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Crossovers Are Key to Expanding Your Perimeter

| July 30, 2014

By Duane Doobie
Music Editor/Director


SPRINGFIELD, MA – Readers of this column know that yours truly is a big supporter of the concept of the “crossover” as a significant and often powerful component of music radio programming.

Now don’t get me wrong – at most, crossovers should be used like spice and when aggressively employed, they should be accompanied by credible DJ commentary setting the stage so the listener knows there’s a reason for its being played.  Often the crossover moves on to become a hit in its own right in the new genre and needs no further explanation or justification.  In a number of cases, this process actually expands the scope and vitality of the station format genre – the result being forward motion and growth for both radio and music.

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Doobie's Picks of the Week

Doobie’s Picks of the Week

| July 30, 2014


POP Picks

“First Flight Home” by Jake Miller (Warner Bros.)

Singer-songwriter-rapper Jake Miller is ready for music radio impact with the brand new single entitled “First Flight Home.” The song is that moment where the protagonist – who has been away for an extended period – asks the love of his life if she wants him to come home… and if so, he will be taking the first flight.

The song was co-written and produced by Peter Wallevik, Daniel Davidsen and Mich Hansen and is the lead single taken from Jake’s forthcoming second studio album. Jake’s debut album Us Against Them debuted at #1 on the iTunes charts, and he was labeled as the #1 ‘Artist To Watch’ by Fox Weekly, predicting Jake will be a huge artist by 2015.

The track is just another that expands the blurred region between pop and rap. There’s some “spitting out lyrics” along with some soulful singing that will be a big hit for some of your listeners.

“Up We Go” by Lights Little Machines (Warner Bros.)

Lights is a 27 year old Canadian electro-pop starlet that has two full releases (and an acoustic version of the 2nd album) behind her. After her sophomore album hit, she got married to Beau Bokan from Blessthefall, and gave birth to their daughter Rocket. Now, back from whatever rest was needed to recover from all of that, she’s ready for the next round; Little Machines, her third album, is due out on September 23rd.

This track is punchy. It shimmers with power and confidence. Lush guitars meet electro-pop production. It’s almost like “Roar” by Katy Perry but more like CHVRCHES or Tegan & Sara. This album seems to be very much a balanced compromise between the two differing sounds of her previous releases. If your listeners want more electro-pop – this is the track to add.

I don’t think I really need to go into detail about the whole Weird Al thing. He and his latest album are a smashing success: topping the Billboard chart, selling a ton of tracks, debuting mega-viewed videos, surprise appearances on GMA and other television shows. I know few would have predicted it, including Al himself. Yankovic tells Billboard, “There hasn’t been a comedy album on the Billboard charts at #1 since 1963, and this is the first comedy album to ever debut at #1 in history. There was no precedent for it. I kind of broke the glass ceiling for comedy albums.” (For trivia buffs, that 1963 chart topper was Allan Sherman’s My Son, The Nut, which included the now-classic comedy song “Hello Muddah, Hello Fadduh! (A Letter from Camp).”)

While I am not sure if you are playing any of the new album on your station… I am confident that you are at least aware it exists. So while we are on the topic of parodies and comedy, I’d like to introduce something else quite interesting.

There’s this comedy album 2776: A Millennium of American Asskickery. It includes songs from Patton Oswalt, Aimee Mann, Reggie Watts, Martha Plimpton, Will Forte, Yo La Tengo, and Eugene Mirman, and benefits the charity OneKid OneWorld.

The entire album is funny. It definitely has significantly more moments than not. However, there’s one track that just stands out.

“These Aren’t The Droids” by Neko Case & Kelly Hogan 2776: A Levinson Bros & Rob Kutner Presentation

What will the world be in 2091? I have dreamt of the future since I was a little boy — whether it was blasting through space in my personal rocket ship with a silver jumpsuit or cruising with the hover boards from 2015 brought back by Marty McFly.

Apparently I wasn’t the only one who dreamt such things. Neko Case and Kelly Hogan talk about what they worry for the future. “The future: it seemed so exciting, it looked so inviting,” they sing. “But we didn’t realize the future was designed by teenage guys.” Don’t let me put words in their mouth… “Three boobed aliens on stripper poles. They want shiny sex bots with only holes.”

These two then go onto talk about their envisioned future where it smells better, there’s no shaving or waxing, and they can genetically create dudes with boobs from test tubes…

Check out the video below. You could talk about the song and add the video to the station website. This is the type of stuff that will engage most listeners and drive traffic to the station website thereby supporting your advertisers and help a charity album raise money for education in impoverished areas.

ROCK Picks

“Rockstars Girlfriend” by Pistol Day Parade Burn (Wild Justice Music/Goomba Music)

Detroit has given birth to a lot of music. Billy Haley & His Comets, Jack White, Bob Seger, Kid Rock, Pop Evil, and Ted Nugent. Now, we can add one more… and they just so happened to have finished up a tour with the Detroit madman himself.

Pistol Day Parade have performed with the likes of Stone Temple Pilots, Creed, Theory of a Deadman, Candlebox, Tantric, Saving Abel, Pop Evil, and more. The band’s debut EP hit #38 on the Billboard Active Rock Chart back in 2009 and was produced by Mike Brown (Velvet Revolver, Breaking Benjamin). In 2013, the band dropped their debut LP Burn.

This single has been making an impact on the active rock stations, but really should be considered by stations that have a broader definition of rock.

“Back To The Shack” by Weezer Everything Will Be Alright In The End (Republic)

If you haven’t heard – let alone aren’t playing the snot out of – this new Weezer track, you are missing out because it’s HOTTER than HADES. Weezer used to be about nerdy nostalgia… remembered pleasures, bygone loves, and adolescent embarrassments. I felt that part of their appeal was the fact that they themselves were kind of nerds stuck in the past. But that uncool-yet-cool image was quickly shed with their later offerings and then they sort of went on this long and strange trip for what I will refer to as an extended hiatus. Now… with the band’s first song in four years, “Back To The Shack,” is an apology for their past acts of treason and a promise to embrace their nerdy roots.

There have been at least 30 stations to add this track in the week or so it has been out. KBZT-FM 94.9 San Diego; KITS-FM 105.3 San Francisco; WROX-FM 96.1 Norfolk; and WSUN-FM, 97.1, Tampa Bay are just a handful to get on this train early.

There are a few amazing artists whose hit radio repertoire was critically decreed the worst part of their discography. Janis Joplin immediately comes to mind. Her radio hit, “Me and Bobby McGee” while good, is not, in the opinions of many, anywhere near as special as some of her works less favored by radio.

Here’s a modern example:

“Left Hand Free” by Alt-J This Is All Yours (Canvasback)

The band has called it “the least Alt-J song ever” – as it was written to appease their American label that didn’t think the recently released “Hunger of the Pine” was going to be a “big single” despite having an amazing component featuring Miley Cyrus.

In a story discussing this track in The Guardian, the band says the song was written in 20 minutes and is based around a “joke riff” that front man Joe Newman started playing one day.

Chris DeVille of StereoGum wrote, “You might mistake it for something on classic rock radio.”

I don’t care if it was written in 20 minutes or over 20 years. This song is catchy. Your listeners will love it. Here’s some numbers: It’s currently #8 – up from 14 – on its 3rd week on the RadioInfo Rock Music Chart. I see it entering the top five next week, as the inherent explosive power keeps propelling this track higher and higher.

Karoline Kramer GouldGolden-eared music director Karoline Kramer Gould (also known to her growing legion of followers as Momma K) is the brain behind the programming of “The Heights” – a 16-hour block (four hours added to each day) – featuring a unique blend of triple A songs, drawing from an ever-expanding bottomless pit of a deep playlist on WJCU 88.7 FM, a noncommercial broadcast station owned and operated by John Carroll University. Gould recommends French Style Furs. Their new album, Is Exotic Bait (Frenchkiss) is, to quote Gould, “incredible. It has that gritty edge I love with awesome musical brilliant moments. It’s an indie music lover’s wet dream — Nathan Willet & Matt Maust from Cold War Kids teamed up with Nathan Waketin from We Barbarians. I put the album in and was totally like ‘whoa! WHOA!!!!’ Love the entire album. Love the sound. Momma K is mega happy!”

Bayley - use meGolden-eared on-air personality and interactive specialist, Bayley Brown from WKLC-FM (Rock 105) in St. Albans, West Virginia is always on the listen for music which will motivate her listeners to reach out to the station and thank them for keeping the quality rock coming.  The station is an “everything that rocks” powerhouse that serves the Charleston market.

Brown says, “Britain has produced great rock bands for decades and the Kooks are no exception. In a radio landscape where stripped down, groovy rock and roll is doing extremely well, the Kooks picked an optimum time to release their upcoming fourth album Listen.

The album is available September 1 through Virgin EMI Records and is their first album to feature their new drummer Alexis Nunez. The band just released three tracks from the forthcoming album. Brown adds, “Although they all are typical Kooks songs, I’m behind the most recent one, ‘Bad Habit.’ Luke Prichard’s signature vocal style is out in full force on this one, backed by a tight groove that begs for just one more listen. “

“Bad Habit” is currently #34 (up from #37 on its 3rd week) on the RadioInfo Rock Music Chart.


“White Walls” by Seth Stainback & Roosterfoot Fire and Steel (Seth Stainback & Roosterfoot)

They refer to themselves as a “Southern Blend” defined as a combination of very original songs, rock, old school country and old gospel, with a bluesy twist. I am going to agree and suggest that this song fits well on some country stations as well as some fearless rock stations.

Mike Holzclaw of the Newport Daily Press says, “Stainback is 30, but he writes and at times sings like a wizened sage. On the album’s final track, when Stainback sings of ‘travelin’ by myself with a cross upon my back,’ he seems to be channeling the character who wandered through so many great songs by John Fogerty. ‘Set the world on fire, I’m a burnin’ man,’ he intones as the song comes to an end.”

“Restless” by Bennie Gray & The Trailer Park Cowboys Because Of Drinkin’ (Bennie Gray)

Bennie Gray & The Trailer Park Cowboys are kind of a rowdy bunch of seasoned musical rejects from the dirty south concerned more with country than western, more roll than rock, and above all else, songs about real life. Listeners can relate to that.

Their latest track is called “Because of Drinkin’” and I do recommend that one. But I actually prefer the softer/acoustic sound of “Restless”… probably because there are a lot of sad drinking songs.

