices, the same production staff, and the same AEs to write commercial copy.  Not only does that free-up internal personnel to focus on their core responsibilities, it also brings a dedicated team of production, script-writing, and imaging professionals to your station.”  Garcia says the market-exclusive barter service allows stations to choose the level of service based on their needs.  Check out www.radiospotshoppe.com, call Garcia directly at 303-557-1961 or email him at: tony@globalmediaservices.co.

fccnewBroadcasters Applaud New FCC Contest Rules.  The long awaited revised contest rules for radio and television stations that allow licensees to post contest rules online have been approved by the FCCNAB EVP of communications Dennis Wharton states, “NAB applauds the FCC for updating its contest rules to better reflect today’s media environment.  Providing flexibility about where and how contest rules can be posted online allows broadcasters to best serve our audiences based on the wide variety of contests we run.  NAB looks forward to working collaboratively with the FCC to help radio and TV stations adhere to these revised rules.”

wsigCool Job Opportunity.  Ready to join a true Country Legend?  30-year classic county powerhouse WSIG-FM in Harrisonburg, Virginia has a rare morning show co-host opening.  Saga Communications, one of the most respected media companies in the industry, is NOT searching for another jock!  We are looking for someone who knows how to put the “real” in “real entertainment” and share the spotlight with market vet and icon “JR in the Morning.”  Serving Virginia’s beautiful Shenandoah Valley, 96.9 WSIG has a full, rich history that includes James Madison University.  If you want to make a move to one of the nation’s most desirable companies, in one of the most beautiful markets in America, we want to hear from you. Saga Communications is an EOE.  Email your cover, resume, and air checks to SagaHR@sagacom.com.  No Calls Please.

bigdbubbarogers15‘Know When to Hold ‘Em.”  Country music legend Kenny Rogers (second from right) poses for a funny pic with nationally syndicated Compass Media Networks country morning show Big D & Bubba during an appearance on the program.  Also pictured are (from l-r): Bubba, show producer Patrick, Rogers and Big D.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

| August 25, 2015

scottleslieSeattle’s ‘End’ Elevates Scott to PD.  Two-year KNDD “The End” digital program director Leslie Scott adds responsibilities as traditional PD of the Entercom Seattle alternative facility. Vice president of programming and operations Dave Richards observes, “This is a new day for ‘The End.’ I am excited to hand the leadership of this great radio station to Leslie and watch her take us into our 25th anniversary in Seattle as one the city’s premiere radio brands, and one of America’s premiere alternative radio stations. I lookKNDD forward to more great things for ‘The End.'” Scott explains that she “obsessed over the alternative stations” of her youth: “It is the format that brought me to radio. It has been a privilege to work with ‘The End’ as digital program director. Leading ‘The End’ into the future as the program director is an incredible honor. We have a great team in-place; I am excited to do awesome things together.” Prior to arriving in Seattle four years ago to be assistant program director of Entercom’s KMTT “The Mountain” (now rhythmic hot AC KHTP), Scott programmed Columbia, Missouri stations KBXR and KBBM. Her resume also includes being assistant program director/music director in Madison, Wisconsin (WMAD) and Savannah, Georgia (WFXH). For Seattle’s last ten Nielsen Audio PPM survey periods, “The End” has been either up or flat (2.9 – 3.0 – 3.1 – 3.1 – 3.3 – 3.4 – 3.5 – 3.5 – 3.5 – 3.6 – 3.8, 6+); its 3.8 in July 2015 places it at #9.

gilliamdanielGilliam Promoted to LPM’s Director of Radio. WUOL program director and afternoon host Daniel Gilliam is boosted to director of radio at the Louisville Public Media classical outlet. According to LPM president and general manager Donovan Reynolds, “As we continue to improve the quality of our digital presence, it is essential that we not lose sight of our core business, which is broadcasting. Daniel will make sure that every second of ourWUOL broadcast is of the highest quality.” Gilliam comments, “I am excited to start this new role. I look forward to working with everyone on our core business of radio/audio, and most importantly, serving our listeners and community.” In addition to his PD and daily on-air duties, Gilliam produces/hosts “African-American Voices” and is pre-concert host for the Louisville Orchestra. Gilliam previously was program director of Minnesota Public Radio. WUOL “Classical 90.5” does not appear in Nielsen Audio‘s spring 2015 Louisville book.

teskawesWes Teska Joins Alpha Media as Director of Interactive Design.  Joining the interactive department at Alpha Media is Wes Teska, who’s been named director, interactive design.  In this role, Teska will manage design and the brand presence for all Alpha Media web, mobile, social destinationsalphamedia logo and live event venues.  He’ll report to Alpha vice president of interactive Stefan Brock.  Teska began his career in radio at age 13 with Oasis Radio Group in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  The company was recognized by the Indiana Broadcasting Association for “Best Use of New Media” in 2008 and 2009.  During his career he’s also worked for the digital agency Anyone Collective in Los Angeles and New Point Digital in Charleston, South Carolina.  Brock says, “Wes is a talented visionary who brings an incredible eye to the team. I am thrilled that he will be joining our team in managing the designers as we expand and move to elevate all brands within the company.”

More RadioInfo Career Moves.  CHR WKQI, Detroit “Channel 95.5” and morning drive personality Mojo re-mojo soloups with iHeartMedia to continue hosting his “Mojo in the Morning” show.  Mojo’s co-hosts and producer Spike, Shannon and Rachel, also are renewed…..Service Broadcasting promotes Keith Solis to music director for its Dallas urban AC KRNB “Smooth R&B 105.7.”…..Changes at Binnie Media’s country WTHT, Portland, Maine “99.9 The Wolf” as a new morning show is unveiled to replace Dave Winsor, who recently exited.  Evening host Andy Austin moves to mornings alongside current kaylaAM personality Michelle Taylor and local comic – and new addition – Paul Hunt.  Taking over for Austin in the night jock position is weekend personality Jeremy Daniels…..Florida radio personality Kayla heads to Las Vegas to become part of the “Chet Buchanan & the Morning Zoo” program on CBS RADIO’s CHR KLUC.  She was previously with Cox Media Group in Tampa doing weekends on CHR WPOI and as a cast member of Drew Garabo’s show on WHPT “The Bone.”

harrisonUpCloseFarOutsmallHowie Carr Interviewed on This Week’s Installment of ‘Up Close and Far Out.’  Legendary New England crime-busting, corruption-exposing, muckraker Howie Carr is the outspoken guest on this week’s installment (posted 8/25) of the PodcastOne international hit “Up Close and Far Out” hosted by RadioInfo publisher Michael Harrison.  Carr, whose hot, regional Howie Carr Radio Network is now clearing 24 stations across all six NewcarrhowieMed England states since its launch just over a year ago, discusses his extremely colorful career as an investigative reporter/columnist for the Boston Herald, best-selling author, and mega-successful talk show host with WRKO, Boston.  The two talk about Carr’s direct involvement in reporting on and helping bring down infamous mobster Whitey Bulger and doggedly reporting on the political shenanigans of Whitey’s brother Billy Bulger, “chasing” Boston Mayor Kevin White from office, and numerous other “real life adventures” that have put the multi-media personality’s life in danger on more than one occasion.  They also discuss the present-day impact that digital media, with its growing obsession for “click bait,” is having on the state of American journalism as well as the political rise of Donald Trump and potential fall of Hillary Clinton.  To listen to the entire conversation, please click here or on the “Up Close and Far Out” player box located in the right-hand column on every page of RadioInfo.com.

