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April 18, 2015

| April 18, 2015

KPLV“Party” Re-Started in Vegas. Nearly nine years ago (August 2006), KQOL, Las Vegas changed its call letters to KPLV and transitioned to a rhythmic-classic disco mix known as “93.1 The Party.” Since then, the station has made several programming modifications, including a July 2012 move to “My 93.1.” The latest facelift came this past Friday morning (4/17) at frequency-related 9:31 am, when iHeartMedia resurrected the familiar “93.1 The Party” handle. According to senior vice president of programming Chris Pickett, “The Party” will “focus on high-energy hit music – this party is 24/7.” The station’s modified lineup now features “Big D” in morning drive; “Claire” in mid-day; “Mack with Nina & Nick” in afternoon drive; and “Johiah” doing evenings. Among persons 6+ in the last 11 Nielsen Audio PPM reports for Las Vegas, KPLM has stayed within the 2.3 (“Holiday” 2014) to 2.9 (July 2014) range; it reached 3.1 in May 2014. Latest results (March 2015) actually show it up two-tenths from February and improving from #18 to #15 (2.4 – 2.6, 6+). By way of comparison, CBS Radio-owned KLUC “Las Vegas’ #1 Hit Music Station” ranks second (5.9 – 6.5) behind iHM adult contemporary KSNE “Sunny” (8.6 – 9.7), while Kemp Broadcasting rhythmic CHR KVEG “Hot 97.5″ is #12 (3.6 – 3.1).

Friday, April 17, 2015

| April 17, 2015

Nielsen LogoRound Four of Nielsen Audio PPM Data Released. The fourth and final batch of Nielsen Audio March 2015 PPM ratings information has been released. The latest numbers are for the 12 markets including: Austin, Milwaukee, Indianapolis, Providence, Raleigh, Norfolk, Nashville, Greensboro, West Palm Beach, Jacksonville, Memphis, and Hartford. The March survey period covered February 26 – March 25.  You can see all the 6+ ratings from subscribing stations here.  Meanwhile, RadioInfo managing editor Mike Kinosian presents his “Ten Takeaways” below.


1) Milwaukee – Not only does WRIT put an end to its mini-slide, iHeartMedia‘s “Oldies 95.7″ completely regains the eight-tenths WRITit lost in February to inch up from fourth to third (12.2 – 7.0 – 6.2 – 7.0, 6+). Co-owned WMIL “Milwaukee Country – FM 106.1″ put together a powerful one-two punch in January and February with back-to-back increases of +1.0 and +.9 (8.8 – 9.8 – 10.7, 6+). Although flat in March at 10.7, WMIL repeats at #1. Entrenched in the runner-up spot for eight straight sweeps before reaching #1 in January – the first time holding the lead position since last May – WTMJ dropped six-tenths in February and sputters by twice that much in March (10.9 – 10.3 – 9.1, -1.2, 6+). Nonetheless, the Journal talker finds itself in its familiar #2 slot. The six-share advantage it enjoyed in January over iHeartMedia’s similarly-formatted WISN is down toWKLH 2.5 shares as WISN (#4) is up for the third straight time (4.3 – 4.9 – 6.5 – 6.6, 6+). This is also the third consecutive up-trend for Saga-owned WKLH “Milwaukee’s Classic Rock,” which creeps up from seventh to sixth (4.2 – 4.5 – 4.9 – 5.1, 6+). Sharing a nearly identical three-sweep profile is rock sibling WHQC “Channel 96-1″ (4.1 – 4.5 – 4.6 – 4.7, 6+) as it moves from eighth to seventh.


2) Indianapolis – It is a mixed bag for the Emmis cluster, as on one hand, country WLHK “Hank” turns in a whopping +1.2 to cruise from fourth to first with its best 6+-stat since August 2013’s WLHK7.6 (6.2 – 7.4, 6+). Conversely, it dislodges adult contemporary sibling WYXB “Soft Rock B-105.7,” which is off by -1.1, and slips from #1 to a tie at #3 (7.3 – 6.2, 6+). In addition, their talk cluster-mate WIBC falters by one full-share, tumbling from third all the way to eighth (6.6 – 5.6, 6+). Over the past 18 survey periods, WOLT has been within the 3.7 – 4.6 range, but iHeartMedia-owned “Alt 103.3 – Indy’s Alternative” erupts with a +1.6 (3.9 – 5.5, 6+) and enters the top ten (#12 to #9). DroppingWOLT one-half share in February, WZPL “Indy’s Hit Music Station” saw its streak of up or flat trends end at  four (5.3 – 5.5 – 5.8 – 5.8 – 5.9 – 5.4, 6+), but the Entercom CHR puts up a +.8 to 6.2 and climbs from #7 to a tie at #3. Down or flat the past four surveys for a combined -1.6 (6.9 – 6.8 – 6.3 – 6.3 – 5.3, 6+), Cumulus Media country WFMS bumps up by four-tenths to 5.7 (eighth to seventh); February’s 5.3 (6+) was the station’s lowest in its PPM history. In January, co-owned WRWM catapulted from #13 all the way to #1. It was off by one-half share in February to slide to second and in March, “Classic Hip-Hop 93.9 – The Beat” regresses by -1.1 (7.3 – 6.2, 6+), dropping to fifth. Sibling WNTR “Indy’s Best Music Mix” picked up one-half share in February, but forfeits all of it (plus two-tenths) as it returns to #13 from #11 (3.5 – 4.0 – 3.3, 6+). Prior to February’s +.5, “Indy’s Best Music Mix” had been down or flat the previous five ratings periods for a combined -1.2 (4.7 – 4.2 – 4.1 – 3.6, 3.6 – 3.5, 6+).

3) Providence – After back-to-back (modest) gains of two-tenths (4.5 – 4.7 – 4.9, 6+), iHeartMedia hot AC WSNE “Coast 93-3″ WSNEdials up a +1.0 to 5.9, inching up from sixth to fifth. Frozen at 5.5 in the “Holiday” 2014 report and in January, co-owned rocker WHJY notched a +1.2 in February. It follows that with an eight-tenths gain (5.5 – 6.7 – 7.5, 6+) but “94 HJY” remains at #4. Co-owned classic hits-oldies cluster-mate WWBB “B-101″ improves by one-tenth to 4.8 (steady at #7), thus curtailing five consecutive negative or flat sweeps, which combined for a -3.5 (8.2 – 7.9 – 7.9 – 7.3 – 6.8 – 4.7, 6+). February and March represent the only times “B-101″ has not registered at least a five-share (6+) in its PPM history. Down another one-half share after February’s -.6 (10.4 – 9.8 – 9.3, 6+), Cumulus Media-owned CHR WPRO-FM “Today’s Hit Music” is nonetheless #1 for the third consecutive ratings period. It nowWWLI shares the penthouse, however, with adult contemporary sibling WWLI “Lite Rock 105,” which gains four-tenths. Second-ranked in February, “Lite Rock” is trending (15.2 – 8.6 – 8.9 – 9.3, 6+). Wild fluctuations continue for Entercom all-sports WVEI: It was down nine-tenths in the “Holiday” sweep; rebounded with a massive +2.1 in January; sputtered by -1.1 in February; and drops one full-share in March (4.1 – 3.1) to slip from eighth to ninth. Moreover, before the -.9 in the “Holiday” ratings period, WVEI had five successive up or flat trends (3.3 – 3.5 – 3.7 – 3.7 – 3.9 – 4.0, 6+).

4) Raleigh – Improving by one full-share is Capitol Broadcasting‘s WCMC, which climbs from #14 to #11 (3.2 – 4.2, WCMC6+). The last time “ESPN 99.9 – The Fan” reached the four-share level (6+) was just over two years ago (4.0 in January 2013). Prior to February’s +1.0, iHeartMedia‘s WRDU had three straight downtrends (4.5 – 4.2 – 3.7 – 3.6, 6+), but “Classic Rock 100.7″ adds six-tenths to February’s +1.0 (3.6 – 4.6 – 5.2, 6+) as it stays in ninth-place. The 6+-variations for Curtis Media Group-owned WQDR continue to be interesting.WRDU Between August 2014 and March 2015, for example, the station is 11.4 – 9.4 (-2.0); 9.4 – 10.6 (+1.2); 10.6 – 11.4 (+.8); 11.4 – 9.4 (-2.0); 9.4 – 8.2 (-1.2); 8.2 – 9.4 (+1.2); 9.4 – 8.8 (-.6) and 8.8 – 8.2 (-.6). Those moves notwithstanding, “Today’s Best & Most Continuous Country” finishes first for the third straight sweep. Runner-up in each of those three monthlies is public WUNC (7.8 – 7.0, -.8).                             

5) Norfolk – Bragging rights for top honors in this Virginia market are usually confined to WVKL – and for obvious reason. Over and above being an even 20th time in the last 21 monthlies it is in double-digits, this is the 33rd successive ratings period that the WOWIEntercom urban AC is #1. That status though might be in danger as WVKL plummets by -2.2 (12.2 – 10.0, 6+) and now holds onto a slim three-tenths advantage over iHeartMedia urban contemporary WOWI “103 Jamz,” which hangs out a strong +1.2 to 9.7. WOWI last hit the nine-share level in October (9.0, 6+). With a +.8 in February, “103 Jamz” stymied four straight down or flat trends (9.0 – 8.7 – 8.3 – 7.7 – 7.7, 6+), which had resulted in a cumulative -1.3. Improving by seven-tenths each are Saga classic rocker WAFX “The Fox” (4.6, ninth to seventh) and iHeartMedia rhythmic hot AC WMOV “MOViN 107.7″ (2.8, #12 to #11). Having rebounded from January’s -1.3 with a +.9 in February, EntercomWNVZ rhythmic CHR WNVZ “Z-104″ adds to the forward momentum with a one-half share gain (5.0 – 3.7 – 4.6 – 5.1, 6+) and inches up from seventh to sixth. Hot AC cluster-mate WPTE “The Point” though falters by nine-tenths to drop from a fifth-place tie to seventh (5.4 – 4.5, 6+). After January’s +.8, iHeartMedia urban-rhythmic oldies WHBT “The Beat” added another +1.1 in February, but the former urban AC (WKSA) coughs up eight-tenths of it; “The Beat” is steady at #10 (2.5 – 3.6 – 2.8, 6+).

