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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

| December 24, 2014

ellaghostDuane Doobie’s Picks of the Week. RadioInfo’s hard-working music editor/director, Duane Doobie, backed by a growing team of information contributing researchers and golden-eared trench broadcasters, including this week Tom Yates and Kate Hayes of KOZT, Fort Bragg/Mendicino, California “The Coast”; Bayley Brown, WKLC-FM, St. Albans/Charleston “Rock 105,” and internet sensation the Iceman, provides programmers with musical suggestions worthy of the attention of pro-active radio formats.  You’ll be turned on to some of the exciting artists and music buzzing out there just over the horizon from the worlds of pop, rock, country and EDM. This week’s selection posted today (12/24) includes such names as: 5SOS, The Romantics, Ella Henderson, Ryan Tedder, OneRepublic, Hoodie Allen, Ed Sheeran, Herbal T, Wax, Watsky, Miley Cyrus, Amy Heidemann, Karmin, M.I.A., Lizzo, Iggy Azalea, Charlie XCX, Skylar Grey, Nova Rockafeller, Lack of Afro, Mark Ronson, Bruno Mars, Rolling Stones, Jack Tyson-Charles, Ben Winstanley, Miles Kane, Gunhill Road, Tom Williams & The Boat, Slash, Mumford & Sons, Lumineers, Old Crow Medicine Show, Avett Brothers, Green Day, Rick Rubin, Darius Rucker, Josh Nolan, Bruce Springsteen, John Mellencamp, Abbi Scott, Dani-elle, Red Eye Gravy, Doobie Brothers, Zac Brown Band, Sara Evans, Michael McDonald, A Great Big World, Christina Aguilera, Gayla Peevey, AronChupa, Alt-J, Lido, and Cherub among others. To check out this valuable information, please click here.

ppmunitRound Two of December PPMs Released. The second of four rounds of December 2014 PPM data from Nielsen Audio released for 12 markets including: Washington, Boston, Detroit, Miami, Seattle, Phoenix, Minneapolis, San Diego, Tampa, Denver, Baltimore, and St. Louis.  The December survey period covered November 6 – December 3.  You can see all the numbers from subscribing stations here.  In addition RadioInfo managing editor Mike Kinosian provides his “Ten Takeaways” from this group below. As noted in the previous overview, most of the lofty November – December fluctuations can be traced to the playing of all-Christmas music.


1) Washington, DC – WASH-FM’s third successive monthly gain is a massive +3.8, propelling the iHeartMedia adult contemporary property from fifth to first (4.3 – 4.6 – 4.8 – 8.6, 6+). The 8.6 by WASH-FM is more than two full-shares wash xmashigher than its 6.3 in December 2013. Down for the fourth successive sweep (8.5 – 7.8 – 7.5 – 7.4 – 7.0), Hubbard newser WTOP slips to second after 11 consecutive months at #1. The last time WTOP was not in first-place was “Holiday” 2013, when WASH-FM was the leader with a 10.6 (6+). This is thewmal logo eighth consecutive sweep in which public WAMU (+.8, fourth to third) is in the six-share range (6.9 – 6.2 – 6.4 – 6.2 – 6.3 – 6.1 – 6.0 – 6.8, 6+). Cumulus talker WMAL (+.4) continues its progressive ways with its seventh straight up or flat trend (3.4 – 3.6 – 3.6 – 3.7 – 3.9 – 4.2 – 4.4 – 4.8); it is steady at #6. Stuck on 6.6 (6+) in October and November, iHeartMedia CHR WIHT “Hot 99.5″ regresses by -1.1 to 5.5, its lowest 6+share since May 2009 (5.4). After three successive progressive trends (5.4 – 6.5 – 6.9 – 7.0, 6+), Howard University‘s WHUR falters by eight-tenths to 6.2 (second to fourth), while urban AC rival – Radio One‘s WMMJ (-.3) – is off for the third straight month (4.8 – 4.3 – 4.2 – 3.9) to slip from seventh to eighth.

2) Boston – A similarity exists between the top spots in Washington, DC (see above) and Boston, in that, an 11-month run at #1 is broken by an adult contemporary station. The Boston AC is Greater Media‘s WMJX “Magic 106.7,” which trots wmjx logoout a +3.4 (5.7 – 9.1, 6+) to leap from a third-place tie to the penthouse. Possessing a 6.7 this time last year (December 2013, 6+), “Magic” unseats iHeartMedia CHR WXKS-FM “Kiss-FM” (7.1 – 6.4, -.7), which finished first the past 11 survey periods; “Kiss” dips to second. CBS Radio news-wbz logotalk hybrid WBZ-AM gains six-tenths (5.0 – 5.6) as it vaults from eighth to fifth. Several of the market’s other spoken-word outlets though are not as fortunate. In particular, Entercom talker WRKO sputters by -1.1 (3.3 – 2.2) to tumble from #13 to #17; 2.2 is WRKO’s lowest (6+) stat since January (also 2.2). Sports sibling WEEI-FM falters by one-half share (4.6 – 4.1) but is steady at #9, and Boston University‘s WBUR (seventh to eighth) is also off by one-half share to 4.6. WBUR achieved a 5.1 in November – its best-ever (6+) PPM performance. Four straight up-trends – leading to more than doubling its 6+ share – (2.6 – 2.7 – 3.6 – 4.7 – 5.3) come to end for CBS Radio’s WBZ-FM “The Sports Hub” (5.2, -.1), but it remains in sixth-place.

3) Detroit – Over and above boasting the largest November-December increase of any station in the 24 PPM markets whose data has been released so far (4.3 – 9.6, +5.3 shares/+123%), iHeartMedia adult contemporary WNIC rockets wnic xmasfrom #11 all the way to #1. Such dramatic moves are not new for WNIC, as it made a fairly analogous improvement this time last year (4.7 – 9.8, November 2013 – December 2013, 6+). wmxd logoDislodged at #1 – after just a one-month stay – is iHeartMedia urban AC WMXD “Mix 92.3,” which actually gains two-tenths to 6.8, but slips to #2. In November, CBS Radio-owned WYCD “Detroit’s Country” ended four straight downward sweeps (6.2 – 6.0 – 5.6 – 4.8 – 4.7, 6+) with a +.3, but it regresses by six-tenths to 4.4 and declines from sixth to tenth. Heritage Cumulus talker WJR gives back most of the +.8 it hung out in November (-.7 to 5.0) as it moves from fifth to sixth. Eroding by one-half share each are rocker WRIF (4.1, #9 to #11) and urban contemporary WGPR (2.5, #15 to #16).