beasleyawards15Beasley Honors its Own.  The annual management meeting held last week in Beasley Media Group’s Naples, Florida corporate headquarters included the distribution of the company’s annual Operating Awards.  The 2015 honorees include: WIKS-FM – Radio Station of the Year/ Greenville-New Bern-Jacksonville, NC; Brad Beasley – General Manager of the Year/Fort Myers-Naples; John Candelaria – Program Director of the Year/Las Vegas; Richard Banks – Engineer of the Year/Greenville-New Bern-Jacksonville, NC; Lisa Lewis – Business Manager of the Year/Greenville-New Bern-Jacksonville, NC; AJ Lurie – Sales Manager of the Year/Fort Myers-Naples; Carolyn Cope – Digital Sales Professional of the Year/Boston; Diana Beasley  – Digital Content Professional of the Year/Fort Myers-Naples; and Denyse Mesnik –  CEO Award of Excellence.  Pictured here are (l-r, back row): AJ Lurie, Brad Beasley, EVP operations Brian Beasley, VP/market manager Bruce Simel (Eastern NC), president and COO Bruce Beasley, VP finance Marie Tedesco, VP/market manager Tom Humm (Las Vegas), VP digital product development Kimberly Sonneborn, VP engineering and CTO Mike Cooney, and VP programming Justin Chase.

walkerjeffCountry Radio and Publicity Giant Jeff Walker Dead at 65.  Nashville music, radio and publicity pro Jeff Walker died unexpectedly at age 65 in Nashville yesterday.  The Tennessean reports on Walker’s death and his career in the music business that began in 1980 with the formation of AristoMedia Group – a publicity firm that worked in the music, radio and video business.  Walker was involved with the CMA Music Fest in which he led the CMA global artists showcase.  Read The Tennessean piece here.

nashnightsUnderwood15Promoting ‘Smoke Break.’  Country star Carrie Underwood (center) stops by the NASH Campus in Nashville on August 24 to promote her new single, “Smoke Break,” off her new Arista Nashville album, Storyteller.  She spoke with “NASH Nights Live” hosts Shawn Parr (right) and Elaina Smith (left) about the new record and what it was really like getting into the corset she’s wearing for the “Smoke Break” cover art.

Friday, August 21, 2015

| August 21, 2015

waxy-fmEntercom Launches New Alt Rocker in Miami; Splits WAXY-AM/FM Sports Talk Simulcast.  The company says that it has had a lot of success with the alternative rock format in such markets as Seattle, Kansas City and Portland.  Now, Entercom will try its hand at alternative in Miami on WAXY-FM “104.3 The Shark.”  Sports talk will still be heard on WAXY-AM “790 The Ticket.”  As it says in the press release, Entercom will be the only broadcaster in Miami offering an alternative rock format.  In a market offering countless Spanish language and pop formats, ‘The Shark’ will certainly stand alone.  Entercom says, “‘104.3 The Shark’ will play alternative music that is modern and mainstream, as well as some classic alternative hits.”  John O’Connell will program the station.  He says, “We conducted extensive local research in South Florida and listeners want an active and modern alternative radio station in South Florida.  ‘104.3 The Shark’ will play the very best in modern alternative music from artists including Imagine Dragons, Capital Cities, Fall Out Boy, and legendary artists such as the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Nirvana and Green Day.”

keeganrobWMGK Boosts Keegan To GSM. WMGK, Philadelphia local sales manager Rob Keegan is elevated to general sales manager of the Greater Media classic rocker. Greater Media Philadelphia vice president of sales Paul Blake comments, “Rob has done an outstanding job as the local sales manager for WMGK-FM for nearly five years. His collaborative leadership and innovative style has established the station as a top-tier sales organization.” Keegan states, “I am proud to have the opportunity to lead this incredible team at WMGK-FM. The culture of Greater MediaWMGK Philadelphia is second-to-none; I am excited to further enhance our position in this marketplace.” Prior to joining Greater Media Philadelphia, Keegan spent 20 years at Beasley Broadcast Group, where he led the company’s non-traditional revenue department. The Rowan University graduate is president of the Hamels Foundation, a non-profit founded by Philadelphia Phillies left-handed pitcher Cole Hamels. Among persons 6+ in the latest (July 2015) Nielsen Audio PPM report for Philadelphia, WMGK finishes fourth (5.7), two-tenths behind co-owned rocker WMMR; CBS Radio classic hits-oldies WOGL ranks first (6.7, 6+).

bouncemoIt’s Nights To PM Drive for Z-100’s Mo’ Bounce. Six-year WHTZ, “Z-100,” New York evening talent (6:00 pm -10:00 pm) Mo’ Bounce advances to afternoon drive (2:00 pm – 6:00 pm) on the iHeartMedia mainstream CHR. Senior vice president of programming for iHeartMedia’s major markets Thea Mitchem remarks, “Mo’ Bounce is an incredible talent who hasWHTZ dominated nights in New York. His transition to afternoons is a natural evolution.” WHTZ program director Mark Medina comments, “Mo’ Bounce is one of the premiere on air talents in the country. His contributions over the past several years have helped solidify ‘Z-100′ as a world-class brand; we are thrilled to have him driving home New York City.” In addition to his “Z-100” on-air duties, Mo’ Bounce is heard on iHeartMedia stations in Washington, DC and Portland.

colemanchrisColeman Chosen as iHeartMedia Montgomery’s SVP/Programming. Former WOSL “Old School 100.3,” Cincinnati program director Chris Coleman joins iHeartMedia Montgomery as senior vice president of programming. The company’s senior vice president of programming Tom Hanrahan notes, “I am extremely excited to welcome Chris to the iHeartMedia family. Coleman is a strong programmer with aiHeartMedia contagious passion to win. His programming experience will make a strong impact and will allow him to ramp up quickly and build immediate relationships with the programming and sales team.” Coleman comments, “Home is where the heart is and I have a new home with iHeartMedia Montgomery. It is indeed a blessing for me to lead such a great team and staff. These stations and brands are iconic in Montgomery and the state of Alabama. Working with [them] is going to be epic.” The appointment is effective one week from Monday (8/31) for Coleman, who previously programmed in Birmingham (WBHK); Mobile (WBLX); and Columbus, Georgia (WFXE). The iHeartMedia Montgomery cluster consists of gospel WHLW “Hallelujah 104.3”; urban AC WWMG “Magic 97”; and urban contemporary WZHT “Hot 105.7.” In Nielsen Audio‘s fall 2014 book for Montgomery (market #158), “Magic 97” places first (10.7, 12+) and “Hot 105.7” and “Hallelujah” are tied for second, just two-tenths behind (each with 10.5, 12+).

aguilarjessicaAguilar Named Marketing Director for Alpha Media San Antonio.  San Antonio native Jessica Aguilar is the new marketing director for Alpha Media’s seven-station cluster in that city.  Most recently, Aguilar has been serving as marketing supervisor at Six Flags Fiesta Texas.  Prior to that, she was executive assistant to the director of sales at Sinclair San Antonio.  In San Antonio, Alpha operates news/talk KTSA. Sports talk KZDC “ESPN San Antonio,” ESPN Deportes, CHR KTFM, adult hits KJXK, regional Mexican KLEY and KSAH.

northmikeMike North to Host Bears Football Post-Game Show on Classic Hits WDRV, Chicago.  As reported by Chicago media writer Robert Feder, former longtime Windy City sports talk personalitywdrv Mike North is hosting a three-hour Chicago Bears post-game program on Hubbard Radio’s classic hits WDRV.  As Feder points out, this will be the fifth Bears post-game show to air simultaneously in the market (including the one on play-by-play flagship WBBM-AM and WCFS-FM).  North will continue to co-host the daily morning show “FOX Sports Daybreak” with Andy Furman on the FOX Sports Radio Network.  Read Feder’s story here.