<div class=”widget_iframe” style=”display:inline-block;width:100%;height:104px;margin:0;padding:0;border:0;”><iframe class=”widget_iframe” src=”[design]=default&pwc[background_color]=%23333333&pwc[included_songs]=0&pwc[song_ids]=20965607&pwc[photo]=0%2C1&pwc[size]=fit” width=”100%” height=”100%” frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no”></iframe></div>

“Soulshine” by Jamie Jones Bush Whiskey (Render Records)

“Soulshine” is a song recorded by the Allman Brothers Band from their 1994 album Where It All Begins. It was written by guitarist Warren Haynes with vocals by Gregg Allman. The song’s title originates from Haynes’ nickname, given by his father. Although it was never released as a single, it still remains one of the Allmans’ best-known songs among fans and concert-goers.

I have heard some amazing covers of this song performed live at concerts by artists such as Dave Matthews Band and Phish. Beth Hart included a rendition on her album 37 Days that wasn’t bad. It was used twice in the 13th season of American Idol. I even had the honor of hearing it done live by the Allman Brothers Band (or what was the band as of last year). Now we can add to this list a rendition by Jamie Jones.

Jamie Jones & Outlaw was formed from four musicians and their love for outlaw country music. Each member has over 20 years individual music experience. From his originals to rock solid covers you can tell Jones puts his heart and soul into every song he sings. From low-end to mid-mellow runs, Jim Reves keeps every song solid on bass. Jeff Riley provides steady grooves and smooth fills completing every song on drums. Benny James rounds things out with electric guitar and vocals.

icemanrushbenThe Iceman (aka Bobby Golomboski), host of multiple internet shows including top 40 New Country Artist Countdown on, has a set of golden ears when it comes to finding some really great up-and-coming talent.

The Iceman is an early supporter of multiple RadioInfo Country Music Chart pick of the week artist, Ben Rush (someone we are keeping an ear on, as he keeps making great music). This week, the Iceman is touting Ryan Daniel. Daniel’s “Honky Tonk Holiday” is on the Iceman’s Top 40 New Country Artist nomination list and has placed on that chart several times. Daniel is an Air Force veteran of 10 years. While on tour, Daniel donated over 500 copies of the album to soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines still stationed overseas.

Iceman says, “He is a diligent artist who has booked over 430 shows independently. Of those, 80 have been at military installations or venues showing that his strong military roots are firmly in place. Love, Life and Memories won the 2014 Indie Music Channel (IMC) Award for Album of the Year and Ryan also took home Country Song of the Year. He was also nominated for Country Artist of the Year.”

“Ryan Daniel,” adds the Iceman, “is what country music is all about.” Daniel’s first effort, Love, Life and Memories, seamlessly blends warm vocals and touching lyrics in a cohesive album that most every country music fan can relate to. The Iceman says, “Anyone who has seen Ryan Daniel perform can tell you that he connects with the crowd. He makes every member of the audience feel like they are the most important person there.”

EDM Watch 

The purpose of EDM Watch is to alert pro-active programmers of CHR, hot AC, and fearless alternative rock stations to emerging favorites from the burgeoning world of EDM (electronic dance music) that our editors think could be compatible to the aforementioned formats.

“Lovers on the Sun” by David Guetta featuring Sam Martin

This track is blazing its way across the dance clubs and dance charts of Europe and is just starting to make some appearances in the big city dance palaces domestically. We expect nothing less from Guetta who seems to create endless amounts of great club tracks.

Beyond just singing, Martin also co-wrote (along with others). Another credit of Martin that had potency was “Daylight” by Maroon 5. The whistling is by Beth Ditto. Why do I bring that up? Beth Ditto, aka Mary Beth Patterson, is a singer-songwriter, most notable for her work with Gossip (previously known as The Gossip) and whose voice has been compared to Etta James, Janis Joplin and Tina Turner. She is often reported describing herself as a “fat, feminist lesbian from Arkansas” and apparently is an excellent whistler.

“Heart on Fire” by Indiana No Romeo (Sony)

Here’s another single from fast-rising EDM star Indiana. We shared her last single “Solo Dancing” with you in March, followed by an interesting remix of the same song for your consideration. While with that track, it was hard not to make comparisons between Indiana and Ellie Goulding, but with this track, Indiana comes into her own. Not to mention – two awesome singles in a row – with an album due out September 1.

Popjustice wrote, “It sounds like our favourite type of music (i.e. Swedish ladies sounding sad near a drum machine) but it’s not even by a Swedish lady and — brace yourselves — it’s actually better than most recent Swedish lady output.”

Better than most recent Swedish Lady Output? Yes! Definitely!

“Gold Skies” by Sander van Doorn, Martin Garrix and DVBBS featuring Aleesia Gold Skies (EP) (Spinnin’/Silent/Republic)

It’s almost a guarantee that when you take SVD, Garrix, and DVBBS and put them together, you are going to get something awesome. This track exceeded my expectations. Furthermore, it had the RadioInfo research team on their feet. They are a picky bunch that we have well-trained to respond only to potent tracks. So the impromptu dance in our office break room (the former prize closet) while lifting our portable electronic devices high in the air should seal the deal.

The quartet have altered their typical approach to music for this production, known for their hard-hitting big-room tracks, and have conjured a track of a progressive nature, melodic, whilst complimented with the vocals from Aleesia, Chris and Alex (DVBBS), who also deliver the background vocals within the track too.

“Home” by Naughty Boy featuring Sam Romans Hotel Cabana (Virgin)

This new single debuted on Zane Lowe’s show on BBC Radio 1 features soulful newcomer Sam Romans. Romans, who is set to release his own material via JAY Z’s Roc Nation, really has quite the impressive vocal showing in this track… similar to that of Sam Smith. Look for big things from him in the future, and in the meantime – consider this track for playlist addition.

“Never Say Never” by Basement Jaxx (Tiësto & MOTi remix)

“Never Say Never” was a majestic and regal disco-house track with an assured build and a lead vocal from the London singer ETML. Give it a fresh remix by two Dutch producers who bring a club sizzle to the song’s soulful groove.

The video is kind of exciting too. The clip was created by Basement Jaxx with sci-fi short film director Saman Kesh and depicts scientists attempting to revive dancing in a bleak society by building a twerking robot.

“Won’t Look Back” by Duke Dumont (Astralwerks)

Dumont’s last hit, “I Got U” has hit that level of fame known as cultural ubiquity, as it is now the soundtrack to a Starbucks commercial.

This track shows off Dumont’s 90s house talents blending modern and edgy bass with the vocals of the classic dance divas.

DJ Times writes, “Going for a more club-ready sound than the sunny vibes of his previous single, Dumont adds bouncing bass and an infectious drum rhythm for an infinitely irresistible banger. It’s a thumping piece of dramatic piano house that is destined to tear up clubs, parties, and radio this summer.”

Duane Doobie is music editor/director of RadioInfo and reflects the composite musical opinions of the RadioInfo editorial staff. He can be emailed at

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

| July 30, 2014

duanedoobie graphicCrossovers Are a Key to Expanding Your Perimeter.  Readers of RadioInfo’s resident media theoretician know that the popular columnist is an outspoken supporter of the concept of the “crossover” as a significant and often powerful component of music radio programming.  In a new article posted today (7/30), Duane Doobie writes, “Now don’t get me wrong – at most, crossovers should be used like spice and when aggressively employed, they should be accompanied by credible DJ commentary setting the stage so the listener knows there’s a reason for its being played.  Often the crossover moves on to become a hit in its own right in the new genre and needs no further explanation or justification.  In a number of cases, this process actually expands the scope and vitality of the station format genre – the result being forward motion and growth for both radio and music.”  To read the entire thought-provoking piece, please click here.

weezerDuane Doobie’s Picks of the Week.  RadioInfo’s hard-working music editor/director, Duane Doobie, backed by a growing team of information contributing researchers and golden-eared trench broadcasters, provides programmers with musical suggestions worthy of the attention of pro-active radio formats.  You’ll be turned on to some of the exciting artists and music buzzing out there just over the horizon from the worlds of pop, rock, country and EDM.  This week’s selection posted today (7/30) includes such names as: Jake Miller, Lights, Neko Case & Kelly Hogan, Pistol Day Parade, Weezer, Alt-J, French Style Furs, The Kooks, Seth Stainback & Roosterfoot, Bennie Gray & the Trailer Park Cowboys, Jamie Jones, Ryan Daniel, David Guetta, Sam Martin, Indiana, Sander van Doorn, Martin Garrix, DVBBS, Aleesia, Naughty Boy, Sam Romans, Basement Jaxx, Tiesto, MOTi, and Duke Dumont among others.  To check out this valuable information, please click here.

oconnormikeO’Connor Promoted at NuVoodoo.  Co-founder of NuVoodoo Media Services and VP of marketing Mike O’Connor is promoted within the company to EVP of marketing.  NuVoodoo reports that in this new capacity, O’Connor will lead the company’s expansion across the social marketing, micro-targeted customized direct mail and integrated digital media marketing spaces for radio, television and newspaper.  O’Connor heads the company’s marketing services for radio stations and created NuVoodoo’s groundbreaking Social TV product with NuVoodoo’s CEO Carolyn Gilbert.  Prior to his work at NuVoodoo, O’Connor was SVP, Innovations for Tribune Interactive, joining that firm from his previous brand manager and RVP of programming post with Clear Channel.