6) Nashville – In addition to posting its third consecutive uptrend (a +1.0), iHeartMedia‘s WNRQ “105.9 – The Rock” creeps up WNRQfrom seventh to fifth (4.9 – 5.2 – 5.3 – 6.3, 6+). Adding seven-tenths to February’s potent +1.2 is Midwest Communications’ adult contemporary WJXA “Mix 92.9,” which reigns at #1 for the 36th successive monthly. “Mix” has been in double-digits (6+) for all but four of the last 34 ratings sweeps (10.0 – 11.2 – 11.9, 6+). Adult hits sibling WCJK though falters by six-tenths (7.7 – 7.1, 6+), but “Jack-FM” remains in third-place. All three “Music City USA” FM country stations stumble month-to-month. Although it declines by one-half share, Cumulus Media‘s WKDF “Nash” remains at #8 (4.9 – 4.4). Sibling WSM-FM “Nash Icon,” which in February, halted a three-month slide that resulted in a cumulative -1.8 (5.6 – 5.3 – 4.8 – 3.8, 6+), loses seven-tenthsWJXA (4.3 – 3.6), as it falls from ninth to tenth. Off by four-tenths (3.8 – 3.4), iHeartMedia’s WSIX-FM “The Big 98″ is now out of the top ten (#10 to #12). These three country outlets’ combined 6+ total (11.4) is less than that of “Mix” (11.9). Their rankers were the same in January and February: WKDF (#8), WSM-FM (#9), and WSIX-FM (#10).

7) Greensboro – Albeit a two-station contest rather than Nashville’s three-way, Greensboro is home to its own spirited country tussle. Up one-half share in January, Entercom‘s WPAW “The Wolf” regressed by seven-tenths in February and nearly doubles that decline in March with a -1.3, as it spirals from fourth to ninth (7.1 – 6.4 – 5.1, 6+). Not only is 5.1 the lowest 6+-stat in WPAW’s PPM history, it represents the first time “The WTQRWolf” has fallen below a 6.0-share. Meanwhile, iHeartMedia‘s WTQR “Q-104.1 – New Country” improves by seven-tenths to 6.8 and inches up from sixth to fourth. In their last 12 head-to-head battles, “The Wolf” has prevailed eight times (May, June, August, September, December, “Holiday” 2014, January 2015, and February); “Q104.1″ was victorious in July, October, November, and now in March 2015. Its 1.7 advantage over “The Wolf” (6.8 – 5.1) is the second-best in that period, trailing the 2.2-share lead “The Wolf” had in September (9.0 – 6.8). When WSMW hit 10.1 in January, it was the first time in its PPM history that “Simon” reached double-digits (6+). Owing to a +1.1, the Entercom adult hits outlet does it again and moves into first-placeWSMW after being #2 in February (9.4 10.5, 6+). Unseated from #1 is urban AC sibling WQMG “The Best R&B and Old School” (10.2 – 9.9, -.3, #1 to #2). These cluster-mates are getting accustomed to changing places with each other, as WSMW and WQMG were #1 and #2, respectively, in January. Following four consecutive negative monthlies (11.5 – 11.0 – 10.4 – 9.9 – 9.6, 6+), WQMG gained six-tenths  in February. Curtailing its run of four straight downward moves that had totaled a combined -1.9 (6.4 – 5.9 – 5.6 – 4.6 – 4.5, 6+), Dick Broadcasting‘s WKZL, “The #1 Hit Music Station” regained virtually all of it in February with a +1.8 and now adds one-tenth to 6.4 as it remains at #5. After 22 successive ratings periods at #9, iHeartMedia CHR WMKS “100.3 Kiss-FM” advanced to #8 in February, and now inches up to #7 (5.6 – 5.9, +.3).

8) Jacksonville – Simultaneous with the robust +1.2 by iHeartMedia-owned WQIK “Jacksonville’s Country 99.1″ (7.3 – 8.5, 6+), cross-town Renda Broadcasting‘s WGNE “Gator WQIKCountry 99.9″ dips by one-half share (7.3 – 6.8). The country rivals were tied at #4 in February; however, WQIK advances to #2, while WGNE slides to #5. In a somewhat similar vein, as iHeartMedia CHR WKSL “Kiss-FM” improves by nine-tenths (4.8 – 5.7, 6+) to progress from ninth to sixth, Renda adult contemporary WEJZ falters by that margin.WKSL This is the third straight rather significant decline by WEJZ for a cumulative -6.9 (17.9 – 12.9 – 11.9 – 11.0, 6+), but it remains at #1 for the tenth consecutive ratings period. Also in the iHeartMedia cluster, urban-rhythmic oldies WSOL “V-101.5″ gains one-half share to 4.7 (#11 to #9), although urban contemporary sibling WJBT “The Beat” sputters by seven-tenths to 5.1, backtracking from seventh to eighth.

9) Memphis – Included in iHeartMedia‘s #1 – #2 – #3 finish is urban AC KJMS posting a +.9 as “V-101″ is the market’s pacesetter for the third successive sweep (9.5 – 10.4, 6+). Meanwhile at #2 KJMSand #3, urban contemporary WHRK (8.0 – 7.9, -.1) and gospel WHAL “Halleluiah” (8.1 – 7.8, -.3) swap places. Co-owned talker WREC has its second straight one-half share gain to inch up from #14 to #12 (1.8 – 2.3 – 2.8, 6+). Down or flat the past five survey periods (2.8 – 2.8 – 2.6 – 2.5 – 2.3 – 2.0, 6+), yet another iHM cluster-mate – WEGR “Rock 103″ – notches a three-tenths gain to 2.3 (#15 to #13). Locked on 3.5 (6+) in January and February, Cumulus Media rocker WXMX “98.1 – The Max” busts out with a +.7 to 4.2 to advance from tenth to ninth. TheWXMX third straight downward trend for Entercom adult contemporary WRVR is a -.8 (11.5 – 7.2 – 6.9 – 6.1, 6+). Ever since the “Holiday” 2014 report, “The River” – which skids to fifth from a fourth-place tie in February – is a combined -5.4. Following four successive positive trends (1.1 – 1.3 – 1.4 -1.7 – 1.8, 6+), country sibling WLFP “The Wolf” registers a one-tenth loss to 1.7 (#16 to #17).

10) Hartford - For the third successive ratings period, iHeartMedia’s WHCN-FM is either up or flat. This time, it is a gain of +1.2 (5.3 – 5.3 – 5.6 – 6.8), enabling “The River” to flow WHCNfrom seventh to sixth. This represents the strongest 6+-performance for “The River” since December 2013 (also 6.8). Co-owned CHR WKSS “Kiss 95-7″ dials up a +.8 (6.7 – 7.5) as it moves up from fifth to fourth. Progressing by six-tenths to 10.2 is WRCH “Lite 100.5,” which was stalled at 9.6 in January and February (after its 15.2 in “Holiday” 2014). This is the sixth successive sweep at #1 for the CBS Radio adult contemporary facility.WRCH Cluster-mate talker WTIC-AM though declines by eight-tenths (8.1 – 7.3, second to fifth), while Connoisseur Media classic rocker WDRC “The Whale” falters by nine-tenths (5.3 – 4.4, steady at #8). Six-tenths separates the market’s second-, third-, fourth-, and fifth-place finishers.

shannonseanSean Shannon Succeeds Jon Pinch at Cumulus Atlanta. Former vice president and market manager for Entercom Sacramento – Sean Shannon – is tapped to replace Jon Pinch in a similar position at Cumulus Atlanta. Cumulus senior vice president Jeff Brown comments, “Sean has a track record of innovation and topnotch results. He is a passionate marketer and a strong, determined coach. We are excited to be adding Sean to our talented team in Atlanta.” Shannon remarks, “I could not be more excited about the opportunity to lead these world-class brands in this world-class city. I love this mediumpinchjon and am honored to have a chance to lead this team.” Prior to his Sacramento duties, Shannon, who holds an MBA from the Foster School at the University of Washington, was director of sales for Entercom Seattle. He begins his new assignment in Atlanta next Monday (4/20).  Pinch announced his retirement on April 16.  He retired from his previous corporate role at Cumulus five months ago but was coaxed into leading the company’s Atlanta station group.

More RadioInfo Career Moves. At the Indianapolis cluster of Cumulus Media, country WFMS program director Mark Hamlin exits. There’s no word from the company of a replacement programmer at this time…..Entercom names Lance Richard the new VP/market manager for Entercom Sacramento. Richard, a 28-year radio and media veteran, has been with Entercom since 2009, serving as corporate vice president of integrated sales and most recently as vice president of sales at Entercom Sacramento.

iheartmedia logo smalliHeartMedia Williamsport Damaged by Allegedly Drunk Listener.  The damage to the facilities of iHeartMedia’s Williamsport, Pennsylvania is estimated at about $19,000, according to a story on, after 30-year-old Crystal Michele Glantz Lock Haven, PA crashed a rental car into the building and tried to set it on fire.  According to police, Glantz’s blood alcohol was .167 – more than twice the legal limit.  The story notes that Glantz had been a regular caller to one of the station’s disc jockeys who is no longer with the station and does not live in the area.  Glantz also filed a civil suit against then-Clear Channel in 2013 but that suit was dismissed and her appeal was denied.

kingsleybobCumulus Media Extends ‘American Country Countdown’ Brand in Deal with Bob Kingsley to Launch ‘American Country Countdown Rewind.’ The company is calling it an extension of its “American Country Countdown” brand as it strikes a deal with Bob Kingsley to create a new, nationally syndicated weekend program called, “American Country Countdown Rewind with Bob Kingsley.”  Country Radio Hall of Famer Kingsley also hosts the long-running “Bob Kingsley’s Country Top 40,” syndicated by Westwood One.  Commenting on the new show, Kingsley says, “I am first and foremost a fan of country music and I’m delighted that we’re opening the vaults of ‘ACC’ during one of country’s great eras.  These shows spotlight both Hall of Famers and exciting young acts and, as always, my role is part tour guide, part storyteller. What could be better than being part of the weekend of millions of country fans?  How about doing it twice?  I’m looking forward to the launch of ‘American Country Countdown Rewind’ with me!”

beasleyLVcontainerstudioBeasley Shows Off Remote Studio in Las Vegas’ Container Park.  With the NAB Show in La Vegas, Beasley Media Group took the opportunity to show off its new remote broadcasting studio in the city’s trendy Downtown Container Park.  The studio is made out of shipping containers and located adjacent to the park’s outdoor amphitheater.  Beasley says this is a perfect spot for its five Las Vegas radio stations to be part of the local music scene.  The new studio, which is sponsored by Cox, features Wheatstone’s new virtual console technology and WheatNet-IP audio networking.  Beasley Las Vegas market manager Tom Humm explains, “In radio, it’s all about the community.  What better way to entertain and serve our community than through a visible, completely functioning radio studio in the Downtown Container Park?  We can hardly wait for our first live broadcast in the Beasley Media/Cox Business Broadcasting Studio!”  Beasley says the Downtown Container Park’s inaugural year brought in more than one million visitors and welcomed artists such as Sheryl Crow, Cults, Belmont Lights and Cayucas.  Pictured here (from l-r) are: Beasley chief technology officer Mike Cooney, EVP/CFO Caroline Beasley, Las Vegas DOS Cory Cuddeback, Humm, and Las Vegas chief engineer Lamar Smith.

hollywoodTop30Magic!MAGIC! Sits in on ‘Weekend Top 30.’  This weekend RCA Records recording artists MAGIC! is guest hosting the “Weekend Top 30” with Hollywood Hamilton.  The group will count down the top 30 songs and chat about the amazing success of their debut album Don’t Kill The Magic.  Currently, MAGIC! is on tour opening for Maroon 5 and will head to Europe with the band next month.  Pictured here are (from l-r): Alex Tanas, Mark Pelli, “Weekend Top 30” producer Michelle Parisi, Nasri, and Ben Spivak.