More RadioInfo Career Moves. Replacing Lisa Sanchez on the “Buzz Adams Morning Show” onmcmasterstephanie Townsquare Media’s rock KLAQ, El Paso is Stephanie McMaster.  She takes the position after Sanchez moved to afternoons, replacing the late Scott Ronson, who died in May…..A seven-year cast steeleebonymember of Rickey Smiley‘s syndicated morning show, Ebony Steele, signs on with MannGroup Radio to host the 60-second “Ebony Steele Report.” MannGroup Radio owner/president Ed Mann comments, “We are super happy to have her with us.” The entertainment/pop culture feature will debut in the fourth quarter. Steele exited the Smiley show a year ago and was replaced by Claudia Jordan. Elsewhere within MannGroup Radio, “Greg Mack Show” host Greg Mack has a cameo role in the smash hit “Straight Outta Compton.”  Recent clearances for his weekend program include KQIE, Riverside; KTGV, Tucson; KKBB, Bakersfield; KOCP, Oxnard-Ventura; and KQAV, showtimePalmdale, California…..Showtime, “Mr. Talk of the Town,” is the new night jock at Radio One’s hip hop WQOK, Raleigh “K97.5.”  Showtime has hosted a weekend show on the station since 2010.  He says, “Landing nights on ‘K97.5’ is a full circle moment for me and a huge win!  I will be doing my part on air and behind the scenes to help Radio One Raleigh maintain its top position in the market.  I am extremely excited that I get to do what I love even more in a market that has been good to me and my family.”

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

| August 19, 2015

rateliffSOBDuane Doobie Jr.’s Pick of the Week.  RadioInfo’s hard-working co-music editor, Duane Doobie Jr., backed by a growing team of information-contributing researchers and golden-eared, trench broadcasters, including this week: Kid Kelly, vice president of music programming at SiriusXM; Todd Cavanah, golden-eared PD at CBS-owned WJMK “K-Hits” and WBBM-FM “B96” in Chicago; on-air personality Bayley Brown from WKLC-FM, St. Albans, West Virginia “Rock 105”;  Golden-eared music director Karoline Kramer Gould (also known to her followers as Momma K) at WJCU, Cleveland; Bill Phipps the golden-eared afternoon personality at WSIG, Mt. Jackson, Virginia “Real Country 96.9”; Jayn, golden-eared afternoon talent/music director/asst. program director at KLLC, San Francisco “Alice 93.7,” plus internet sensation The Iceman; provides programmers with musical suggestions worthy of the attention of pro-active radio formats.  You’ll be turned on to some of the exciting artists and music buzzing out there just over the horizon from the worlds of pop, rock, country and EDM.  This week’s selection posted today (8/19) includes such names as: Major Lazer, Ellie Goulding, Tarrus Riley, Kaya Stewart, Shaggy, Pitbull, Gene Noble, Gavin James, Hailee Steinfeld, The Heydaze, FFS, Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats, The Mynabirds, Metric, Silversun Pickups, Jerrod Nieman, Eric Church, Jason Aldean, Denny Strickland, Don Henley, Martina McBride, Emma Lane, Brielle, Kygo, Ducked Ape, among others. To check out this valuable information, please click here.

hi recordsiHeartMedia, Cumulus, and CBS RADIO on the Defensive in New Pre-1972 Copyright Infringement Suit.  This is the first suit that seeks to recoup royalties from radio companies that also operate in the AM/FM realm, but this is still about the digital broadcasts of pre-1972 music by the “big three” radio companies.  The suit was filed in U.S. District Court for the Central District of California by ABS Entertainment – owner of the copyrights of such Hi Records artists as Al Green, Ann Peebles and Syl Johnson.  AM/FM radio station owners are exempt from paying copyright royalties for their over-the-air broadcasts and they do pay publishers via ASCAP, BMI and SESAC, but they are now facing the same legal challenge that SiriusXM just settled for $210 million with such companies as ABKCO Music & Records, Capitol Records, Sony Music Entertainment, UMG Recordings, and Warner Music Group.  ABS Entertainment cites the suit brought by Flo & Eddie Inc. against SiriusXM in the same district as precedent.  That is now a class action suit currently in the Appeals Court.  ABS Entertainment is seeking restitution of unlawful proceeds and more than $5 million in damages.

marconijoshJosh Marconi Named Night Jock at WKQX, Chicago.  The evening show at Cumulus Media’s alternative WKQX, Chicago goes live in the evenings with the addition of Josh Marconi, effective September 1.  Marconi has been working most recently as a personality on Westwood One’s Rock 2.0 format.  Prior to that he held several positions in the Portland, Oregon market – briefly as morning co-host at Alpha Media’s triple A KINK, and before that as AM drive jock at Entercom’s alternative KNRK.  Chicago media writer Robert Feder reports the station has also added Brian Sherman and Russell Tanzillo to the air staff as part-timers.

dubsmikeMike Dubs Assumes Evening Show Role at ‘BUZ’N@102.9’ in Twin Cities.  Taking over for Chris “Fish” Shatek, who moved to CBS RADIO’s Miami country outlet WKIS, is air personality Mike Dubs.  He’ll host the evening show on country KMNB, Minneapolis “BUZ’N@102.9,” effective September 3.  Dubs has been working with CBS RADIO at WUSN, Chicago “US99.5” handling fill-ins and weekends.  Operations manager Lauren MacLeash comments, “Mike is a natural talent and personality – traits you can’t ‘teach.’  He’s fresh, real, and has more energy and enthusiasm than a case of Red Bull.  He’s an excellent addition to this powerhouse staff.”

wash-fmJake West Named WASH, Washington Afternoon Host.  The afternoon slot at adult contemporary WASH-FM, Washington has been open since earlier this year when Matt Bosso exited the position.  Now, iHeartMedia appoints Jake West to the slot.  West has been serving with the Baltimore/Washington iHeartMedia stations in other capacities.  Speaking about his new gig, West comments, “I’m beyond excited for this new role with WASH-FM.  A big thanks to the DC programming team for expanding my role in the cluster.  It truly is a great team here.”