4) Miami – WHQT “Hot 105″ continues to appear unstoppable as the Cox Media Group urban AC tacks on a +1.3 (7.8 – 9.1) and is the market’s pacesetter for an incredible 43rd straight monthly report; 9.1 matches what “Hot” registered in wqhtthe “Holiday” 2013 report. Down or flat for a combined -1.8 since May (4.7 – 4.4 – 3.7 – 3.7 – 3.5 – 3.4 – 2.9), Spanish Broadcasting System Spanish tropical WXDJ “El Zol 106.7″ improves by seven-tenths to 3.6 to crack the top 10 (#14 to #10). Following six straight progressive sweeps yielding a cumulative +1.8 (5.4 – 5.8 – 6.0 – 6.2 – 6.9 – 7.1 – 7.2), Lincoln Financial Media adult contemporary WLYF takes a two-tenths dip to 7.0, although “Lite-FM” remains in the runner-up slot for the fifth successive month. One-half share is the margin of the third straight decline for Cox Media Group CHR WFLC “Hits 97-3″ (3.6 – 3.5 – 3.3 – 2.8), which free-falls from #11 to #17. Format rival – iHeartMedia‘s WHYI “Y-100″ (4.9) – returns the three-tenths it gained in November, but stays at #4.

5) Seattle – Owing to a +1.3 (4.9 – 6.2), KRWM “Warm 106.9″ advances from a fourth-place tie to #1; by way of comparison, the Hubbard adult contemporary outlet had a 7.5 (6+) in December 2013. On the strength of a six-tenths krwm logogain, classical KING leaps from #15 to #10 and enjoys its finest-ever 6+ PPM performance (3.8). Entercom rhythmic hot AC KHTP “Hot 103.7 – The Rhythm of Seattle” applies the brakes to akirofm logo three-month slide (3.1 – 2.7 – 2.5 – 2.2, 6+) with a one-half share gain to 2.7 (#21 to #19). Following four consecutive progressive moves accounting for a cumulative +2.3 (3.4 – 4.3 – 4.6 – 5.1 – 5.7, 6+), Bonneville talker KIRO-FM falters by seven-tenths to 5.0 and dips from second to third, while sports sibling KIRO-AM (#9 to #14) sputters for the third successive month for a combined -1.2 (4.5 – 4.0 – 3.8 – 3.3). After four months of being up or flat (2.7 – 2.9 – 2.9 – 3.0 – 3.4, 6+) Sinclair news outlet KOMO is off by six-tenths to 2.8 (#13 to #18).

6) Phoenix – Quite a dramatic rebound from a one-half share (November) decline for iHeartMedia adult contemporary KESZ, which improves by +3.2 (4.6 – 7.8) and vaults from fifth to first. At this time last year, KESZ notched kesz xmasan 8.9 (December 2013, 6+). Down or flat for the fourth successive month (6.2 – 6.2 – 5.9 – 5.7 – 5.0), CBS Radio classic hits-oldies KOOL “The Valley’s Greatest Hits” ends its five-month run at #1 and falls to #4. This marks the sixth consecutive report in which iHeartMedia talker KFYIkfyifoxnews (steady at #2) is up or flat (3.2 – 4.3 – 4.4 – 4.5 – 5.1 – 5.1 – 5.3) for a cumulative +2.1. Riviera Broadcasting adult contemporary KOAI “The Oasis” began playing wall-to-wall Christmas music the first day of the December sweep and follows up its +.3 in November with a one-half share gain to 1.8 (#25). Also improving by one-half share (4.5 – 5.0) is Hubbard classic rocker KSLX, progressing from seventh to a fourth-place tie with KOOL.

7) Minneapolis – Down one-half share in October and faltering by another eight-tenths in November (7.4 – 6.9 – 6.1), iHeartMedia‘s KQQL “Kool 108″ turns it around with a +1.6 (to 7.7) in December and leaps from seventh to second. Co-kqqlowned country KEEY “K-102″ betters November’s +.9 with a full-share gain (5.5 – 6.4 – 7.4) as it inches up from a fourth-place tie to third. In October, urban AC KMOJ spiked by one full-share (1.5 – 2.5); then dropped four-tenths in November; and now falters by double that (-.8) to 1.3, slipping from #17 to #18. Cumulus Media classic rocker KQRS (fourth to seventh) endures its fifth successive flat or down trend which has resulted in a combined -2.2 (8.1 – 8.1 – 7.1 – 7.0 – 6.4 – 5.9). After dialing up an impressive +1.1 to 9.3, its best 6+ performance since March (9.4), iHeartMedia CHR KDWB slips by three-tenths to 9.0, but the “Twin Cities’ #1 Hit Music Station” is on top for the fourth straight month.

8) Denver – In yet another major ranker leap Entercom adult contemporary KOSI “Continuous Lite Rock” (4.6 – 6.5, +1.9) rockets from eighth to first and is basically even with where it was one year ago (6.4, December 2013, 6+). One of kosi xmastwo stations KOSI replaced at the top is Entravision Spanish adult hits KJMN (5.4 – 5.1, -.3), which falls to sixth; “Jose 92.1″ had been #1 the past three months. Sharing the top spot in November was KOA, but the iHeartMedia talker suffers a -.9 to 4.5 and spirals all the way to tenth. Posting its third straight up-trend is Entercom adult standards KEZW “Studio 1430 – Timeless Music” (.6 -.7 -.8 – 1.4), which finishes at #22. The separation between the market’s second- and tenth-ranked stations is just eight-tenths; there is a three-way tie at #3.

9) Baltimore – On the heels of a robust +1.1, boosting CBS Radio adult contemporary WLIF from seventh to fourth, “Today’s 101.9″ follows up with an even stronger +1.3 and climbs to third. Since August, WLIF has gained a combined wlif logo+3.2 (3.8 – 4.4 – 4.6 – 5.7 – 7.0, 6+). With a potent +.9, iHeartMedia-owned WPOC “Baltimore’s Country Station” puts an end to back-to-back declines (8.2 – 7.9 – 7.7, 6+) andwerq remains first for the fourth straight month. Steady in the runner-up slot, Radio One urban contemporary WERQ “92-Q Jams” tacks on seven-tenths to the one-half share increase it registered in November (6.1 – 6.6 – 7.3). After adding seven tenths in October to the eight-tenths it registered in September, Hearst Television talker WBAL was -.6 in November. The Orioles flagship sputters by twice that in December (5.1 – 3.9, -1.2) to slide from sixth to eighth. Declining by six-tenths each are CBS Radio hot AC WWMX “Mix 106.5″ (5.0, steady at #5) and Times-Shamrock classic rock WZBA “The Bay” (4.1), which actually improves its ranker from eighth to seventh.