More RadioInfo Career Moves.  Program director and PM drive personality Nikki Landry resigns from her position with Cumulus Media’s hot AC WWWM, Toledo “Star 105” to take the program director position at Mighty Media Group’s country duo WEBL “95.3 The Rebel” and classic country WUMY “105.5 Big Country” in Memphis, effective August 4.  Landry will also host a midday shift.  She has worked at such signals as Clear Channel’s adult hits KVDU, New Orleans “Voodoo 104” and CBS RADIO’s AC WIAD, Washington “Fresh FM.”…..Jumping across the street from CBS RADIO Chicago where he was most recently local sales manager at all-news WBBM to Clear Channel’s CHR WKSC “103.5 Kiss FM” and hot AC WLIT “93.9 My FM” as general sales manager is Joel Kelly.

marcoMarco Feted by Cumulus for Anonymous Cash Giveaways.  By now you’re aware that WRQX, Washington afternoon drive personality Marco – full name Marc Orem – is the person responsible for the anonymous cash giveaways happening in the metro that were tipped off by Tweets.  Now, Cumulus Media has named Marco the “CBOS Star of the Week” for the social media effort that garnered more than 9,000 followers.  CBOS is an acronym for Cumulus Brand Operating System, a proprietary internal communications platform utilized by Cumulus employees.  Orem has been sending mystery Tweets as @IHidTheCash, with clues regarding where envelopes containing cash are hidden.  In addition to containing cash, the envelopes contained notes encouraging the recipient to “pay it forward” by spending some of the cash on others.  As detailed in a recent Washington Post story, Orem has spent the last seven weeks hiding envelopes containing $20 to $60 around the region and Tweeting out clues.  He financed the promotion with his own money, and has spent over $1,000 so far.  Soon, he had over 9,000 followers. But Orem did not involve the station in any way because he didn’t want it to become a radio “stunt.”  He told the Post, “I’m proud of the radio station I work for, but this is just such a separate project for me.”  Orem said that he has been contacted by multiple charitable organizations and he will speak with some of them about assisting them with their social media efforts.

marconiawardFormer Marconi Winners to Help Celebrate 25th Anniversary of NAB Honor.  In recognizing the 25th anniversary of the NAB Marconi Awards, five former recipients of the honor with be part of the awards dinner and show at the 2014 Radio Show in September in Indianapolis.  Ron Chapman, Edgar “Shoboy” Sotelo, Big Boy, and Bob Kevoian and Tom Griswold of the “The Bob & Tom Show” will serve as emcees and presenters throughout the evening on September 11.  Helping lead the festivities and serving as presenters will be NAB Radio Board chair Don Benson of Lincoln Financial Media, Radio Show steering committee chair and Cox Media Group‘s Kim Guthrie and NAB Joint Board chair Charles Warfield of YMF Media LLC.

bonesAldeanBobby Bones Raises $60k-plus for Susan G. Komen; Raging Idiots to Play with Jason Aldean.  Country star Jason Aldean made a deal with syndicated morning star Bobby Bones: if he could raise $50,000 for Susan G. Komen, then Aldean would play with Bones’ band The Raging Idiots in a benefit for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.  Yesterday, with just one day left of their #50kWithJasonA challenge, the Bobby Bones show surpassed its goal by raising more than $60,000 for Susan G. Komen.  As of early yesterday morning, the show needed to raise $15,000 to hit their goal.  Bones announced on-air that he would match any donations within the next 15 minutes.  The audience came through and donated $10,000, prompting Bones to match it with a check for $10,000.  After learning about Bones’ hitting the goal, Aldean commented, “Aldean and the Idiots has quite a ring to it.  Seriously, I think it’s great that they were able to raise so much money for Susan G. Komen and so quickly…country fans are the best!  It’s been a long time since I’ve sat in at a club show like this…I better start thinking about what songs I can do with them.”  Pictured here are (from left to right): Lunchbox, Bones, Amy, and Jason Aldean.

countryoldiesshow logoWMGC, Macon Makes ‘Country Oldies Show’ Part of Weekend Lineup.  The three-hour classic country program syndicated by Envision Networks hosted by Steve Warren is now airing at 4:00 pm ET on State Broadcasting-owned WMCG, Macon, Georgia “Pure Country 104.9.”  For the past 20 years “The Country Oldies Show” has been featuring country’s greatest hits from the 1950s to the 1980s.  Warren has been a radio personality, program director, and radio consultant for more than 50 years, at legendary radio stations including WTMT, Louisville; WIRE, Indianapolis; WPTR, Albany; and WHN, WNBC, WKHK, WYNY, and SiriusXM in New York.

stevenssamanthaIndustry Mourns Air Personality Samantha Stevens.  After a battle with cancer, air personality Samantha Stevens passed away on Sunday, July 27.  Stevens – real name Nicole Luciani Loban – had been hosting the program “Super 80s with Samantha Stevens” on  She’d also worked at Cumulus Media’s adult contemporary WEBE and Connoisseur Media’s hot AC WEZN “Star 99.9,” and, for 13 years, at Clear Channel’s CHR WCKI “KC 101” in the New Haven market.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

| July 29, 2014

seacrestellenKRyan Seacrest Gets Big UK Footprint with heat Radio Deal.  Soon to be heard across the UK on six DAB signals, “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” will be heard from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm via a deal with Bauer Media’s heat Radio.  The company operates a number of multi-platform media brands – including heat Radio – and calls Bauer Radio Ltd. a “growing network of no.1 commercial radio stations in all major markets in the UK and the no.1 commercial broadcaster in national digital radio.”  The show that is heard in morning drive in the U.S. with co-host Ellen K will bring the American pop culture and music scene to British listeners beginning August 4.  Seacrest comments, “It’s a privilege to bring ‘On Air with Ryan Seacrest’ to listeners in the UK.  heat is an amazing multi-platform entertainment brand and I think it will be a perfect match for our program.  Thanks to everyone at heat – I can’t wait to bring our program across the pond!”

kvjshowThe KVJ Show Debuts on WRMF, West Palm Beach.  After former employer Cox Media Group put the kibosh on a planned press conference last week that was to announce the arrival of “The KVJ Show’ (Kevin Rolston, Virginia Sinicki, and Jason Pennington) at Digity LLC-owned hot AC WRMF, West Palm Beach, the trio officially debuted on the station this morning.  KVJ had worked for CMG in Miami on WFLC before its flip from hot AC to CHR and was dropped as the station made the format tweak.  KVJ had enjoyed success in the West Palm market for years on Clear Channel’s CHR WLDI “WiLD 95.5” before leaving for Miami in 2013.

maynardMaynard Becomes Clear Channel Senior VP of Programming. As RadioIinfo reported yesterday (7/28), six-year program director of Seattle CHR KQMV “MOViN 92.5″ and hot AC KLCK “Click 98.9″ Maynard has resigned from the Hubbard combo.  As a follow-up to that story, we can confirm that he has joined Clear Channel as senior vice president of programming.  National programming platforms president Tom Poleman states, “Great programming is a cornerstone of Clear Channel’s strategy, so we are constantly looking to increase our programming bench with the brightest and most innovative minds.  Maynard has an outstanding track record and he will be a great addition to our brain trust.”  Executive vice president and general manager for national programming platforms Clay Hunnicutt adds, “Maynard’s programming expertise and knowledge of the industry make him one of the most successful and respected programmers in radio.  He has been on our ‘wish list’ for a long time. [Hiring him] further demonstrates our ability to attract the greatest minds and programmers in the business.”  Maynard, whose real name is Brandon Cohen, arrived at the Seattle stations after programming Spokane hot AC KZZU.  He previously was assistant program director/music director/night talent for Portland CHR KKRZ “Z-100.”  Also included on his radio resume are stops in Omaha and Eugene, Oregon.

cclogoDennis Clark Re-Ups with Clear Channel.  The CCM+E vice president of talent development signs a long-term contract to remain with the company.  In a memo, CC president, national programming platforms Tom Poleman says, “Dennis Clark leads Clear Channel efforts to hire and nurture the best and most talented people in the industry – he has built a talent development division unmatched by any other company.  Dennis coaches some of our biggest personalities, from Ryan Seacrest to Kane, JohnJay and Rich, Elvis Duran, Bobby Bones, ‘The Breakfast Club,’ Nikki Sixx and other market-leading talent.  He has also developed a superior coaching program for our up-and-coming talent to create our next group of all-stars.   We’re excited to have him continue to lead the talent development charge for us.”

adlargelogoAdLarge Media Appoints Green VP/Digital Sales. Former PodcastOne national account director Jay Green is tapped to become AdLarge Media‘s vice president of digital sales and content partnerships.  AdLarge Media co-founder and president Cathy Csukas comments, “We are delighted to bring Jay on board to steer our digital audio and mobile strategy.  Jay’s impressive background and knowledge of digital audio advertising trends, combined with his expertise in operations and management, make him the ideal candidate to help us meet our expansion goals.”  The company’s chief executive officer and co-founder Gary Schonfeld remarks that, “Jay’s keen understanding of the digital audio marketplace will advance our objectives and those of our digital and mobile partners.  He is skilled at developing the kind of customized programs and packages that national advertisers have come to expect from AdLarge Media.”  Green states that he is “passionate about digital audio advertising” and that he is “dedicated to creating first-to-market campaigns for our advertisers.  AdLarge’s reputation for innovation and excellence was a compelling reason for me to become an integral member of their team.  It’s an exciting time to join the company.”  Prior to working at PodCastOne, Green spent 10 years at Dial Global, where he ultimately became vice president of strategic operations. His background includes sales, campaign management, sales planning, research, audience analysis, and market research for various new product launches.

wallsteveMore RadioInfo Career Moves.  Radio pro Steve Wall is working with SourceAudio – domestic distributor for Alpha Music Libraries (via Premiere Networks) – to rep the Alpha Music Libraries to stations nationwide.  Wall was most recently with TRN Syndications as a national affiliate consultant…..At CCM+E, KBIG, Los Angeles APD and music director Brandon Bell joins the National Programming Platforms team as brand coordinator for the hot AC format and music director for the company’s premium choice hot AC channel.  He takes over for Brian Check in this role.  Check is now serving as SVP ofblackburnvalerie programming for the company’s Philadelphia stations…..Rik McNeil is leaving his PD gig at Memphis First Ventures-owned country WEBL and classic country WUMY, Memphis to move west to Momentum Broadcasting’s country KJUG, Visalia, California to serve as program director and afternoon drive personality…..Valerie Blackburn is taking on the interim CEO role at the Alliance for Women in Media as the organization seeks a permanent CEO.  Blackburn, previously market controller for CBS RADIO Los Angeles and GM of KFWB Trust-operated KFWB, had served as chair of the AWM in the past.