More RadioInfo Career Moves.  At country WYCD, Detroit, CBS RADIO moves evening jock Rob Stone toleelindastonerobWYCD the afternoon drive show with existing co-host Linda Lee.  Stone replaces Chuck Edwards, who shifted to the morning show host role after the company moved longtime milestheDJmorning host Dr. Don Carpenter into a part-time role with the station…..Northern Lights Broadcasting names Miles the DJ, a.k.a. Miles Anzaldo, music director for alternative KTWN, Minneapolis “GO 96.3.”  Miles hosts the afternoon drive show as wells as the Friday night “Mixdown with Miles” that airs from 10:00 pm to 2:00 am.

bouvardpierreWestwood One’s Pierre Bouvard on Perception of Radio’s Audience.  In the final analysis, Westwood One chief marketing officer Pierre Bouvard says, “It’s on us.”  He means the task of telling radio’s story is incumbent upon those working in the radio business.  His latest blog piece asks four questions relative to the reach of radio and measures the perception against the data-supported reality.  Bouvard writes that an Advertiser Perceptions study shows agencies and advertisers believe that AM/FM radio reaches 64% of Americans while Nielsen research shows that figure is actually 93%.  He notes that when it comes to television versus radio in its ability to reach Millennials, radio outperforms 93% to 76%.  He goes on to compare the perception of the reach of streaming media and finds that, again, agencies and advertisers have an over-inflated view of the reach of pure-plays such as Pandora and Spotify, especially relative to radio.  Bouvard passes along a statement from Mark Kaline, former head of media at Ford Motor Company and Kimberly-Clark, who says, “As a marketer, I’ve always found radio to be a medium that effectively and efficiently delivers reach over an extended period of time, while driving ROI within the total communications plan.  But radio has been too low profile with brands, especially in light of other advancements in technology.  Radio needs to be more aggressively marketing their story as the leading mass reach media.”  Read Bouvard’s piece here.

Monday, August 17, 2015

| August 17, 2015


T-MobileT-Mobile Will Activate FM Chip. The decision by T-Mobile was issued Friday (8/14) via Twitter by president and chief executive officer John Legere, whose actual “tweet” reads, “Hey @NextRadio app – We heard you! We’re saying yes to FM and will push our OEM partners to support!” Expanding his remarks, Legere states, “We are excited about T-Mobile joining Sprint and AT&T as the first carriers to officially request their handset makers activate FM radio chipsNextRadio with NextRadio in their device specifications. Activating the FM chip, already present in every Smartphone in America, allows users to download the NextRadio app and engage in a visually compelling, interactive experience with local radio stations, without the data charges and battery drain of streaming.” NextRadio/Tag Station president Paul Brenner instantly and directly replied to Legere with a video message by commenting, “Hey John, we saw your ‘tweet’ and you made our day. It was so great to see T-Mobile say ‘yes’ to the FM chip. The American radio industry is excited to be behind this effort and to work with T-Mobile going forward to make this a great experience for your customers. We have tens of thousands of T-Mobile customers respond to this program. Just like you always said you would do, you listened to those customers. Thank-you and we look forward to working with you in the future.” T-Mobile’s parent company is Deutsche Telekom.

mennamaryRob Williams Exits Greater Media Boston VP/Market Manager Post; Mary Menna Promoted.  Vice president and market manager Rob Williams resigns from his post with Greater Media Boston to accept a position closer to his Connecticut residence and the company promoteswilliamsrob WMJX general manager Mary Menna to the VP/ market manager position.  Williams says, “My tenure at Greater Media has been wonderful, and I’m thankful to Peter Smyth for these past three-and-a-half years and I’m forever grateful to my Greater Media Boston team for their exceptional work.  Together we have achieved many records in revenue and ratings and have done it while creating a tremendous work environment marked by a commitment to high performance and to treating people with respect.”  Menna joined WMJX in May of 2014 after serving as market president for iHeartMedia Boston.  She’d been with that company for some 25 years in various capacities.  At the same time, she also managed its Providence market for four years.  Menna comments, “I am thrilled to be taking on new responsibilities working with the talented Greater Media Boston team and the powerhouse brands of WROR, ‘Country 102.5,’ ‘Radio 92.9,’ ‘Hot 96.9’ and ‘MAGIC 106.7.’  Working with Peter Smyth and Greater Media Boston in this new role is a dream come true for me.”

mikeelizabethMike Mason Joins Elizabeth Kay on WMYX, Milwaukee.  The morning show at Entercom’s hot AC WMYX, Milwaukee “99.1 The Mix” adds Mike Mason to current AM personality Elizabeth Kay for the new “Mike & Elizabeth” program.  Mason moves from his afternoon drive position at the station.  Program director JoJo Martinez says, “I’m so happy for Mike.  He did an amazing job on the air and on social media to engage listeners in a very short time in afternoon drive.  I expect nothing but the best from Mike & Elizabeth!”  Kay adds, “I’m beyond thrilled to be doing the morning show with Mike Mason!  The creativity and enthusiasm he has shown during his afternoon show here on ‘The Mix’ this past year made it an obvious choice to move him into the morning show spot!  I love his quick wit, his ability to make fun of himself and to talk about his life on the air.  He’s an incredible talent and I’m confident that our listeners will enjoy waking up to him in the morning!”

More RadioInfo Career Moves.  At Entercom’s Milwaukee CHR WXSS “103.7 Kiss FM,” evening personalitygrahamnathan Nathan Graham is promoted to midday jock and APD…..West Virginia Radio Corporation announces Robb Reel joins country WKWS, Charleston “96.1 The Wolf” to host the morning drive show stoneamberalongside current morning show personality Miss Amanda.  Reel takes over for the retiring John DeVincent…..Fort Wayne radio personality Amber Stone is named morning drive host on adult contemporary WWFW.  Stone also handles midday duties at Adams Radio Group’s sister CHR WJFX “Hot 107.9.”…..AdLarge Media names network radio and digital audio expert Mark Behrendt national account manager for the firm, based at its Detroit offices.  Behrendt has served with Dial Global, Skyview Networks, and ABC/ESPN Radio Networks.

inc5000 logoSun Broadcast Group Recognized by Inc. Magazine for Second Year in a Row.  The company will be honored at Inc. Magazine’s Inc. 5000 Conference and Awards Ceremony in Orlando later this year for being one of the fastest-growing companies in America.  Sun Broadcast Group also is receiving recognition as the fastest-growing company in the broadcast radio industry and the 11th fastest-growing company in all of media.  The annual list ranks the country’s fastest-growing privatebaileyjasonsun companies according to percentage of revenue growth over three years.  Sun reports during that time its revenue jumped more than 629%.  It also has added 18 full-time positions between its New York City and Boca Raton offices.  SBG CEO Jason Bailey comments, “When we were given the honor of making the Inc. Magazine list in 2014 you could have knocked me over with a feather.  Making the list for a second year and being in the top 20% among some of the most incredibly innovative companies in this country is absolutely mind blowing.  I’m so proud of the incredible team here at Sun and so thankful to the clients, producers and agency partners who have supported us over the last seven years.  The journey has been a mighty one but we always have and will continue to do it our way for the better of our partnerships and for this incredibly industry.  Onward!”

townsquare logoTownsquare Media to Add to its Live Events Business with NAME Acquisition.  The 2015 second quarter net revenue figure for Townsquare Media, Inc. rose 10.5% on the strength of its Live Events division, which saw a year-over-year increase of 50.4%.  Now, the company announces it has entered into a definitive purchase agreement to acquire North American Midway Entertainment, LLC (NAME) for approximately $75.5 million (subject to certain working capital and other adjustments).   In a press statement, Townsquare says, “NAME entertains more than 15 million people on an annual basis as the owner and operator of amusement attractions, including over 200 state-of-the-art rides, custom-designed food concessions and family-oriented games at approximately 150 fairs per year across the United States and Canada.”  NAME’s management team will join Townsquare and become part of its Live Events division.  Townsquare chairman and CEO Steven Price states, “We are excited to partner with NAME’s management team and add NAME’s market-leading mobile amusement parks to our Live Events portfolio.  Nearly half of NAME’s current events are within 100 miles of a Townsquare market and fit squarely within our core stated strategy of providing affordable, family-friendly entertainment content.”