10) St. Louis – Ever since posting a +.3 in April, Hubbard-owned country WIL-FM has had seven straight down or flat monthlies (7.6 – 7.5 – 7.5 – 7.0 – 6.4 – 6.4 – 6.0 – 5.8). Not only is the streak over but thanks to a +.7, WIL-FM leapfrogs wil logofrom fourth to first. Relinquishing the top spot, after eight straight months there, is CBS Radio talker KMOX, whose October-November-December line reflects a whopping -3.5 (8.9 – 6.8 – 5.4, 6+); Cardinals’ flagship KMOX drops to sixth-place. In addition to WIL-FM, Radio One‘s WFUN “Old School 95.5″ progresses by seven-tenths (eleventh to seventh) and notches its sixth successive up or steady monthly (3.9 – 4.0 – 4.3 – 4.3 – 4.6 – 4.6 – 5.3). KEZK “Fresh 102.5″ gained one-half share in October; faltered by -.7 in November; and now the CBS Radio adult contemporary outlet rebounds with a +.9 to 4.9, catapulting from #16 to #8. Public KWMU improved for the third successive sweep in November (4.0 – 4.3 – 4.6 – 5.3), but after a +.7, it regresses by -.9 to 4.4 and free-falls from #6 to #14. Hubbard’s WXOS “101 ESPN – St. Louis’ Sports Station” (4.3, #15) sees its consecutive string of up-trends end at four (2.3 – 2.7 – 3.0 – 3.8 – 4.3) as the Rams’ flagship declines to 3.5 (#15 to #16).

Special Note: Among all stations in the 12 PPM markets whose data was released Tuesday, those gaining by at least one full-share (6+, November – December) are: WNIC, Detroit (+5.3); WASH-FM, Washington, DC (+3.8); WMJX, Boston (+3.4); KESZ, Phoenix (+3.2); KOSI, Denver (+1.9); KQQL, Minneapolis (+1.6); WHQT, Miami (+1.3); KRWM, Seattle (+1.3); WLIF, Baltimore (+1.3); and KEEY, Minneapolis (+1.0).

RadioInfo Career Moves. Radio management pro Charles “Andy” Whatley is named market manager for Adams Radio Group’s Las Cruces, New Mexico station group that consists of country KGRT, classic hits KSNM, CHR KQHT and sports talk KWML. In addition to a long resume in management, Whatley has owned radio stations.

bfoa logoBFoA Creates Bill Burton Memorial Fund.  The recent passing of beloved radio pro Bill Burton is recognized by The Broadcasters Foundation of America as it establishes the Bill Burton Memorial Fund.  Burton, known for his trademark words of encouragement, “Be Fabulous,” died last weekend from head injuries suffered after a fall at his home.  He was 85.  Former BFoA executive and long-time friend and colleague Carl Butrum states, “Bill’s influence inspired countless individuals in the radio business.  Radio owes Bill our gratitude for his wisdom and for imparting to us his boundless positive attitude, which infected everyone who came into contact with him.  We mourn his loss, but remember the great man with The Bill Burton Memorial Fund.”  Donations to the Bill Burton Memorial Fund are being accepted at the Broadcasters Foundation website at, or by calling 212-373-8250, or emailing

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

| December 23, 2014

nielsen logoRound One of December PPM Data Released. The first of four rounds of December 2014 PPM data from Nielsen Audio has been released for 12 markets including: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Dallas, Houston, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Nassau-Suffolk (Long Island), Riverside, San Jose, and Middlesex-Somerset-Union (New Jersey).  The survey period was November 6 – December 3.  You can find all of the numbers from subscribing stations here.  Meanwhile, RadioInfo managing editor Mike Kinosian presents his “Ten Takeaways” from this batch of ratings below. In the overwhelming number of cases, a substantial November – December fluctuation can be traced to the playing of all-Christmas music. There was no standard start date, of course, but many stations utilizing that strategy tended to begin wall-to-wall holiday tunes (Monday) November 10, or two weeks prior to Thanksgiving (Thursday) November 13.


1) New York – Owing to a robust +2.1 (5.6 – 7.7), iHeartMedia adult contemporary WLTW “Lite FM” rises from second to first (6+), dislodging classic hits-oldies WCBS-FM (7.1 – 6.9, -.2, first to second), which occupied the top spot the past wltw xmasfive months. The 7.7 for “Lite-FM” is one-tenth better than its 6+ stat one year ago (7.6, December 2013). WCBS-FM is coming off a full-share October – November gain (6.1 – 7.1),WCBS-FM Logo ending (at the time) eight consecutive monthlies in the six-share range (6.1 – 6.6 – 6.6 – 6.3 – 6.4 – 6.9 – 6.8 – 6.1). After three straight up-trends (3.2 – 3.3 – 3.4 – 3.9), iHeartMedia urban contemporary WWPR “Power 105.1″ drops three-tenths to 3.6, slipping from ninth to tenth. This, however, represents the twelfth successive sweep that “Power 105.1″ has had a 6+-share between 3.0 – 3.9. Meanwhile, co-owned CHR WHTZ “Z-100″ (steady at #3) extends its (6+) progressive streak to three (4.8 – 5.1 – 5.5 – 5.6), with the 5.6 matching what it recorded in April and May. Locked at 1.9 in October and November (6+), ESPN‘s WEPN falls by one-half share to 1.4 and drops out of the top 20 (#19 to #21).

2) Los Angeles – Heritage iHeartMedia adult contemporary KOST was among a group of stations flipping the all-Christmas music switch on (Thursday) November 13, more than one week after the November monthly concluded, yet kost logo“Coast 103″ registered a significant +1.1 (4.1 – 5.2, 6+) in that report. December news is even brighter as “Coast” jumps from second to first (5.2 – 7.0, +1.8). Moreover, its 7.0 is seven-tenths higher than the 6.3 it recorded in December 2013. Exiting the top spot is co-owned CHR KIISkiis logo “Kiss-FM,” off by four tenths to 4.9.  Steady at 5.3 in October and November, “Kiss” slides to second-place after being on top the past three survey periods. Also down is CBS Radio CHR KAMP “Amp Radio” (4.0 – 3.7, -.3), slipping from sixth to seventh. After being up or flat six straight months (2.7 – 2.8 – 2.9 – 3.3 – 3.3 – 3.5 – 3.6), iHeartMedia talker KFI is off by one tenth to 3.5, but remains in eighth-place. Another streak ending is that of Cumulus-owned KLOS which had been up or flat since April (2.0 – 2.1 – 2.1 – 2.2 – 2.2 – 2.2 – 2.4 – 2.5), but it drops three-tenths to 2.2 (#18 to #20). Although remaining in the top 10 (ninth to tenth), Bonneville classic rocker KSWD “The Sound” regresses by one-half share (3.5 – 3.0).

3) Chicago – One year ago at this time, WLIT “My-FM” notched a 6.5 (6+) to catapult from twelfth to second (November 2013 – December 2013). With a whopping +4.0, the iHeartMedia hot AC more than doubles its November 2014 6+ stat wlit logoto leap from ninth to first (3.7 – 7.7). In the process, “My-FM” displaces urban AC sibling WVAZ “V-103.” Not only is it highly noteworthy that “V-103″ headed the market’s (6+) leader board the pastwvaz logo nine successive ratings periods, but it actually posts a substantial November – December gain of +1.4 to 7.3, its strongest (6+) stat since July 2013’s 7.4. While “My-FM” and V-103″ rack up strong month-to-gain improvements, Univision‘s WOJO “La Que Buena” is -1.4 (4.6 – 3.2), spiraling from fourth to tenth. Up by one-tenth in each of the last three monthlies (5.4 – 5.5 – 5.6 – 5.7), CBS Radio‘s all-newser WBBM-AM posts a one-half share gain to 6.2, yet drops from second to third. Country sibling WUSN “US 99.5″ falters by six-tenths (4.1 – 3.5) and slips from sixth to seventh. After an impressive +.8 to 4.0 in November, Tribune talker WGN loses one-half share to 3.2, but is steady at #7.