HSRadioDayposterApril 22 is High School Radio Day.  Next Wednesday is the 4th Annual High School Radio Day and organizers say they hope that, since there are so few high schools with radio stations, they hope the day will raise a greater awareness of the ones that are still broadcasting over the air and newer ones streaming online.  A website has been created to publicize the activities planned by participating stations on April 22 at  Schools can register their stations on that site.  Also on the site are links to participating high schools with links to their websites and online streams of their programming; notable high school radio grads; links to other high school stations nationwide; and a resource page with information pertinent to high school broadcasters.   This even was created after College Radio Day launched in 2011.  Though College Radio Day did allow high school stations to register, organizers felt that high school stations should have their own day.  High School Radio Day founder – Pete Bowers (station manager, WBFH-FM, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan) scheduled the first HSRD in May 2012.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

| April 16, 2015

Nielsen LogoRound Three of Nielsen Audio PPM Data Released. The third of four rounds of Nielsen Audio PPM ratings information has been released for 12 markets including: Portland, Charlotte, Pittsburgh, Sacramento, San Antonio, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Salt Lake City, Las Vegas, Kansas City, Orlando, and Columbus.  The March 2015 survey period covered February 26 – March 25.  See the complete ratings from subscribing stations here. RadioInfo managing editor Mike Kinosian provides his “Ten Takeaways” below.


1) Charlotte – As has happened in six of the last seven monthlies (and the past three), a country station is atop Charlotte’s leader board. This time, it is Beasley-owned WSOC “Country’s Hottest WSOCHits,” which rings up an impressive +1.6 (6.3 – 7.9, 6+). Ranked third in February, WSOC displaces format rival, iHeartMedia‘s WKKT “The Kat,” which is actually up one-tenth to 7.4, but slides to second. It is the strongest 6+-showing for WSOC since last October’s 8.3. “The Kat” has notched a 6.6-share (6+) in three of the last five ratings periods; prior to January, it finished in third-place in four consecutive surveys. WSOC was #1 in September, October, November, December (all 2014), and January 2015. In addition to “Country’s Hottest Hits,” also improving month-to-month by at least one full-share are WKKT classic rock and adult hits siblings WRFX “The Fox” (5.7 – 7.2, +1.5) and WLKO “The Lake” (4.9 – 6.2, +1.3). “The Fox” advances from fourth to third, while “The Lake” rises from ninthWRFX to fifth. The +1.5 for “The Fox” halts a three-month slide (6.8 – 6.1 – 6.0 – 5.7, 6+); 7.2 is its highest 6+-stat since last August (7.7). Flat at 7.1 (6+), Beasley urban contemporary WPEG slips to fourth – “Power 98″ had been second the past three sweeps. After back-to-back gains of four-tenths (2.3 – 2.7 – 3.1, 6+), WFAE declines by one full-share to 2.1, but the public outlet remains at #15. In January, WKQC “K-104.7″ dropped nearly four full-shares; it sputtered by -1.7 in February; and the iHeartMedia adult contemporary regresses by another eight-tenths in March. In that stretch, “K-104.7″ has fallen from first to tenth and lost a combined 6.4 shares (10.5 – 6.6 – 4.9 – 4.1, 6+).

2) Pittsburgh – There is plenty of February – March (6+) fluctuation among the top five “Steel City” stations. Adult hits WRRK, which had been on top in January and February, falters WWSWby nine-tenths (9.4 – 8.5, 6+) as Steel City Media‘s “Bob FM” drops to third. Overtaking it at #1 with a strong +1.1 (8.5 – 9.6) is iHeartMedia rocker WDVE, which moves up from the runner-up slot. WDVE had been in the eight-share range the past five survey periods and enjoys its finest 6+-stat since October 2011, when it reached 9.7. On the strength of a +1.2 (8.3 – 9.5), co-owned classic hits-oldies WWSW “3WS” inches up from third to second and trails WDVE by just one-tenth. In consecutive downtrends, “3WS” – prior to the +1.2 – was a combined -5.7 (14.0 – 8.9 – 8.3, 6+). Cluster-mate WKST “Kiss-FM” improves by sevenWKST tenths to creep up from fifth to fourth. It is the CHR’s third straight positive trend (6.3 – 6.8 – 7.2 – 7.9, 6+). In the spoken-word arena, CBS Radio talker KDKA-AM declines by seven-tenths (7.8 – 7.1, fourth to fifth) and public WESA is off by six-tenths (2.8 – 2.2), but is steady at #12.

3) Sacramento – Fueled by a one-share gain, Entravision rhythmic CHR KHHM “Hot” advances from #16 to #13 (2.3 – 3.3, 6+). Improving by nine-tenths to 5.4 and inching up from sixth to KHHMfourth is CBS Radio adult contemporary KYMX “Mix 96,” which ends a mini-slide (9.2 – 4.6 – 4.5, 6+), which accounted for a combined -4.7. Following a one-share gain in January, “Mix” country sibling KNCI dropped six-tenths in February and is now down by an additional one-half share (4.1 – 5.1 – 4.5 – 40, 6+) as it dips from sixth to tenth. Meanwhile, cross-town rival, iHeartMedia-owned WBEB “B-92.5 Today’s Country,” improvesKYMX by six-tenths, but stays at #14. It is the third straight up-trend for “Today’s Country” (1.7 – 2.3 – 2.5 – 3.1, 6+). Gaining one-half share each are Entercom siblings KRXQ “98 Rock” (4.2 – 4.7, ninth to sixth) and hot AC KUDL “Star 106.5 Today’s Music Variety” (3.5 – 4.0, #12 to #10). Following back-to-back upticks of one-tenth, their classic rock cluster-mate KSEG logged a +1.0 in February, making it six consecutive up-trends (a combined +3.1) for “The Eagle” (6.8 – 7.3 – 7.8 – 8.7 – 8.8 – 8.9 – 9.9, 6+). While it is #1 for the third straight time, “The Eagle” is off by eight-tenths (9.9 – 9.1). Between November – February, iHeartMedia’s urban-rhythmic oldies KHYL more than doubled its 6+ share (2.5 – 2.6 – 2.9 – 3.6 – 5.2) for a cumulative +2.7. The streak of consecutive positive trends ends at four though, as “V-101″ is off by one-half share to 4.7 and skids from fourth to sixth.

4) San Antonio – After witnessing its AQH share evaporate by 6.2 shares in back-to-back declines (10.0 – 4.4 – 3.8, 6+), KQXTiHeartMedia adult contemporary KQXT “Q-101.9″ bounces back with a +.9 to 4.7 as it steamrolls from #11 to a three-way tie at #7. Univision rhythmic CHR KBBT “The Beat” turns around February’s -.7 with a +.8 (4.6 – 3.9 – 4.7, 6+) and is part of that logjam with “Q-101.9″ at #7. Improving for the third successive time (6.1 – 6.3 – 7.0 – 7.2, 6+), Cox Media Group country KCYY “Y-100″ occupies the penthouse position in back-to-back monthlies. After being off by seven-tenths inKCYY February, “Y-100″ format foe, iHeartMedia’s country KAJA “KJ-97,” drops another seven-tenths (6.6 – 5.9 – 5.2, 6+), slipping from third to fourth. Over the last seven sweeps, “KJ-97″ is +1.0 in October; -1.1 in November; +.6 in December; -.6 in “Holiday” 2014; +.8 in January; -.7 in February; and -.7 in March. Seven is also unlucky for KONO-FM, which sputters by seven-tenths to 5.9. While the Cox Media Group classic hits-oldies outlet remains in the runner-up slot, it is a combined -1.6 in the past two monthlies (7.5 – 6.6 – 5.9, 6+). KONO-FM finished first in ten of the last 13 surveys.

5) Cincinnati – In double-digits (6+) for the thirteenth straight time, iHeartMedia talker WLW has its third consecutive up-WLWtrend – an impressive +1.2 – and is #1 for the third successive monthly (10.3 – 10.9 – 12.0 -13.2, 6+). Picking up six-tenths each are Radio One-owned WIZF “Cincinnati’s #1 For Hip-Hop and R&B” (3.5 – 4.1, steady at #9) and iHeartMedia’s WCKY “ESPN 1530″ (2.0 – 2.6, #15 to #14). After faltering by eight-tenths in February, Cumulus MediaWIZF adult contemporary WRRM “Warm 98″ drops nine-tenths in March (6.9 – 6.1 – 5.2, 6+) but it remains in sixth-place. Classic hits-oldies cluster-mate WGRR also erodes by nine-tenths (7.8 – 6.9); WGRR finishes second for the third straight sweep. Meanwhile, owing to a substantial -1.1, classic rock sibling WOFX “The Fox” (third to fifth) sees its string of progressive monthlies halt at three (5.6 – 6.2 – 6.6 – 6.9 – 5.8, 6+).

6) Cleveland – Putting an end to back-to-back losses of eight-tenths (January) and six-tenths (February), WZAK makes WZAKvirtually all of it back with a +1.3 to 7.2 as the Radio One urban AC climbs from seventh to fourth. Notching a one-half share gain is iHeartMedia country outlet WGAR, which creeps up from third to second (8.8 – 9.3, 6+). The last time WGAR reached the nine-share level was just over two years ago (9.0 in February 2013). Flat at 11.7, classic hits-oldies sibling WMJI is in double-digits (6+) for the fourth time in the last six sweeps and #1 for the third consecutive ratings period. “Cleveland’s Greatest Hits” dialed up a whopping +1.4 in February and had registered three straight progressive trends (9.2 – 9.8 – 10.3 – 11.7, 6+). CHR cluster-mateWGAR WAKS (+.3) is up or flat for the fourth successive time (3.6 – 3.6 – 3.7 – 4.3 – 4.6, 6+) as “Kiss-FM” cracks the top ten (#11 to #10). Owing to a one-tenth dip, CBS Radio-owned WNCX “Cleveland’s Classic Rock” has its string of up or flat monthlies halted at six (5.8 – 5.9 – 6.0 – 6.0 – 6.2 – 6.4 – 6.8, 6+), slipping from fourth to fifth (6.7).