WGVXThe Twin Cities Feel Cumulus Media’s “Vibe.” Late Friday afternoon (4:00 pm, 8/14), Cumulus Media Minneapolis flipped tri-cast WGVX, WRXP, WGVZ, “Sports Talk 105 The Ticket” to classic hip-hop “The Vibe 105.” Operations manager Scott Jameson comments that “Vibe 105” is a “fresh and fun radio station for the Twin Cities. Our music mix appeals to a wide variety of hip-hop fans and crosses over to consumers of other formats as well. I amCumulus looking forward to hearing a new “Vibe” on our trio of [stations at] 105.1, 105.3, and 105.7 and I thank [Cumulus executive vice president of content and programming] John Dickey for his vision in bringing this opportunity to the midwest where classic hip-hop has an underserved audience.” Cumulus Media subsidiary Westwood One syndicates classic hip-hop programming for Minneapolis’ “Vibe 105,” which debuts with wall-to-wall music. Mixed in with classic hip-hop are some R&B “throwbacks” from the 1980s, 1990s and early-2000s. Latest (July 2015) Nielsen Audio PPM figures for Minneapolis indicate that “Sports Talk 105 The Ticket” ranks #25 of the 25 stations listed with a .1 (6+). Locked on .3 from January to May, “The Ticket”  dipped to .2 in June and then to .1 in July. The other two sports stations in Minneapolis-St. Paul are iHeartMedia‘s KFXN “K-Fan” (4.2, #11) and Hubbard‘s KSTP-AM “1500 ESPN” (1.1, #19). Leading the pack in that market are Hubbard hot AC KSTP-FM “KS-95” and iHeartMedia classic hits-oldies KQQL “Kool 108” (both registering 8.4 shares, 6+, July 2015). Licensed to the Center For Communication & Development, public KMOJ (.6, #20, 6+) is the only station in the market with an urban contemporary, urban AC, or urban-rhythmic oldies feel.

abcradioFallOutBoyABC Radio Offers Fall Out Boy Special.  The one-hour music special is titled, “Fall Out Boy: From Zummer Into Fall,” and is available for broadcast over Labor Day weekend starting Thursday, September, 3.  The company says “Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz and Patrick Stump give ABC Radio a behind-the-scenes glimpse at the making of their #1 album, American Beauty/American Psycho, and share thoughts on how their music, as well as the industry, has changed in the decade since their big break.  The superstars will also preview what’s next for them as they take their music around the world.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

| August 12, 2015

doobie logoDuane Doobie Jr’s Picks of the Week. RadioInfo’s hard-working co-music editor, Duane Doobie Jr., backed by a growing team of information-contributing researchers and golden-eared, trench broadcasters, including this week: Kid Kelly, vice president of music programming at SiriusXM; Todd Cavanah, golden-eared PD at CBS owned WJMK “K-Hits” & WBBM-FM in Chicago; John Marks, director of Country programming for SiriusXM; on-air personality Bayley Brown from WKLC-FM, St. Albans, West Virginia “Rock 105;”  Golden-eared music director Karoline Kramer Gould (also known to her followers as Momma K) at WJCU 88.7 FM; Bill Phipps the golden-eared afternoon personality at WSIG, Mt. Jackson, Virginia “Real Country 96.9;” Jayn, golden-eared afternoon talent/music director/asst. program director at Alice 93.7, San Francisco; plus internet sensation The Iceman, provides programmers with musical suggestions worthy of the attention of pro-active radio formats.  You’ll be turned on to some of the exciting artists and music buzzing out there just over the horizon from the worlds of pop, rock, country and EDM.  This week’s selection posted today (8/12) includes such names as: Hailee Steinfeld, Shawn Mendes, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Ed Sheeran, Outasight, One Direction, Leon Bridges, The Heydaze, Lana Del Rey, The Wombats, Biters, Silversun Pickups, Halsey, Frank Turner, Don Henley, Martina McBride, Kacey Musgraves, Rick Monroe, Emma Lane, Jackie Lee, Clare Dunn, Memoryy,  Skee Lo, San Holo, Kygo, Baio, among others. To check out this valuable information, please click here.

kinosianmike (2)PPM Analysis: Urban Contemporary.  RadioInfo managing editor Mike Kinosian presents the first of three format analyses based on Nielsen Audio July 2015 PPM data. Today’s focus is mainstream urban contemporary. Exactly half the stations on the urban contemporary panel (50%) are down June – July (6+), while 52% of the sample improves year-to-year. While approximately two of three qualifying urban contemporary facilities appear in the top ten (6+) of their respective markets in July, only Atlanta’s WVEE manages to finish first. View the entire report here.

rdio-logoRdio Debuts Live Broadcast Radio. The global music streaming service begins with nearly 500 U.S. stations. Listeners can mark songs they like as a favorite, share the song, start a custom station based on the song or view more music by the artist. Paying subscribers to Rdio’s $3.99 and $9.99 plans can download songs for unlimited listening, add it to a custom playlist, listen to related songs from that artist or recently played songs on that station as often as they want. Rdio chief executive officer Anthony Bay comments, “We are committed to providing Rdio customers around the world with easy access to the audio content they want to hear through innovative features that enhance listening. Broadcast radio brands and talent continue to be the dominant tastemakers in music, so integrating live broadcast radio into Rdio’s critically acclaimed customer experience is an exciting development that we are thrilled to introduce.” Through a September 2013 partnership with Cumulus Media, Rdio has access to Cumulus’ programming and is promoted on Cumulus stations. Cumulus Media chief executive officer Lew Dickey states, “Bringing our national platform of stations to Rdio allows us to instantly create broader access for our listeners and new opportunities for advertisers to reach their target audiences. The combination of our premier broadcast assets with Rdio’s acclaimed user experience and music discovery features creates a full-service listening experience that is unparalleled.” In addition to music, live broadcast programming includes sports content from local stations as well as through Cumulus Media’s Westwood One. Featured stations include Cumulus Media-owned country WNSH, New York; rock KLOS, Los Angeles; triple-A KFOG, San Francisco; urban-rhythmic oldies WRWM, Indianapolis; and country WSM-FM, Nashville. Additional stations will launch later this year.