4) San Francisco – Sizable advances are the customary headlines here, but one month after enjoying the most potent (6+) October – November gain of any station in the 12 Nielsen Audio PPM markets whose data was released that knbrlogoparticular day (6.6 – 8.9, +2.3), Cumulus Media‘s KNBR free-falls by a mammoth -5.2 to 3.7. Ranked first the past three sweeps, the Giants’ flagship is replaced at #1 by all-news KCBS-AM (5.7 – 6.3, +.6), which had finished second in August, September, October, and November. Nine other San Francisco stations advanced by more than one-half share month-to-month, but KCBS-AM is the only spoken-koit logoword outlet in that group, which is paced by Entercom adult contemporary KOIT-FM (4.5 – 5.8, +1.3, fourth to second).  Fellow AC – Digity Media‘s KBAY (+.7) – climbs from #18 to #13 and has been up or flat the past six surveys for a combined +1.2 (1.5 – 1.5 – 1.6- 1.6 – 1.6 – 2.0 – 2.7). University of Southern California-owned classical KDFC also progresses by seven-tenths (1.9 – 2.6, #18 – #15), while iHeartMedia-‘s KMEL “#1 for Hip-Hop & R&B” is +.8 (3.9 – 4.7, fifth to fourth).  After dropping by one-half share in November (6+), urban-rhythmic oldies sibling KISQ “The Bay’s Old School – Kiss-FM” gains it back (3.4 – 2.9 – 3.4) to climb from #11 to #9.  Also in that cluster, rhythmic CHR KYLD “WiLD 94.9″ rebounds from a -.6 with a +.5 (3.7 – 3.1 – 3.6) to move from ninth in November to eighth.

5) Dallas – In mid-November, Cumulus Media‘s KLIF-FM “Hot 93.3″ dropped CHR in favor of classic hip-hop, only to change to urban contemporary less than three weeks later (12/2). Albeit it was in its present format for only the last kluv xmastwo days of the December sweep, “Hot” dials up a +.8 over its November (6+) number (1.8 – 2.6) and cracks the top 20 (#23 to #16). Advancing from fifth to second is classic hits-oldies KLUVkegl “The Christmas Station,” which gains one full-share (4.0 – 5.0). It is the most potent 6+-share for the CBS Radio facility since the 7.2 it registered in the “Holiday” 2013 report. Owing to a +.7 (4.2), iHeartMedia classic rocker KZPS “Lone Star 92.5″ halts its three-month slide (4.2 – 3.8 – 3.7 – 3.5) to jump from ninth to sixth. Co-owned KEGL follows up its November one-half share gain with a +.6 (2.9 – 3.4 – 4.0), enabling “97.1 The Eagle Rocks” to vault from tenth to seventh. Following four consecutive up trends (1.2 – 1.5 – 1.8 – 2.5 – 2.9), CBS Radio all-sports KRLD-FM “The Fan” regresses by seven-tenths to 2.2, as the Cowboys’ flagship free-falls from #13 to #19. November’s 2.9 represents KRLD-FM’s most potent (6+) share in four years – it hit 3.1 in November 2010. Also dropping seven-tenths is KHKS “Kiss-FM” (7.5 – 6.8), but the iHeartMedia CHR remains #1 for the twelfth straight month. Up or flat for four straight survey periods (3.5 – 4.4 – 4.7 – 4.7 – 5.0), Salem contemporary Christian KLTY “Safe for the Whole Family” declines by six-tenths to 4.4, dropping from second to fifth.

6) Houston – Having overtaken Radio One urban AC KMJQ “Majic 102.1″ at the top spot last month with a +.9 to 7.1, iHeartMedia adult contemporary KODA “Sunny 99.1″ more than doubles that November gain with a +2.1 (9.2) to koda logorepeat as a solid #1; “Sunny” had an 8.5 in December 2013. Owing to a one-half share increase to 3.3, CBS Radio‘s Spanish contemporary KLOL “Mega 101 FM” ends its three-month slide (3.7 – 3.4 – 3.2 – 2.8, 6+), bounding from #15 to #10. After being down or flat the past six straight monthlies for a combined -3.4 shares (8.4 – 7.3 – 6.2 – 6.1 – 6.1 – 5.9 – 5.0, 6+), Cox Media Group‘s KKBQ “Country 93-Q” picks up one-tenth and moves from seventh to fifth. Meanwhile, format rival – CBS Radio’s KILT-FM “The Bull” – stumbles by eight-tenths to 3.1 as it falls out of the top 10 (#10 to #14). In September, KTRH exploded with a +1.3 to 4.4; it added six-tenths in October; and tacked on another three-tenths in November; however, the iHeartMedia talker regresses by seven-tenths (5.3 – 4.6, 6+) to slide from fifth to seventh. Approximately two months ago, Radio One’s KROI transitioned from news to urban-rhythmic oldies as “Boom 96 – Classic Hip-Hop” and entered the December sweep with six straight flat or up trends (.8 – .8 – .8 – .9 – .9 – 1.0 – 3.2, 6+), but drops three-tenths to 2.9 (#14 to #16).

7) Philadelphia – Just as it did in Houston (see above), Radio One utilizes the “Boom” identity in a format flip. This time it is for WPHI “Hot,” which segues from urban-rhythmic oldies to “Boom 107.9 – Classic Hip-Hop.” The alteration wphi logo newtook place the first day of the December sweep (Thursday, 11/6) and quickly pays off, as “Boom” doubles its November numbers (1.9 – 3.8, 6+) to leapfrog from #20 to #12. The +1.9wbeb logo edges out the +1.7 turned in by Jerry Lee-owned WBEB “More FM,” which is #1 for the 20th time in the last 22 surveys (6+). December’s 8.5 (6+) is 2.4 shares lower than where “More FM” was this time last year (10.9, December 2013). Following five consecutive up or flat (6+) performances (2.6 – 2.6 – 2.7 – 2.9 – 3.0 – 3.7), public WHYY dropped one-tenth in October; faltered by six-tenths to 3.0 in November; but picks up six-tenths in December to 3.6 (#14 to #13). Off by seven-tenths each are CBS Radio-owned WXTU “Philadelphia’s Country Station” (5.5 – 4.8, fourth to eighth) and Radio One’s WRNB “Old School 100.3″ (4.0 – 3.3, #12 to #14).