7) Las Vegas – Following January’s loss of nearly six full-shares, KSNE rebounded with a +1.3 in February. “Sunny 106.5″ keeps the momentum going with a nearly identical gain (+1.1) as the KSNEiHeartMedia adult contemporary reigns at #1 for the sixth successive survey period. Moreover, “Sunny” has been up in six of the last seven monthlies (5.7 – 6.0 – 7.4 – 9.3 – 13.2 – 7.3 – 8.6 – 9.7, 6+). On the heels of a one-half share increase, CBS Radio-owned KLUC “Las Vegas’ #1 Hit Music Station” tacks on another six-tenths (5.4 – 5.9 – 6.5, 6+) to progress from third to second. Also improving by six-tenths from February is Univision regionalKLUC Mexican KISF (3.1 – 3.7, 6+), which vaults from #13 to #8. Declining by one-half share in January and then by six-tenths in February, KWID “La Buena” bounces back with a one-half share gain to 4.5, moving from seventh to sixth. Up or flat the past three monthlies (4.1 – 5.3 – 5.3 – 5.4, 6+), Beasley‘s KKLZ relinquishes most of that combined +1.3 (4.4, -1.0) as it tumbles from fourth to seventh. Co-owned country KCYE “102.7 – The Coyote” coughed up more than half of January’s +1.4 with a -.8 in February and sputters by another -.8 in March (2.7 – 4.1 – 3.3 – 2.5, 6+), spiraling from #10 to a four-way tie at #16. In mid-January, cluster-mate KVGS transitioned from adult hits to hot AC as “Star 107.9″ to take on CBS Radio’s KMXB “Mix.” “Star” picks up four-tenths to 2.2 (#20), while “Mix” regresses by seven-tenths to 6.0 (#3).

8) Kansas City – The third straight positive trend for KZPT “The Point” is a stunning +1.5 (4.9 – 5.1 – 5.4 – 6.9, 6+), elevating the Entercom hot AC from a fourth-place tie all the way to #1. “The KZPTPoint” last reached the six-share level this past September (6.2, 6+). Unseated at #1 (and falling to second) is Cumulus Media classic rocker KCFX “The Fox” (flat at 6.7), which had been the market frontrunner the past four survey periods. Even though the flagship of the 2014 AL champion Kansas City Royals – Entercom’s KCSP “610 Sports” – gains one-half share to 2.5, it actually falls from #17 to #18. After exploding with a +.9 to 3.2 in February, Steel City Media adult contemporary KCKC “KC-102.1 – Today’s Best Variety” tacks on another three-tenths to 3.5, bringing it from #15 to a four-way tie at #11. Prior to February, KCKC registered a 6+-share in the 2.0 – 2.9 range 15 of the last 16 sweeps. Conversely, cluster-mate KBEQ “Q-104 #1 For NewKCKC Country” has its third straight decline (5.0 – 4.0 – 3.4 – 2.9, 6+) for a combined -2.1 to skid from #14 to #17. Co-owned KFKF “Country 94.1″ is down for the sixth successive sweep (7.4 – 7.2 – 7.0 – 6.9 – 5.0 – 4.7 – 4.6, 6+) for a cumulative -2.8, but actually moves up from #9 to a tie at #8. No good news for the market’s other FM country outlet either: Entercom’s WDAF-FM (third to fifth) suffers the steepest (6+) decline of any station in the 12 PPM markets whose data was released Wednesday (6.2 – 5.0, -1.2). Although it stays at #11, talk sibling KMBZ returns the seven-tenths it gained in February (3.5 – 4.2 – 3.5, 6+).

9) Orlando – Not only does Orlando’s 6+-share for the Spanish tropical format inflate by +2.3 (February – March), iHeartMedia‘s WRUM “Rumba 100.3″ returns to #1 (6.4 – 8.0, WRUM+1.6). It displaces CHR sibling WXXL “XL-106.7″ (6.5 – 6.4, -.1, #1 to #2), which – in February – succeeded “Rumba” to become the fourth different Orlando facility in the last four sweeps to reach #1. Co-owned adult contemporary WMGF “Magic 107.7″ preceded siblings “Rumba” and “XL-106.7″ at the top in “Holiday” 2014. In December, Cox Media Group country WWKA “K-92.3″ had its turn at the top. “Magic” falters by one half-share to 5.3 in March (third to sixth), while “K-92.3″ loses three-tenths (sixth to seventh). In fact, this is the fifth consecutive downtrend for “K-92.3″ (6.5 – 6.3 – 5.7 – 5.5 – 5.4 – 5.1, 6+) for a cumulative -1.4. Dusting itself off from February’s -.8, Entravision-owned Spanish tropical WNUE “Salsa 98.1″ gains seven-tenths (2.9 – 2.1 – 2.8, 6+) to climb from #18 to #15.WJRR Registering 3.6 (6+) in three of the last four sweeps, iHeartMedia’s WJRR “The Rock Station” gains one-half share (3.6 – 4.1) and stays at #12. After each notched six-tenths advances in February, Cox Media Group rhythmic CHR WPYO “Power 95.3″ (4.6 – 5.2 – 4.6, #8 to #10) and CBS Radio-owned WJHM “Amp” (3.0 – 3.6 – 3.0, #12 to #14) relinquish them in their entirety.

10) Columbus – Owing to three successive significant jumps, WTVN is on a major roll with a combined increase of three full shares since “Holiday” 2014 (4.3 – 5.4 – 6.3 – 7.3, 6+). The WTVNiHeartMedia talker has its best 6+-performance since November 2012’s 7.7; it remains at #3. For the fourth straight monthly report, Radio One urban AC WXMG “Magic 106.3″ is either up or flat (4.2 – 4.6 – 4.6 – 5.1 – 6.1, 6+), yielding a +1.9, which includes March’s +1.0 (fifth to fourth). Putting the brakes to a mini-slide which skewered its AQH numbers by 5.6 shares (9.6 – 4.3 – 4.0, 6+), iHeartMedia’sWXMG WODC “Central Ohio’s Classic Hits” displays a +.9 to climb from ninth to sixth. After an eye-popping gain of two full-shares in February, country cluster-mate WCOL-FM tacks on another eight-tenths to 12.6 and finishes first for the third straight sweep. Albeit down by three-tenths, heritage iHeartMedia CHR WNCI finishes second for the tenth consecutive ratings period (10.4 – 10.1). Also in that cluster, urban contemporary WZCB “The Beat” (#11 to #12) is down or flat for the fourth time in as many sweeps (4.0 – 3.7 – 3.6 – 3.6 – 2.9, 6+)  for a combined -1.1. Meanwhile, the yoyo effect continues for Saga adult contemporary WSNY “Sunny 95″ (third to fifth), whose recent (6+) trends are +2.1 (December – “Holiday”); -1.7 (“Holiday” – January); +.8 (January – February); and -.5 (February – March).

RadioInfo Career Moves.  At the Seattle station group of Hubbard Radio, the morning drive trio of Jackie Cunningham, Marco and Moote is out after a little more than a year at hot AC KLCK “Click 98.9.”  Previously, Cunningham had been with iHeartMedia’s crosstown CHR KBKS “Kiss 106.1” for more than a decade.  Also exiting with the morning show is producer Justin Nettlebeck…..The “Bubba Show,” heard in mornings on CBS RADIO’s hot AC WBZZ, Pittsburgh “100.7 Star,” is losing cast member Shelley Duffy as she moves across the hall to host afternoons on sister news/talk KDKA-AM.  The “Bubba Show” continues with co-hosts Bubba and Melanie Taylor…..At hot AC WTMX, Tampa, Randi West is promoted to program director.  West has been serving as APD and midday host since arriving at the station four years ago.  She takes over for Tommy Chuck who recently moves to iHeartMedia’s Washington-Baltimore station group…..At Townsquare Media-owned CHR WKFR, Kalamazoo, Tess Taylor is the new co-host of the morning drive show alongside Will Harvey.  Taylor replaces Krista Hatcher…..iHeartMedia announces telecommunications policy expert Sara Morris joins its Washington-based Government Affairs team as senior director, government affairs, reporting to Jessica Marventano, senior vice president of government affairs. Morris will also work alongside Dan Dukes, who was recently promoted to senior director, government affairs for iHeartMedia.

cookehollandCooke: Report from Las Vegas – Day 4.  Radio consultant Holland Cooke files his final report from Sin City where he’s been covering the NAB Show and the co-located NMX for RadioInfo.  In today’s report, there’s plenty of advice for podcasters from Grant Baldwin; some notes from the standing-room-only keynote from FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler and some chilling realities about your smartphone’s ability to spy on you from security software baron John McAfee.  Read Holland Cooke’s report here.

RadioInfo Tidbits.  The nationally syndicated show “hardDrive with Lou Brutus” adds four new affiliate stations including KFMA, Tucson and KHTQ, Spokane.  United Stations Radio Networks calls the show “thebrutuslou leading proponent of new rock music since its launch in 1996 and is America’s longest running active rock program…..Emerald Broadcasting’s  weekly, syndicated “The Classic Rock Express with Jay Ryan” is now airing on non-commercial WRSG, Middlebourne, West Virginia.  The show is currently carried by 37 internet and FM stations in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and New Zealand.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

| April 15, 2015

derulowantyouDuane Doobie Jr.’s Picks of the Week. RadioInfo’s hard-working co-music editor, Duane Doobie Jr., backed by a growing team of information-contributing researchers and golden-eared, trench broadcasters, including this week: on-air personalities Bayley Brown from WKLC-FM, St. Albans, West Virginia “Rock 105”; Bill Phipps the golden-eared afternoon personality at WSIG, Mt. Jackson, Virginia “Real Country 96.9,” and Jered Petrey, GM, and the music committee from the award-winning, student-run high school radio station at Pendleton Heights High School in Pendleton, Indiana, plus internet sensation The Iceman, provides programmers with musical suggestions worthy of the attention of pro-active radio formats.  You’ll be turned on to some of the exciting artists and music buzzing out there just over the horizon from the worlds of pop, rock, country and EDM.  This week’s selection posted today (4/15) includes such names as: OMI, Felix Jaehn, Jason Derulo, Rihanna, Madonna, Jhené Aiko, Banks, Allen Stone, Madisen Ward And The Mama Bear, Smashing Pumpkins, Marilyn Manson, Jesse Malin, Blues Traveler, 3OH!3, Grace Potter, Gentleman Rogues, Devlan James Band, The Full Body Tones, Stone Sour, Audra McLaughlin, Shawn Lacy, William Clark Green, Darius Rucker, Becca Stevens Band, Jerry Hoss Skelton, Todd Rundgren, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Years & Years, among others.  To check out this valuable information, please click here.

ppmunit altRound Two of Nielsen Audio PPM Data Released. The second of four rounds of Nielsen Audio PPM ratings information has been released for 12 markets including: Washington, Boston, Detroit, Miami, Seattle, Phoenix, Minneapolis, San Diego, Tampa, Denver, Baltimore, and St. Louis. Find all the ratings from subscribing stations here.  This survey period covered February 26 through March 25. RadioInfo managing editor Mike Kinosian provides his “Ten Takeaways” below.