harrisonrobinsonMeeting of the Mentors.  RadioInfo publisher Michael Harrison (left) paid a visit Sunday (7/27) to his old friend, radio legend Dick Robinson (right), founder and chairman of the mega-successful Connecticut School of Broadcasting (CSB).  The two veteran radio “mentors” compared notes about the state of the industry and according to both men, it was an uplifting, stimulating discussion that left them “inspired and optimistic” about the future of the business.  CSB – the oldest and largest group of broadcasting schools in America — is a tremendous success story that celebrates its half-century anniversary this year.  The institute that launched thousands of careers was founded by then-renowned Hartford DJ Robinson in 1964 (pictured below at WDRC, Hartford at that time) to help aspiring young broadcasters learn the fundamentals of radio performing and production and has since grown to include 12 East Coast campuses from Boston to Miami.  According to Robinson, “Our success is based largely on the fact that we have grown, evolved and expanded the definition of what we cover as the years and decades went by…and we are still doing exactly that – evolving with the times.  Whereas we started primarily as a school for DJs, we have grown to encompass all aspects of the radio business as well as television including the burgeoning field of sports and all aspects of audio and videocsb logo production.”  Robinson says, “We are a remedy to the high cost and long-term commitment required to attend a standard college or university communications department curriculum – a process that leaves graduates in significant debt and doesn’t necessarily guarantee enhanced prospects of gaining employment in the field.”  Robinson also explains, “We are also a practical alternative to four-year schools for adults in their late 20s, 30s and even older who want to change careers or start a new one in the broadcast business.”  The obvious question arises:  Considering the economic challenges facing radio today with staff cutbacks and the future of AM/FM in question, are there still opportunities for people of any age in the fields of radio and broadcasting?  Robinson’s response:  robinsondick1964“Absolutely!  More than ever!  With radio stations and multi-dimension ‘media station’ operations that include audio, video, graphics, and text elements all on one platform popping up not only on newspaper websites – but the online arms of a wide variety of businesses, demand for people who have what we would consider basic radio and television skills is growing exponentially.  And that’s only half of it – never before in the history of our industry has there been so much opportunity for entrepreneurial broadcasters to make it on their own.  In the old model, a majority of the people aspiring toward a career in radio or television would have to seek employment and get past a gatekeeper to be able to work in the field.  Very few had the resources and connections to go out and buy a radio or TV station.  But today, it is just a matter of ‘knowing what to do’ to be in business for yourself as a media practitioner.  At CSB we are teaching our students how to be entrepreneurs as well as talent, technicians, and marketers.”  Reflecting upon the get-together, Michael Harrison states, “Dick Robinson is one of the most extraordinary men the radio industry has ever produced.  His school has taught countless broadcasters the art and craft of our wonderful business and he is still going strong as a station owner, format innovator and mentor of mentors.  There isn’t a lifetime achievement award big enough for what this guy has done and continues to do.”

siriusxmSiriusXM Posts Q2 Revenue Hike of 10%; 380,000 New Self-Pay Subscribers.  After a somewhat down 2014 Q1 report, SiriusXM rebounds with what CEO Jim Meyer is calling an “outstanding” quarter.  SiriusXM’s revenue for the quarter was $1.035 billion – a 10% increase from the same period a year ago.  Net income was $120 million.  Last quarter, SiriusXM reported adding just 267,000 new subscribers but that figure is up dramatically with almost 475,000 new subscribers added – approximately 380,000 of those self-paying subscribers.  Meyer comments, “We set new records for trial conversions to self-pay, adjusted EBITDA and adjusted meyerjimEBITDA margin in the quarter, and we are raising our 2014 guidance for revenue, adjusted EBITDA, and free cash flow.  Our extraordinary operating performance supported the buyback of over 350 million shares in the quarter, or approximately 6% of our outstanding stock.  Perhaps more importantly, we improved our superior content by adding even more channels and shows created with major brands and personalities, such as Joel Osteen, NBC’s TODAY Show, and YouTube, and we expanded the range and depth of our commercial-free music programming with the introduction of three new channels in the categories of country, women’s pop, and dance.  As the leader in audio entertainment, we never rest in searching for new content that our subscribers will love.”

Chicago Translator Goes for $4.6 Million.  The buyer is Integrity Radio Communications – a company headed up by former Chicago urban programming pro Elroy Smith.  The seller of the 2 watt translator – W264BF – located atop the Willis Tower (formerly the Sears Tower) is Calvary Radio Network.  Calvary holds a construction permit to increase the power to 10 watts with a new transmitter.  According to documents filed with the FCC, Integrity Radio Communications intends to simulcast Hubbard Radio’s adult hits WILV, Chicago.

cumulusyoungstownCumulus Media Honors Youngstown Cluster with President’s Cup.  The corporate prize for best sales performance for the second quarter of 2014 at Cumulus Media goes to the company’s Youngstown, Ohio eight-station group as it receives the coveted President’s Cup.  Each quarter, one market is recognized for its overall performance among the company’s 90 radio markets.  The Youngstown staff (pictured here) that operates country WQXK “K105,” CHR WHOT “Hot 101,” news/talk WPIC, news/talk WSOM, classic rock WYFM “Y103,” rock WWIZ “Rock 104,” and sports talk simulcast WBBW-AM/WLLF-FM will share the $10,000 prize.  Vice president and market manager Rick Parrish says, “I am very proud of the success our Youngstown sales team, programming team and support staff have achieved with our eight radio stations that serve northeast Ohio and Pennsylvania.  Our team set the goal to bring the Cumulus President’s Cup to Youngstown, and through hustle and hard work, we did it!”  Cumulus EVP and Co-COO John Pinch adds, “The team in Youngstown has performed at record levels this year and is well deserving of this award.  To win the President’s Cup requires contribution from every person at every level in the cluster.  Congratulations, Cumulus Youngstown!”

grupoACIRMore Spanish Content for iHeartRadio.  Add another Mexican radio company’s stations to the lineup on Clear Channel Media and Entertainment’s iHeartRadio as the company expands the iHeartRadio Hispanic Network with the addition of Grupo ACIR’s more than 55 radio stations.  CC says in a statement that the addition includes Amor, featuring Spanish love songs; Mix, playing Mexico’s favorite songs from the 80s, 90s and today in English; Comadre, a Mexican Regional Hits format; and Felicidad offering Mexico’s favorite Oldies.  Listeners will also have access to top Hispanic personalities like Alejandro Villalvazo, Antonio de Valdés, Charo Fernández, Sofía Sánchez Navarro, Iñaki Manero, Rocío Córdova, Carlos “Chicken” Muñoz, Carlos Martín Huerta, José Martín Sámano, Alex Montiel, Pepe Segarra, Arturo “Rudo” Rivera and more.  In addition, iHeartRadio will stream select local ACIR stations such as Siempre, Mexico City’s music, news and sports station, and La 1260, Mexico City’s AM news/talk station.

wbtwlnk duo logoCool Job Opportunity.  Greater Media Charlotte is seeking talented sales people to work in the Charlotte Market at news/talk WBT-AM/FM and hot AC WLNK “107.9 The Link.”  Greater Media is seeking applicants with: quantifiable success in radio/media sales or another industry; the drive, hunger, and ability to see the sales process through from prospecting to the final close; courage to ask for and deliver remarkable programs; a love and passion for winning; integrity and pride in being a full-service rep; new business expertise and a creative mind; a desire to exceed expectations and move up quickly; independent and entrepreneurial performers; excellent verbal and written communication skills.  At Greater Media Charlotte, you will be surrounded by people who love to have fun and work extremely hard.  We offer great benefits and lots of incentives for self-starters, while enjoying the stability of a privately owned media company with two of Charlotte’s best radio stations.  If you think you are ready for the next step in your career and think you have the talent to make it happen, we want you on our team!  Send your resume and a cover letter to: Sandra Szoke, director of sales, Greater Media Charlotte, Inc., WBT/WLNK Radio, One Julian Price Place, Charlotte, NC 28208;  No phone calls please.  Greater Media Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Monday, July 28, 2014

| July 28, 2014


riversbob stillKJR-FM, Seattle’s Bob Rivers Announces Retirement from Morning Radio.  This morning legendary morning radio personality Bob Rivers (pictured here during this morning’s show) announced that August 8 will be his final morning as host of the wake-up show on Clear Channel’s classic rock KJR-FM.  The station covers the news on its website – including video of the announcement – by saying, “This morning at 7:40 am, after 42 years on radio, 33 in morning drive and 25 years here in Seattle, the legendary Bob Rivers announced he was stepping away from morning radio to pursue other projects.  The Bob Rivers Show will now broadcast a series of farewell shows leading up to their finale on Friday, August 8.  It’s a sad day for fans and all of us here at ‘95/7 KJR,’ but our hearts and minds will forever be filled with memories of how ‘The Bob Rivers Show’ so marvelously served and entertained Seattle for over two decades.”  Watch the video here.

maynardPD Maynard Moves On From Hubbard Combo. Six-year program director of Seattle CHR KQMV “MOViN 92.5″ and hot AC KLCK “Click 98.9″ Maynard resigns from the Hubbard combo to join Clear Channel as a vice president of programming.  “Maynard has been an integral part in so many ways contributing to the success of these operations,” vice president and general manager Marc Kaye writes in a memo to staff.  “I will never be able to express my gratitude to him for the huge effort he has put forth every day he has been here.  I wish him nothing but great success in the future; I will miss him more than anyone can imagine.”  Maynard, whose real name is Brandon Cohen, arrived at the Seattle stations after programming Spokane hot AC KZZU.  He previously was assistant program director-music director-night talent for Portland CHR KKRZ “Z-100.”

wrightmichelMichel Wright Assumes Midday Role at ‘Majic 102.3’ in Washington.  The new midday personality at Radio One-owned urban contemporary WMMJ “Majic 102.3” is Michel Wright, who makes the move from Howard University-owned crosstown urban contemporary WHUR.  Wright had been hosting weekends and doing fill-in work at WHUR.  She previously worked at CBS RADIO’s Washington hip hop outlet WPGC and has done work for Premiere Networks, Starz on SiriusXM, BET Networks, DC Cable Television, Colgate, Mercedes Benz, SHOWTIME Television and MHZ TV Networks.  Radio One Washington VP and market manager Alan Leinwand comments, “This is big!  Michel is a star with a wealth of top-flight experience and strong relationships in the music industry.  We have no doubt that she will have an immediate impact on our listeners, our community, and on our advertising partners.  Her powerful brand extends throughout the DMV and beyond.”

richardsstoneyStoney Richards to Exit WDSY, Pittsburgh Roles to Pursue Acting Career.  Forty-six year radio pro Stoney Richards will exit his APD, music director and afternoon air talent gig at CBS RADIO’s country WDSY, Pittsburgh “Y108” after September 10 to pursue his acting career.  He’s recently secured some TV and movie roles.  The company states that Richards will continue to host his weekend talk show, “Live From The Centre,” on sister news/talk KDKA-AM and will guest host on WDSY.  The company adds, “Stoney has been a great programming partner and strong brand ambassador for ‘Y108’ during his nearly 18 years with the station and 21 years with our organization.  He has earned a tremendous amount of admiration and respect from listeners, the country music recording industry, and by his peers in radio.”  CBS RADIO is seeking his replacement and notes that internal candidates may review the qualifications and apply at; external candidates may do the same at

diamondjackJack Diamond Headed to AM Drive at WLS-FM, Chicago?  That’s what Chicago media writer Robert Feder is suggesting is the likely scenario as longtime Washington, DC personality Jack Diamond is sitting in on the morning show alongside current morning host Brant Miller at Cumulus Media’s classic hits WLS-FM all this week.  Feder reports that Jan Jeffries – PD for WLS-FM and SVP of corporate programming for Cumulus – told him, “Jack worked with me in Washington and Atlanta, and it seemed like it would be fun to put him in with Brant for a week.”  Corporate PDs don’t do things like this on a lark and this is obviously an on-air tryout.  Miller, in addition to his WLS-FM work, is chief meteorologist at NBC-owned WMAQ-TV.  As for Diamond, he exited Cumulus’ CHR WRQX in the spring of 2013 after some 24 years on the air there.  Read Feder’s entire column here.

bolognamarconiAlpha Media Names Marconi Co-Host at KINK, Portland.  Joining Sheila Hamilton at Alpha Media’s triple A KINK, Portland “101.9 KINK” is Marconi Bologna for the soon-to-be-renamed morning show, “Sheila and Marconi in the Morning.”  The new show debuts August 11.  KINK program director Chris Mays states, “I’ve worked at the same companies with Marconi in both Seattle and Portland and know him to be sweet, funny and wildly creative.  Sheila Hamilton and Marconi are going to wake up Portland in a whole new way!  His Portland history at KNRK and KUFO-FM has created many Marconi fans who will be happy to have him back in town.  I’m very excited to work with him to create great radio at KINK.”  Marconi comments, “I’ve worked in Portland radio for a long time.  I recently lived in Denver for almost four years.  That whole time I missed being on Portland radio, walkable neighborhoods, food carts and great restaurants, local music, and most of all, the people here.  Portland is my heart.  KINK is my station.”