8)  Long Island – Stuck on 3.6 (6+) in October and November, iHeartMedia adult contemporary WLTW “Lite-FM” surges by +.7 to 4.3 to inch up from ninth to sixth. The market’s CHR contest is unchanged from November as WLTW walk logosibling WHTZ “Z-100″ is steady at 6.0 while Cox Media Group‘s WBLI remains at 4.9; they keep their #3 and #4 rankings, respectively. After three straight modest increases for a combined +.7 (1.5 – 1.7 – 2.1 – 2.2, 6+), ESPN’s WEPN falters by seven-tenths to 1.5 (#16 to #21). Albeit down by one-half share (7.4 – 6.9), Connoisseur Media adult contemporary-turned-hot AC WALK-FM “Long Island’s Holiday Music Station” finishes first for the seventh straight month and is actually eight-tenths ahead of the 6.1 it registered in December 2013.

9) San JoseDigity Media-owned stations finish one-two in the San Jose report and the two properties involved do so in grand style. Adult contemporary KBAY continues to roll by tacking on a +1.9 to the strong +1.2 it notched in November. kbay logoMatching the 8.5 (6+) registered in the “Holiday” 2013 sweep, “K-BAY” advances from second to first. Hot AC sibling KEZR “Mix 106.5″ improves by nine-tenths (5.6 – 6.5) and inches up to second from fourth; 6.5 represents the best-ever (6+) performance by “Mix” in its PPM history. Progressing by six-tenths each are Entercom adult contemporary KOIT-FM (3.3 – 3.9, tenth to sixth) and Cumulus Media talker KGO (2.2 – 2.8, #17 to #13). On the flipside though, sports KNBR – on the heels of November’s +1.5 – regresses by a hefty -4.3 to not only relinquish the top spot but to spiral all the way to a thirteenth-place tie with sibling KGO. After declining by six-tenths in November (2.8 – 2.2) and slipping from #16 to #17, Univision rhythmic CHR KVVF “Hot 105.7″ regains one-half share to 2.7) and advances to #15.

10) Middlesex-Somerset-Union – In addition to a +2.1 in its home New York City market and a +.7 in Long Island, iHeartMedia adult contemporary WLTW “Lite-FM” makes it three for three with a +2.0 (5.1 – 7.1) in this New Jersey wkxwmetro. “Lite-FM” rockets from fifth in November to first as it ousts Townsquare Media talker WKXW (7.2 – 6.4, -.8, first to third); it is the highest (6+) stat for “Lite-FM” in Middlesex since “Holiday” 2013 (8.5). Classic hits-oldies WCBS-FM improves by one-half share (6.1 – 6.6) to bump up from third to second. Owing to a -.7 (3.8 – 3.1), Cumulus Media country WNSH “Nash FM” falls out of the top 10 (#10 to #12). Eroding by one-half share each are iHeartMedia classic rocker WAXQ (5.7, #2 to #5); Cumulus Media hot AC WPLJ (2.7, #12 to #14); and ESPN‘s WEPN (1.6, #18 to #22).

Special Note: Among all stations in the 12 PPM markets whose data was released Monday, those gaining by at least one full-share (6+, November – December) are: WLIT, Chicago (+4.0); WLTW, New York (+2.1); KODA, Houston (+2.1); WLTW, Middlesex (+2.0); WPHI, Philadelphia (+1.9); KBAY, San Jose (+1.9); KOST, Los Angeles (+1.8); WBEB, Philadelphia (+1.7); WVAZ, Chicago (+1.4); KOIT-FM, San Francisco (+1.3); and KLUV, Dallas (+1.0).

harrisonherald2smallerMichael Harrison: Spreading the Digital Junkyard.  In an opinion piece published at RadioInfo today (12/23), publisher Michael Harrison (pictured here) asks pointed questions of media industry practitioners about their perception of the state of digital media.  He writes, “Have you noticed lately that some of your favorite websites have become increasingly user-unfriendly?  Odds are your usual haunts in the newspaper, magazine, general entertainment and information arenas have become cluttered with terribly annoying pop-up ads, videos that start playing loudly without invitation (sometimes more than one at a time) – and maddeningly confusing hodge-podges of editorial and commercial content laid out in such a manner as to make it almost impossible to follow an article without being sidetracked into a unwanted advertisement…Clearly, an unholy alliance of the techno-geeks and sales-freaks have taken control of the major league media website show.  The true internet content programmers and strategists have lost their hold on the situation.  They have stopped programming with the sensibilities of the user in mind.  Sound familiar?”  Harrison is quick to declare he’s not a Luddite; in fact, he’s been a champion of the internet since it became public!  BUT, that doesn’t mean digital is without its serious flaws and certainly doesn’t mean there’s no remaining value in AM/FM radio.  Read Harrison’s entire piece here.

adamsdaveAdams, Andrews Set As iHM PDs in St. Louis, Milwaukee. Four-year iHeartMedia Milwaukee programmer Dave Adams will transfer to St. Louis to program the company’s St. Louis classic hits-oldies outlet KLOU. Regional market manager/St. Louis president Beth Davis comments, “We are thrilled to have Dave’s leadership to help bring KLOU and its staff to a new level of ratings and revenue success.” Regional program manager/St. Louis director of operations Steve Stewart remarks, “Dave Adams brings a strong set of skills that will elevate not only KLOU but the group as a whole to help continue our cluster’s success in St.andrewsbrett Louis. I am excited to work with Dave and I’m confident he will be a great addition to our team.” Adams adds, “I am really excited to be a part of the team in such a great city and a station with heritage call letters.” Brett Andrews will succeed Adams in approximately three weeks (1/12) as program director of Milwaukee’s WRIT “Oldies 95.7″ and CHR WRNW “97.3 Radio Now.” Milwaukee operations manager Kerry Wolfe states, “We are very excited to welcome Brett Andrews home to Milwaukee to take the program director position for WRNW and WRIT. Brett grew up in Milwaukee and began his career here as well. He is super-talented and has the creative mind to take WRNW to the top and continue the great success of WRIT.” Andrews notes, “I could not be more excited to join my hometown team.” Adams’ programming experience includes WBNQ, Bloomington Illinois and WHZZ, Lansing, Michigan. For the past two years, Andrews has programmed iHeartMedia St. Louis CHR KSLZ “Z-107.7″ and rhythmic CHR KBWX “WiLD 104.9.” He previously was a Portland program director at the company’s (CHR) KKRZ “Z-100″ and (rhythmic CHR) KXJM.