1) Washington, DC – Even though Hubbard all-news WTOP is down two-tenths (9.3 – 9.1), it is the market’s (6+) pacesetter for WTOPthe third successive survey. A one-half share increase (3.4 – 3.9, 6+) enables iHeartMedia‘s country-formatted WMZQ to inch up from #13 to #11. After back-to-back gains of one-half share (January) and nine-tenths in February (5.5 – 6.0 – 6.9, 6+), WHUR declines by six-tenths to 6.3, but the Howard University-owned urban AC remains in third-place. Cross-town competitor, Radio One‘sWMMJ WMMJ “Majic 102.3,” picks up three-tenths (3.8 – 4.1) as it re-enters the top ten (#11 to #10). “Majic” was stuck on 3.9 in December and “Holiday” 2014 and then on 3.8 in January and February. Owing to a -.8 to 3.1, WGTS has its string of up-trends snapped at three (3.0 – 3.1 – 3.4 – 3.9, 6+), with the contemporary Christian outlet skidding from #10 to #15.

2) Boston – Three of the top five finishers are Greater Media properties, including WROR “Boston’s Greatest Hits” (7.8 – 8.1, +.3, #1) and adult contemporary WMJX “Magic 106.7,” which is WRORflat at 6.6 (#2). In February, WROR made it to the top for the first time in its PPM history. Now, its 8.1 marks the initial occasion that the classic hits-oldies outlet crosses the eight-share barrier (6+). It is also the station’s third successive positive trend yielding a combined +2.7 (5.4 – 6.9 – 7.8 – 8.1, 6+). “Magic,” meanwhile, is down or flat for the third straight month with a cumulative -9.9 (16.5 – 7.1 – 6.6 – 6.6, 6+). Most likely attributable to Super Bowl letdown, the market’s two powerful sports FMs sputter by a combined -1.7. Specifically, Entercom-owned WEEI-FM (5.0 – 4.1, -.9, 6+) slides from seventh to ninth, while CBS Radio‘s WBZ-FM “The Sports Hub” remains at #6, despite a -.8 (5.5 – 4.7). The three most recent (6+) trends for “The Sports Hub” are +1.8, -1.4, and -.8. Meanwhile, hybrid news-talk sibling WBZ-AM (6.3, -1.3) relinquishes more than half of the back-to-back +1.2WXKS-FM increases it racked up in January and February (5.2 – 6.4 – 7.6, 6+), slipping from second to third. Beantown’s two mainstream CHR outlets are up by three-tenths each and both move up one ranker in the process: iHeartMedia‘s WXKS-FM “Kiss-FM” (6.3, fourth to third) and CBS Radio’s WODS “Amp” (2.9, #16 to #15).

3) Detroit - Just one-half share separates the first four stations; nevertheless, CBS Radio boasts a #1 – #2 – #3 finish and spoken-word outlets are at #1 (news WWJ) and #2 (sports WXYT-FM WWJ“The Ticket”). Despite a whopping -1.3 (8.0 – 6.7, 6+), WWJ – which had a +.7 in February – is in the lead for the third straight time. Third-ranked in February, “The Ticket” (6.2 – 6.4, +.2) rebounds from a -.8 and overtakes classic hits-oldies WOMC (6.4 – 6.2, -.2) at #2 as the two siblings swap places. The fourth station fighting for the lead is Greater Media-owned WCSX “Detroit’s Classic Rock Station,” which dials up a +.6 and creeps up from #4 to a tie at #3. This is the fourth straight gain forWCSX “Detroit’s Classic Rock” (4.7 – 4.9 – 5.5 – 5.6 – 6.2, 6+), which last reached the six-share level nearly four years ago (6.1, April 2011). The rollercoaster ride continues for Cumulus Media talker WJR, which has trended +.8, -.7, -.9, +.7, +.2, and now -.7 (5.0 – 4.3, 6+) as it spirals out of the top ten (#6 to #11).

4) Miami - CHR is up a combined +.8 from February, with Cox Media Group‘s WFLC “Hits 97.3″ picking up one-half share (3.5 WFLC- 4.0, #11 to #7) and iHeartMedia‘s WHYI “Y-100″ adding three-tenths (4.8 – 5.1, steady at #4). Notwithstanding that it slips for the fourth straight sweep for a combined 1-.3 (9.1 – 8.6 – 8.5 – 8.2 – 7.8, 6+), Cox Media Group urban AC WHQT “Hot 105″ remains #1 for the 47th straight month (6+). Look no further than the runner-up slot to find another market streak: Lincoln Financial Media adult contemporary WLYF “Lite-FM” (flat at 7.0) finishes at #2 for the ninth consecutive ratings period.WLYF Meanwhile, the string of up or flat trends for iHeartMedia Spanish contemporary WMGE “Mega 94.9″ is curtailed at five (2.7 – 2.9 – 3.3 – 3.3 – 3.4 – 3.5, 6+), as “Mega” is -.2 to 3.3, tumbling from #11 to #15. After a quartet of progressive trends (2.9 – 3.6 – 3.8 – 4.4 – 4.8, 6+), Spanish Broadcasting System tropical WXDJ “El Zol” falters by eight-tenths to 4.0 and skids from a fourth-place tie to a three-way tie for seventh.

5) Seattle – The market’s first-place and second-place finishers enjoy March gains of six-tenths. Specifically, Hubbard CHR KQMV “MOViN 92.5″ (6.6 – 7.2) is #1 for the third straight time KQMV(6+) and Entercom rocker KISW (5.4 – 6.0) inches up from third to second. Pacesetter KQMV was +.8 in February. Modest (6+) gains for the country format include Entercom‘s KKWF “The Wolf” picking up one-tenth (4.7 – 4.8, steady at #6) and CBS Radio‘s KMPS adding two-tenths (2.6 – 2.8, #19 to #17). Coming off a +.6 in February, CBS Radio classic rocker KZOK returns most of itKKWF (4.7 – 4.2, -.5) to slide from sixth to eighth. This is the eighth successive ratings period that iHeartMedia rhythmic CHR KUBE “Hits & Hip-Hop” has been in the two-share range (6+), but it falters by four-tenths (2.8 – 2.4) to backtrack from #18 to #19.

6) Phoenix – This marks the fifth successive sweep that iHeartMedia adult contemporary KESZ (6.2 – 6.6, +.4) captures KESZtop honors. The third straight up-trend for KHOT 105.9 is a potent +1.6 (1.9 – 2.0 – 2.3 – 3.9, 6+), lifting the Univision regional Mexican outlet from #18 in February to #11. KHOT had not registered above a 2.9 since 2013 when it reached 3.6. The market’s other two regional Mexican stations – Entravision‘s KLNZ (2.6 – 2.8, +.2, #16 to #14) and Farm Worker Educational Radio‘s KNAI (2.0 – 1.9, -.1, #20 to #21) – are not impacted by KHOT’s big gain. Hot AC has an offKHOT sweep, as Yucaipa‘s KMVA “Hot” regresses by eight-tenths (3.5 – 2.7, #11 to #17) and iHeartMedia’s KMXP “Today’s Best Music Mix” loses three-tenths (5.0 – 4.7, fourth to fifth); “Mix” was +.7 in February.

7) Tampa – With a combined +1.5 over February, the market’s two CHRs do well: iHeartMedia‘s WFLZ “The Hit Music Channel” adds eight-tenths (5.8 – 6.6, 6+) and is steady at #2, WFLZwhile Cox Media Group‘s WPOI “Hot 101.5″ bounces back from February’s -.6 with a +.7 (4.6 – 4.0 – 4.7), zooming from #12 to #8. In the classic hits-oldies contest, Beasley‘s WRBQ-FM “Q-105″ (5.4 – 5.8, +.4, fifth to third) overtakes Cox Media Group’s WXGL “The Eagle” (5.8 – 5.7, -.1, second to fourth). This marks the first time “Q-105″ has beaten “The Eagle” since February 2014 (5.4 to 5.3, 6+). A “Holiday” 2014 – January 2015 spike of one full-share (2.2 – 3.2,WRBQ-FM 6+) by Cox Media Group talker WHPT was followed by a -.4 and now a -.7 (3.2 – 2.8 – 2.1), as “The Bone” regresses from #15 to #17. January’s +1.0 by “The Bone” ended five straight down trending monthlies (4.7 – 4.6 – 3.2 – 3.0 – 2.8 – 2.2, 6+), which had resulted in a combined -2.5. Despite a one-half share decline (11.6 – 11.1, 6+), co-owned adult contemporary WDUV “Lite Favorites” is #1 for the 29th consecutive survey period and is in double-figures (6+) for the eleventh straight time.

8) Denver – This time last month, KQMT “The Mountain” faltered by nine-tenths to skid from second to sixth, but in a case of déjà-vu, the Entercom classic rocker gains all of it back (5.7 – KQMT4.8 – 5.7, 6+) and returns to #2. Flat at 6.1, KTCL “Modern Rock Channel 93.3″ repeats as frontrunner. “Channel 93.3″ was +1.1 in February and +.5 in January. Improving by one-half share is iHeartMedia rhythmic CHR KPTT “The Party,” which catapults from a tie at #11 to a three-way tie at #5. It is the third straight up-trend for “The Party” (3.3 – 3.9 – 4.2 – 4.7, 6+). Following a gaudy +1.3 in February (4.2 – 5.5), which rocketed it from #11 to #3, KPTT’s classic rock sibling KRFX “The Fox” surrenders eight-tenths of that gain (4.7) and slips to fifth. Reflecting evaporation of six-tenths each areKPTT Lincoln Financial Media rhythmic CHR KQKS “KS-107.5″ (4.0, #7 to #13); Wilks hot AC KIMN “Mix 100″ (3.7, #9 to #14); and iHeartMedia’s KBPI “Rocks the Rockies” (3.2, #15 to #16). Regarding KBPI, its +1.2 in February ended three straight negative trends (3.4 – 3.1 – 2.7 – 2.6, 6+). Entercom adult contemporary KOSI registers its third consecutive negative trend (12.4 – 6.1 – 4.9 – 4.4, 6+) and spirals from fifth to ninth; “Continuous Lite Rock” finished first in December, “Holiday” 2014, and January. Alternative KXDE “107-X” became classic hip-hop KFCO “Flo” this past Christmas Eve. Following three successive .4 showings (6+), Max Broadcast Group Holdings’ “Flo” notched a +.8 to 1.2 in January; did it again in February; but drops four-tenths to 1.6 (#21 to #22).