National Radio Hall of FameNational Radio Hall of Fame Voting Starts Today. After a five-year hiatus, listeners again have the opportunity to participate in selecting National Radio Hall of Fame inductees. For the next two weeks (through Wednesday, 8/26), voters can text 36500 with their one vote for the four nominees (each) in the “Music Format On-Air Personality” and “Spoken Word On-Air Personality” categories. National Radio Hall of Fame chair Kraig Kitchin declares, “These eight personalities are beloved by their listeners. Giving the audience an opportunity to participate in the process of acknowledging their favorite hosts for their contributions over the years just makes sense.” Nominees and text info for the “Music Format On-Air Personality” are Delilah (text “DELILAH” to 36500); Elvis Duran (text “ELVIS” to 36500); Steve Harvey (text “STEVE” to 36500); and Ryan Seacrest (text “RYAN” to 36500). Nominees and text info for the “Spoken Word On-Air Personality” are Sean Hannity (text “HANNITY” to 36500); Clark Howard (text “CLARK” to 36500); Jim Rome (text “ROME” to 36500); and Dr. Laura Schlessinger (text “DR. LAURA” to 36500). Listener-chosen winners will be announced at the end of this month (8/31), and we cannot forget that all-important fine print that “message and data rates may apply.” In addition to the two listener-voting categories, four categories are being voted on by a panel of 400 industry professionals. The induction ceremony takes place November 5 at the Museum of Broadcast and Communications in downtown Chicago.

Interactive Advertising BureauIAB Gears Up For Debut Podcast Upfront Showcase. The one-day marketplace for advertisers and media buyers to preview podcast programming will be held next month (9/10) in New York City. Scheduled to present at Interactive Advertising Bureau‘s inaugural podcast upfront showcase include representatives from AdLarge Media, Midroll, NPR, Panoply, Podtrac, and WNYC. Industry Initiatives, IAB vice president Carl Kalapesi explains, “More and more advertisers are incorporating audio programming into their digital marketing strategies. The individual and intimate listening experience enjoyed by podcast listeners provides a unique vehicle for brands to connect with consumers. IAB is excited to bring so many digital audio leaders together to discuss their upcoming programming and the wide array of advertising opportunities available through podcasts.” Invited executives will get to preview content developments from each presenting company in 20-minute segments.

Tyrell, SteveTyrell Joins “K-Jazz” Air Staff. Jazz vocalist Steve Tyrell is added to the on-air staff of California State University-Long Beach-owned KKJZ “K-Jazz America’s Jazz and Blues Station.” Tyrell’s eponymousKKJZ three-hour weeknight program (6:00 pm – 9:00 pm) will begin in just over two weeks (8/31). Many U.S. astronauts have adopted his version of “On the Sunny Side of the Street” as their official song. All seven of 70-year-old Tyrell’s American standards albums have reached the top five on the jazz chart. He produced “That’s Life,” the debut album for Landau Eugene Murphy – the season six winner of “America’s Got Talent.” Also new to the “K-Jazz” lineup (and following Tyrell’s show) is a Bubba-Jackson-hosted bebop program.

Cassell, RussCassell (Posthumously) Wins SCBA Radio Personality of the Year Award. The “State Television And Radio” (STAR) awards of the South Carolina Broadcasting Association honor “exceptional accomplishments of the state’s stations and their broadcast professionals.” Entercom-owned talk WYRD-FM, Greenville-Spartanburg host Russ Cassell (left), who passed away last year, won the “Radio Personality of the Year” award. Entercom market vice president and generalEntercom Upstate manager Steve Sinicropi declares, “The broadcasting legacy of Russ Cassell lives on; our entire team is grateful for the SCBA recognizing Russ with this important award.” The cluster’s production director Stan Fisher received STAR recognition for best production-multi spot campaign on rock WTPT “93.3 The Planet” for local attorney Rob Ianuario. In the station’s first year in the format, WYRD-AM “ESPN Upstate” sports broadcaster Greg McKinney was recognized with a “Sportscaster of the Year award of merit at the event, which was held in Columbia, South Carolina over the weekend.

McCollim, JasonMcCollim Heads to Colorado Springs as iHeartMedia’s Senior VP/Programming. Transferring from Spokane where he programmed iHeartMedia talker KQNT and KKZX “The Classic Rock Station,” Jason McCollim is appointed senior vice president of programming for the company’s Colorado Springs and Pueblo stations. Senior vice president of programming/regional markets Tony Coles states, “McCollim is one of our rising stars. He has done an incredible job for iHeartMediaus in Spokane. His leadership skills and passion for programming will allow him to ramp up quickly and build immediate relationships with the programming and sales teams.” Colorado-Pueblo market president Darci Ewell comments, “Jason’s proven track record in Spokane and his versatile experience will make him an incredible asset to the Colorado Springs-Pueblo cluster. Jason brings a high level of energy and creativity that will greatly benefit our team.” McCollim remarks, “I am very excited about working with the fantastic iHeartMedia team in both Colorado Springs and Pueblo; thanks to Tony Coles and Darci Ewell for the opportunity to work in one of the most beautiful parts of our country.” McCollim spent more than 14 years at KQNT and KKZX; he is vice president of the Inland Empire Bloodhounds Search & Rescue. The Colorado Springs stations he will oversee are rhythmic CHR KIBT “The Beat”; hot AC KVUU “My-99.9”; adult contemporary KKLI “Sunny 106.3”; country KCCY “Y-96.9; and classic rock KDZA “Z-107.9.” The three Pueblo facilities are classic hits KPHT; KCCY “Fox Sports 1350″; and talk KCSJ.

McKenzie, ScottUpdate: Scott McKenzie. It was just this past Monday (8/10) that RadioInfo reported that – after an approximately seven-year battle against non-Hodgkins cancer – CBS Radio Orlando hot AC WOMX “Mix 105.1″ morning personality Scott McKenzie had made his “final” healthcare arrangements. McKenzie yesterday (Tuesday) lost that fight and passed away at the age of 59. His death was announced on his Facebook page. Among those commenting is CBS Radio News correspondent Peter King, who notes, “Scott is the epitome of an iconic radio personality who embraced his community and vice versa; a great talent, a great person who has enriched so many lives through good deeds and laughter.” Just prior to his death, McKenzie addressed listeners by posting on the station website, “Your constant love and support has gotten us through so much during this cancer battle. Knowing you have been by our side has been sincerely appreciated by my family on a daily basis. Most of all, thank you for the privilege of waking you up all these years. I am so grateful to call you my Orlando family.” It was his “dream to be able to make it back in the studio with the other corny goofballs for a brief goodbye, and to hold down that microphone ‘on’ switch one more time.” It, however, did not happen. Columbus-born/Ohio University graduate McKenzie previously worked at stations in Boston, Columbus, and Tallahassee. He had been with “Mix” for nearly 25 years and today’s 6:00 am – 10:00 show on “Mix” will be a tribute to him. His wife, daughter, and parents are among his survivors. Funeral services will be tomorrow (Thursday) at 10:30 am at Congregation Ohev Shalom in suburban Orlando (Maitland).

Maranville, TimMaranville Departs USA Radio Networks. One-year USA Radio Networks chief content officer-director of channel development Tim Maranville exits. He expresses thanks to “everyone at USA for all the hard work, especially show hosts Steve Deace, Kevin Jackson, Steve Noble, Jim Sharpe, Joe Messina, Chris and Emilee, Angie Austin, and Tony Perkins. The future is bright and I hope to have one, maybe two, announcements about my next contribution to the planet by mid-September.” Maranville joined USA after a nearly six-year run as vice president of programming at Westwood One. He previously was vice president and director of operations of the Denver Radio Company; vice president and director of operations of Sun City Communications; director of operations at KFRC, San Francisco; and director of operations of Phoenix stations KMLE, KOOL, and KZON. In addition, he owns/operates Mutations Media and he co-owns The Show Must Go On, an independent syndication consulting and affiliation company.