More RadioInfo Career Moves.  Programmer Sue Wilson is promoted at Rubber City Radio.  Adding to her PD duties at country WQMX, Akron she’s how vice president/director of operations for the company.  As such, she’ll oversee Akron stations news/talk WAKR, rock WONE and Cleveland smooth jazz WNWV “107.3 The Wave.”…..iHeartMedia promotes midday personality Micki Gamez to assistant program director at urban contemporary KZEP, San Antonio “Hot 104.5,” effective January 19…..Calling it a career is Richard Trejo, most recently GM for Salem’s Christian KDAR, Oxnard, California.   During his 37-year career, Trejo has worked for Buck Owens Broadcasting and the Park Lane Group in addition to Salem.

pallottachickChick Pallotta Christmas Specials to Air on SiriusXM.  A 60-minute musical Christmas program hosted by Francis Chick Powers will serve to introduce a one-hour Christmas special featuring His Eminence Timothy Dolan, Archbishop of New York, on Christmas Eve on the Catholic Channel on SiriusXM.  Powers, a.k.a. Chick Pallotta, also produced the short-form series “The Inside Story Behind the Christmas Songs” which will be presented on two SiriusXM channels and some 100 radio stations across the country.  The feature highlights the actual voices of many iconic songwriters telling how they came to write their great Christmas classics.

Monday, December 22, 2014

| December 22, 2014


Jim Ryan Upped to Corporate SVP of Programming.  Programmer Jim Ryan is promoted to senior vice president, programming, CBS RADIO.  Ryan continues to serve as program director for the company’s classic hits WCBS-FM and hot AC WWFS-FM “Fresh 102.7” as part of his contract extension.  In his new post, however, he’ll “serve as a source of programming expertise and develop key initiatives and strategies for all of CBS RADIO’s music stations across the country” and add oversight of the division’s classic hits stations to his responsibilities.  CBS EVP of programming Chris Oliviero comments, “Jim is universally recognized as one of the premiere music programming minds in the industry and he surely has the ratings resume to back it up.  This well-deserved, expanded role will allow our stations and programmers to benefit from his world class experience and knowledge.  I am thrilled that Jim will be helping us craft the future of our industry leading brands and shaping the sound of our stations for years to come.”  Ryan’s resume includes time spent at such respected signals as WLTW, New York and WBEB, Philadelphia in addition to having consulted Premiere NetworksDelilah and the late Casey Kasem and operating his own Jim Ryan Media consulting firm.

alphamedia logoAlpha Media Enters Shreveport and Tyler-Longview with Access 1 Acquisition.  The nine radio stations owned by Access 1 Communications in the Shreveport, Louisiana and Tyler-Longview, Texas markets are being purchased by Alpha Media for an undisclosed sum.  The stations – which Alpha will begin to operate under an LMA effective January 1, are: hip hop KBTT, gospel KOKA, urban contemporary KDKS, oldies KLKL, and classic rock KTAL in Shreveport; and country KKUS, adult contemporary KOOI, regional Mexican KOYE, and country KYKX in Tyler-Longview.  Alpha notes that when all pending deals are complete, it will own and operate 83 stations.  Alpha chairman Larry Wilson states, “I’ve known [Access 1 president and CEO] Chesley Maddox-Dorsey for a long time.  She’s a great person with superb integrity and it’s a tremendous honor for us to be buying stations from Access 1.  I’ve been continually impressed with the quality of people I’ve met and their passion for the industry; it fits right in our sweet spot for live and local radio and we are very much looking forward to the acquisition.”

davisrichiHeartMedia Seattle Imports Davis as VP of Programming. Mainstream CHR KDWB and hot AC KTCZ “Cities 97,” Minneapolis program director Rich Davis transfers to Seattle where he will be iHeartMedia‘s vice president of programming.  He succeeds Keith Cunningham, who exits the cluster.  According to iHeartMedia Seattle market president Kent Hael, “Rich is a gifted programmer.  He is a leader with a proven track record of building brands that listeners are both passionate about and loyal to.  Seattle is an extremely competitive market, but I am confident Rich will thrive.  I am thrilled to have him as a new member of our leadership team.”  Senior vice president of programming Andrew Jeffries adds, “It is no secret that Seattle is a very challenging market.  One thing though has not changed and that is our team’s absolute focus on winning.  Rich is a very intelligent, driven person whose determination and track record of success is on a different level.  Rich is a huge asset to the iHeartMedia team.  It is evident he is ready for the next step in his career – I am beyond happy that he is with us in Seattle.”  In addition to his VP/programming duties, Davis will be PD of mainstream CHR KBKS “Kiss-FM.”  His previous programming background includes stops in Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Nashville.

More RadioInfo Career Moves.  As tipped by Chicago media writer Robert Feder, CBS RADIO names Kelly Ransford music director at triple A WXRT, Chicago.  Ransford — a veteran of such outlets as KFOG, San Francisco and KMTT and KNDD in Seattle — takes over for John Farneda who is retiring from the station.  Farneda also was OM, a post that Mitch Rosen has assumed…..At the iHeartMedia country station WMZQ, Washington, morning show cast member Aly Jacobs moves to middays to host her own program.  Jacobs has been with the station on air for the past 18 months.

w272byClassic Hip Hop and R&B Airing in Cincinnati.  The hot new format – classic hip hop and R&B – is now airing in the Queen City as iHeartMedia puts “102.3 The Beat, Throwback Hip Hop and R&B,” on FM translator W272BY.  Featuring artists including Notorious B.I.G., Jay Z, R. Kelly, Aaliyah and Joedci, it “will bring back the fun times of an original hip hop and R&B generation while continuing to serve the local community, playing the music our listeners want to hear,” according to iHeartMedia Cincinnati market president Chuck Fredrick.

iheart yearbook stilliHeartRadio’s Hearbook Tallies Users’ Faves.  The year-end Hearbook feature on iHeartRadio gives users the ability to vote for their favorites and that, hopefully, builds loyalty to the platform.  The company describes the 2014 Hearbook as a “yearbook filled with memorable moments, milestones, and end-of-the-year awards.  This end-of-the-year recap campaign puts iHeartRadio’s user data to good use in determining the year’s biggest songs, artists, events and trends.  The individual sections include: Superlatives — these iHeartRadio standouts were chosen by you as the most popular artists of the year. Including: Most popular: Drake & Rihanna; Runners up: Ariana Grande, Maroon5, Beyonce, Luke Bryan, Iggy Azalea, Trey Songz, Katy Perry, and Lil’ Wayne; Best clique (bands with the most custom station creates): One Direction, Imagine Dragons, Maroon 5, One Republic, Paramore; Freshman (artists that barely charted in 2013, but topped the list for station creates in 2014): Sam Smith, Iggy Azalea, Meghan Trainor, Nico & Vinz, 5 Seconds of Summer; Top 10 Songs of 2014 from iHeartRadio platform: Fancy, Iggy Azalea; Dark Horse, Katy Perry; Happy, Pharrell Williams;   All About That Bass, Meghan Trainor; Problem, Ariana Grande; Talk Dirty, Jason Derulo; Turn Down for What, DJ Snake and Lil Jon; Drunk in Love, Beyonce and Jay Z; Wiggle, Jason Derulo; and Rude, Magic!.  The interactive Hearbook can be found here.