9) Baltimore – Among all stations in the 24 PPM markets in which Nielsen Audio data has thus far been released, iHeartMedia adult hits WQSR has the distinction of being the WQSRonly one to notch a February – March gain in excess of two full-shares (3.7 – 6.1, +2.4, 6+) as “Jack-FM” leapfrogs from eleventh to fourth. “Jack-FM” had been in the 3.6 – 3.9 range (6+) in each of the past eight survey periods. Co-owned rhythmic CHR WZFT “Z-104.3″ follows up February’s +1.8 to 6.0 with a -.4 to 5.6 (fourth to fifth). The 6.0 in February represents the best 6+-performance for “Z-104.3″ in its PPM history. After a -1.8 in January and a +1.1 in February, Radio One urban contemporary WERQ “92-Q” tacks on another one-half share (6.5 – 7.0) and remains at #2. Steady at 8.8 (6+), iHeartMedia-owned WPOC “Baltimore’s Country Station” is on top for the third successiveWPOC sweep. Faltering by one full-share each are CBS Radio adult contemporary WLIF “Today’s 101.9″ and Hearst Television talker WBAL (4.3 – 3.3). “Today’s 101.9″ drops from a three-way tie at #4 to #7, while WBAL slips from tenth to eleventh. Since “Holiday” 2014, WLIF is trending 14.6 – 6.1 – 6.0 – 5.0 (6+) for a combined -9.6. In a very impressive feat, contemporary Christian WRBS notched back-to-back gains of +1.1 in January and February (2.3 – 3.4 – 4.5, 6+); however, “Shine FM – Positive Hits” returns one-half share, dipping from eighth to tenth (4.0).

10) St. Louis – Just as the February ratings period was commencing (1/30), Emmis transitioned classic hits-oldies KIHT to CHR KNOU “Now 96.3 – All The Hits.” KIHT placed #13 (4.5) in January and KNOU“Now 96.3″ lost more than 50% of that 4.5 in February to finish #18 (2.1, -2.4). It rebounds in March though with a +1.0 to 3.1, climbing to #14. Cross-town iHeartMedia CHR KSLZ “Z-107-7″ picks up four-tenths (5.7 – 6.1) as it inches up from fifth to fourth. Co-owned classic hits-oldiesklou logo KLOU – which regressed by -1.7 in January and made up all of it in February – adds one-tenth (8.4 – 8.5, 6+) to repeat at #1. Declining by one-half share each are Hubbard‘s country WIL-FM (5.7 – 5.2, fifth to eighth, 6+) and public KWMU (3.3 – 2.8, #14 to #15); WIL-FM was locked on 5.7 the past three survey periods. Meanwhile, its format rival – iHeartMedia’s KSD “The Bull” (#5) – puts together three positive trends for a cumulative +1.9 (4.1 – 5.0 – 5.8 – 6.0, 6+).

boylejohnJohn Boyle to Program Cumulus Media’s WSJZ, Sebastian, Florida.  The new rock outlet Cumulus Media is branding, “95 Rock, Brevard’s Rock Station,” will be programmed by John Boyle.  He was most recently promotion director and director and producer of artist performance videos for Entercom Sacramento’s six-station cluster.  Speaking about his new gig, Boyle says, “The timing and situation were both right to get back to the programming side of the fence.  My thanks to John Dickey, Mike McVay, Pete DeSimone and Troy Hanson for this awesome opportunity to join Cumulus as the first program director of ‘95 Rock.’”  Cumulus recently flipped the station from sports talk to rock.

cookehollandCooke: Report from NAB Show and NMX in Las Vegas.  Radio consultant Holland Cooke is in Las Vegas this week covering the NAB Show and the co-located NMX for RadioInfo and files this report.  Cooke says two presentations stuck out for him on Tuesday including the NMX’s “Make Your Marketing Memorable with Visual Storytelling” by Ekaterina Walter.  For radio practitioners, the internet is the place to use images and Cooke reports some data he heard is eye-opening as Walter said, “Thinking in pictures is our nature.  Images act like shortcuts to the brain” and “speak to the heart and tell stories.”  She noted that “scientists say the average modern adult attention span is between 2.8 and 8 seconds,” and that “90% of all information transmitted to the brain is visual.”  Cooke says the NAB’s “Small and Medium Radio Markets Idea Exchange” alone is “worth the trip.”  Read more from Holland Cooke here.

nabcrystalawardNAB Announces 2015 Crystal Radio Award Winners.  At yesterday’s NAB Show Radio Luncheon, the winners of the 2015 Crystal Radio Awards were announced.  This was the 28th presentation of the Crystal Radio Awards designed to recognize radio stations for their outstanding, year-round commitment to community service.  The winners were chosen from thekevinbean 50 finalists.  They are: news/talk KRMG-FM Tulsa; news/talk WSB-AM Atlanta; country KTTS, Springfield, Missouri; news/talk WSOY, Decatur, Illinois; hot AC WAFL, Milford, Delaware; hot AC WTMX, Chicago; classic rock WDRV, Chicago; news WTOP-FM, Washington; news WINS, New York; and hip hop WUSL, Philadelphia.  NAB Crystal Radio Award finalists were chosen by a panel of judges representing broadcasting, community service organizations and public relations firms.  Also at the luncheon, Kevin Ryder and Gene “Bean” Baxter (pictured here) of CBS RADIO’s modern rock KROQ, Los Angeles were inducted into the NAB Broadcasting Hall of Fame.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

| April 14, 2015

nielsen logoMarch 2015 PPM Data Released.  The first of four rounds of March 2015 PPM ratings information has been released by Nielsen Audio for 12 markets including: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Dallas, Houston, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Nassau-Suffolk (Long Island), Riverside, San Jose, and Middlesex-Somerset-Union (New Jersey).  The March survey period covered February 26 – March 25.  Find all the ratings from subscribing stations here.  Meanwhile, RadioInfo managing editor Mike Kinosian provides his “Ten Takeaways” below.


1) New York – Following back-to-back decreases (13.5 – 7.4 – 7.0, 6+), iHeartMedia adult contemporary WLTW “Lite-FM” rings up a +.6 to 7.6 and remains on top for the fifth successive sweep. This WLTW Logo January 2015marks the sixteenth straight time that co-owned urban contemporary WWPR “Power 105.1″ has a 6+-share between 3.0 – 3.9. While only up one-tenth (3.6 – 3.7), “Power” advances from #11 to #9. Still within that cluster, classic rocker WAXQ “Q-104.3″ in February reached a five-share for the first time in over five years (5.2, September 2009, 6+), after being within 4.2 – 4.7 (6+) the past 12 survey periods.WWPR Despite being back in the four-share range at 4.9 (-.1), “Q-104.3″ actually improves from seventh to sixth. Owing to a -.8 to 3.2, CBS Radio‘s all-news WCBS-AM has its modest streak of up-trends ended at two (3.0 – 3.6 – 4.0, 6+) and tumbles from eighth to twelfth.

2) Los Angeles – February’s tie at #1 between iHeartMedia siblings KIIS “Kiss-FM” and KOST “Coast 103″ is broken as CHR “Kiss” gains one-tenth (5.2 – 5.3), while adult contemporary “Coast” dips by one-tenth (5.2 – 5.1), with “Coast” becoming KIISrunner-up to “Kiss.” This concludes four straight survey periods in which “Coast” had a stake in the #1 spot. Even though hot AC cluster-mate KBIG “My-FM” is flat at 5.0, it inches up from fourth to a third-place tie with CBS Radio classic hits-oldies KRTH “K-Earth 101″ (5.1 – 5.0 -.1); “K-Earth” was up one-half share in February. This time last month, just two-tenths separated the top four stations. The margin now for those same four stations at the top (KIIS, KOST, KBIG, and KRTH) is three-tenths. One week into the February sweep (2/5), iHeartMedia transitioned urban-rhythmic oldies KHHT “Hot 92.3″ to urban contemporary KRRL “Real.” Shortly thereafter, “Real” debuted its morning drive talent – Big Boy formerly of Emmis rhythmic CHR KPWR “Power 106.” Part of the fallout is taking shape, including “Real” jumping by seven-tenths (2.5 – 3.2, 6+) to improve from #14 to #11 and “Power 106″ regressing by eight-tenths (3.6 – 2.8), spiraling from ninth to fourteenth. As noteworthy as that is, not to beKTWV overlooked is CBS Radio smooth AC KTWV seemingly inheriting some former “Hot” listeners. “The Wave” triples February’s +.3 with a whopping +.9 (2.3 – 2.6 – 3.5, 6+), sailing from #13 to #9. After registering a 3.0 in January 2014, “The Wave” was in the two-share range for the next 14 sweeps. It is tied at #9 with iHeartMedia talker KFI, which has its third consecutive uptrend (3.0 – 3.3 – 3.4 – 3.5, 6+). Also progressing for the third straight month is Bonneville classic rocker KSWD “The Sound” (2.9 – 3.4 – 3.7 – 3.9, 6+) which inches up from eighth to sixth. February 2 was the first day on “the Sound” for morning drive talent Mark Thompson, who for years teamed with Brian Phelps on cross-town Cumulus Media rocker KLOS, which is #20 for the third successive time (#23).