Mintz, Elliot1-HarrisonUpCloseFarOutsmallHistoric Pop Media Figure Elliot Mintz Interviewed on Podcast One’s “Up Close and Far Out with Michael Harrison.”   One of the most complex and challenging processes in all of radio is the art of the interview.  We hear interviews all the time – but how many of them are really good?  How many of them bring the listener true insights into the mind and knowledge of the person being interviewed?  How many truly represent the interests of the listener without ambushing or disrespecting the human dignity (or appropriate privacy) of the person being interviewed?  Should an interview be a series of hard ball questions?  Should it be conversational?  Should it be confrontational?  Should it be to promote a product?  These are questions that any good interviewer faces every time they enter a public dance of dialogue with another human being… “Am I an adversary, an advocate or something in between?”  The new installment of the hit weekly podcast geared to media freaks around the world, “Up Close and Far Out,” presents an interviewer (Michael Harrison) interviewing an interviewer (Elliot Mintz).  Mintz was one of the original pioneers of FM rock radio back in the 60s – only he wasn’t a DJ, he was an interviewer – thus, he is also somewhat of a pioneering talk show host.  Throughout the sixties and seventies, he became widely respected for the quality and prolific body of work (more than 2000 interviews) with the most famous and respected pop stars in the world of music, the performing arts, science and philosophy.  In the 80s, he reinvented himself and became a consultant, advisor and publicist to some of the biggest names in the business including the John Lennon estate and a slew of others.  He can truly be called a consummate show business insider and a legend in his own right.  Now, Elliot Mintz has done something extraordinary.  He spent more than a year of diligent detail work assembling his archives, that were packed away in fading and often unmarked boxes, into a museum-like website where the visitor can experience, at no cost, more than 150 hours of audio and video treasures culled from his encounters with some of the most fascinating characters of the 20th and early 21st centuries.  It is www.ElliotMintz.com. To listen to the entire conversation between Michael Harrison and Elliot Mintz, please click here or click on the “Up Close and Far Out” player box located in the right-hand column of every page of Talkers.com and RadioInfo.com.

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| July 23, 2015

voltair imageNielsen Audio-Voltair Debate Rages On.  The industry is still aflutter with chatter – and quite a few blogs – over Tuesday’s Nielsen Audio webinar in which the ratings giant told clients its tests of Telos Alliance’s Voltair audio processor showed no conclusive evidence that the unit positively impacted the PPM unit’s ability to pick up the embedded codes in any way that could affect ratings.  Although Nielsen did admit that in some circumstances, Voltair did give the watermark a boost that would allow the PPM to pick up more codes.  Broadcasting consultantkabrichrandy Randy Kabrich responded to that conclusion in a recent blog post in which he explained that – due to the U.S. system of Quarter Hour measurement – picking up some extra codes via Voltair which might have gone undetected without it, still would not increase ratings because the Media Rating Council testing done on PPM concluded the measurement system “hears” enough of the codes to get an accurate record of listening.  The Voltair unit has only been in the field for less than a year and it appears there isn’t enough data, available publicly anyway, to produce sound conclusions about whether – or exactly how – the unit affects the audio and the PPM’s reception of it across all radio formats.  Even Telos Alliance doesn’t seem to have all the answers about its product as Kabrich points out in today’s blog post that focuses on contrary opinions about whether certain music “encodes well” for PPM.  Read it here.

leejordanWYMS Lifts Lee to PD. Six-year WYMS, Milwaukee assistant program director Jordan Lee is elevated to program director of the Milwaukee Public Schools-owned/Radio Milwaukee-managed noncommercial triple A outlet. He succeeds Sean Demery, who relocates to Utah, but will work with the station as a consultant. Radio Milwaukee executive director Mary Louise Mussoline comments, “Sean worked very hard for us and set the stage for our continued growth. Jordan has consistently done exceptional work; led the program team in implementing changes; and encouraged excellence from the team. He has beenWYMS developing strong industry contacts and worked with top national bands for our ‘Studio Milwaukee’ on-air shows. Jordan is a rising star.” Lee remarks, “We have done great work over the last eight years and we are making a real difference in the community. I think I can help bring even more listeners to the station, which will help us make an even greater impact in Milwaukee.” The station’s morning drive talent since December 2008, Lee will no longer host a daily show. After consecutive .8 showings in April and May (Nielsen Audio PPM, 6+), WYMS registers a 1.1 in June (#19); it is the first time it reaches at least a one-share (6+) since last July’s 1.0.

More RadioInfo Career Moves.  There’s a new voice on iHeartMedia’s hip hop WJMN, Boston “Jam’n 94.5”vfrankie as Frankie V, a.k.a. Frank Vinci, joins current morning show co-host Ashlee Feldman for AM drive duties.  Frankie V takes over for Ramiro “The Freakin’ Puerto Rican” Torres who exits…..Taryn Daly is promoted at Entercom rocker KISW, Seattle.  She moves from her weekend gig to full-time dalytarynnight jock and social media director.  Daly takes over for Jolene, who recently exited her evening show position after an 11-year stint to pursue opportunities outside the radio business…..At Staradio’s country WXNU, Kankakee, Illinois, midday personality Denny Case is promoted to program director after current PD and PM drive personality Maggi Mayfield announces she’ll leave the station on August 14 to pursue her stand-up career full time…..Night jock Kid Jay adds music director duties to his role with iHeartMedia’s rhythmic CHR KGGI, Riverside, California.

cumulus logoCumulus-Commissioned Study Indicates Radio Advertising Helped Drive Awareness of Amazon Prime Day.  The Ipsos study commissioned by Cumulus Media/Westwood One analyzing how advertising drove awareness of the July 15 Amazon Prime Day was done to “understand how effective advertising and radio is to drive online purchases.”  The study concluded that: 81% of Americans aware of Amazon Prime said they were exposed to some form of advertising for the event; one out of five Americans reported making a purchase during Amazon Prime Day because of advertising; three out of five Amazonamazonprimeday Prime subscribers (18-49) exposed to advertising said they purchased something during Amazon Prime Day; and radio advertising was the most effective at converting awareness into Prime Day purchases when compared to TV and online.  Of those exposed to radio ads, 52% made a purchase versus TV (39%) and online (48%).  Cumulus and Westwood One chief marketing officer Pierre Bouvard comments, “Advertising put Amazon Prime Day on the map, and radio was the most effective at converting awareness into purchases.  The greatest Amazon Prime Day purchases occurred among Millennials, households with children, and those with a full-time job — precisely the profile of the American radio listener.”

dukefm logoKMJO, Fargo Airing ‘DUKE FM’ Country Format.  The classic country format from Envision Networks and Kroeger Media Inc is now heard on Midwest Communications’ KMJO-FM, Fargo as the station re-brands as “104.7 DUKE FM.”  Midwest Communications vice president of programming Jeff McCarthy states, “Stars such as George Strait, Reba McEntire, Garth Brooks and Alan Jackson were not getting airplay and furthermore, the legends like Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson were without a home on the radio, until now.  ‘DUKE FM at 104.7’ now delivers the massive hits from the legendary artists.”

michaelsnickNick Michaels’ ‘Deep End’ Programs to Air on KRDG, Redding.  New affiliate KRDG, Redding, California adds two show from Nick MichaelsAmerican Voice Corporation.  The weekly “The Deep End With Nick Michaels” and the daily short-form feature “Stories From The Deep End” will begin airing on the Mapleton-owned classic hits station on August 9.