burtonbillRemembering Bill Burton. Holiday festivities were dampened over the weekend by the news that the industry lost a genuine cheerleader.  Particularly to those in Michigan radio sales circles, the name Bill Burton is legendary, as was his insistence that salespeople always “be fabulous.” Cause of death for the 85-year-old Burton was head injuries resulting from a fall at his home this past Tuesday (12/16); he passed away on Saturday (12/20). As president and chief operating officer of the Detroit Radio Advertising Group, Burton’s primary responsibility was to sell radio at the decision-making level.  In fact, he preferred to be called a “radio cheerleader,” “professional product mover,” or “people builder,” rather than the aforementioned impressive title he held the past quarter of a century.  “Why Radio” was the underlying theme to the countless presentations the Detroit native would make around the country.  Credited with originating the line, “An automobile is a radio with four wheels,” Burton would stress 91% of drivers listen in their cars, making them a “captive audience” for advertisers.  Radio is the “frequency medium,” he would insist and “frequency is paramount in selling.”  Burton started his radio career as an AE at Eastman Radio, where he would eventually become president and chairman.  A 2002 Michigan Broadcast Hall of Fame inductee, Burton entered the Adcraft Hall of Fame in 2005.  He held a degree in business and economics from Michigan State University (MSU 10 years ago presented him the Lifetime Achievement Award from its Broad College of Business), and Burton attended law school at the University of Michigan, before joining the Army.  Among Burton’s many non-industry accomplishments was successfully completing the Boston Marathon.

stantonshowerBold Gold GM Showers for Charity.  There are a lot of holiday fundraising stunts that take place this time of year – some very creative, indeed.  Take for example the Bold Gold Media Group stations in the Pocono Lake Region of Pennsylvania where general manager Michael G. Stanton‘s annual “Shower For Charity” raised over $20,000 this year for the Wayne County Children’s Christmas Bureau.  Stanton (pictured here) and his Bold Gold team came up with the unusually unique idea to take a shower outside in the dead of winter on Main Street in downtown Honesdale where he pledged to stay in the shower until he hit the fundraising goal of $20,000!  This year, he stayed in the shower for over three hours in 30-degree weather wearing nothing but his bathing suit until he was bailed out by station listeners and local businesses who supported the effort and pushed him over the goal!  To date, “The Michael G. Stanton Shower for Charity” has raised over $170,000 for the Wayne County Children’s Christmas Bureau.  Additionally, the station group filled more than four pick-up trucks full of toys for needy kids in the region with its “Wayne County Ford & Bold Gold Toys For Tots Challenge.”

wbtwlnk duo logoCool Job Opportunity.  Greater Media Charlotte is currently looking for a passionate and innovative individual to join our team in the role of Web Developer.  This is a big year for Greater Media technology where you can be part of rolling out all-new, state-of-the-art brand experiences for some of the best radio stations in Charlotte: News/Talk 1110 WBT, 107.9 The Link, and The Bob & Sheri Network.  You must have a solid grasp of and demonstrated experience with modern web technologies and standards such as HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery. You must also be a proficient developer in PHP and MySQL. Experience with WordPress and WordPress plugin development along with a minimum of 2 years’ experience is required.  The daily activities of this position include: Designing and developing new digital experiences, features and functionality for our programming and promotions departments across our radio stations’ web and mobile app properties; Collaborating with our sales department to create and traffic engaging advertising opportunities for our clients; Talking to people.  Seriously, you’ll interact in some form or fashion with just about everyone in the company so you’ll need to have “people skills.”  So, if you’ve got a great eye for digital design and terms like responsive design, Node.js, git, Bootstrap and API integration get you excited, please reach out to us!  Please send your cover letter and resume to: Greater Media Charlotte, WBT/WLNK Human Resources, One Julian Price Place, Charlotte, NC  28208.  704-338-3079 (fax) No phone calls please. EOE.

Friday, December 19, 2014

| December 19, 2014

globalgrindRadio One Acquires GlobalGrind Digital Hip Hop Platform.  The digital arm of Radio One – Interactive One – is acquiring the GlobalGrind digital hip hop platform founded by rap impresario Russell Simmons.  The terms of the deal have not been announced yet but Radio One and GlobalGrind have been in partnership for more than a year-and-a-half for sales,radioonelogo marketing, content and other aspects of its operation.  According to a piece in, GlobalGrind reports that since the partnership began, it has seen an increased reach of 60%, with 4.1 million unique visitors so far this month.  Interactive One also operates sites such as Stuff Fly People Like, HelloBeautiful, TheUrbanDaily and NewsOne, that boast a total of 33 million uniques.  Radio One president and CEO Alfred Liggins says in a press release, “This acquisition, which perfectly aligns with our existing multi-media brands, allows us to exponentially fast track our Millennial channel expansion strategy by leveraging GlobalGrind’s highly regarded content.”

RadioInfo Career Moves.  At the CBS RADIO station group in Las Vegas, hot AC KMXB “Mix 94.1” morning drive personality Mark DiCiero leaves the station.  He’d been co-hosting the morning show with Mercedes Martinez for the past 18 years.  Joining Martinez as co-host of the program is longtime producer J.C. Fernandez…..“Fitz in thetailorellen Morning” co-host Ellen Tailor will remain with Entercom’s country KKWF, Seattle “100.7 The Wolf” as she inks a contract renewal.  Tailor has been working with Fitz since 2011…..In Minneapolis, 20-year staffer Donna Valentine leaves the talent roster at iHeartMedia-owned country station KEEY “K102.”  She recently moved from mornings to the evening show when Chris Carr joined the station for mornings…..CBS RADIO chooses not to renew the contract of morning show cast member Mary Anne Perry at adult contemporary WLIF, Baltimore.  Greg Carpenter continues to host the AM drive program…..Artimis exits the morning show at Artistic Media Partners-owned hot AC WNDV, South Bend, Indiana “U93” where he worked alongside Rob Sparks.  He’s reportedly headed for a new gig in Michigan.

wotw logoJVC Media Launches ‘The Wolf’ in Orlando.  Four days after closing on the purchase of Spanish-formatted WHKQ, Orlando, JVC Media announces it is unveiling a country format as the station becomes WOTW “103.1 The Wolf.”  Long Island-based JVC Media says the station will feature “the hottest country hits and the greatest country throwbacks,” beginning with 10,000 sings in a row.  The company has hired market pro Rod Grant, a.k.a. Shadow, as PD.  He comments, “I love this market and this format and I am thrilled to be back in the driver seat.  This is going to be the listener’s country station and we are going to be very promotionally active and visible in the market.  This is going to be a radio station that is live, local and fun, the way radio is supposed to be.”

steelescottKHAK, Cedar Rapids Personality Scott Steele Dies After Battle with Cancer.  Cedar Rapids radio personality Scott Steele left his morning show gig alongside partner Ryan Brainerd at Townsquare Media’s country KHAK in late September to devote his strength to battling the stage-four, colorectal cancer he’d been diagnosed with five years earlier.  Steele lost his battle on December 17.  In October of this year, Steele and his wife Misty had a baby son named Briggs.  Read Brainerd’s tribute to his former partner here.

sonyradioWalking the Walk.  Media consultant Walter Sabo posted a timely sentiment on his Facebook page for holiday season shoppers.  Sabo’s message shows a picture of a portable Sony radio and the caption reads: “To those of you who love radio and talk about radio all the time I hope you are in fact giving something like this to every single person you know.”