3) Chicago – Classic hits-oldies registers a strong monthly in the Windy City with CBS Radio‘s WJMK “K-Hits 104.3″ progressing WJMKby seven-tenths. In addition to leapfrogging from #14 to #7, “K-Hits 104.3″ has its third successive positive trend (2.3 – 2.8 – 2.9 – 3.6, 6+) and breaks out of the two-share range after 15 straight monthlies there. Meanwhile, Digity Media‘s similarly-formatted WERV “The River” nearly doubles its February stat (1.0 – 1.8, +.8), landing at #23. Conversely though, Cumulus-owned WLS-FM “Chicago’s Classic Hits” drops three-tenths (3.7 – 3.4) to slip from seventh to tenth. Ending five consecutive down or flat ratings periods (2.6 – 2.5 – 2.3 – 2.1 – 2.1 – 1.9, 6+) is Merlin Media classicWLUP rocker WLUP “The Loop,” which gains six-tenths to 2.5 (#21 to #16). After logging a +.7 in February (1.0 – 1.7), iHeartMedia‘s WEBG “Big 95.5 – Chicago’s Hit Country” adds another six-tenths to 2.3, zooming from #23 to #18. In doing so, former regional Mexican outlet WNUA (it flipped to country as WEBG the first week of January) closes the gap on CBS Radio’s similarly-formatted WUSN “US-99.5″ (2.8 – 2.6, steady at #15); WUSN dropped one-half share in February after a +.7 in January. The 6+-trend for “US-99.5″ going back to November is -.6, -.9, +.7, -.5, -.2. Following back-to-back gains accounting for a combined +1.7 (5.7 – 7.2 – 7.4, 6+), CBS Radio’s all-news WBBM-AM falters by six-tenths to 6.8, but the all-news operation remains the market’s pacesetter for the third consecutive sweep. Off by one-half share each are public WBEZ (2.6 – 2.1, #17 to #21) and iHeartMedia hot AC WLIT “My-FM.” The latter (fifth to seventh) is down for the third straight time for a cumulative -10.6 (14.2 – 4.5 – 4.1 – 3.6, 6+).

4) San Francisco – Outside the top 20 the past two survey periods, Cumulus Media talker KSFO dials up a +.7 (1.7 – 2.4, KSFO6+) and checks in at #15. Improving by one-half share is iHeartMedia‘s KYLD “WiLD 94.9,” which climbs from tenth to seventh (3.5 – 4.0, 6+). This marks the third consecutive monthly that CBS Radio CHR KMVQ “99.7 Now – All the Hits” (fourth to third) is up or flat (3.5 – 4.2 – 4.3 – 4.3, 6+). Notwithstanding back-to-back declines resulting in aKMVQ combined -1.2 (7.4 – 6.6 – 6.2, 6+), its all-news sibling, KCBS-AM, is on top for the fourth straight time. It is also the fourth successive survey that Entercom adult contemporary KOIT-FM has been in the runner-up position, although the station using the “Better Music for a Better Workday” handle regresses for the third straight time (10.6 – 4.8 – 4.7 – 4.5, 6+).

5) Dallas – In three of the last four sweeps, KLNO has been stuck on 2.9 (6+), but the Univision regional Mexican outlet notches a +.7 to 3.6, vaulting from #12 to #9. Public KERA registers its third consecutive positive trend (2.0 – 2.3 – 2.4 – 2.9, 6+), enroute from KHKS#18 to a three-way tie at #13. Even though it is down three-tenths to 7.6, iHeartMedia CHR KHKS “Kiss-FM” is in the penthouse for the fourth successive sweep. Following six straight up or flat monthlies totaling a +1.5 (3.4 – 3.4 – 3.7 – 3.8 – 3.9 – 4.8 – 4.9, 6+), “Kiss-FM” hot AC sibling KDMX “Now 102.9″ falters by -.7 to 4.2, sliding from third to fifth. The 1.2-share advantage country KPLX “The Wolf” had in February over Cumulus Media sibling KSCS “New Country” is down to one-half share as “The Wolf” dips three-tenths (4.8 – 4.5, steady at #4) while “New Country” improves by four-tenths (3.6 – 4.0, #9 to #6). This is the second straight time that Salem contemporary Christian KLTY “Safe for the Whole Family” has dipped by one-half share (5.6 – 5.1 – 4.6, #3, 6+). Overtaking it inKLUV the runner-up slot is CBS Radio classic hits-oldies KLUV (4.5 – 4.9, +.4, #5 to #2). In addition to KLTY, also sputtering by one-half share are Service Broadcasting-owned urban contemporary KKDA-FM “K-104″ (3.8 – 3.3, #7 to #10) and CBS Radio regional Mexican KMVK “La Grande 107.5″ (2.6 – 2.1, #16 to #19).

6) Philadelphia – Owing to a full one-share gain to 5.0, CBS Radio‘s all-sports WIP applies the brakes to three consecutive downward trends (5.1 – 4.6 – 4.3 – 4.0, 6+) to climb from #11 to #6. WIPMeanwhile, its cross-town format rival, Greater Media‘s WPEN-FM “The Fanatic,” also has good news as it improves by seven-tenths (1.9 – 2.6, 6+), to inch up from #19 to #17. The third successive increase for WIOQ “Q-102″ is a +.6 (3.4 – 3.7 – 4.1 – 4.7, 6+) as the iHeartMedia CHR moves from tenth to eighth. CBS Radio all-news KYW came within one-tenth of market leader WBEB “More FM” in February, but KYW loses seven-tenths in March (6.8 – 6.1) and remains second for the fourth straight time. Meanwhile, Jerry Lee-owned adult contemporary “More FM” – although down for the third straight monthly (15.1 – 7.3 – 6.9 – 6.6, 6+) – is #1 for the seventh successive sweep. Off by one-half shareWBEB each are Greater Media classic rocker WMGK (5.7, third to fourth) and Radio One urban-rhythmic oldies WPHI “Boom 107.9″ (3.0, #13 to #16). After doubling its share (1.9 – 3.8, November – December), “Boom” is trending 3.8 – 3.9 – 3.7 – 3.5 – 3.0, 6+).

7) Atlanta – Entering the March sweep, WFSH was off by three full shares since “Holiday” 2014, as “The Fish” declined by -2.1 in January and dropped another nine-tenths in February. The WFSHSalem contemporary Christian outlet rebounds though with a full-share increase, rocketing from eighth to fourth (4.6 – 5.6, 6+). After hanging out one-half share and six-tenths increases, respectively, iHeartMedia CHR WWPW “Power 96.1″ (5.2, fourth to sixth) and Cumulus Media‘s similarly-formatted WWWQ “Q-100 – All The Hits” (4.8, sixth to eighth) are each down by three-tenths; moreover, both fall by two rankers. The -.3 stymies four straight up-trends for “Power” (3.8 – 4.2 – 4.9 – 5.0 – 5.5, 6+), which had yielded a combined +1.7. After consecutive downward moves (8.1 – 7.6 – 7.3, December – Holiday – January, 6+), CBS Radio urbanWVEE contemporary WVEE “V-103″ delivered a +.7 in February to overtake Cox Media Group talker WSB-AM at #1. Although down two-tenths to 7.8, “V-103″ remains at the top, eight-tenths ahead of WSB-AM, which drops one-tenth to 7.0.

8) Long Island – Six-tenths separates this markets first four stations with iHeartMedia CHR WHTZ “Z-100″ (5.9 – 6.1, +.2) WHTZdislodging Connoisseur Media adult contemporary-turned-hot AC WALK-FM (6.0 – 5.9, -.1) at #1. Tied in third-place are Emmis urban AC WBLS (4.9 – 5.5, +.6, up from #5) and CBS Radio all-sports outlet WFAN “The Fan” (5.8 – 5.5, -.3). In addition to WBLS, iHeartMedia urban contemporary WWPR “Power 105.1″ also registers a gain of six-tenths (2.1 – 2.7, 6+) to jump from #18 to #15. “Power” had been down or flat the past four sweeps (2.7 – 2.6 – 2.4 – 2.1 – 2.1, 6+). Following a trio of progressive trends (3.6 – 4.0 – 4.2 – 4.3, 6+), Connoisseur MediaWBLS adult contemporary WKJY “K-98.3″ endures the steepest (6+) decline of any station in the 12 PPM markets released on Monday to tumble from #7 to #11 (4.3 – 3.2, -1.1). Just as it did in March’s New York City report, WCBS-AM falters by eight-tenths (5.6 – 4.8) and slides from fourth to fifth. The string of up or flat trends for Connoisseur Media’s WWSK ends at four (1.5 – 1.5 – 1.7 – 2.4 – 2.5, 6+) as “The Shark – Everything That Rocks” sinks by six-tenths to 1.9 (#15 to #19).

9) Riverside – For the last eight sweeps, Anaheim Broadcasting classic hits-oldies KOLA has ranked second in the Inland Empire of Riverside-San Bernardino-Ontario. That KGGIdistinction comes to an end though as iHeartMedia rhythmic CHR KGGI follows up February’s +.5 with another one-half share gain (3.9 – 4.4 – 4.9, 6+) and inches up from #4 to #2; KOLA (4.9 – 4.7, -.2) slips to third. KGGI was fourth the past three sweeps. Even though KLYY “Jose” sputters by nine-tenths (12.2 – 11.3), the Entravision Spanish adult hits facility finishes first for the ninth straight ratings period and is in double-digits (6+) for the fifth time in the last six sweeps. Its lead over KGGI is by a whopping 6.4KLYY shares. After five straight down or flat trends – only resulting in a -.3 in that period (1.5 – 1.4 – 1.4 – 1.2 – 1.2 – 1.2), All Pro alternative KCXX “X-103.9″ bumps up by one-tenth to 1.3 (#12 to #11). Third the past four ratings periods, Univision‘s KLVE “K-Love” loses one-tenth (4.6 – 4.5) and slips to fourth.

10) San Jose – As impressive as its +.7 is in the San Francisco report, Cumulus Media talker KSFO more than doubles the amount of that gain in San Jose (2.6 – 4.2). In fact, the +1.6 represents the most significant increase by any station in the 12 PPM markets released on Monday. It is KSFO’s third straight positive trend in San Jose (1.9 – 2.1 – 2.6 – 4.2, 6+) and catapults KBAYthe station from a tie at #17 in February all the way to #6. Not only does Digity Media own San Jose’s top two stations, but adult contemporary KBAY makes it five straight months at #1, rebounding from a -.7 in February with a +.8 (7.0 – 6.3 – 7.1, 6+), while hot AC KEZR “Mix 106.5″ improves by one full-share (5.0 – 6.0, 6+) to jump from fourth to second. It is aKEZR strong monthly for sports in this market, as Cumulus Media’s KNBR improves by eight-tenths (2.7 – 3.5, #9) and Entercom‘s KGMZ “The Game” gains one-half share (.8 – 1.3, #27); KNBR was -.9 in February. Declining by seven-tenths each are CBS Radio‘s all-news KCBS-AM (5.9 – 5.2, second to third) and Univision regional Mexican KSOL (3.9 – 3.2, #8 to #13); KSOL was +.9 in February and ironically moved from #13 to #8.