KerrJimPage15iHeartRadio ICONS Series Hosts Jimmy Page.  Rock giant and Led Zeppelin founder Jimmy Page (left) sits down with WAXQ, New York and iHeartMedia personality Jim Kerr (right) at the iHeartRadio Theater in New York City for a recent edition of the iHeartRadio ICONS.  In celebration of the release of digitally re-mastered editions of Led Zeppelin albums Presence, In Through the Out Door and Coda, Page took part in a Q&A with Kerr and played the first public airing of an alternate take on “When the Levee Breaks” titled, “If it Keeps on Raining,” (which is included on the Coda record).  Photo: The Browyoungs for iHeartRadio.

arlingtonindependentmediaCool Job Opportunity.  Arlington Independent Media seeks a Radio Coordinator for its new low-power FM.  The Radio Coordinator (RC) is responsible for coordinating the activities of WERA, Arlington.  The RC will be responsible for the day-to-day operation of the station, will assist the AIM Board of Directors, the WERA/LPFM Committee, and the AIM Executive Director in the long-term and strategic planning for the future health and growth of the station, and will work with the Executive Director and the LPFM/WERA, Facilities, Marketing, and Fundraising Committees to promote the station, solicit programs, raise funds, and seek sponsorships and underwriting. The RC reports to the AIM Operations Manager.  For job requirements and to apply, click here.

Monday, July 20, 2015

| July 20, 2015


cbsradio logoScott Herman Promoted to COO of CBS Radio.  President Andre Fernandez announces EVP of operations Scott Herman has been promoted to chief operating officer for CBS RADIO.  The company says that in this new role, Herman will continue to report to Fernandez and lead local operations across the division’s 117 major market stations.  CBS RADIO’s market managers will now report to Herman.  Fernandez states, “Scott has ahermanscott tremendous reputation in the industry, and is a distinguished representative for radio.  He understands CBS RADIO’s vision for the future and will provide strength to our senior leadership team as we move forward with a variety of key growth initiatives.  Having someone with Scott’s experience collaborating directly with our station management will result in new value for CBS RADIO and our partners.”  The company notes that, because of this experience, Herman “works particularly close with the division’s news and talk stations, and his expertise in this area has allowed CBS RADIO to retain its leadership position in the format.”  Herman was promoted to EVP, Eastern Region for CBS in 2003.  Prior to that, he was senior vice president, market manager for the division’s New York properties, including all-newsers WINS and WCBS plus sports talk WFAN.  Herman was vice president and general manager of WINS from 1994-2003 and WNEW-FM on two different occasions during the 1990s.

entercomLorino, McNabb Tapped to Program Entercom Outlets. Four-year KZPT “99.7 – The Point,” Kansas City program director Tony Lorino is transferring from the Entercom hot AC to program newly-acquired (from Lincoln Financial Media), similarly-formatted Atlanta property WSTR “Star 94.” Entercom Atlanta vice president and market manager Mike Fowlerlorinotony comments, “Tony is the perfect choice for ‘Star 94.’ He has done an incredible job in Kansas City and he will bring that same leadership and passion to ‘Star 94’ – he will make an immediate impact.” Lorino remarks, “I am thrilled to be able to work with this incredibly talented team at ‘Star 94,’ and help the mcnabbleighstation grow. Atlanta has been a fantastic radio city for many years. I cannot wait to help make some amazing memories with our Entercom Atlanta team.” He starts his new assignment today (7/20). With Entercom since 2006, Lorino’s past credits include assistant program director/morning show producer at Entercom Milwaukee and a stint in Des Moines at KSTZ and KIOA. Beginning next month, “Star” will be simulcast on co-owned WQXI “ESPN 790 The Zone.” Replacing Lorino at Kansas City’s “99.7 – The Point” is Leigh Ann McNabb, who arrives from Entercom Milwaukee mainstream CHR WXSS “103.7 – Kiss FM,” where – for the past five years – she has been assistant program director/music director/mid-day talent. According to McNabb, “I am excited for the next chapter in my career and thrilled it continues with my Entercom family. ‘The Point” has become a force in Kansas City radio under Tony Lorino’s leadership. I am honored to have studied under the best, [‘Kiss’ program director] Brian Kelly.” Before working at Entercom Milwaukee, McNabb was an on-air talent at Illinois stations in Rockford (morning drive at CHR WZOK) and Champaign-Urbana (mid-days at hot AC WLRW), as well as marketing/promotion director at Saga rocker KAZR, Des Moines. Among persons 6+ in Nielsen Audio‘s June PPM report for Atlanta, “Star 94” – with back-to-back increases (3.0 – 3.2 – 3.8, April – May – June) – finishes #11, while WQXI has a .2 (#29). Meanwhile, in Kansas City, “The Point” ranks third (5.5, 6+).

More RadioInfo Career Moves.  Programming executive John Dimick leaves the radio biz after a 35-year career to begin operating a newly purchased AAMCO Transmissions franchise in Atlanta.  Dimick was SVP of programming and operations for Lincoln Financial Media and his exit comes as that company’s stations are acquired by Entercom…..Alpha Media’s WNGY, Peoria “Energy 102.3” is piping in the WIHT, Washington-based “Kane Show” for morning drive.  The “Kane Show” is heard on a number of iHeartMedia-owned CHR outlets. ….The “Matty in the Morning” show on iHeartMedia’s CHR WXKS, Boston “Kiss 108” has a new executive producer.   Medha Gandhi moves to Boston from Columbus, Ohio where she’d been executive producer of the “Dave and Jimmy” show on the company’s CHR WNCI.

kinosianmikePPM Analysis: Rhythmic Hot AC. RadioInfo managing editor and West Coast bureau chief Mike Kinosian presents the third of three format analyses based on data from the June 2015 PPM survey from Nielsen Audio. Previously, we reviewed mainstream CHR and rhythmic CHR. Today’s report looks at the rhythmic hot AC format. There are just eight stations airing the format in PPM markets (that are subscribers to Nielsen) and Hubbard Broadcasting’s WREW, Cincinnati “The New 94.9” tops the pack in both share and ranking. In addition to charts showing shares over the past six surveys, and share fluctuations, Kinosian compares the performances of mainstream CHR, rhythmic CHR and rhythmic hot AC. See the whole report here.

NASHamshowLadyA15Lady Antebellum Visits ‘America’s Morning Show’ for Fake-A-Song Friday.  Country act Lady Antebellum visited the NASH Campus on Friday (7/17) and stopped by the “America’s Morning Show” studios to take part in Fake-A-Song Friday.  The band had to draw five words from a basket and was then given 20 minutes to write a song including the five words and perform it in the studio.  They drew: jiggy, submarine, massage, pony and diva.  Watch the video here to see how they did.  Pictured here (from l-r) are: Cumulus Media EVP, content and programming John Dickey; Lady Antebellum’s Dave Haywood, America’s Morning Show’s Chuck Wicks, Lady Antebellum’s Charles Kelley and Hillary Scott, and America’s Morning Show’s Blair Garner.

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