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| December 18, 2014

dastursharonSharon Dastur Rises to SVP of Programming Integration with iHeartMedia; Mark Medina to Program ‘Z100.’  Superstar programmer Sharon Dastur is taking an elevated role with iHeartMedia as SVP of programming integration on the company’s National Programming Platforms team.  Dastur’s accomplishments as program director of WHTZ, New York “Z100” are well known throughout the industry.  She’s also served as national CHR brand coordinator for the company and was programmer for Nickelodeon’s “Nick Radio” on the iHeartRadio platform.  The company says that in this new position, Dastur will “use her years of industryiheartmedia logo small experience to create cutting-edge programs that leverage the company’s assets for brands and partners and will assist with the program execution with artist, managers and labels.  In this role, she will develop cross-promotion partnerships between label groups and agencies, and in addition she will work with in-market programmers, lending her knowledge and ability to help refine current programs and initiatives.  She will also work together with the artist relations team on booking and talent negotiations for all iHeartRadio national events and industry events.”  Dastur comments, “When Tom [Poleman] and Clay [Hunnicutt] first approached me medinamarkabout this incredible new position, and knowing the direction where iHeartMedia is going, it seemed like the perfect next step in my career.  After more than 18 years at the world-famous ‘Z100,’ I am extremely proud of all of the accomplishments the team has achieved.  From guiding the station to its highest ratings and revenue, to recently coming off of our biggest and most successful ‘Z100 Jingle Ball,’ it will be exciting to take those things we’ve successfully built locally over the years and integrate them into the national platform and throughout our organization across the country.”  Taking over for Dastur as program director of WHTZ is Mark Medina, who will move from iHeartMedia’s Washington operations where he’s been programming CHR outlets WIHT, Washington “HOT 99.5″ and WZFT, Baltimore “Z104.3.”

parkerdonParker Picks Up Sacramento Duties. In addition to overseeing programming for iHeartMedia‘s six San Francisco stations, vice president of programming Don Parker expands his role to include the company’s six-station Sacramento cluster.  iHeartMedia executive vice president of programming Brad Hardin comments, “Don’s programming leadership in San Francisco has resulted in significant increased listenership and engagement for our brands.  The additional responsibility for our Sacramento stations is well deserved and I look forward to partnering with Don to grow our reach in Northern California.”  According to Parker, “Our Sacramento stations have evolved greatly.  With market veteran John Geary at the helm, our leadership team and talent in the Sacramento market is shaping up to be among the best in the business.  I am grateful to iHeartMedia for the amazing opportunity.”  The six Sacramento stations involved include country KBEB “B-92.5″; news/talk hybrid KFBK-AM/FM; rhythmic hot AC KHYL “The Beat of Sacramento”; adult hits KQJK “Jack-FM”; and talk KSTE “Talk 650.”  Parker joined iHeartMedia San Francisco in 2009 as operations manager.  He previously was NextMedia‘s vice president of programming and has been a PD in Los Angeles, Houston, Phoenix, Las Vegas and Fresno.

chiassonscottJournal Broadcast Group Names Chiasson GSM.  Radio sales pro Scott Chiasson is named general sales manager for Journal Broadcast Group’s Wichita operations.  He’s served as GSM for WQYK-FM/AM, Tampa and Cox Media/Cable TV in Lafayette, Louisiana.  He’s also worked with Metro Networks/CBS in Orlando and Premiere Traffic in Colorado and Florida.

More RadioInfo Career Moves.  Morning drive personality Bob Richards adds program director to hiskaplanrebecca duties at Cumulus Media’s country KBUL, Reno “NASH FM 98.1” where he’s been on air since 2009…..Also from Cumulus Media, Rebecca Kaplan is named promotions director for country stations KSCS and KPLX.  She joins Cumulus from iHeartMedia where she was promotions director at the Tampa station group…..At iHeartMedia, Dick Lewis exits the company’s New Orleans cluster where he’s been market manager for the past 10 years.

bonesbobbySusan G. Komen Recognizes Bobby Bones for Charitable Efforts. Nationally syndicated country morning personality Bobby Bones is being named to the 2015 class of Pink Tie Guys for his charitable work fighting breast cancer.  The Pink Tie program honors influential leaders who help mobilize, energize and engage audiences in the breast cancer movement through their role within the community, within their organizations, and through their personal involvement.  Bones’ Premiere Networks-syndicated show recently raised $50,000 for the charity as part of an on-air bet with two-time Academy of Country Music “Top Male Vocalist” Jason Aldean, who agreed to play a charity show with Bones’ band The Raging Idiots if the show could raise the money.  The 2014 Pink Tie Guys will be honored at the Pink Tie Party on February 24, 2015 at Jonathan’s Green Hills in Nashville.

heos logoiHeartRadio App Added to Denon’s HEOS System.  HEOS is the wireless, multi-room sound system marketed by electronics manufacturer Denon.  Today, iHeartMedia announces it and Denon have reached an agreement for the iHeartRadio digital platform to be made available on the system.  The audio product is pretty simple: Consumers purchase one of three available models that connect to their existing home wireless network and they are able to bring content from various platforms into their homes.  If the HEOS webpage is accurate, Denon has already signed on other digital platforms to be available on the system, including Pandora, Spotify, TuneIn and Rhapsody.  iHeartRadio president Darren Davis comments, “We are excited to partner with Denon Electronics to bring iHeartRadio into even more homes with the HEOS music player.  Its sleek and compact design combined with its premier stereo sound makes it perfect for enjoying your favorite iHeartRadio stations anywhere in the house.”

madisonrisingMadison Rising Song to Benefit Operation 300.  Rock band Madison Rising – heralded as “America’s most patriotic rock band,” is helping to support the charitable group Operation 300 with a portion of the proceeds from the sale of their latest release, “Soldier’s Christmas.”  Operations 300 hosts adventure camps for the young children of fallen military men and women.  It was founded by the family of a Navy Seal Aaron Vaughn who lost his life fighting in Afghanistan.  The camps provide an opportunity for the youngsters to participate in activities that embody the spirit of adventure that characterized the lives of their absent parents.  Madison Rising lead vocalist David Bray (pictured here) – a US Navy Veteran, joined by the rest of the band – says, “The entire group wholeheartedly supports this charitable endeavor.”

dorseyterryDickeypicLegendary Dallas Jock Terry Dorsey Honored.  Renowned Dallas country radio personality Terry Dorsey (right) takes in the framed photo compilation being presented to him by Cumulus Media president and CEO Lew Dickey (left) on Wednesday (12/17).  As RadioInfo reported last week, Dorsey is retiring from the radio business after a 46-year career – 33 years of which were spent in the Dallas market and the last 26 at KSCS.