More RadioInfo Career Moves.  At Entercom’s CHR WNVZ, Norfolk “Z104,” acting program director Natalia is now the permanent PD of the station.  She assumed the PD duties after the exit of Mike Klein.  She’d been the station’s APD and midday personality – a daypart she’ll continue to host…..Jeff Roper is returning to San Antonio to host the KSAT-TV afternoon program “SA Live” beginning September 8.  That means he’s exiting his current gig as OM/PD and morning personality at Qantum’s country WGTR, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina “Gator 107.9.”  Roper served in San Antonio previously as morning jock, APD and MD at Cox Media Group’s country KCYY “Y100.”

bryanswindellbriceSittin’ in for Lon Helton.  A trio of country stars are sitting in for Lon Helton on this week’s edition of Westwood One’s “Country Countdown USA.”  Pictured here are (from left to right) Cole Swindell, Lee Brice, and Luke Bryan.  The three are currently on the road on Bryan’s “That’s My Kind of Night” tour with Brice and Swindell as supporting acts.  On the show, trio share backstage stories from the tour as they count down the week’s Top 30 country songs.  Helton returns to “Country Countdown USA” next week with co-host Brad Paisley.

Pop Songs

Pop Songs

| July 25, 2014

Pop Songs - 1-5 Finaldaughtry_575x100 Pop Songs - 6-10 Finalsia_575x100Pop Songs - 11-15 Final Pop Songs - 16-20 Final Pop Songs - 21-25 Final Pop Songs - 26-30 Final Pop Songs - 31-35 Final Pop Songs - 36-40 Final Pop Songs - 41-45 FinalPop Songs - 46-50 Final

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| July 25, 2014

sarahtymichelleSarah, Ty & Mel Show in for Mornings at WRQX, Washington.  The makeover at Cumulus Media’s CHR WRQX, Washington “All the Hits 107.3” continues with today’s announcement that, beginning July 30, Sarah Fraser, Ty Bentli and Melanie Glazener will start hosting “The Sarah, Ty, and Mel Show.”  The station says show “features the young and lively voices of Fraser, Bentli, and Glazener, who promise an interactive, informative, and inspirational show that will connect with the DMV’s listeners through real stories and phone calls.  The show will have a robust presence across social media, and will offer special podcasts to its listeners.”  Fraser was co-host of “The Kane Show” at crosstown CHR WIHT for six years.  Bentli also worked in Washington at country WMZQ and in Baltimore at country WPOC.  Glazener alsowrqx logo previously worked on “The Kane Show.”  Cumulus EVP of programming Mike McVay comments, “We consider ourselves fortunate to be able to assemble a team like Sarah, Ty and Mel for mornings.  There is a high level of competition in DC.  I believe in Gillette.  He believes in the team.  That makes me a big believer in this show.”  Meanwhile, program director Gillette adds, “Sarah, Ty and Mel are all in the demo — and are fully plugged into the lifestyle of fellow Millennials. These are down-to-earth people who will talk about their lives with listeners and share their experiences in a completely authentic way.  The show will be fun and edgy, but totally relatable. No fake prank calls or canned humor here.  We’re getting real with our listeners and believe the show will be a breath of fresh air and unlike anything that’s on the air.”

beasley logo longBeasley Q2 Revenue Down 3.6%.  This morning’s release of Beasley Broadcasting Group’s 2014 Q2 financials conforms to many experts’ conclusions about the second quarter of the year: Ad spending in radio was down across the country.  BBGI reports the net revenue figure of $25.9 million for the 2nd quarter of 2014 (compared to $26.9 million during the same period in 2013) “primarily reflects lower advertising revenue at the company’s Philadelphia, Wilmington and Greenville-New Bern-Jacksonville market clusters.  The decline in net revenue was partially offset by $0.7 million in other revenue, resulting from an agreement with an electronics company and its affiliate concerning the use of our and their respective logos.”  Chairman and CEO George Beasley comments, “Second quarter beasleygeorgerevenue levels reflect slower advertising spending across most markets where we operate which led to declines in seven of our eleven markets and lower station operating income.  Overall, we outperformed in our five market clusters that report to Miller Kaplan.  In these markets, which accounted for approximately 78% of total second quarter revenue, Beasley station cluster revenue declined 5.2%, compared with the total revenue for all reporting radio stations in these markets which were down 6.0% for the quarter.  Our year-over-year revenue decline is partially attributable to difficult comparisons with 2013 second quarter results when we generated double-digit revenue gains in markets including Philadelphia and Las Vegas.  However, our initiatives to expand our digital offerings are delivering results as we recorded an approximate 24% rise in digital revenue during the quarter.  Notwithstanding the challenges faced in the second quarter, our market positions remain healthy based on our organization-wide focus on strong core programming and targeted localism. This focus is vital to the company’s ratings strength and long-term success.”

townsquare logoTownsquare Media IPO Raises $91 Million.  It’s hard to judge the IPO of a radio and digital media company that’s so young in corporate terms, but the sale of 8.3 million shares of class A stock made the company a little more than $91 million – short of the $125 million the company was hoping to raise.  Some analysts are noting that the IPO price was not in the low teens dollar figure the company had hoped for and even the $11 share price was a bit too high as the sale didn’t take off until the price dropped to $10.74.  Still, the offering results in a cash infusion for Townsquare Media.  Only time will tell if Townsquare’s plan to build revenue with small and medium market radio stations augmented by its stable of digital publications will pay off for investors and the company.

wqhtEmmis Names Jay Dixon WQHT, New York PD.  After serving as interim program director at Emmis Communications’ hip hop WQHT, New York “Hot 97” since Ebro Darden relinquished the post to focus on his morning show duties, the company officially names Jay Dixon program director.  Dixon was with Emmis previously, serving as program director for urban AC WRKS “98.7 Kiss FM” prior to the company leasing that signal to ESPN as WEPN-FM.  He also worked for Cox Media Group as that company’s national urban format coordinator.  WQHT GM Deon Levingston states, “Jay’s extensive knowledge of radiodixonjay broadcasting and ratings, as well as his familiarity with the Emmis brand, makes him the perfect fit for WQHT.  Over the past few months, Dixon has initiated innovative and creative ideas to the ‘HOT 97’ platform, further demonstrating his capabilities of leading and continuing to expand the global presence ‘HOT 97’ has in hip hop and music.  We are thrilled to welcome him back to the Emmis family.”  Dixon comments, “I am excited to be back with Emmis and to continue my work with WQHT.  I’d like to thank Rick Cummings, Jimmy Steele, Deon Levingston, Ebro Darden and the entire Emmis community for this opportunity.  Look out of big things ahead for WQHT, hip hop, and New York.”

russellchrisRussell to Program WMXO, Olean, New York.  Joining Pembrook Pines-owned CHR WMXO “Mix 101.5” as program director is Chris Russell.  The company announces the 15-year radio industry pro most recently served with Colonial Media & Entertainment in Olean and, before that, was a programmer for Cromwell Radio Group in Effingham, Illinois.  Russell says of his new gig, “I can’t tell you how excited I am at the opportunities our hot AC format provides us here in the market, and what a fantastic group of radio folks I get to hang out with every day!  And we have some BIG surprises in store for our great listeners and clients!”

arickaj‘K105’ Fort Wayne Names Aricka J Midday Personality.  Moving from South Bend where she’s been with Artistic Media Partners-owned CHR WNDV “U93” to Federated Media’s country WQHK “K105” in Fort Wayne is Aricka McCauley a.k.a. Aricka J.  She takes over the slot vacated by Heather Cruise when she moved to Los Angeles.  Program director Dave Michaels says, “The long nationwide search is over, and an exceptional, talented individual will soon be entertaining the ‘K105’ listeners.  Aricka will be a great addition to the ‘K105’ lineup!”  McCauley says, “I am very sorry to be leaving South Bend and U93 so soon, they treated me very well.  However I am very excited to start a new journey with Federated Media and a longtime heritage station like ‘K105’ and I’m looking forward to the smiling faces of Fort Wayne.”

mckaydanaMore RadioInfo Career Moves.  The new evening personality at CBS RADIO’s hot AC WIAD, Washington “94.7 Fresh FM” is Dana McKay.  She was most recently with the company at hot AC WHFS, Tampa “Play 98.7.”…..Zach Ledbetter exits the evening show at Cookeville Communications-owned country outlet WGSQ, Cookeville, Tennessee “Country Giant 94.7.”…..Joanna Huff is promoted to permanent morning show producer and co-host at Reising Radio Partners’ country WYGB, Franklin, Indiana “Korn Country 100.3”

harrisonherald2RadioInfo Publisher Michael Harrison Sounds Off on Boston Herald Radio Interview.  The Boston Herald newspaper launched an online talk radio station – “Herald Radio” – on August 1, 2013.  In commemoration of the forthcoming one-year anniversary, the station interviewed RadioInfo/TALKERS publisher Michael Harrison (pictured here on Herald Radio) about his take on the state of radio in general.  Although the 25-minute conversation focused primarily on Harrison’s opinions about talk radio, he also made a number of comments about his take on the challenges facing terrestrial music radio in the advancing digital era.  In addition to whimsically sharing recollections of his personal early-career as a rock radio DJ and PD at such legendary signals as WLIR, Long Island; WNEW-FM, New York; KPRI, San Diego; and KMET, Los Angeles, Harrison states that he is concerned about music radio’s ability to stand up against 21st century competition because it has “abandoned its franchise of personality.”  Harrison continues, “And you really can’t compete in today’s multimedia music audio market if you don’t have personality, because then you’re just a Pandora.” To read media reporter Jessica Heslam’s coverage of the visit and to hear the entire interview, please click here.

hangar19KUBQ, La Grande, Oregon Adds ‘Hangar 19’ Metal Show.  The classic metal show “Hangar 19,” distributed by Envision Networks and hosted by Cutter, is added to the weekend program lineup at Pacific Empire Radio Corporation’s KUBQ, La Grande, Oregon.  The program is described by Envision as a show that “relives the glory days of classic metal and features music from the artists and groups who built this explosive genre including Megadeth, Iron Maiden, Pantera, Metallica, Anthrax, Judas Priest, Korn, Slayer and Marilyn Manson.”  KUBQ program director Cliff Turner says, “’98.7 The Rock of Eastern Oregon’ is ready to rock hard with Hangar 19.  Cutter has managed to weld together a solid blend of metal from the legends and promising bands of today!”