cookehollandCooke: Report from Las Vegas – Day 2.  Radio consultant Holland Cooke is in Las Vegas reporting for RadioInfo from not one, but three conferences going on there.  Today’s report is from the NAB Show – a convention that Cooke points out is often thought of more as a TV gathering than a radio conference – but there’s still plenty of talk about audio.   And, you guessed it, podcasting is one of the show’s darlings.  Cooke writes that Edison Research’s Tom Webster showcased the importance of the success of the “Serial” podcast.  “HOW impactful is podcasting?  ‘Serial’ – a 12-episode true story podcast about a teen murder – has caused The Maryland Court of Appeals to revisit the conviction of Adnan Syed, imprisoned for the 1999 killing of his former girlfriend.  To date, it’s been downloaded 68 million+ times.  Webster calls this a watershed for podcasting, ‘a watercooler moment, like what ‘House of Cards’ and ‘Orange is the New Black’ did for Netflix.  People are talking to each other about listening to a podcast.’”  The integration of social media with legacy media is also a hot topic.  Read more from Holland Cooke in Las Vegas here.

vaughnrickRick Vaughn Joins Cumulus Media in Salt Lake City.   Radio programming pro Rick Vaughn is joining Cumulus Media to program Salt Lake City properties rock KBER “K-Bear” and alternative KHTB “The ALT.”  Vaughn joins from his most recent gig as principal of the consultancy firm AIM, READY, FIRE LLC and he replaces Sue Kelly.  At the same time, Dain Craig – PD of hot AC KBEE “B98.7” – replaces Mike Parsons as PD of adult hits KENZ/TRAX.  Vaughn programmedkhtb logo contemporary and rock stations for iHeartMedia for 15 years in markets including: Chicago (WKSC), Philadelphia (WIOQ), Atlanta (WWPW and WRDA), Hartford (WKSS), and San Diego (KHTS).  Vaughn says of his new gig, “No one places a higher value on our listeners and quality local programming than Cumulus.  I am deeply appreciative of Troy Hanson, Mike McVay and John Dickey for the opportunity to join their team in Salt Lake City.  ‘ALT 94.9’ and ‘KBER 101’ are literally loaded with talent.  We have so many great moments ahead of us.  Simply, this is the most exciting mission of my career.”

coburnbobCumulus Confirms Coburn to KLOS, Los Angeles for Middays.  Officially confirmed by Cumulus Media is the appointment of Bob Coburn to the weekday lineup at KLOS, Los Angeles in the midday slot.  In a press release, the company says “the ‘Godfather of Rock ‘n’ Roll’ and legendary host of ‘Rockline’ returns to KLOS and the 10:00 am to 2:00 pm slot he made famous from 1980-1994.”  As a result, Melissa Maxx moves back to the evening show.  KLOS program director Keith Cunninghamkloslogo says “Bob Coburn truly is the ‘Godfather of Rock ‘n’ Roll’ and his vault of audio, stories and artist relationships will be on full display each weekday on ‘The Rock of Southern California, 95/5 KLOS.’  Melissa Maxx is an all-star who can bat clean-up for any station, and her attitude and delivery are perfect for LA nights.”  Coburn comments, “Half of my career has been spent at 95-5 KLOS and I’m stoked to once again be part of the terrific starting lineup.  KLOS will be the last radio station I work for, but there’s still a lot of gas in my tank and we’re just getting started.”  Coburn’s iconic, nationally syndicated rock radio program “Rockline” originated in Los Angeles in 1981 and ran for more than 33 years before shutting down in 2014.

whitakerchuckWhitaker to Program WMEZ, Pensacola.  The new program director at Cumulus Media’s adult contemporary WMEZ, Pensacola is Chuck Whitaker.  The company says that Whitaker is an experienced programmer who has held the program director position for the last 14 years at Beasley Media in Augusta, programming AC-formatted WSLT and the last nine years as PD of CHR-formatted WHHD.  Cumulus Pensacola OM Jerry King states, “We’re pleased that Chuck will bring his strong years at the top of Augusta radio to our heritage AC brand WMEZ here in beautiful Pensacola.  We’ve known Chuck in the past and he’ll keep us and WMEZ at the forefront in the market.”

More RadioInfo Career Moves.  At the New York operations of iHeartMedia, Anthony Molaee is promoted to director of digital programming and operations for the cluster.  SVP of programming Thea Mitchem notes that Molaee has been with iHeartMedia since 2007 and joined the New York operations in December of 2013.  Molaee’s promotion comes as Colby Hall joins iHeartMedia’s Entertainment Enterprises team…..iHeartMedia announces the rest of the lineup for its new urban outlet in Los Angeles – KRRL “Real 92.3.”  You already know Big Boy is hosting mornings.  The rest of the lineup is: DJ A-Oh in middays, Nina Chantele for afternoon drive, and DJ Damage and Sib Vicious in evenings.

easyfm logoSofter AC Format Now Being Marketed. The firm Radio Consulting Services unveils its new easy fmTM format for adult contemporary stations.  The company says “an inevitable reaction to a more contemporary mainstream AC is a softer AC…In 2014, Radio Consulting Services conducted research and development for a new soft AC format on behalf of one of our clients. That station, ‘EZ107.7,’ launched on December 26, 2014.  easy fmTM is a unique blend of soft rock and pop hits from the 70s through the early 2000s, with a playlist that can be tailored to meet the needs of any market.”  It plays the most popular soft and easy hits from superstars such as Elton John, Billy Joel, The Eagles and Chicago, plus many favorites rarely heard these days on mainstream AC.  Radio Consulting Services says the format targets the 35-64 demo – “the biggest, and most affluent consumer group today.”

premierenetworksPremiere Networks and Futuri Media Announce Long-Term Deal.  The two companies release the news of a new, exclusive, long-term national sales representation agreement between iHeartMedia subsidiary Premiere Networks and Futuri Media.  The partnership includes all of Futuri’s interactive radio programming platform brands: LDR (Listener Driven Radio), Futuri Mobile Apps, and TopicPulse – a social media monitoring system for broadcast stationsfuturi logo across the U.S.  Additionally, Premiere’s international division will offer Futuri’s systems and services to Canada and, later this year, to the UK and continental European markets.  Premiere president Julie Talbott comments, “We love working with forward-thinking companies whose teams are focused on success for local affiliates, and Futuri Media delivers every time.  This new agreement testifies to the great working relationship we’ve had for years as Futuri has evolved from LDR.  Daniel Anstandig and the Futuri team exemplify Premiere’s ongoing commitment to supporting broadcasters around the world with solutions that drive ratings, revenue, and digital engagement growth.”

envisionnetworks newEnvision Networks and Focus 360 Partner on ‘Powered by Jelli’ Networks.  Affiliate sales for Focus 360’s “Powered by Jelli” networks will be handled by Envision Networks as the two firms have entered into a new relationship.  Jelli is a cloud-based programmatic advertising platform for broadcast radio, enabling the selling and serving of advertising on behalf of radiofocus 360 logo station groups and show producers.  Focus 360 provides programming, syndication and national advertising sales to thousands of radio stations nationwide.  Its “Powered by Jelli” ad networks traffic, serve and report all ad campaigns using Jelli’s RadioSpot platform.  Envision president and CEO Danno Wolkoff comments, “We are excited to bring this proven revenue generating opportunity to radio stations.  Jelli is offering national advertisers a powerful vehicle to deliver and monitor commercials as they are broadcast while relieving stress on traffic departments to schedule and report those spots every day.”

harrisonUpCloseFarOutsmallMichael Harrison and Christopher Ruddy Discuss Politics, Journalism, Commercialism and the Nature of Truth in New ‘Up Close and Far Out’ Podcast.  RadioInfo publisher Michael Harrison engages in a candid and revealing conversation with Newsmax president/CEO Christopher Ruddy in the sixth and latest installment of his PodcastOne series, “Up Close and Far Out.”  Ruddy is the mega-successful founder of a conservative-tilting news organization that began as a website in the late-1990s ( and has grown into a multi-million dollar empire consisting of, among numerous assets, a dynamic website, monthly print publication (Newsmax Magazine), and most recently, a full-service television news network (Newsmax TV) that holds the potential to give Fox News Channel a run for its money.  In the podcast, they discuss what Harrison describes as the tendency of today’s media (and society in general) to “seek victory at the expense of truth.”  Harrison praises Ruddy as being somewhat of an exception to that rule – especially in today’s popular political media in which most news publications, websites and electronic media channels cater to the predisposition of their target audiences in an attempt to gain “more eyeballs and eardrums” even if it means distorting or suppressing the facts to conform to the expectations of the target consumer.  Harrison points out several significant instances in which Ruddy has actually committed what so many of today’s opinion practitioners consider a sin – he actually changed his mind and renounced formerly held opinions in the face of new evidence and facts.  The fascinating discussion delves into Ruddy’s role as a major Republican Party influencer (but not registered member) and his colorful relationship with former President Bill Clinton.  Ruddy talks about the coming presidential election and explains the mechanisms often referred to as the Clinton and Bush “machines.”  In the “Far Out” section of the podcast following the Ruddy interview, Harrison delves deeper into what he describes as the coming “Quantum Era” that will be marked by the rise of quantum computing that he predicts will relegate the current digital era to “primitive” status.  To access the podcast please click here or click on the “Up Close and Far Out” player located in the right hand column of every page of 

RadioInfo Tidbits.  The deal between Alpha Media Group and Access.1 Communications for the former to acquire stations in Shreveport, Louisiana and Tyler-Longview, Texas has closed.  It gives Alpha ownership of:alphamedia logo hip hop KBTT, gospel KOKA, urban contemporary KDKS, oldies KLKL, and classic rock KTAL in Shreveport; and country KKUS, adult contemporary KOOI, regional Mexican KOYE, and country KYKX in Tyler-Longview…..Salem Communications reports is has expanded its partnership with Clip Interactive to roll out the latter’s Total Audience Solution platform to all 109 Salem stations in 29 markets nationwide.  Salem says it initially implemented Clip Interactive apps for their four Portland stations in 2013, expanding to San Antonio and Atlanta in 2014.  After seeing significant revenue gains wsou logoand user engagement in 2014, Salem chose to expand its partnership and propagate Clip Interactive’s solution nationally…..College station WSOU, Orange, New Jersey – a Seton Hall O&O – is helping celebrate Record Store Day with a live remote broadcast on Saturday (4/18) from Vintage Vinyl Records in Fords New Jersey.  The broadcast will feature interviews, special requests, and more.  Record Store Day is an annual event for independent record stores as well as for the music and broadcast industries, as record labels issue special edition “Record Store Day” releases and radio stations partner with record stores in their communities.

y100StJudeJam15Country Stars Help ‘Y100’ in Green Bay Raise Cash for St. Jude’s.  Pictured here at the Meyer Theatre in Green Bay are country artists Rodney Atkins, Kelsea Ballerini, Craig Wayne Boyd, Austin Webb and supporting musicians as they share the stage during WNCY, Green Bay’s “Y100 St. Jude Jam” on Sunday, April 12.  This second annual event added another $17,000 to the Midwest Communications-owned station’s 18-year commitment of radiothons and special events for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.  The 18-year total stands at $4.1 million.