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pittmanbobBob Pittman to Take Over Chairman of the Board Role at Clear Channel.  CC Media Holdings, Inc., in an SEC filing announcing the annual meeting of stockholders on May 17, moves to replace Mark Mays as chairman of the board with current board of directors member and company CEO Bob Pittman.  The filing states, “We believe that having the chief executive officer also serve as our chairman of the board provides us with a clear leadership structure.  As our chairman and chief executive officer, Mr. Pittman will continue to provide our board with insight into our operations and help facilitate the flow of information between management and the board.  Subject to his re-election as a director, Mr. Mays will remain a member of our board and we will continue to benefit from his experience as our previous chief executive officer.”

murphyskipCumulus Media Networks Names Skip Murphy Host of PM Urban Show.  Filling the gap left by the Michael Baisden show, Cumulus Media Networks announces the “Skip Murphy in the Afternoon Show’ debuts on the network beginning Monday, April 1.  The partnership with Reach Media brings Murphy and co-sandersjasminehost Jasmine Sanders to the 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm time slot and is promoted as “featuring celebrity guests participating on a continuous basis. The urban/R&B program will play hits from today, the 80’s and the 90’s.  ‘Skip Murphy in the Afternoon’ will be upbeat, with humor, dishing on the latest trends, gossip and more. The music will provide the beat for an entertaining drive home. We will also begin testing more beloved and captivating personalities in the African American community in the entertainment category to be a part of the show.”

biakelseyBIA/Kelsey Sees Radio Station Online Growth Rising at Faster Pace.  The media advisory firm reports that, according to its first 2013 Investing in Radio Market Report, “Radio industry over-the-air revenues inched slightly upwards in 2012, increasing to $14.3 billion, a 1.5% change fratrikmarkfrom the year before.”  The company goes on to say that the “slight change is due in large part to the sluggish overall economy for 2012 and the increased competition radio faces in the local media market.”  It notes “station revenue mix will continue to shift somewhat and income from online advertising is expected to rise at a rate of about 10.8% annually over the next five years versus 2.5% from over-the-air.”  For 2013, BIA/Kelsey forecasts over-the-air radio revenues should see 2.3%, or $14.7 billion, again due to the slightly stronger economy.  BIA/Kelsey forecasts radio’s online revenue growth will reach $818 million by 2017, while the industry’s combined total revenue will reach $17 billion by 2017.   Vice president and chief economist Mark Fratrik states, “As the digital marketplace continues to rise in all sectors of advertising, radio is improving its listener engagement online and benefitting from the value of its web and mobile assets.  Overall, the industry is still recognized as an important part of the media mix as it continues to meander around, rising slightly with the rate of inflation but not keeping up with the economy.”

kramerweezieEntercom Ups Weezie Kramer to Station Group President.  Weezie Kramer has been with Entercom as a regional president since 2005.  Now, the company promotes her to station group president putting her in charge of all 121 Entercom radio stations.   In this post she will supervise  Entercom regional presidents Michael Doyle and Deborah Kane and chair the company’s operating committee.  She’ll also continue to be in charge of a number of the company’s 23 markets and report directly to Entercom president and CEO David Field, who says, “For years we have operated with three wonderfully talented regional presidents, but the time has come to align our station group under a single operational leader to drive stronger organizational cohesiveness and effectiveness. In elevating Weezie to this role, we will enhance our coordination and clarity and drive faster decision-making. She will continue to work closely with Deborah Kane and Michael Doyle, providing an outstanding leadership team for our markets.”

narvaezmonicaArbitron Names Monica Narvaez Hispanic Broadcaster Account Specialist.  In a role newly created, Arbitron Inc. appoints Monica Narvaez Hispanic broadcaster account specialist.  The company reports her duties will include: promoting the power of Spanish-language radio; generating solutions to help address Hispanic radio group needs; and developing programs for Spanish radio group training initiatives.  Narvaez has been with Arbitron for 10 years.  Prior to joining Arbitron she served with Nielsen as a web trainer, working with TV station research directors and sales executives using Scarborough Research.

adammikeMore RadioInfo Career Moves.  J.J. Ryan assumes the program director role at Clear Channel Media and Entertainment’s KTBT, Tulsa “92.1 The Beat.”  Ryan adds this new position to his duties programming the Tulsa cluster’s country KTGX, “106.1 The Twister.”…..Clear Channel rhythmic CHR personality Prolifik changes his on-air moniker and goes with his first and middle names Mike Adam.  He’s currently CC’s Top 40/Rhythmic Premium Choice talent and is heard in evenings on WIOQ, Philadelphia “Q102,” WKSS, Hartford “Kiss 95.7” and WMKS, Greensboro, North Carolina “105.7 Hit Music Now.”…..At Lanser Broadcasting’s Christian contemporary WJQK, Grand Rapids, Ace McKay joins the AM drive show with co-host Sabrina Fairchild now dubbed, “Ace & Sabrina.”  McKay joins WJQK from his most recent gig at Star Educational Media Network’s WLAB, Fort Wayne “Star 88.3.”

cookehollandDentists are Prime Prospects for Radio Advertising.  Have you noticed when you visit your friendly family dentist lately that the office has likely evolved from projecting a serious “professional” environment to more “commercial” one with signs promoting elective cosmetic procedures (such as teeth whitening), electric toothbrush sales, awards programs for recruiting new patients and “like us on Facebook” display cards? The fact is, dentistry has changed over the years and today’s young crop of dentists find themselves in a business that requires far more media promotion than their cavity-filling forebears ever thought about (or would consider appropriate).  In a helpful article posted today (3/27) noted radio consultant and RadioInfo columnist Holland Cooke sinks his canines into a potentially lucrative sales lead category.  Read it here.

kfdi logoJournal’s KFDI, Wichita Announces Listener Appreciation Concert Lineup.  Journal Broadcast Group’s country KFDI, Wichita says it’s proud to present Kansas’ own Jerrod Niemann as the headliner at the station’s annual listener appreciation show at Koch Arena on April 27.  He will be joined by Greg Bates and also The Henningsens.  All tickets to the show are free.

njba logoNew Jersey Broadcasters Association Backs FM in Smart Phones.  The New Jersey Broadcasters Association passed a resolution on Tuesday, March 26 at its board meeting in support of the Sprint FM Chip proposal, reaffirming the absolute need to enable all cell phones within therotellapaul United States to include (and activate) FM receiver capabilities in smartphones and other consumer electronic  devices.   NJBA president Paul Rotella states, “This is a matter of vital importance to inform and protect our citizens especially in times of natural disaster, severe weather or other emergencies that require the unequalled power of radio to reach the public.”  The NJBA believes that because of the strength of broadcast and the power of the airwaves, local radio and TV stations are often the only available communications medium during disaster situations.  Rotella continues, “New Jersey Broadcasters see the value of making radio receivers available and installed in all telecommunications devices owned and used by the public, foremost of those is the ‘smart phone’ and, therefore, the New Jersey Broadcasters Association supports the agreement with Sprint to produce and sell over 30 million smart phones in three years with fully functional FM radio receivers as part of their ‘smart Phones’ and service for same.”

abcdancinraismanDancing with the Stars Radio.  ABC Radio‘s Los Angeles-based entertainment correspondent Jason Nathanson (left) interviews “Dancing with the Stars” contestant and former Olympic gymnast Aly Raisman (right) backstage.  Nathanson’s interview was part of ABC Radio News’ production of “Dancing with the Stars Radio.”

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