Thursday, July 24, 2014

| July 24, 2014

cclogoClear Channel Holdings Reports 2014 Q2 Numbers – Revenue Up 1%.  That figure is for CC Holdings as a whole and must be tempered with the follow-up figure of expenses being up 2% — both figures are year-over-year.  During yesterday’s conference call with investors, CFO Richard Bressler detailed some of the achievements of the CCM+E division (although it’s not part of the publicly traded side of the business – only Clear Channel Outdoor is).  He noted that iHeartRadio recently surpassed 50 million users; said the success of the televised iHeartRadio Music Awards show in May is evidenced by NBC agreeing to air next year’s awards show as well.  While saying that Clear Channel outperformed the markets (as per Miller Kaplan), Bressler admitted that April and May were down months for the radio and networks business but reported that June had improved.

townsquare logoTownsquare Media Inc. IPO Begins Today; Opening Price $10.74.  Greenwich, Connecticut-based Townsquare Media’s IPO takes place today with the opening price of its stock at $10.74 per share.  Townsquare had hoped to raise $125 million from this IPO but the 8.3 million shares sold raised $92 million.  The company plans to use the proceeds to repay its outstanding 10% Senior PIK Notes due in 2019 and to repay approximately $128.6 million of the outstanding term loans under its Senior Secured Credit Facility.  The 10% Senior PIK Notes were issued on November 14, 2013 to finance the Cumulus II Transaction.

lawleytoddRadioInfo Career Moves.  Joining Townsquare Media as a regional VP based in Dallas is Todd Lawley.  He comes to Townsquare from Peak Broadcasting where he was president and CEO before the company sold its radio assets earlier this year.  Prior to Peak Lawley served with the old Citadel Broadcasting.…..After a little more than a year with Clear Channel Media + Entertainment in New Orleans, Brian Wallace exits his director of urban programming role at the cluster where he programmed hip hop WQUE “Q93” and urban adult contemporary WYLD.  Prior to joining CC in March of 2013, Wallace served with Radio One as OM at the Indianapolis station group…..Joining Cumulus Media’s new urban outlet WNBM, New York, “Radio 103.9,” is Terrence Battle a.k.a. T-Storm who will serve as the local producer for the afternoon drive D.L. Hughley show and host the Saturday evening “Mix Show.”  Battle has New York radio experience havingstevensonamy worked at CBS RADIO’s WNOW “92.3 Now,” Emmis’ WQHT “Hot 97,” and WRKS…..James Steele is now a part of CBS RADIO’s Orlando cluster where he’s the evening personality on CHR WJHM “101.9 AMP Radio” and production manager, effective Monday, July 28.  His most recent gig was in Norfolk where he was APD, imaging director and afternoon personality at CHR WNOH “NOW 105.”…..Across the Pond, Graham Mack tells RadioInfo that Amy Stevenson is the newest member of the “BOB’s Breakfast” show on “BOB fm Home Counties.”  Stevenson joins Mack and Chris Hubbard as part of the Mack Pack on the adult hits station heard on 106.7 and 106.9 in Hertfordshire, England.

977thebrewClear Channel Debuts ‘The Brew’ on WKSF-HD2 and Asheville Translator.  The station will play a wide variety of music – from current pop hits to classic rock to 80s rock, according to Clear Channel Asheville operations manager Jeff Davis.  He tells the Asheville Citizen-Times the station could be considered “nontraditional.”  Music will span the 1970s through to today’s hits.  Davis says, “We’ll play about every kind of music from top 40 to hot AC, classic rock, mainstream rock and a little bit of country.  It’s basically a nice replacement for an iPod.  It will never live in any world too long.”  The station can be heard on country WKSF’s HD-2 channel as well as on W249AR at 97.7.

radioshow14Advertising the Focus as Bob Hoffman Named Keynote Speaker at 2014 Radio Show.  This year’s keynote address at the NAB and RAB jointly produced 2014 Radio Show will be delivered by “advertising luminary” Bob Hoffman, whose September 10 speech is titled, “The Golden Age of BS,” that will “address the gulf between what we are being told by ‘experts’ and the reality of advertising and media today, with specific focus on broadcast radio.”  Hoffman is a partner in Type A Group, LLC, a consulting firm that works with advertisers, marketers, and media.  He is the author of Amazon‘s number-one selling advertising book, 101 Contrarian Ideas About Advertising, and “The Ad Contrarian” blog.

pettytomSiriusXM to Feature Tom Petty with Dedicated Channel; Town Hall Event.  Satellite broadcaster SiriusXM returns Tom Petty radio to its channel lineup tomorrow (7/25).  In addition to the Tom Petty Radio channel that will feature music spanning Tom Petty’s entire career, from his first album with The Heartbreakers up to the group’s new album Hypnotic Eye, including personal stories from Petty and his bandmates in The Heartbreakers about each track on the new album. The channel will also feature songs Petty recorded as a solo artist and as a member of the Traveling Wilburys as well as live tracks from Petty’s most recent tour.   Additionally, the channel will air an exclusive “Town Hall” with Tom Petty, during which Petty will sit down for an intimate Q&A session with a select group of SiriusXM listeners in Los Angeles, moderated by SiriusXM’s Jim Ladd.

wlfz logoCool Job Opportunity. Saga Communications is on the prowl for a morning host/brand manager at its Springfield, Illinois country outlet WLFZ “101.9 The Wolf.”  Let’s have some fun!  This station is young – only 10 months old and tearing up the town.  We want someone with fresh ideas, attitude and energy.  Experience is a must.  Music skills, social media, programming vision, on air mastery and people skills top the list.  EOE M/F.  Send materials to:

Doobie’s Picks of the Week

| July 23, 2014

Doobie Banner - Picks (3)


We obviously listen to a lot of music at RadioInfo.  Since the new music we monitor isn’t limited to artists from the major labels (some of the artists aren’t even signed to ANY label), we are often exposed to artists that tend to be much better musically than they are promotionally.  That being said, the next track is one of those artists.

“Misfortune Cookies” by Pierce Wagner (Pierce Wagner)

This track is great. It’s like Jamie Cullum, Jason Mraz, and John Mayer were put in a juicer… the outstanding sound you would get is pretty much this guy.  Please listen for yourself. It might be worth mentioning that he’s from Arizona and says that while his music “is rooted in the same soil as indie pop and pop rock” there are definitely audible influences from Motown, blues, punk, and other indie genres. While I don’t often judge a song by its title, this one intrigued me enough to give it a listen – and I am telling you that it was worth it and worth considering for a playlist appearance.

“Love Me More” by Evolution Beat (Golden Planet Records)

Evolution Beat’s fusion of pop and contemporary ska began in the Ventura County/LA underground. This tune is one of those special songs that sounds absolutely modern on a sonic level – which is so important to today’s pop music radio programmers – but has the ‘ear candy’ quality that made top 40 music back in the day so compelling and infectious.  Sounds like a summertime winner to us.

This track debuts at #40 this week on the RadioInfo Pop Music Chart. I heard it two weeks ago in California on 103.3 KVYB “The Vibe” in Santa Barbara and Y100.9 KSXY, Santa Rosa. Last week the song was smartly added to KZDB “Now” 105.7 Spokane and KCDU “The Beach” 101.7, Monterey. Maybe your station will be next.

BO$$” by Fifth Harmony (Syco/Epic/Simco)

BO$$ by Fifth Harmony101.9 AMPLast week, we wrote about the sparkle of this song, suggesting that a listener cannot help but bop along whether it’s through the car speakers or the earbuds. In other words, to quote the single, they’re on some “Michelle Obama sh–” and that should count for something. Listeners of 101.9 AMP “Radio Orlando” thought so. In a landslide multi-thousand ballot vote (99% to 1% of over four thousand votes placed) the listeners sent a message that this was a must-add to the station’s playlist.

Since then, we have heard it added to: KBFF “Live 95.5,” Portland, Oregon; KFRH “104.3 Now,” Las Vegas; KYJO “KJ 103” in Oklahoma City; WKSE “Kiss 98.5,” Buffalo; WXKS “Kiss 108” Boston and at least 22 other sets of call letters.


“From Now On” by Delta Spirit (Dualtone)

Bayley - use memcguinn jimLast week, Golden-eared on-air personality and interactive specialist, Bayley Brown from WKLC-FM (Rock 105) serving the Charleston market, touted that “this is a must add for alternative radio!”  (We have more from the extraordinarily talented Ms. Brown later in today’s column.)

She’s not alone in this thinking. Golden-eared program director Jim McGuinn from 89.3 KCMP “The Current” in Minneapolis thinks that “From Now On” is “another strong single from Delta Spirit. It’s an urgent, catchy summer rocker from a band that connects live and on record with The Current’s audience in a big way.”

lucia maryWeezer “Back To The Shack”The station is owned by Minnesota Public Radio and broadcasts a triple-A music format that includes a lot of plays from local artists. I heard DJ Mary Lucia play Patti Smith’s “Gloria” – a track that I have probably personally listened to a few hundred times too many. However Lucia introduced the track with such enthusiasm, even I was engaged enough to give the song yet another listen. Of course, then she played that new song from Weezer “Back To The Shack” (released on Monday from Everything Will be Alright In The End – an album set to be released in late September on Republic).

The two totally fit together despite being from two very completely different places and times. It was the professional presentation by the jock that really made it work.

And if you haven’t heard this new Weezer track, you are missing out because it’s HOT. Weezer used to be about nerdy nostalgia… remembered pleasures, bygone loves, and adolescent embarrassments. I felt that part of their appeal was the fact that they themselves were kind of nerds stuck in the past. But that uncool-yet-cool image was quickly shed with their later offerings and then they sort of went on this long and strange trip for what I will refer to as an extended hiatus. Now… with the band’s first song in four years, “Back To The Shack,” is an apology for their past acts of treason and a promise to embrace their nerdy roots.

“Beware The Dog” by The Griswolds Be Impressive (Wind-Up Records)

“Beware The Dog” by The Griswolds Be Impressivecd1025A few weeks ago, we spoke with Christopher Whitehall, lead singer of The Griswolds. He tells RadioInfo “We’ve had the most amazing time visiting this alt rock station in Columbus, Ohio (WWCD102.5 FM) that even had a bar downstairs and we got to just ‘hang out’ with the whole team. It was really awesome seeing them care about the music as much as we do. Probably one of the most amazing radio experiences but they all aren’t far behind that one.”

Keep an ear out for these guys, as big things seem to be happening for them. KROQ added the song to their playlist, sharing that the band got their name from the National Lampoon Vacation movies. And I have even heard their single “Beware The Dog” making the rounds at some popular nightlife spots. If you are looking for an alternative/EDM-type crossover, you should consider this track.

We talk about artists that have large and loyal followings and yet they don’t seem to have the support of radio despite making great music. Jenny Lewis is another example of an artist that produces some amazing works – both solo, and in the various groups she has participated in. This album seems to be her watershed moment, and radio should probably pay attention.

“Just One Of The Guys” by Jenny Lewis The Voyager (Warner Bros.)

“Just One of the Guys” by Jenny Lewis The Voyager“No matter how hard I try, to be just one of the guys/There’s a little something inside that won’t let me,” sings Jenny Lewis on “Just One Of The Guys,” the first single off her upcoming album, The Voyager. The title is funny if only because of the fact that the song is produced by Beck.

Written after the post-Rilo Kiley era in the wake of her estranged father’s death, this album is a bit on the slower, deeper, and more introspective side. “Making The Voyager got me through one of the most difficult periods of my life,” Lewis said in a statement.

She continues, “After Rilo Kiley broke up and a few really intense personal things happened, I completely melted down. It nearly destroyed me. I had such severe insomnia that, at one point, I didn’t sleep for five straight nights. Many of the songs on The Voyager came out of the need to occupy my mind in the moments when I just couldn’t shut down.”

Is this track occupying your playlist? It is at 91.9 FM “Radio Louisville” WFPK and KXTE X-107.5 FM in Las Vegas.

“Queen” by Perfume Genius Too Bright (Matador)

“Queen” by Perfume Genius Too BrightMike Hadreas, the acclaimed Seattle musician, is not shy about making a statement. From a release, about his latest release, he says, “Sometimes I see faces of blank fear when I walk by … if these f-cking people want to give me some power — if they see me as some sea witch with penis tentacles that are always prodding and poking and seeking to convert the muggles — well here she comes.”

The lyrics of this track hint at the themes of this new direction, which Hadreas says is about “an underlying rage that has slowly been growing since age 10 and has just begun to bubble up.”

This rage is not like a generalized road rage, but rather a very targeted bite at something that has obviously been bothering him for a long time. TIME says it was about “gay panic.” Slate calls the song the “gay anthem” of the year.

While I am sure that topic is probably going to turn on some listeners and turn others off… I think the song is pretty good, and the words relatable to more than just the obvious topic. While this track (and album) may not be the piano heavy sounds of his last offering, the keyboard and guitars really add to the intimacy of the lyrics and that is worth considering.

“High (Acoustic)” by Young Rising Sons (Dirty Canvas)

“High (Acoustic)” by Young Rising SonsOne of the picks a few weeks ago was the Young Rising Sons with their first single “High.” I thought it was a very catch song and would probably be an indie rock chart topper.

Sirius XM’s “Alt Nation” is an early adopter of the original. So is KITS-FM “Live 105” San Francisco.

Young Rising Sons just released an acoustic version (it’s a video) of the song that probably fits some of the more triple-A formats better than the original. However, both are equal in overall quality, engagement, and listener preference.

They have a second single, “King Of the World,” that is basically the same windows down, warm-weather, rocker that was their debut single. While I won’t go into it here, you should check out their EP as it was released yesterday (7/22) and give the acoustic version of “High” consideration after listening below.

“Trainwreck 1979” by Death From Above 1979 The Physical World (Last Gang/Warner Bros.)

As promised, here’s more from golden-eared Bayley Brown from WKLC-FM (Rock 105) in St. Albans, West Virginia.  She is always on the listen for music that motivates her loyal listeners to reach out to the station expressing gratitude for keeping the quality rock coming.  The station is an “everything that rocks” powerhouse that serves the Charleston market.

“Trainwreck 1979” by Death from Above 1979 The Physical Worldlowe zaneThis week’s big find is from Death From Above 1979. This track debuted on Zane Lowe’s BBC Radio 1 show earlier this month, ending a dry spell of almost a decade without a release from the band.

Brown tells RadioInfo, “This is a natural add for alternative stations as the Canadian duo has been gaining a lot of steam since their reunion in 2011 and had radio success in the UK with their first (and only previous) album You’re A Woman I’m A Machine in the mid 2000s. In addition to the aforementioned reasons ‘Trainwreck 1979’ knocks you off your feet, and keeps you coming back for more.”

sardy daveThe album, produced by Dave Sardy (Noel Gallagher, Oasis, Nine Inch Nails, LCD Sound System) is due out September 9th.  Brown says, “They’re doing something that I haven’t heard of before, giving away a download of the entire album for every pair of tickets purchased for their fall tour… which I would imagine will be loud. I have heard it said, if it’s not loud you’re missing the point of Death From Above 1979. So, listen to their new single and TURN IT UP!!”



I was reading a sharp-tongued opinion of the next two songs. The writer commented on how the songs are basically the same, having been released on the same day, by two institutions less than a mile apart. However, I think that’s like saying all country songs played backwards are happy because the protagonist gets his woman, truck and dog back from whatever disaster he was originally singing about.

Yes… both songs take on the idea that bro country can be seen as misogynistic and that women should stand up for respect. However, one does it positively (if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em). One does it negatively, (women are people too). Ultimately, they work together to provide for a theme… and not just places the girls are (other than the kitchen, barefoot and pregnant).

“Girl In A Country Song” by Maddie & Tae (Republic/UMG)

Bro country; small town good life that is filled with trucks, beer, and scantily clad women. The young country duo Maddie & Tae aren’t fans of the third element in the “bro-country” trinity.

“Girl In A Country Song” by Maddie & Taecornish audieIn conversation with NPR’s Audie Cornish, Maddie Marlow, 19, and Tae Dye, 18, made it abundantly clear that they are not fans of the tendency of male singers to address women with the words “hey, girl!” “There’s absolutely no beef with that line or any of the lines, in fact,” Dye says. “It’s just a trend that kind of became irresponsible in its view of women, so we wanted to come at it from our perspective.” “We’re like, you know, if you love us as much as you say you do, shouldn’t you know our name?” Marlow adds. “We want to give this girl that these guys love singing about a voice.”

“Girl In Your Truck Song” by Maggie Rose (RPM)

dunkerly bevilleBeville Dunkerly of Rolling Stone writes, “If you turn Maggie Rose’s new single, “Girl In Your Truck Song” into a drinking game — taking a swig every time she name-checks a so-called “bro country” song — you’ll likely be pretty buzzed by the end of the first chorus.

“I travel all over the country and meet men and women who love this music,” Rose tells Rolling Stone Country. “There are females embracing that role that all these men are writing about. So this is a cool song to sing from my perspective; it’s the female answer to what’s happening in country music right now… and it’s very much a part of my personality.”

It’s great timing on either side of the fence, as the bro country movement is undoubtedly the hottest debate on Music Row this summer, along with the imbalance of men and women on country radio. Rose hopes her new track will put both issues in perspective.

“The irony is that bro country is male-dominated, but women are driving the subject matter,” muses the singer-songwriter. “I like what’s happening in country music right now. There is a place for women, if we just find our niche. Don’t fight it; embrace it.”

“Who’ll Stop the Rain” by Dwight Yoakam (Warner Bros.)

Dwight just released a cover of the Creedence Clearwater Revival classic song “Who’ll Stop The Rain” and I was really quite impressed. This track will be featured on Dwight’s new album coming out later this year.

I heard this track on “Pepper’s Pick” (8:20 pm weeknights on KFRG 95.1 FM Riverside, California and KXFG 92.9 FM Temecula, California). Pepper’s Pick is a deeper look at songs in the country format. Pepper breaks down some of her favorite songs coming out of Nashville and this pick from the other day was certainly one worth highlighting.

icemanrush benThe Iceman (aka Bobby Golomboski), host of multiple internet shows including top 40 New Country Artist Countdown on Radio on the Row, has a set of golden ears when it comes to finding some really great up-and-coming talent. The Iceman is an early supporter of multiple RadioInfo Country Music Chart pick of the week artist, Ben Rush (someone we are keeping an ear on, as he keeps making great music). This week, the Iceman is touting Troy Bullock; whose “Country Go Round” debuted at #29 on The Iceman’s Top 40 New Country Artist Chart this week.

bullock troyA “real life cowboy” from Sandpoint, Idaho who started developing his talents as a singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist at eight years old, Bullock draws inspiration from his childhood working on the ranch, years served in the Air Force, performing on the Nashville and national circuit and his current occupation as a coal miner.

Bullock is best described by the phrase, “Stone Cold Country” which Iceman describes as “a mix of country music, neo-con prime traditionalism and the fiddle and steel of yesteryear. It’s like all of country music’s greatest influences run deep in him.”

Bullock just started a country radio tour and the Iceman suggests you give it some thought about adding him to your playlist and inviting him to the station for a live performance. “He’s got a long and rewarding career ahead of him,” says the Iceman.


“Sunrise” by Slaptop (Ensemble Records)

Slaptop’s ability to blend jazz, house, pop, and EDM is amazing and this song is really taking off. It’s the type of music that goes viral and its replay value is second to none. If you are looking for “The IT song” for the summer, this might be it.

“Sunrise” by SlaptopThe track was featured as “Monty’s Pick of the Day” on Sunday, on KROX 101X, Austin as part of their chillville playlist set Sunday mornings 8:00 am-11:00 am. There’s some great music programmed on that shift and I have been tuning in digitally.

KCRW 89.9, Los Angeles has been peppering the overnights with the track. KCRW is a great station that curates a unique mix of content centered around music discovery, NPR news, cultural exploration and informed public affairs. World-renowned for its music programming, KCRW DJs are given one directive: “play what you love.” Many established and emerging artists have made their U.S. live performance debut on flagship music program “Morning Becomes Eclectic” hosted by music director Jason Bentley, including Beck, Adele, Massive Attack, Gotye, Sigur Ros, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes, Coldplay, among dozens of others.

“How It’s Done” by District 78 (District 78)

This song was featured on Dancing With The Stars and got some attention.

“How It’s Done” by District 78District 78 is an electronic dance music group and production team. They have had the experience of working with many of the top dancers and choreographers in the world. Their epic dance music has created the backdrop for some of the most compelling dances in film and television.

This is an excellent EDM-based track for a CHR station looking to get a compatible taste of that sound into their music mix.

“Shoulda Known Better” by Steffaloo (Bear Mountain Remix) Heart Beats (Mush Records)

Steffaloo has a warm youthfulness, ethereal harmonies, and a certain kind of wonder in all of her songs. She pulls out beauty that she sees in the world and repackages it in her own prose that sounds like she’s re-telling a dream she had from last night.

“Shoulda Known Better” is the second single from Steffaloo’s collaborative electronic album, Heart Beats. For the album track, Steffaloo teamed up with Chicago producer Different Sleep to create an ethereal composition that floats her vocals on a bed of shimmering synths accented with a heartbeat kick and a snap snare. Bear Mountain highlights the underlying dance floor elements of the original by chopping and dicing the vocal over a tight house beat with a stabbing baseline.


Duane Doobie is music editor/director of RadioInfo and reflects the composite musical opinions of the RadioInfo editorial staff.  He can be emailed at



Wednesday, July 23, 2014

| July 23, 2014

iheartradiofestival 2014Clear Channel Announces Lineup for iHeartRadio Music Festival 2014.  The lineup of acts for the 2014 iHeartRadio Music Festival taking place in Las Vegas September 19-20 has been announced by Clear Channel.  Major acts include: Taylor Swift, Coldplay, Usher, Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj, Mötley Crüe, Zac Brown Band, One Direction,swifttaylor Ed Sheeran, Paramore, Iggy Azalea, Train, Eric Church, Lorde, Calvin Harris, Bastille, and Steve Aoki.  As part of the weekend, the iHeartRadio Music Festival Village will return to The Lot across from Luxor Hotel & Casino on Saturday afternoon with live performances by Iggy Azalea, Neon Trees, Kacey Musgraves, Childish Gambino, Magic!, The Pretty Reckless, Nico & Vinz, Lil Jon and more to be announced.   In addition to the Las Vegas concert event, the festival will be broadcast live on Clear Channel magic smallradio stations, exclusively streamed live on Yahoo Screen, and will see television exposure as a two-night special on The CW network on September 29 and 30.  Clear Channel chairman and CEO Bob Pittman states, “Each year we bring the music of the iHeartRadio app to life at the iHeartRadio Music Festival, redefining the live music experience for fans across America with once-in-a-lifetime performances and incredible collaborations that nobody else can provide.  It’s the ultimate celebration of artists and music, and for the fourth year in a row the festival will make history with an extraordinary lineup of the biggest names in music across all genres.”

eventful logoCBS Local to Acquire Event Discovery Site ‘Eventful.’  In a move that will provide a platform to tie into other CBS-owned platforms, CBS Local Media is entering into an agreement to acquire Eventful, Inc. a leading digital media company in the events discovery, communication and personalization business.  Describing the service, CBS states, “Eventful connects consumers with information on millions of concerts, movies listings and local events by using its proprietary algorithms to aggregate, and deliver an ever-growing volume of content from across the United States and around the world.  Serving its users viacbslocalmedia multiple platforms, including online, mobile and email, Eventful creates fan interest profiles and delivers highly personalized recommendations on behalf of artists, publishers and marketers to each of their more than 21 million registered users.”  CBS Local Media COO Anton Guitano comments, “By offering audiences comprehensive local information all in one place, Eventful has amassed an engaged community that is passionate about finding experiences that match their lifestyle and personal tastes.  This strategy reflects that of CBS Local Media, making this union a terrific complement to our growing digital business.  Broadcast and online audiences will now have more insight into more events.  Simultaneously, we are thrilled to offer our clients more options to reach their target customer.”

fifthharmonyDuane Doobie’s Picks of the Week.  RadioInfo’s hard-working music editor/director, Duane Doobie, backed by a growing team of information contributing researchers and golden-eared trench broadcasters, provides programmers with musical suggestions worthy of the attention of pro-active radio formats.  You’ll be turned on to some of the exciting artists and music buzzing out there just over the horizon from the worlds of pop, rock, country and EDM.  This week’s selection posted today (7/23) includes such names as: Pierce Wagner, Evolution Beat, Fifth Harmony, Delta Spirit, Griswolds, Jenny Lewis, Perfume Genius, Young Rising Sons, Death from Above 1979, Maddie & Tae, Maggie Rose, Dwight Yokam, Troy Bullock, Slaptop, District 78, and Steffalooamong others.  To check out this valuable information, please click here.

kinosianmikePPM Analysis: Adult Hits.  There aren’t as many adult hits-formatted stations in Nielsen Audio‘s 48 PPM markets as there are classic hits-oldies and classic rock but RadioInfo managing editor Mike Kinosian notes in this third-of-three analysis that, unlike the other two formats scrutinized in this series, slightly less than half of the adult hits stations in the survey were flat or up with the rest dipping.  Just one adult hits station – Emmis’ KBPA, Austin “Bob 103.5 Austin” – ranked #1 in its market in June (persons 6+), while 16 out of the adult hits stations in the survey ranked in the top 10 in their markets in June.  Check out the performance comparisons over the past six PPM surveys as well as the chart comparing performances of all three formats – classic hits-oldies, classic rock and adult hits – in Mike Kinosian’s analysis here.

fielddavidEntercom Chief David Field Asks Employees to Embrace Change, Lists Accomplishments in Mid-Year Memo.  In his twice-annual memo to staffers, Entercom president and CEO David Field writes that everyone in the radio business must embrace change and innovate and challenges employees to do so within the guidelines of what Entercom believes in.  He goes on to list those beliefs which start with its dedication to “building the best local radio stations with the best local personalities.”  Also, Field speaks about the company’s accomplishments and points to the launch of new radio stations, the debut of its SmartReach Digital local marketing arm, and the “two-minute” promise at Seattle’s alternative “The End” which limits spots to six minutes per hour on the station with never more than 2 minutes of commercials at one time.  Read his entire memo here.

pandoralogoPandora Hires Record Industry’s Lars Murray as VP/Industry Relations.  In an effort to work more efficiently with the recording industry, digital pure play Pandora announces the appointment of Lars Murray to the new position VP/industry relations.  The company reports that, in this new position, Murray will “oversee the company’s strategic collaboration with a broad coalition of music industry stakeholders.”  Murray will report to chief strategy officer Sara Clemens.  He comes to Pandora from his most recent post as VP/digital media with Columbia Records.  Pandora chairman, president & CEO Brian McAndrews comments, “Pandora is committed to building a vibrant, sustainable future for the music industry.  With this hire, we’ve added a widely respected thought leader to help take us there.  Lars’ extensive knowledge, broad industry relationships, and deep passion for music will further shape our approach to realizing a truly productive collaboration with all industry stakeholders.”

mccannjakeJake McCann Joins Cumulus Washington as VP of Sales.  Radio sales pro Jake McCann is named vice president of sales for Cumulus Media’s Washington, DC stations CHR WRQX and news/talk WMAL-AM/FM.  McCann comes to Washington from Philadelphia where he was director of sales for Greater Media’s operations there.  Cumulus SVP Gary Pizzati comments, “We are thrilled to have Jake at the helm of our cluster in Washington.  He is a natural leader and a relentless recruiter.  Jake spent the majority of his career in sales management on the East Coast both in radio and cable.  He’s developed strong regional advertiser relationships during that time which will be beneficial to us.  We look forward to his contribution.”

fargoanthonyMore RadioInfo Career Moves.  Last week RadioInfo reported that Anthony “Kobe” Fargo had exited his APD gig at Cox Media Group’s WAPE, Jacksonville.  Now we learn that he’s returned to his hometown of Pittsburgh to serve as a social media consultant with The Media Beast.  Additionally, he’ll be doing part-time on air work at CBS RADIO’s hot AC WBZZ “100.7 StarPittsburgh.”…..Christian broadcaster WAY Media announces it has named Rob Wagman program director for its Christian CHR WAY-FM Network.  Wagman most recently was afternoon personality at Salem Communications-owned KFSH, Los Angeles “95.9 The Fish.”…..Steve Cannon takes on more duties with Midwest Communications as he becomes brand manager for country WDWQ, Terre Haute “Q102.7.”  Cannon already serves as brand manager for the Terre Haute cluster’s adult contemporary WBOW and classic country WDKE “95.9 Duke FM.”

shoutcastSHOUTcast Launches Streaming Service with Audience Monetization.  The recent addition of SHOUTcast to the Radionomy family is producing a new service that includes effective audience monetization with the integration of the TargetSpot ad network.  The company adds that “additional tools and capabilities to support the needs of today’s online radio stations are also part of this new service.  These enhancements are built on the tradition and reliability of SHOUTcast and are available today to selected SHOUTcast broadcasters, and CDN partners.”  The new features include: audience monetization regardless of how they listen – using SHOUTcast’s new server-side targeted ad injection and the TargetSpot ad network; streaming – high-quality stream hosting at no cost; unlimited listeners – no more maxing out slots, SHOUTcast now supports unlimited listeners; built-in listener analytics (stats tools); and more.  Radionomy VP/business development – US Country manager Thierry Ascarez says, “Our team has been working very hard to reinvigorate the SHOUTcast platform with the most advanced and professional tools currently available in the market.”

bonesAldeanJason Aldean Agrees to Charity Show with The Raging Idiots.  During an appearance on the Premiere Networks-syndicated Bobby Bones show, two-time Academy of Country Music “Top Male Vocalist” Jason Aldean performed his new song “Burnin’ It Down,” (the first single from his new album due out later this year).  During the interview, Aldean agreed to play a show with Bones’ band The Raging Idiots to benefit St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, if the show could raise $50,000 for Susan G. Komen.  Pictured here (from left to right) are: show cast member Lunchbox, Bones, show cast member Amy and Aldean.

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